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Oakey "Al" Kite

In 2004, 53-year old Oakey "Al" Kite was a middle-aged bachelor living in Aurora, Colorado. He had been living in the area for six years, working for a local Denver-based consulting firm. On May 22nd, Al dropped off his girlfriend at the airport. A few hours later, she called to let him know that she had made it safely. She recalled Al sounding fine on the other end of the phone, and all seemed to be well. But just two days later - on May 24th - Al failed to show up for work. When his...


Mike Emert

On January 4th, 2001, a Seattle-area real estate agent met up with a potential client in a parking lot. This client, who had contacted the realtor directly, was described as both "odd" and "weird." While viewing a home in the area of Woodinville, WA, the real estate agent, Mike Emert, was brutally killed by an unknown attacker. The crime - which was particularly brutal - looked to be premeditated and methodically planned. For years, the mystery of Mike's death has haunted his family,...


The Zodiac (Part Three: Legacy)

Between December of 1968 and October of 1969, four separate attacks left the San Francisco Bay Area shaking. Two attacks happened in the area of Vallejo, another took place along scenic Lake Berryessa, and the final incident took place in San Francisco itself - in the wealthy neighborhood of Presidio Heights. A madman, who referred to himself as "The Zodiac," began corresponding with the media at around the same time. He took credit for the attacks, and - as the attacks progressed - he...


The Zodiac (Part Two: This Is The Zodiac)

Three weeks after the Fourth of July shooting incident at Blue Rock Springs Park - in Vallejo, California - a mysterious series of letters were received by publications in San Francisco's Bay Area. The writer offered up a three-part cipher, which supposedly contained the identify of the shooter. As the media began to pick apart these cryptograms, another couple of crimes seem to continue the killer's crime spree. First, a young couple is brutally attacked at Napa County's scenic Lake...


The Zodiac (Part One: Vallejo)

On December 20th, 1968, two teenagers - David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen - were going out on their first date. The two were natives to the Vallejo area of California, and spent their evening driving around, before settling into a cozy lover's lane along Lake Herman Road. There, they were shot and killed by an unknown assailant. For months, the investigation into the shooting of David and Betty faltered... until a similar crime took place a handful of miles away. When Darlene Ferrin and...


Introducing the Wonderland Murders

The Wonderland Murders takes you on journey back to the drug- and sex-fueled world of 1970s L.A. all building to brutal multiple murder just off the Sunset Strip. You can hear the first two episodes right now by searching for "The Wonderland Murders" on Apple Podcasts, wherever you’re listening to this, or visit


Bethany Deaton

In 2005, Bethany Ann Leidlein left for Southwestern University. She was a bright young student, whose writing had earned her a scholarship to this private institution. While at Southwestern, Bethany became involved with a group of friends. They originally bonded over their love of fantasy novels (in particular, Harry Potter), and were all looking forward to long and happy lives. Through 2009, they continued to grow closer due to their faith, guided by a charismatic young man named Tyler...


The Morgan County Three

Over a four-year period (1967 - 1970), three women fell prey to violent crimes that plagued an area of northern Alabama: - Mary Faye Hunter (who disappeared in March of 1967, and whose remains were found in October of that year) - Juanita Acker (a widowed mother of three who was shot twice in the head at point-blank range in May of 1969) - Joyce Drake (a young mother of two who was found, brutally murdered in a violent robbery in January of 1970) Are these crimes linked to one another?...


The Original Night Stalker (Update)

This is an update regarding the first story I tackled on "Unresolved," that of the serial offender that went by several names: Original Night Stalker, East Area Rapist, Golden State Killer, and Visalia Ransacker. On April 24th, police in Ventura County, California, arrested 72-year old Joseph James Deangelo for the murders of Charlene and Lyman Smith. They were just two deaths attributed to this unknown killer, this mysterious EAR/ONS/GSK, among over a dozen. Upon his arrest, law...


Sgt. Patrick Rust (Part Two: Found)

In September of 2007, the skeletal remains of Sergeant Patrick Rust were found in a field outside of Watertown, New York. Immediately, the Army CID changed the course of their investigation, steering their focus away from an AWOL soldier to a non-combat death. Likewise, since Patrick's remains were found outside of Watertown - in rural Jefferson County - the case was handed off from Watertown PD to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. They, too, began investigating the case as an...


