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A podcast for the ultimate true crime enthusiast. A glimpse into the life and crimes of some of the most demented minds. You will not want to miss an episode.

A podcast for the ultimate true crime enthusiast. A glimpse into the life and crimes of some of the most demented minds. You will not want to miss an episode.
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A podcast for the ultimate true crime enthusiast. A glimpse into the life and crimes of some of the most demented minds. You will not want to miss an episode.






Timothy Jones Jr.

In 2018, the world was rocked by the disappearance and murder of Shannan Watts and, her two beautiful daughters, especially when it was discovered they were murdered by Chris Watts, their husband and father. In 2014, in a similarly horrific case that was not highly publicized, Timothy Jones Jr. of Lexington, SC murdered his five […]


Danielle van Dam

David Westerfield and the van Dam family lived in the same upper scale neighborhood of Sabre Springs, in northeast San Diego, California. In fact, they only lived several houses apart. On February 1, 2002, these neighbors would become connected forever in the most brutal and awful of ways. MagellanTV – a brand-new streaming service that features […]


The Killer Prophet

In the early 1970’s, Santa Cruz, California, became known as the “Murder Capital of the World” because of two serial killers operating in the area, and a senseless mass murder that occurred on October 19, 1970. The mass murder filled the community with fear, leading them to believe there was another Manson Family was operating […]


Ronald Gene Simmons

When you think of mass murder, you often associate the act with school shootings, workers “going postal”, or domestic acts of terrorism. What you don’t often think about, is family. . The deadliest case of familial mass murder in the United States took place in the last place anyone would think of… in a sleepy […]


Melissa Lucio

Melissa Lucio is one of only 6 women on death row in the state of Texas. She is to be executed by lethal injection for the crime of Capital Murder against her very own child, Mariah. Robert Alvarez was Melissa’s live-in partner and also Mariah’s father. While Robert looked the other way, Melissa was convicted […]


Shayna & Elisa

This episode covers two severe cases of child abuse in New York. Two children lost their lives at the hands of the people who were meant to protect them. We advise extreme caution when listening to this episode. Judge Joseph Fisch had this to say about Sherain Bryant’s reaction to her daughter Shayna Bryants naked […]


Jack Jones

Jack Jones was a serial murder & rapist. An innocent man was convicted for a murder Jack confessed to…AFTER his death. In this episode, you’ll hear all about Jack’s crimes. MagellanTV– a brand-new streaming service that features the very best collection of true crime documentaries available anywhere. The service includes over 1500 documentary movies, series, and […]


The Flint Serial Slasher

Elias Abuelazam came from Jerusalem the United States. His motives and reasons for his attacks are still unknown. What led him to commit these crimes? Maybe you can help answer that question. Special Thanks to our sponsors: MagellanTV– a brand-new streaming service that features the very best collection of true crime documentaries available anywhere. […]


Time to Party: Tyler Hadley

Tyler Hadley was a troubled child who grew into an unstable and eventually dangerous teenager. He plotted the murder of his parents and celebrated his newfound freedom with a house party. The quiet town of Port St. Lucie was rocked to the core when the gruesome discovery was brought to light. Did the medication meant […]


William Patrick Fyfe

This “Killer Handyman” did everything he could to hide his true intentions when he entered the home of unsuspecting women seeking his assistance. He was seen by most as quiet, shy, and pleasant. He was anything but – underneath it all was a monster who did whatever he could to fly under the radar for […]


Crimes of Passion – UPDATE!

Hey Everyone! I am so excited to be the NEW host of the Parcast Network’s new show “Crimes of Passion”. The show released on 2/25/19 and, releases new episodes EVERY WEDNESDAY! I am thrilled for this opportunity & feel so encouraged by your support. Head over to Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, or wherever you […]


Robert Leroy Anderson

A man who tried to fly under the radar, almost got away with two murders. His brazen attempts to kidnap, rape, and murder women would ultimately be his undoing. Join Lanie this episode, as she recounts the crimes of Robert Leroy Anderson. Special Thanks to the following sponsors: Better Help: True Crime Fan Club Podcast listeners […]


Lake Waco Murders

One of the most compelling [unsolved] cases in Texas history occurred in the small town of Waco, TX. Three lives were inexplicably taken from this world, and 4 men were put on trial for their deaths. Was this a witch hunt by a dogged detective or did they really take the lives of the three […]


Acres Homes

Welcome back to the True Crime Fan Club Podcast, I’m your host Lanie. On the southside of Houston lies a neighborhood called Acres Homes. Acres Homes sits on approximately nine (9) square miles. Acres Homes established during World War I and had initially been a thriving neighborhood, with each home sitting on an acre of […]


Levi King

Levi King was a spree killer who murdered 5 people in cold blood. His crimes spanned across two states but, there would be an unlikely survivor. Sponsor: Visit to start your ritual today. Credits: Thank you for listening – if you enjoyed this episode, please be sure to leave us a positive review […]


Introducing: Mind’s Eye

Happy Holidays from TCFC! I will be off the rest of the year spending time with family and, recharging! I hope you enjoy this incredible show from my friends at Parcast! What if your worst nightmare was real? In Mind’s Eye, the first fiction podcast from the Parcast Network, Homicide Detective Kate McClay is […]


John Albert Gardner III

John Albert Gardner III is a California sex offender and murderer. He is known for the late 2000s murders of Amber DuBois & Chelsea King. Many of the details in this episode come from Caitlin Rother’s book “Lost Girls” Sponsors: to start your subscription! Audible – Evil Has A Name: Only on Audible. Listen now […]


Assassinations by Parcast Network, Full Episode, Ad-Free

We’re excited to give you a bonus episode of the Parcast Network’s newest show Assassinations AD FREE! This episode is on the JFK Assassination. If you enjoy it, search for Assassinations where ever you listen to podcasts and listen to part 2 now! Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe! Their handle across all social media […]


Daingerfield, TX *BONUS EPISODE*

This bonus episode details a mass church shooting in 1980. This horrendous crime was committed by Alvin Lee King, III. He was paranoid and, trying to right the wrongs against him. The small town of Daingerfield, Texas had no idea what was in store for them. Sponsor: to start your subscription! Music: Production: […]


The Boys Who Killed….

In this episode, you’ll hear about two young men who brutally murdered their families decades apart. One had their life spared, the other… was hanged. What do you think? Be sure to share your thoughts with me in the Facebook discussion group. Just search for True Crime Fan Club! Go to the website to […]