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26: The disappearance of Lionel Crabb

On the 19th April 1956, former Royal Navy diver Lionel Crabb went on an MI6 operation to investigate a soviet cruiser docked in Portsmouth harbour. After 2 hours under the water Lionel had still not emerged and the operation was aborted. Around 14 months later, a body was discovered wearing a diving suit but was missing its head and hands. Was this the body of Lionel Crabb and if it was him what had happened to him? The mystery of his disappearance is still ongoing and continues to baffle...


25: The Blazing Car Murder

At around 1:50am in the early morning hours of the 6th November 1931, two men were walking back from a Guy Fawkes dance in the centre of Northampton. They both noticed a fire in the distance. Both men dismissed it as it had been Bonfire night and a fire was not unusual to see. The men then noticed a man coming towards them dressed in professional clothes and carrying an attaché case. The men thought it was odd to see a man dressed for work at that hour but they conversed for a minute and...


24: The Brighton Trunk Mystery

On the 17th June 1934 workers at Brighton Railway station were going about their usual duties. William Joseph Vinnicombe, in the process of his shift, noticed a terrible smell at the station. He did a quick search of the area of the station and discovered that the smell appeared to be emanating from the left luggage room. It seemed to be permeating throughout the station and Vinnicombe noticed there was a plywood trunk that had been left in the room. The trunk got his attention and the...


23: The Umbrella Assasination

On the 11th of September 1978, Bulgarian born Georgi Markov was waiting for a bus on Waterloo Bridge in London. He was on his way to work for a normal run of the mill day. The day did not turn out the way in which he had expected. That day on the bridge, Georgi was poisoned with what turned out to be an umbrella. This crime was baffling and investigators struggled to figure out what had happened. Had Georgi been killed for his brave decision to speak out about the conditions in his own...


22: The Impossible Murder

On the 19th January 1931, William Herbert Wallace was sent to 25 Menlove Gardens to discuss an insurance policy with a client, Mr RM Qualtrough. William Wallace went to the street as asked but when he arrived he realised there was something strange. The street did not exist, he had been sent on a wild goose chase. Feeling dejected he returned home. When he arrived home he discovered something he was not expecting to find and so started the most baffling case of the 20th Century and a legal...


21: The Unsolved Murder of Jill Dando Part 3

After Barry George's conviction was overturned in 2008, the public began to look for answers about who had murdered Jill Dando in 1999\. Since the beginning of the investigation theories began to be put forward about possible alternate suspects. Theories about Serbian hitmen, criminal underworld gangs and IRA hit squads. In today's episode we analyse these different theories and if any of them point to Jill's killer. Important information provided by: James Smith, D. (2002) All about Jill,...


20: The Unsolved Murder of Jill Dando Part 2

After the murder of Jill Dando on the 26th April 1999, the police were struggling to find any new information on suspects. They began to consider that the perpetrator was someone who was obsessed with Jill. After searching through tips that came in in the early days of the investigation they found a person of interest, a man called Barry George. After finding out that George had a criminal background with links to stalking the police set out their case against him. The trouble was they...