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EMMY award winning crime beat reporter Matt Johnson dusts off his reporter notebooks for this exciting podcast and gives you a first hand perspective on cold cases, homicides, mysteries & murders he has covered, followed and still haunt him today. Follow on social and

EMMY award winning crime beat reporter Matt Johnson dusts off his reporter notebooks for this exciting podcast and gives you a first hand perspective on cold cases, homicides, mysteries & murders he has covered, followed and still haunt him today. Follow on social and


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EMMY award winning crime beat reporter Matt Johnson dusts off his reporter notebooks for this exciting podcast and gives you a first hand perspective on cold cases, homicides, mysteries & murders he has covered, followed and still haunt him today. Follow on social and




32 - MYSTERY: Ellen Greenberg - MURDER or SUICIDE ?

On January 26, 2011 Ellen Rae Greengerg was found dead in her Philadelphia apartment with multiple stab wounds. She suffered from 20 stab wounds, including ten to her back & neck, there were bruises all over her body an her dead body was positioned upright against the cabinets, (which is against any findings that the family says could lead to suicide.) Ellen's parents, Josh and Sandee Greenberg have partnered with criminal investigator Thomas Brennan Jr. to get the case investigated and...


31 - MURDER: Abby & Libby 'The Delphi Murders'

NEW INTERVIEW with Kelsie German, sister of Libby German. On February 13, 2017 13 year old Abigail Williams and 14 year old Liberty Rose German were dropped off at the trailhead of 'High Bridge' near Hoosier Heartland Highway in Delphi Indiana to hang out. The teens were never seen by family or friends alive again. Both friends wanted to join the FBI academy and solve crimes together. This passion for true crime may have been the reason why Libby secretly recorded the man police believe...


30 - MURDER: The Labor Day murder of Katie Sepich

College student Katie Sepich was a loving sister, friend and daughter when she was attacked, raped and murdered Labor Day weekend in 2003. On August 31, 2003, New Mexico State University College student Katie was walking home after going to a party near campus. She had gotten into a big fight with her long-distance boyfriend. While walking home, the suspect Gabriel Avila [who was on drugs] almost hit Katie with his car, then followed her home where he attacked her and strangled her. The...


29 - MURDER: Elvis impersonator killed at Las Vegas 'Graceland' Mansion

Well known Elvis tribute artist Dana Mackay and his beauty queen girlfriend Mary Huffman were murdered inside their Las Vegas mansion. Dana headlined at the Dunes casino before moving to the Imperial Palace where he was the first Elvis to star in 'Legends in Concert'. He was a father and looking to leave the spotlight and start a landscaping business, supplying high dollar palm trees to the city of Las Vegas. Mary was a mother and former Mrs. Nevada. On October 30, 1993, Las Vegas Metro...


28 - SERIAL: Golden State Killer Survivor Kris Pedretti speaks out

NEW INTERVIEW: Golden State Killer survivor Kris Pedretti opens up about the crime, why she was unable to talk about it for years and what she plans to say in court during sentencing. From 1973 to 1986 fired police officer Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. terrorized California. DeAngelo committed at least 13 murders, 50 rapes and 120 burglaries. Most commonly referred to as the 'Golden State Killer', DeAngelo was also named the Visalia Ransacker, the East Area Rapist, the East Side Rapist, the...


27 - MYSTERY: Carole Baskin's ‘Tiger King’ Don Lewis goes Missing

NEW Information, New family statement and New response from Carole Baskin in the disappearance of Don Lewis. This is the same missing persons case at the center of the NETFLIX true crime documentary 'Tiger King'. On August 18, 1997 Millionaire Jack 'Don' Lewis who went missing after leaving his house in Tampa Florida. The documentary has sparked new interest in the cold case and a group of armchair detectives have also started looking into the case. The group is called the 'Don Lewis Cold...


26 - MURDER: ‘Cult Mom’ Lori Vallow & Chad Daybell

A bizarre case and a series of deaths surrounding Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell. The so-called 'Doomsday Couple' are currently in jail facing several felony charges. In August 2020, they are due to appear in court for separate preliminary hearings where we expect to hear more details about the deaths of Vallow's children "JJ" and Tylee. In September 2019, 7-year-old Joshua "JJ" Vallow and his 17-year-old sister Tylee Ryan disappeared. On June 10, authorities said they uncovered human...


25 - SERIAL: Daughter of the BTK Serial Killer

Kerri Rawson, the daughter of the BTK Serial Killer opens up about her father Dennis Rader. What family life was like before he was arrested, how she learned he was the BTK Serial Killer and her relationship with him now. Rawson is the author of the "tell all" book titled: "A Serial Killers Daughter, my story of faith, love and overcoming". Rawson describes herself as a crime victim and says she lives with P-T-S-D and depression. It was her DNA that led to his arrest using the same method...


24 - EXECUTION WITNESS: Lawrence Colwell Jr. put to death

My friend and colleague John Huck from FOX 5 Las Vegas and I discuss witnessing the execution of a condemned death row inmate. Lawrence Colwell Jr. was convicted of robbing and killing 76-year-old Frank Rosenstock, a New York resident visiting Las Vegas. Rosenstock was lured to his hotel room at the Tropicana Hotel by Colwell's girlfriend Merillee Paul who was posing as a prostitute. Once in his room he was robbed and strangled to death with a belt. Colwell told the court that he had...



