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First Anniversary Updates!

Scene of the Crime hosts Kim Shepard and Carolyn Ossorio update several of their previous cases, including new details on efforts to solve the murders of U.S. Attorney Tom Wales and beloved mother Karen Bodine. They also share previously unreleased video taken by family annihilator Peter Keller. Get to know the wife, daughter and beloved pet whose lives were stolen by Keller and hear about their eerie connection with Kim's own children. Support this podcast at —...


Deepish Thoughts with Paul Holes

Former Detective and current Host of the podcast Somebody, Somewhere, Paul Holes joins Kim and Carolyn for this Deepish Thoughts. Not only does he share insights into what it's like going from one side of the crime scene tape to the other, but he offers to help with the unsolved case covered in Scene of the Crime: Fallen Angels. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:...


Harry Tracy: The Last American Desperado

The legends of the American West are filled with heroes and villains. But, what side of the ledger a gunslinger fell on often depended on who was telling the tale. Was Wyatt Earp a killer and degenerate gambler or a lawman trying to clean up the Frontier? Was Butch Cassidy a gentleman thief who took just what he needed, or was he a hot-headed gun slinger who rustled trains and cattle and didn’t care who stood in his way? You might wonder the same about Harry Tracy. He was a sometimes cowboy,...


The Dog Whisperer

Man’s best friend. It's a phrase coined to describe the loyalty, love, and companionship of a dog. Nurturing this unconditional love is a staple in Seattle, with so many different breeds and temperaments to strike your fancy. And, for the lucky, you could hire Mark Stover, Seattle’s own “Dog Whisperer” to train your beloved pet. If only communicating with humans came as easily to Mark, maybe he wouldn’t have had to go through such a messy, ugly divorce that rocked him to his knees. His...


Requiem for Mia Zapata

It was once described as one of Seattle’s oldest, diviest bars, famous for its loud stage pungent bathroom and ceiling of nicotine-stained dollar bills. For over 50-years, The Comet Tavern was a second home for Seattle musicians, the red neon sign over the front door welcoming them in out of the rain. In the ground floor of a century-old three-story brick building, the façade was painted a deep black. The bar always had some no-name local craft beers on tap, the perfect drink for those...


The Unthinkable

It was the 80's, 1983 to be exact a time, a time infamous for both excess and innocence in America. A time when kids were riding their bikes in packs until the streetlamps came on. Moms were in the workforce like never before. A time when a lunch for most kids was Wonderbread, Skippy Peanut Butter and grape jelly. Michael Jackson, Madonna and Cindy Lauper ruled the airwaves. It was an age where anything seemed possible. But, there was a dark side to the progress and prosperity: a sort of...


Deepish Thoughts: The Gift

True Crime can teach us so much about human nature, including how some people use gifting as a weapon. (Just listen to our recent episode, The Gold Digger.) In this Deepish Thoughts, Carolyn Ossorio and Kim Shepard talk about what gifting means to them and how they protect themselves from the dangerous strings that can sometimes be attached. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:...


The Drifter

Sitting under an old oak tree on a breezy spring day, in an out of the way corner of a park in Brownsville, Texas, he strums away on a guitar that looks nearly as old as he is. With a gaunt face, scruffy, grey beard and a cigarette hanging loosely on his lips, he sings about the hardships of life and the kindness of strangers. His black fedora, rolled coat sleeves and leather bracelets give the impression of a washed-up D-list rock star trying to hold on to his better days. But, there are no...


Fallen Angels

Bremerton is a Navy town. The base and Naval Shipyard have made a home there on the Kitsap Peninsula. In East Bremerton, there’s a tidy duplex, tucked at the end of a cul de sac on Magnolia Boulevard, the kind of block where you're friendly with your neighbors. And there is a woman who lived there in January of 1986. Her name was Helene, but everyone called her Nikki. Nikki was raising her two children in that duplex: her precious little girl, 4 year old Adrienne, and Marcus, her 6 month old...


