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Whitechapel Society 1888 Victims Conference-Joyce Hampton

The third talk from the Whitechapel Society's 'Victims' Conference held at Hanbury Hall on 8 September 2018. Joyce Hampton: The Huguenots: From Victims to Saviours


Whitechapel Society 1888 Victims Conference-Louise Raw

The second talk from the Whitechapel Society's 'Victims' Conference held at Hanbury Hall on 8 September, 2018. Dr. Louise Raw: Striking a Light- East End Women


Whitechapel Society 1888 Victims Conference-Lindsay Siviter

Rippercast is please to be able to bring to you the talks from the Whitechapel Society's Victim's Conference held at Hanbury Hall on 8 September 2018. The first speaker was Lindsay Siviter with a talk entitled "The Representation of Victims in Crime Museums"


Oh, Dear Boss: The Ripper Had All The Luck

This episode of 'Oh, Dear Boss' is a wide-ranging conversation that includes topics such as the Double Event, Goulston Street Graffito, the Seaside Home identification, Robert Anderson, Henry Smith, and the pluses and minuses in the suspect candidacy of Charles Le Grand. With Tom Wescott, John Malcolm, Robert McLaughlin, Jon Rees, Ally Ryder and Jonathan Menges


Colin Wilson- Jack the Ripper Conference in Ipswich 1996

We are very pleased to bring to you author Colin Wilson's talk at the first ever Jack the Ripper Conference, held in Ipswich 12-14 April, 1996. This 22 year old audience recording was rescued from a second hand bookshop by Mark Ripper and we are grateful to Mark for saving this piece of Ripperology history so that we may share it with you. Originally recorded on a 120 minute long cassette tape and sometime later transferred to CD, this recording is beginning to show its age, but its...


Oh, Dear Boss: The Lighter Side of John Malcolm

This episode of 'Oh, Dear Boss' welcomes researcher and author John Malcolm to the show to discuss Aaron Kosminski's current place as the leading candidate for being Anderson's suspect and also as Jack the Ripper. Associated topics are also covered with panelists Jon Rees, Karl Coppack, Robert McLaughlin, Ally Ryder and Jonathan Menges.


Whitechapel Society 1888 presents Louis Berk- A Whitechapel Eye: My Photographic Journey 2004-2018

Rippercast continues its partnership with the Whitechapel Society 1888 by bringing to you the June 2018 guest speaker Louis Berk. Louis is a photographer whose work has appeared in numerous books including Secret Whitechapel, Whitechapel in 50 Buildings and East End Jewish Cemateries. His website features a wide selection of his photography as well as an online gallery entitled Whitechapel Eye which displays photographs from the past 15 years of his work in Whitechapel and...


Michael Hawley and Jack the Ripper Suspect- Dr. Francis Tumblety

Rippercast welcomes back to the show researcher and author Michael Hawley to discuss his new book 'Jack the Ripper Suspect-Dr. Francis Tumblety'.


One on one with Stephen Senise

We welcome back to the show the author of 'False Flag' and 'Jewbaiter' Stephen Senise. Listen in as we discuss the suspect candidacy of George Hutchinson and cover topics such as George William Topping Hutchinson, the witnesses in and around Millers Court, the files from the Victoria Home and the possibility that George Hutchinson fled from the East End of London and traveled to Australia.


False Flag: Jack the Ripper- an interview with Stephen Senise

Rippercast is pleased to welcome journalist and author Stephen Senise to discuss his book 'Jewbaiter: Jack the Ripper- New Evidence and Theory' which has recently been released in an expanded edition entitled 'False Flag: Jack the Ripper'. Listen in as we cover a variety of the topics addressed in his book such as the mass migration of Jewish people into the East End, the government, media and population's response, and how an atmosphere of antisemitism and xenophobia may have given birth to...


RipperCon 2018: Chris Jones- The Maybricks of Liverpool

Rippercast is pleased to bring to you talks from the 2018 Rippercon Baltimore Jack the Ripper and True Crime Conference. Chris Jones: The Maybricks of Liverpool


Bernard Beaule: Tumblety- Historical and Criminal Evidence Issues

Rippercast is pleased to be able to bring to you talks from the 2018 RipperCon Jack the Ripper and True Crime Convention in Baltimore, Maryland. The Slide Show that accompanied this presentation can be downloaded here.


Jack the Ripper Suspects: A Conversation with Paul Williams

Rippercast is pleased to welcome to the show Paul Williams, the author of the book 'Jack the Ripper Suspects: The Definitive Guide and Encyclopedia'. Joining us for this round table discussion is also authors Paul Begg and Neil R.A. Bell.


Whitechapel Society 1888 presents Diane Janes and Death at Wolf's Nick: The Killing of Evelyn Foster

We are please to bring to you the April 2018 guest speaker for The Whitechapel Society 1888, author Diane Janes. Her latest book is entitled 'Death at Wolf's Nick: The Killing of Evelyn Foster'.


Whitechapel Society 1888 presents David Bullock and The Man Who Would Be Jack

Rippercast is pleased to bring to you the guest speaker for the February 2018 meeting of the Whitechapel Society- David Bullock, the author of 'The Man Who Would Be Jack'. Mr. Bullock's book focuses on the suspect Thomas Cutbush who was named as Jack the Ripper by the Sun newspaper in 1894 which led Melville Macnaghten to pen a memoranda disputing the accusation.


Ripper Fiction Roundtable Discussion

Rippercast is pleased to present a Ripper Fiction Roundtable Discussion featuring the following Ripper Fiction authors: Michael Hawley- The Ripper's Hellbroth Matt Leyshon- Jack the Ripper: Live and Uncut Bernard Boley- My Ripper Haunting Days Daniel Dark- Knife's Tell Jana Oliver- Time Rovers Series (Sojourn, Virtual Evil, Madman's Dance). Hosted by Ally Ryder, Iain Wilson and Jonathan Menges All of our guest authors books are available via and


Whitechapel Society 1888 presents Gyles Brandreth & Jack the Ripper: Case Closed

Rippercast is pleased to bring to you the December 2017 guest speaker at the Whitechapel Society's bi-monthy meeting Gyles Brandreth. Mr. Brandreth discusses his latest book 'Jack the Ripper: Case Closed' and takes questions from the audience. Gyles generously donated all of the proceeds from this evenings special Whitechapel Society talk to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity.


Jack the Ripper and Western New York: A presentation by Michael Hawley and Brian Young

Rippercast is pleased to bring to you a presentation by Michael Hawley, author of the books 'The Ripper's Haunts' and the upcoming 'Jack the Ripper Suspect Dr. Francis Tumblety', joined by author and researcher Brian Young at The Cro Club of Buffalo, New York for a special Halloween talk to its members. Recorded 30 October, 2017. A PDF version of the slideshow that accompanied this talk can be downloaded here.


Whitechapel Society 1888 presents Mock Trials and Retrials with George Fleming

Rippercast continues its partnership with the Whitechapel Society 1888 by bringing to you the October 2017 guest speaker George Fleming. Mr. Fleming gives a fascinating presentation on how mock trials and retrials aid in educating the public about historical events and infamous criminal cases. The cases covered in his talk include the 'Jack the Ripper' murders, the 1908 trial of Flora Haskell for the slaying of her son, and the guilt or innocence of H.H. Crippen.


Oh, Dear Boss: Ripperology and the Maybrick Diary and more Ripperology

Oh, Dear Boss welcomes Paul Begg, Mark Ripper, Tom Wescott and Brian Young on to the show to discuss whatever suits our fancy. The topics this time are too numerous to list here, plus the Maybrick Diary.