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Ep. 16: Battle of the Monsters

Rachel has a tough decision this week; in this episode Maranda and Nikki fight it out to earn the title of "Best Monster". With these unconventional monster choices, Rachel must choose between two movies she loves. Listen to the end to learn more about how you can win a QOTD tshirt!


Ep 13: 40 Whacks

Lizzie Borden's alleged murder of her father and stepmother on August 4th, 1892 is arguably one of the most famous double homicides in the United States. But did she really do it? Join us as we examine the facts, rumors, and scientific evidence surrounding the case with our friend Tori, who performed an experiment while getting her Masters to determine whether Lizzie could have been physiologically capable of giving her parents forty whacks.


Ep. 4: To Lose the Senses

This week the trio, unfortunately, drops down to a duo as Nikki and Maranda discuss Horror films revolving around people with disabilities. Nikki takes a look at the 2016 film Hush and Maranda finally delves into the 2016 hit, Don’t Breathe. They round out the episode with an organic conversation about the incredible adaption of Stephen King’s Misery and wrap everything up with the terrifying things they encountered over the past week. If you have not seen Don’t Breathe and want to avoid...


Ep. 3: My Bloody Valentine

Our special Valentine's Day episode. Today, we admit to loving characters that we probably definitely shouldn't, and then try to explain why. Spoiler warnings for Gone Girl, if you're the only person left on this earth who has not yet read it.