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Deepish Thoughts: Why Words Matter

While we really enjoy off-the-cuff conversations during our episodes, we also are very thoughtful and purposeful in the words we use. Whether it’s victim versus survivor, prostitute versus sex worker, or some other descriptors, words that identify people are especially sensitive. Check out our second episode of Deepish Thoughts, then let us know – what […]


Green River Killer Part 1

Forest Green. It’s a color most often associated with the Pacific Northwest. And, you’ve probably heard of the rain. Us Washingtonians are used to it. In fact, some of us love the rain so much there’s a word for that: a Pluviophile, someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. Acres and […]


Deepish Thoughts: Why Scene of the Crime?

The title of our podcast is more than just an old cliché. We chose the name Scene of the Crime for two reasons. First, we hope to bring you an immersive audio experience that will make you feel like you are in the place and time where these crimes took place. Second, the time and […]


House of Horrors

In the summer of 2017, Charles Emery had been diagnosed with dementia. Doctors felt it was no longer safe for the 82 year old to continue living in the two story Seattle home he’d been sharing with his brothers for more than 50 years. His niece was named his legal guardian, and she began the […]


Murder in Mayberry

Acme, Washington. A very pastoral landscape where cows were more common for cutting grass than lawnmowers. Mary Stavik was a hardworking single mom, a school bus driver, who had carved out a nice life for her three children and herself on a country property. Mandy Stavik was Mary’s middle child. In high school, many called […]


Coins for the Ferryman

At 70 years old, Patrick Fleming was in the prime of his life. A Navy veteran, Patrick had earned two Purple Hearts for heroic actions in Vietnam. He was proud of his medals and of his rare and valuable coin collection, which he kept stored in his apartment at the Four Freedoms House, a senior […]


Hillside Stranglers

In just four months, the hillsides around LA had become infamous. Between October 1977 and February 1978 the bodies of 10 young women and girls were discovered naked and positioned in lascivious poses with ligature marks around their feet, ankles and neck. A tidal wave of fear crashed down on the City of Angels. Media […]


Doomsday Bunker

It was a Sunday morning in the spring of 2012. A small, one story home in North Bend was on fire. Firefighters wanted to get inside to figure out the best way to fight the flames and to ensure there were no victims. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be one of those textbook situations. First, the front […]


Christmas Carnage

The holidays, a magical time filled with joy, laughter and tradition. Something Judy Anderson and her husband, Wayne, were looking forward to celebrating with three generations of their tight knit family. Little did they know that for more than half of their clan, this Christmas would be their last. It was Christmas Eve 2007 and, […]


Curse of the Fairy Cabin

For more than eight years, a cabin hidden amongst the trees of the Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest kept its wicked secret. Perched about 10 feet off the ground on a wooden platform, what would come to be known as the Fairy Cabin had mud brown shingles surrounding several sets of glass windows. There were […]