Freeman & Bible (Update)

This is an update regarding an episode I released in January of 2018, titled "Freeman/Bible." In December of 1999, the bodies of Danny and Kathy Freeman were found in their burned trailer home, outside of Welch, Oklahoma. For over eighteen years, investigators have wondered what happened to the Freeman's missing teenage daughter, Ashley, and her best friend, Lauria Bible (who had been staying over). Just today, police announced that they have a suspect in custody, named Ronnie Dean Busick....


Sgt. Patrick Rust (Part One: Lost)

In 2007, Patrick Rust was a 24-year old Sergeant in the U.S. Army, who had just recently returned from his second deployment. A native New Yorker, Patrick had enlisted just months after 9/11, and his time in the military had taken him through training in Oklahoma and Texas, and two separate deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. In March of that year, Patrick moved off-post for the first time, with a roommate he had known for roughly fifteen months. The two lived together for a single day...


Phantom Social Workers

In February of 2018, a woman in the Australian city of Queanbeyan claimed that a stranger had visited her home. This mysterious woman, who was unknown to the young mother, had come to inspect her house and her two children. She claimed to be an FACS caseworker, but - as this small suburb outside of Canberra would soon learn - this was not the case. This story hearkens back to the first half of the 1990s, when similar stories broke out across the United Kingdom. From Sheffield to the...


The Long Island Serial Killer (Update)

This is a brief update for episodes 14 - 16 of the podcast, addressing some recent news regarding Shannan Gilbert and the drama unfolding in Suffolk County. Written, hosted, and produced by Micheal Whelan Music by T. Nordgren You can learn more about the podcast at and you can help support this podcast by heading to


Introducing: Hoax

This is the first episode of my new podcast "Hoax," which is centered around the mysterious mummy known as the "Persian Princess." If you would like to hear more stories like this, consider subscribing to Hoax on your podcast app of choice. It can also be found at the following sites: Spotify iTunes/Apple Podcasts Google Play If you would like to stay up-to-date, you can follow along with the podcast on: Facebook Twitter


The Shaw Creek Killer

On the morning of November 16th, 1987, a pair of hunters discovered the skeletonized remains of a young woman just a stone's throw away from Shaw Creek - in the woods just south of Eureka, South Carolina. These remains have never been identified, and serve as the jumping-off point for an investigation that now spans over three decades. In 1991, the remains of a local woman - Jackie Council - would be found roughly half-a-mile away. Then, in 1993, another unidentified Jane Doe was found...


The Millbrook Twins (Update)

A few weeks ago, I brought you the story of twins Dannette and Jeannette Millbrook - missing teenagers that had disappeared into thin air in March of 1990. Since those episodes, there have been some behind-the-scenes update, involving the funding of a billboard (a co-venture between myself and the hosts of the Fall Line podcast to raise publicity for the $8000 reward fund) and a vigil taking place this weekend (March 18th - the 28th anniversary of the twins' disappearance). If you would...


Hoax (Teaser Trailer)

This is a teaser trailer for a new podcast written and hosted by Micheal Whelan. "Hoax" is a look at some of history's biggest - and most intriguing - deceptions, told in the same storytelling style as Unresolved. If you are interested in following along, you can find Hoax on your podcast app of choice, or subscribe from the show's page: There, you can find a more comprehensive trailer, which serves as an introduction to the show. If you subscribe, you will be...


Tiffany Nelson

In June of 1994, a nine-year old girl was preparing to live out her summer dreams. Tiffany Elizabeth Nelson, a native of Augusta, Georgia, was a tomboy that loved to ride her bike while wearing frilly dresses. She had suffered the loss of her mother just two years prior, and was living with her aunt, Ora, in her home along Getzen Drive - just a few miles away from where Dannette and Jeannette Millbrook had gone missing four years beforehand. It was the first Monday of summer vacation, when...


The Millbrook Twins (Part Three: The Now)

In March of 1990, two teenagers disappeared from Augusta, Georgia. Their names are Dannette and Jeannette Millbrook. Early on, the lead detective - who handled all of Augusta's missing teenager cases - zeroed in on the theory that both girls had run away together. This theory began to look less likely with each passing day, but that didn't stop the case from being closed in 1991 and the investigation shuttered until 2013. In the years since, police and independent investigators have had...