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9: The mysterious death of Alfred Loewenstein

On the 4th July 1928, a monoplane landed on a beach close to Dunkirk, Northern France. The beach was home to a local army unit who were extremely surprised to see the small plane landing there as nobody had been expecting it and it wasn’t a usual occurrence. The army members who were there ran to the plane to see who was in it and why it was there. Six people exited the plane and when asked what they were doing on the beach and in military territory. The group proceeded to tell an...


8: John Bodkin Adams Part 2

The trial of Dr John Bodkin Adams had become a national sensation and it appeared that everyone had an opinion about his guilt or innocence. The newspapers discussed his wealth and where it was suspected that this wealth may have come from while some of his loyal patients exclaimed that he was an excellent doctor who had only tried to help them. It was undeniable that going into his trial in March 1957, it was going to be a huge story. John Adams was facing 2 counts of murder for the...


7: Dr John Bodkin Adams Part 1

Dr John Bodkin Adams was a general practitioner doctor in Eastbourne in Sussex from the 1930’s onwards but in 1956 his career would be put on hold and his reputation scrutinised. John Bodkin Adams was accused of the murder of 2 of his patients in 1957 and questions surrounded why so many of his patients had given him something in their wills. He had gained a list of wealthy and famous patients and was a huge part of Eastbourne society for a number of years. When he was accused of murder...


6: The disappearance of George Mallory and Andrew Irvine

In 1924, a British expedition to conquer the summit of Mount Everest took place and experienced climber George Mallory was the climbing leader. They were accompanied by a number of other climbers including Andrew Irvine, one of a number of less experienced mountaineers. During the 1920's Britain and the world were in a period of change and there were lots of records being broken and explorers setting off on dangerous pursuits. Conquering Everest was a dream for many climbers. The...


5: The Baker Street Robbery

On the evening of the 11th September 1971, Robert Rowlands was in his fifth floor flat on Wimpole Street Central London. He had been having a relaxed evening using his ham radio. It was late around 11:15pm on a Saturday evening when he was surprised hear that he had picked up something on one of the frequencies. He listened hard to the transmissions and after a short time realised what he was actually listening to. He was listening to people discussing a robbery that was about to take...


4: The Green Bicycle Murder

On the 5th July 1919, a farmer by the name of Joseph Cowell was working on his farm in the village of Stretton Parva, Leicestershire. The area was a relatively quiet and sleepy place and Mr Cowell was finishing off a number of things he needed to get done. It was quite late, past 9'clock and Mr Cowell had to go and get some cows and bring them back to the farm. He went to go and collect them and as he was walking back along the road he noticed something lying in the middle of it. As he got...


3: Dorset's unidentified

In England there are currently 554 unidentified people who are listed on the UK missing persons unit website. These people are yet to be identified and their deaths are yet to be solved. In this episode we delve into just one area of the UK and document the stories of these unidentified people. This episode discusses the 12 people currently listed as unidentified in the county of Dorset, South East England. We look at the descriptions, locations and other facts known about them in the hope...


2: The mystery of Ada Constance Kent

In 1939, worried friends of Ada Constance Kent went to police to explain that they had not seen her for a number of months. Ada lived in the small village of Fingringhoe, close to Colchester in a traditional thatched cottage. The residents of Fingringhoe did not see Ada often as she kept herself to herself and lead a relatively reclusive lifestyle. Police did a check on Ada's house but found nothing and importantly they didn't find Ada. 10 Years later, Ada had still not been located and...


1: The Great Mull Air Mystery

On Christmas Eve 1975, Peter Gibbs set off in a Cessna-150 civilian aircraft from the Glenforsa airstrip on the Isle of Mull in Scotland. He was staying at the Glenforsa hotel with his girlfriend and as he was an experienced pilot he had decided to try a circuit of the bay in the plane before returning back to the airstrip. After half an hour of being in the air his girlfriend grew alarmed as he had not returned. She went back to the hotel and after two hours of waiting, the police were...