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his podcast is a whole new first hand account on True Crime with odd, under-reported, shocking cases that have defined host Matt Johnson's career as a crime beat reporter in America.

his podcast is a whole new first hand account on True Crime with odd, under-reported, shocking cases that have defined host Matt Johnson's career as a crime beat reporter in America.
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his podcast is a whole new first hand account on True Crime with odd, under-reported, shocking cases that have defined host Matt Johnson's career as a crime beat reporter in America.




12 - MURDER: Jody LeCornu

Jody LeCornu was a student at Towson University in Baltimore Maryland when she was murdered in cold blood on March 2, 1996. Today her identical twin sister Jenny Carrieri is ramping up the investigation to find her sisters killer. On that Saturday morning, the 23-year-old had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend over drinking and going to a local bar without him. Jody went to work that day, then went back to the 'Mt. Washington Tavern', her favorite hang out and stayed there till the bar...


11 - MURDER: Shirley McGill & Tamara Tucker

A husband kills his wife on a cruise ship after drinking heavily and blames it on the scorpion inside the tequila bottle. 55 year old Robert McGill was celebrating his birthday with his wife of five years Shirley, and some friends on the Carnival Elation cruise to Mexico from San Diego. Friends said that Robert McGill loved Shirley with "All his heart". He and Shirley were high school sweethearts who has reconnected and gotten married before their 30th Claremont High School reunion. On...


10 - MURDER: Amber Dubois & Chelsea King

Two San Diego teens Amber Dubois and Chelsea King are killed by a convicted sex offender who slipped through the cracks. Now 10 years later, I sit down for an EXCLUSIVE interview with Amber's mother Carrie McGonigle. This is a case I covered from the missing persons command post, to the crime scene tape and ultimately the courtroom for the double murder trial. Carrie shares new details in the case, how she found out Gardner was her daughters killer and what she said to him when she got...


CASE BREAK 2- DNA to Catch A Killer

In this mini-episode called a Case Break host Matt Johnson talks to forensic genealogist Colleen Fitzpatrick. Colleen is a former NASA contractor with a PhD in Physics. She is a rocket scientist, a one-time JEOPARDY contestant and the founder of two non-profits who work to identify individuals through DNA. The "DNA Doe Project" the works to identify John and Jane Does while "IdentiFinders International" works to identify murdered persons and suspect killers. Colleen and co-founder of the...


9 - MURDER: Kathy Augustine

Kathy Augustine was a mom and a rising star in Nevada State politics. She was elected to State Assembly, State Senate and became the first woman to be elected as State Controller. In 2002, her 17 year marriage to her third husband Charles Augustine was rocky. Kathy's political career was taking a toll on their marriage and the couple was separated. Kathy was looking to get a divorce and was purchasing a house in Reno Nevada, closer to the state capital, her husband Charles was living in...


8 - MURDER: Jeanette Corpuz

Jeanette Maria Corpuz was 28 when she went missing from Reno Nevada in the winter of 2003. After large amounts of blood and evidence was recovered at her home, police called her disappearance a homicide. Jeanette Corpuz is described as 5'6", 160 pounds, Hispanic/White with Brown hair and Blue eyes. She was a newlywed with three children from a previous marriage. She was living with her new husband Lyle Montgomery and her 3-year-old son Jacob Corpuz when she disappeared. The couple met...


7 - SERIAL: Killer Robert Fry

Robert Fry is a serial killer who lived in Farmington New Mexico, a small town on the edge of the Navajo reservation in the Four Corners of the USA. Farmington is a old western town of 37,000 people. Everyone knows everyone else and when these murders went unsolved... the town was terrified. Fry was convicted of brutally murdering four people Betty Lee, Donald Tsosie, Matthew Trecker and Joseph Fleming. It would take years before Robert Fry would be connected to all the crimes. Some...


6 - CAPTIVE: The Turpin's House of Horrors

In 2019 David and Louise Turpin would be found guilty of torturing 12 of their 13 kids in what police and prosecutors referred to as a "House of Horrors". They were sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. Police say the children were shackled, beat and strangled. The children unable to use the restroom, had no education and rarely went outside. The home was filled with trash and human feces. They were rescued after the couples 17 year old daughter escaped through a window with a...


5 - MURDER: The McStay Family

The McStay family Murders New information in this bone chilling murder case of a family who went missing from their home in Fallbrook CA in 2010. Joseph and Summer McStay had just moved to their new home in Fallbrook with their two small boys Gianni (4) and Joseph Jr. (3). Summer is a realtor and Joseph owns a construction company building fountains and water features. On February 4, 2010 the families while SUV is caught on camera pulling from the driveway, but because of the angle of...


CASE BREAK 1 - Sister Sister Talks True Crime

True Crime DEADLINE - Case Break. The podcast is on-the-road in Las Vegas, Sin City, Lost wages Nevada, where Lady Gaga is performing on the night of this podcast. In this case break we have our first co-host, journalist Jenny Laird (Matt's sister). This is a hysterical take on true crime and family life. Case Break segments include: "What in the True Crime are you stalking?" a segment about podcasts, tv, movies, books about true crime & "Serial while eating cereal" a segment about food...


4 - MYSTERY: The death of Mitrice Richardson

Mitrice Richardson 24, went missing on September 17, 2009, after being released from a jail in Calabasas, California, after not paying her $89 bill at Geoffrey's Malibu restaurant. She was released in the middle of the night with no phone, no car, no purse and not dressed for the elements. After a massive missing persons search and countless false sightings of Mitrice her body was discovered 11 months later by park rangers who were allegedly in the area to inspect an illegal marijuana grow...


3 - MISSING: The disappearance of Kyron Horman

Kyron Hormon went missing from Skyline Elementary School in Portland Oregon USA, on June 4th, 2010. His step-mother Terri Horman took him to school that day, snapped a picture of him at his school science fair and then he disappeared without a trace. His case is still considered by-far the largest criminal investigation case in Oregon state history. Kyron's mother Desiree Young says she is using new technology and getting new tips that she feels will lead to a resolution in the case very...


2 - MYSTERY: Rebecca Zahau & Max Shacknai, PART II

In a shocking PART 2, the case is blown wide open with a rare interview from Max Shacknai's mother Dr. Dina Shacknai. Dina believes both Rebecca Zahau and her 6 year old son Maxie were violently attacked and killed. She shares details of her years long private investigation and opens up about why she wants investigators to re-open the cases. This episode includes new evidence including police interviews of neighbors who reported odd things at the Spreckels Mansion before the deaths and a...


1 - MYSTERY: Rebecca Zahau & Max Shacknai

The Case Of Rebecca Zahau and Max Shacknai is a fresh look at the evidence in two mysterious deaths at a multi-million dollar mansion. The circumstances of Rebecca Zahau's death in 2011 left her family and law enforcement with opposing views on how she died. 32-year-old Rebecca Zahau was found bound, gagged, naked and hanging from a balcony of a historic Coronado mansion for everyone to see. There was a cryptic note painted on the bedroom door but no fingerprints on some of the items at...


True Crime DEADLINE Trailer

True Crime investigators sit back, buckle up and get ready to talk cold cases, murder, mystery and missing. EMMY winning journalist Matt Johnson dusts off his reporter notebooks and digs into the most disturbing cases he has covered, cases he has followed for years and those that continue to haunt him today. Matt calls the podcast his true crime journal. Each crime-bite sized episode is around 30 min. packed with new details, exclusive interviews from family and friends of the victims and...