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Former Death Row record heads Reggie Wright Jr., and "M.O.B." James McDonald Chronicle the biggest members of the gangster underworld while exploring the criminal element in the streets, entertainment and politics.

Former Death Row record heads Reggie Wright Jr., and "M.O.B." James McDonald Chronicle the biggest members of the gangster underworld while exploring the criminal element in the streets, entertainment and politics.
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Former Death Row record heads Reggie Wright Jr., and "M.O.B." James McDonald Chronicle the biggest members of the gangster underworld while exploring the criminal element in the streets, entertainment and politics.




The Tekashi 6ix9ine Episode: A Snitch Is A Snitch

TGC breaks down Tekashi 69's trial and other famous people that like to tell. FYI, Our engineer clipped the first 10 seconds of audio, so your not tripping lol Support the show.


Get out your feelings

Tonight, TGC gets into the lil Boosie situation and breaks down the real on situations recently spoke on by Snoop Dogg. Lets go! Support the show.


The Mind Of Malone Part 2: Dipped Cigarettes, Bullies & Police

The fellas have rapper Glasses Malone in studio again where they touch on a certain neighborhood recipe, how the hood handles bullies and scandalous police. Support the show.


The Mind Of Malone Part 1

The crew chops it up with rapper Glasses Malone and of course discusses his controversial record "Tupac Must Die". James & Reggie then goes into great detail about the fight that happened in the Lakewood mall between Orlando & Trayvon and the aftermath. Support the show.


I Can't Breath

Once again, its another episode of T.G.C. Tonight the fellas discuss old rappers, police brutality, as well as answer questions from our online community. In regard to questions. We try to answer everyone's questions but only have so much time. don't worry, we will eventually get to them. Support the show.


The Return Of Big James and Simon Says

For the first time in a few weeks, James is back in studio. We also have a few words from Mr. Suge Knight himself to set the record straight on Tupac & Death Row. The Gangster Chronicles first live show is September 26th in Los Angeles, CA. The location will be announced next episode. Tickets go on sale next week at: Support the show.


The Bay To LA

While Mob James is on flight from Australia to LA, Reggie and ALex chop it up with YuKMouth Support the show.


Phone Check

James checks in with the show from Australia and talks about the love he's getting in the land down under, The fellas discuss the use of the N word, did the Realest ever drop lyrics on any Pac tracks? Listen to this episode to find out. Coming Soon The Gangster Chronicles TV Exclusively on Facebook. Please like The Gangster Chronicles Facebook page to see their new show coming soon to Facebook. Lets get them to 10k likes so tell a friend to tell a...



The crew discusses how Lil 1/2 dead wound up being accused as Pac's shooter, Reggie addresses how the BS in the rumor mill has impacted him, Kevin Gaines and the fellas have a heated discussion on changing the perception of gangs. Press play and enjoy. Make sure you hit our Facebook page up and like If we can get the page up to 10,000 likes we will drop a new video show on Facebook. Lets get it popping. Thanks for your support! Support the...


The Next Episode

The crew discusses last weeks interview with friend of the show, DJ Vlad, Alex's issues and media ethics. They also discuss Eric Holders case,Is Keefe D a snitch? and other news burning up the streets. We want to thank YOU, the folks that tune in to the show every week. We are now one of the top podcast in the world and have some real special things in store for you all real soon. Keep on rocking with us, its only go get better. Make sure you visit our website,...


The "Vlad TV" Episode

The crew has Vlad from the popular series "Vlad TV" in studio. They discuss Vlad's thoughts on his shows line of questioning, his Keefe D interview, his shows immense popularity and find out what Vlad truly thinks of him and Charlamagne Tha God's beef. They also go into detail about Eric Holder's trial and how the defense may find a big hole in the case. Want to support the show? Go register @ the official website You can sign up for the guys Patreon...


The Pinocchio Theory

The fellas discuss Reggie's ongoing beef, Who knocked Suge out? and other things happening in the concrete jungle. Have a happy and safe 4th...don't drink and drive and enjoy the day! Press play and we will see you next week. Don't forget to rate and subscribe to the show and tell a friend, Support the show.


The "Chico Brown" Episode

On this episode, the crew interviews community activist Chico Brown. Brown, a former gangster and drug dealer speaks about his transformation, from his drug dealing days w/ "Freeway Rick Ross" to forming a production company with the help of the late great Penny Marshall. Chico Brown has an incredible story that you have to hear. Now an important message Please rate and subscribe to "The Gangster Chronicles" on iTunes or your favorite platform and lets push this important content to the...


OJ Simpson

On this episode the fellas discuss life sentencing, the legend of OG Smiley, The Big Caz fiasco and the return of #OJSimpson. Subscribe, rate and leave a comment. Make sure you sign up for our Patreon page, we have exclusive content dropping soon the you don't want to miss..and be on the lookout for "Gangster Chronicles Live" coming to a hood near you! Support the show.


White Lightning Sticks

Once again, The crew Alex Alonso, Reggie Wright Jr. and Big James McDonald are back to educate and inform. On this episode they briefly discuss #thecentralpark5, the elections in the city of Compton, Keefe D and James tell's a sherm story that will trip you out! If you enjoy the show and appreciate what the fellas do, support their Patreon page below. The want to start filming special episodes once a month, and with your support, we can make that happen! Subscribe to the show and tell a...


When They See Us Part 2

In Part 2 of this episode, the crew talks about the Crip's possibly copyrighting the name and other tidbits. Support the show.


When They See Us Part 1

On this 2 part episode the crew discusses the Netflix docu-series #WhenTheySeeUs" and talks about Police coercion, intimidation and interrogation. Make sure you listen to part 2. Subscribe and Rate the show and spread the word! Support the show.


Public Enemy Ft. Spider Loc

The crew is joined by the infamous Spider Loc.The discuss Snoops murder trial, The NY NY video getting shot up and much more. Support the show.


The G Code Part 2

Part 2 of this special 2 part episode. The Fellas discuss the East Coast and F-13 beef and its origins among other things. Make sure you subscribe and rate the podcast, also support the fellas Patreon page so they can keep the show going. Support the show.


The G Code Part 1

In part 1 of 2 Alex, Reggie & James give you the run down on what's fact and what's fiction. Reggie addresses the Caz situation, and much more. Make sure you go support the guys Patreon page! Support the show.