True Crime DEADLINE returns for Season II with host Matt Johnson. Matt is an EMMY award winning journalist who dusts off his reporter notebooks to bring you his first hand account of covering notorious crimes and lesser known cases over his career. This season kicks off with several exclusive interviews connected to the Golden State Killer, the BTK Serial Killer and the so-called Tiger King. New cases and new episodes every MONDAY for this limited Season II. Please subscribe, rate the...


23 - MURDER: Newlyweds Gary & Stephanie Gillette

On Friday December 13, 1985 newlyweds Gary and Stephanie Gillette were celebrating Christmas as a new family. Gary had three daughters from a previous marriage and Stephanie loved them like her own. The new, blended family had gotten a Christmas tree and were decorating the house on the 4800 block of Corpus Christi Texas. That weekend, Gary who was a successful business owner in the oil industry attend some holiday parties with his young wife, while his ex-wife watched the children at her...


22 - MURDER: Leslie & Adriane 'The Halloween Murders'

Leslie Mazzara, Adriane Insogna and Lauren Meanza were roommates living in a small house near downtown Napa when a killer broke in and attacked two of the women. On October 31st 2004, the friends were celebrating Halloween, drinking wine, watching scary movies and passing out candy to neighborhood children... unaware that a man they knew, was stalking them, armed with a knife and waiting for them to go to bed. That Halloween night, the killer entered through a window and brutally stabbed...


21 - MYSTERY: Death of Joseph Miranda

In July 2006, 19-year-old Joseph Miranda was working for a local landscape company outside Baltimore Maryland. He went to work early, kissed his mom goodbye and drove off in his jeep. His mom Adrienne never saw him alive again. Witnesses say Joseph was asking a co-worker to use a 7,000 pound Bobcat Tractor to move trees when the driver of the bobcat ran him over. His mother, Adrienne Miranda tells 'True Crime DEADLINE' in a NEW interview that the evidence points to foul play. She...


20 - MYSTERY: Death of Jessica Johnson

On June 2, 2017 a mail carrier discovered Jessica Johnson dead and tied to a mailbox in Horn Lake Mississippi. The DeSoto County Coroner determined her cause of death as Asphyxiation due to Hanging. In a NEW INTERVIEW with Jessica's parents, Linda and David Johnson, say she was not suicidal and believe Jessica was murdered. They hired a forensic expert who points to how the shoe laces were tied around her head, how far the mailbox was from where her shoes were located and how short the...


19 - TERROR: Killer on the Train

American Hero, Alek Skarlatos opens up in a rare interview about stopping a terror attack on a train from Amsterdam to Paris. In 2015, Alek was on leave after being deployed to Afghanistan with the Oregon Army National Guard. He was on the train with lifelong friends Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler. About three hours into the trip, a shirtless man armed with a AK Assault style riffle, nine magazines, 270 rounds of ammunition and a box cutting knife charged out of the bathroom and was...


18 - SERIAL: Ted Bundy Survivor Kathy Kleiner

On January 15, 1978, Kathy Kleiner was asleep in her room at Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University in Tallahassee FL., when serial killer Ted Bundy broke in and attacked. Bundy killed Margaret Bowman and Lisa Levy and then charged into Kathy's room and started attacking Kathy and her roommate Karen Chandler. Bundy was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. He was executed in 1989. Both Kathy and Karen survived the attack. In this episode Kathy talks about the moments...


17 - SERIAL: Unmasking the Brockton Killer

New details in the Brockton Serial Killer case after a possible arrest linking a man accused of abducting and killing a mom to two horrific murders. Between 2013 and 2014 a man has been attacking, raping and killing women in the small New England town of Brockton Massachusetts. On December 28, 2014 the remains of 20-year-old Ashley Mylett and 50-year-old Linda Schufeldt were discovered in a wooded area near a VFW post. Mylett's body had been dismembered and thrown on top of Schufeld's...


16 - MYSTERY: Murder of News Anchor Jodi Huisentruit

On June 27, 1995 Jodi Huisentruit was abducted from the parking lot at her apartment complex in Mason City Iowa. The 27-year-old local news anchor was running late for her shift at KIMT-TV. That morning, assistant producer Amy Kuns called Jodi who had overslept and spoke with her on the phone. Jodi lived only a mile away from the TV station and said she would be there in a few minutes. She never was seen or heard from again. This episode focuses on the time-line of her disappearance with...


15 - SERIAL: The Candy Man's Last Victim

In the 1970's Houston's coastal communities were victim to the 'Houston Mass Murders', the deadliest case of serial mass killings in the United States at the time. The killer was local business man Dean Corll, nicknamed 'the candy man' because his family owned and operated several candy companies in the area. Police say he and his two accomplices killed more than 29 young teenage boys in the 1970's, but investigators tell True Crime DEADLINE host Matt Johnson that they suspect there were...


14 - MURDER: Betty & Kathryn 'The Labor Day Murders'

Two women in Starkville Mississippi are killed after a man knocks on their door on Labor Day. On September 3, 1990 friends Betty Jones and Kathryn Crigler were wrapping up Labor Day weekend at Kathryn's home, they had just finished dinner and getting ready to watch a baseball game on TV when a stranger started knocking on the door. When Betty answered the door she was stabbed and her throat was slashed. The killer then attacked and fatally injured Kathryn who was in a wheelchair. For...