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Alison Hernandez PCC

Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez joins me on the podcast this week, where we talk about the challenges of policing the largest area in England, with a population that increases drastically during the Summer; what inspired her to become involved in politics and subsequently stand for PCC; and some of the…Read More Read More


Brexit, tasers and more of your questions

This week’s podcast is made up from your questions, crowd sourced recently via my Instagram Stories. Listen to my views on taser, Brexit preparedness, police cadets, young people and more. You can submit a question anytime by emailing Podcast Links: Apple YouTube Spotify (coming soon) Acast Pocketcasts Stitcher TuneIn Web player Player not listed?…Read More Read More


Danny Bowman

MaleVoicED and Parliament Street campaigner Danny Bowman talks to me about his experiences with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and trying to access treatment. From every glimpse in a mirror to taking over 200 selfies a day, Danny speaks bravely about his journey and why he is now speaking up to help others. Danny…Read More Read More


Chief Constable Mark Collins

From Special Constable to Chief Constable – Mark Collins of Dyfed-Powys Police and I talk about his fascinating career which has taken him across the country to do different policing roles. And at his Mental Health and Policing Conference, we discuss his role as the NPCC lead and the demand that this issue is having…Read More Read More


The Conservative Leadership Race

In this episode, I talk about policing and the Conservative Party’s Leadership contest and positive news in the mental health and policing sphere, and I also answer your questions. Send me your questions via for the next episode. All players: Apple YouTube Spotify (coming soon) Acast Pocketcasts Stitcher TuneIn Web player


In The Bourne

SFM 106.9’s In The Bourne was the location for this wide-ranging interview on crime statistics, recruitment, community safety and policing. Broadcast on Facebook Live and reproduced here. Listen to this episode on YouTube: click here. Follow @matthewinkent on Twitter and Instagram and @MatthewScottPCC on Facebook for the latest updates.


Episode 15: Mental health and the role of PCCs

There are three parts to the latest Podcast – news of extra funding from the Home Office to tackle county lines, and roads policing are up first. But there’s also an excerpt from my recent lecture at Anglia Ruskin University on the role of PCCs in reducing demand on policing as a result of cases involving mental health. Where to listen/download: Apple Podcasts | Pocket Casts | Stitcher | TuneIn | Acast | YouTube Podcast Player not listed or the link isn’t working? Copy and Paste this link in...


Ep14: Budget plan for more Police approved

In this Podcast, you can hear the case that I made to the Kent and Medway Police and Crime Panel for an increase in council tax funding to pay for more 180 Police Officers and 15 Police Staff for Kent Police. There is a significant amount of information about demand, budgets, Police numbers and also achievements to date. Forgive the sound quality! Where to listen/download: Apple Podcasts | Pocket Casts | Stitcher | TuneIn | Acast | YouTube Podcast Player not listed or the link isn’t working?...


Another 180 Officers for Kent Police

Today I'm announcing my Budget for the coming year. In return for a £2 a month increase in council tax, @kent_police will be able to recruit another 180 more Police Officers.


Episode 12: Out and about with Kent Police

After a brief hiatus, I’m back! Here’s an update on my recent programme of visits with Kent Police, the increase in the size of the rural policing team, 101 performance and more. I also talk about the evil assaults on Police Officers and the Protect the Protectors campaign. Where to listen/download: Apple Podcasts | Web Player | Facebook | Pocket Casts | Stitcher | TuneIn | Acast Podcast Player not listed or the link isn’t working? Copy and Paste this link in to your Podcast player:...


Episode 9: Spithoods, Spice, Violence and KFC

This episode, I talk about the call from PCCs to reclassify Spice as a Class A drug, why I support Police Officers having spit and blood guards, the Violence Reduction Challenge and express concern for my waistline as KFC sponsor one of my favourite local charities. Relevant links: Recruitment of Police Officers and Staff: Justice for Bear campaign: Where...


Episode 6: Mental Health Awareness Week

In the latest episode of my live question and answer sessions, I talk about Mental Health Awareness Week. I have highlighted some ways in which people can seek assistance as well as some of the local projects that I have funded to help offer more support. I speak about the Mental Health Act review and...


Episode 5: Changes at the Home Office

In today’s episode, I do the Q&A on Twitter for the first time as well as Facebook. You’ll hear my thoughts on the changes at the Home Office, mental health, pavement parking, stop and search and powers for dealing with illegal incursions. I also condemn the threats made to Kent’s Mosques. I also get questions...


Episode 4: Bobbies on the tweet

In this latest Podcast, I talk about the use of social media by the Police and politicians, the Serious Violence Strategy and mental health funding. Plus, I answer your questions about council tax, Police cadets, attendance of Police at local events and my role. Where to listen/download: Apple Podcasts | Web Player | Facebook | Pocket...


Episode 3: Roads policing and more

I battle valiantly through a sore throat and cold to answer your questions on roads policing, blue light collaboration, knife crime, antisocial behaviour and lorries. I also talk about the recent comments of the Victims Commissioner on police attendance at incidents, the changes at the CPS and ask some to stop criticising the Police for...


Episode 2: Police effectiveness and demand

In this edition, I talk about the latest national and local report by independent inspectors into effectiveness of Police Forces, demand on Policing generally and Kent Police’s new recruitment campaign. I also answer questions on a variety of subjects including neurological conditions, stop and search and roads Policing. Where else to listen/download: Apple Podcasts | Web…Read More Read More


Episode 1: Performance and Delivery

The first episode is the audio of my Facebook Live Question and Answer session, which followed my Kent Performance and Delivery meeting with the Chief Constable. I talk about antisocial behaviour, stalking and harassment, fraud investigations, PCSOs, my budget and roads Policing.