Massacre at Erland's Point

The cast of characters read like an old version of Clue and the mystery of Who Done It? was just as intriguing. Not just one, but six people murdered in a waterfront cottage on the tip of Erland’s Point in the spring of 1934. The wealthy community was just about six miles outside Bremerton, but it was a world apart. While the port town of Bremerton was always busy and bustling with ships and cargo constantly churning in and out of the harbor and people coming and going all hours of the day...


The I5 Killer

The roar of the crowd was like music to Randall Woodfield’s ears. Those Friday Night Lights fueled his ego as he caught the football mid air. And then, his magnus opus. He pumped his legs toward the promise land: Portland State University’s end zone. It was the moment he lived for, when all eyes were on Randy. Touchdown! The year was 1974 and it wasn’t long before NFL talent scouts would come to watch Randy on the field. The scout would gush that Randy was quite a jumper and he could cut on...


Peace, Love and Poison

Like a lucky horseshoe, The Dalles runs along a bend on the south side of the Columbia River. In the 80’s the sleepy little town had just a few thousand people, but was still the largest community in rural Wasco County. Fishing and farming were popular activities in this beautiful part of north central Oregon. […] The post Peace, Love and Poison ( ) first appeared on Scene Of The Crime (...


The Gold Digger

Out in the field the big, heavy duty machinery revs up. A lone farmer sits inside the cockpit of this gigantic tractor. A puff of smoke trails out of the little exhaust pipe as the earth begins to churn beneath the steel blades. Nothing but time and the big blue sky as the tractor makes […] The post The Gold Digger ( ) first appeared on Scene Of The Crime ( ). Support this podcast at —...


Washed Away: The TikTok Suitcase Murders

Movie theaters and bowling alleys were closed Restaurants were offering takeout only. And nightlife was non-existent. The summer of 2020 has been cemented in our minds as a time of pandemic, fear, loneliness and never ending boredom. It’s not surprising that it’s also the time that a new app promising unexpected adventures right in your […] The post Washed Away: The TikTok Suitcase Murders ( ) first...


Deepish Thoughts: The Trump of Monte Cristo

Did you know the origins of the Trump family fortune have links to a Ghost Town in Washington? Kim shares the details in this Deepish Thoughts. The post Deepish Thoughts: The Trump of Monte Cristo ( ) first appeared on Scene Of The Crime ( ). Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:...


The Legend of Billy Ghol

Imagine a sailor. The year is 1907. He’s just finished up swabbing the deck. You can see him there, resting up against his mop. He takes a whiff of that salty air. Seagulls fly overhead. This sailor’s been out to sea for months. What beauty to behold as Grays Harbor and Aberdeen, Washington come into […] The post The Legend of Billy Ghol ( ) first appeared on Scene Of The Crime (...


Who Killed Karen Bodine?

Karen Bodine never did stray far from home. Even after she was grown and had three children of her own, she wasn’t in a hurry to leave the community near Tumwater where she grew up, where she had lived with her parents and big brother, Greg. It was a tight-knit family that Karen and her […] The post Who Killed Karen Bodine? ( ) first appeared on Scene Of The Crime ( ). Support...


A Casualty of Justice

At 11 o’clock an Army corporal dropped the needle into the well grooved lines on the record player. Taps played over the loudspeaker across the Fort Lawton base on August 14, 1944. It was time for soldiers to begin settling in for the night. Allied troops had recently marched into Paris and suddenly the bucolic Fort […] The post A Casualty of Justice ( ) first appeared on Scene Of The Crime (...


Deepish Thoughts: More with CeCe Moore

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Solved by Science: The Murder of Susan Galvin

It was the summer of love… 1967. Seattle was simultaneously the center of the known universe and on the very edge of something spectacular. Seattle’s own Jimi Hendrix had just released his second album, Are You Experienced? The city had its first “Be In,” a protest to mourn the loss of a coffee shop and […] The post Solved by Science: The Murder of Susan Galvin ( ) first appeared on Scene Of The...