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True crime lovers Joy and Heather bring you stories of real life nightmares

True crime lovers Joy and Heather bring you stories of real life nightmares
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True crime lovers Joy and Heather bring you stories of real life nightmares




EP 5 The Horrifying Murder of Lucie Blackman

It's a hot, humid July day in Tokyo, Japan. Lucie Blackman, a British girl living and working in Japan as a bar hostess, meets up with a client for a date. She's wearing a short, black cocktail dress and a string of pearls. Her blonde hair fell down her back and made her stand out among the homogenous population. At 5pm she would call her best friend to let her know she would be back soon. Lucie never returned. This episode deals with distressing incidents including sexual assault. If you...


EP 4 The Real Amityville Horror

6:30pm. November 13th 1974. Ronald DeFeo Jr., 23, burst into Henry's Bar in Long Island yelling "You gotta help me, I think my mother and father are shot!" A small group from the bar followed Ronald back to 112 Ocean Avenue and found both of Ronald's parents as well as his sisters Dawn and Allison, and his brothers Marc and John Matthew, dead in their beds. The cause of death? Gun shots. Ronald told police of a mob hitman and as questions ensued the real killer came to light. "Once I...


EP 3 Travis the Chimp's Brutal Attack

February 16th, 2009. Sandra Harold noticed her pet chimpanzee, Travis, seemed more agitated than usual. He had been acting restless and frustrated all day until he finally took Sandra's car keys and walked out the front door. Travis grew up around humans and the whole town of Stamford, Conneticuit knew him and loved him. He never showed any sign of violence in his 14 years of life. That fateful February day, however, would prove that the worst can happen when you keep a wild animal as a...


EP 2 The Unsolved Murder in Room 1046

January 2nd, 1935. A young man walks into the Hotel President in Kansas City, MO under the name Roland T. Owen. He had nothing on him besides a comb and a toothbrush. Although the staff found him a bit odd, they didn't give him much thought until 6 days later when he was found murdered in his blood-soaked hotel room. Who murdered this man? Was he really Roland T. Owen? How did he sustain these brutal injuries? True crime lovers Joy and Heather bring you stories of real life nightmares ◈...


EP 1 The Savage Murder of Skylar Neese

16 year old Skylar Neese was your average social media obsessed teen growing up in West Virginia. She loved her family and enjoyed hanging out with her two best friends, Rachel Shoaf and Sheila Eddy. One night Skylar witnesses something that would cause a rift among the trio and Rachel and Sheila to start thinking they might be better off without her... Thank you for listening to our first episode. We are new to the podcasting world and learning as we go. Any constructive criticism is...