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Phil Hughes

In the 1970’s, Contra Costa County in California had several serial killers, including Joseph James DeAngelo, otherwise known as the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker. For all the crimes he committed, though, he was just one of at least four serial killers preying on victims in this area. Today, you’ll hear about one of the […]


The Santa Murders

Your family is supposed to come before everything. So many of us learn this and abide by it. But there are some that break that sacred bond by destroying the family unit. When you demolish what matters most to you, what does that make you? Okay, on to the show… SPONSOR: Visit for 10% off your […]


Sex Gone Wrong – Mini Episode

A swingers’ lifestyle can be great for some, or it can be problematic for others. For one newly married couple, a wild night of sex and drugs turned deadly. Okay…onto the show. Actora Bankhead was charged with two counts of murder for breaking the necks of two people after a group-sex session went awry. Check […]


Tina Resch

A young woman who received notoriety as a teenager as being the center of poltergeist activity grew up to receive the notoriety of another kind. When her young daughter dies under mysterious circumstances, she is arrested and charged with her death. Her prosecution has been shrouded in controversy, and she has supporters all across the […]


The Cartel Blues

To many people, drug cartels are the stuff of fiction, as seen in movies and TV shows like Blow, Scarface, Ozark, Breaking Bad, and Weeds. But unfortunately approximately 150,000 homicide victims and their families know Mexican and Colombian cartels are all too real. Okay…onto the show. The Toyota Sequoia pulling up ready to make the […]


The Yacht Murders

What would compel a mild mannered young father to not only brutally kill two complete strangers, but involve several people in the plot? When he revealed his reasons, was he telling the truth? Okay…onto the show. Sponsors: You can Save 15% on your first order today by going to Follow us on social […]


Daughters Who Kill

Lizzie Borden took an ax, gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one. Lizzie Borden is arguably the most infamous case of parricide, although she was acquitted of the murders of her father and step-mother. But, Lizzie was by no means the last time a daughter […]


The Woman Who Stole Vermeer: A conversation W/ Author Anthony Amore

Rose Dugdale’s life is singularly notorious. Born into extreme wealth (she was a member of the last class of debutantes who were presented to the Queen), she abandoned her life as an Oxford-trained Ph.D. and heiress to join the cause of Irish Republicanism. While on the surface she appears to be the British version of […]


Wondery Presents: Do No Harm

Wondery (Dr. Death, Dirty John, The Shrink Next Door) and NBC News (Dateline, The Thing About Pam, Motive for Murder) present Do No Harm. The Bright family was thrust into a medical and legal system so committed to protecting vulnerablechildren from abuse, it failed to protect innocent parents. From the hospital room to the courtroom, […]


Joel Guy Jr.

Money brings out the worst in many of us, even family members. As we have seen before, sons have even killed their parents for money. But rarely is a murder so meticulously planned out as the one we discuss this week. Follow us on social media: @truecrimefanclubpodtwitter: @tcfcpodEmail: Written & Researched by: Suzy […]


The Case of David Camm: did he do it?

Despite many advances in forensic science, people are still convicted on the testimony of people who call themselves experts. Some of the testimony and evidence is based on what lawyers and other scientists call junk science. For one man, junk science meant 13 years in prison, before the expert witness was finally debunked. Sponsor: Public […]


Robert Hanssen

Fear. Rage. Two words, loaded with emotion. Two words that can make a person feel helpless and out of control. Two words that can cloud a person’s judgement. Two words that can change the course of their life. Robert Hanssen claimed that fear and rage were the key emotions that led him to betray his […]


GetVokl: Into The Forest And All The Way Through w. Author Cynthia Pelayo

Into The Forest And The Way Through (release date: August 28, 2020). It’s a sobering look at missing and murdered women of color whose stories often go ignored, their killers never held to account, and it’s a searing call to arms to examine these wounds. Amazon link for further info: Cynthia (Cina) Pelayo grew […]

Víctor Saldaño

Victor Saldano was convicted of murder and sentenced to death for a murder he committed in Plano, Texas. His mental state has declined severely and it brings into question, should we reconsider the death penalty for those who experience a severe mental defect as a result of the isolation they experience on death row? Share […]

Deadly Home Invasions

In the first half of this episode, we discuss the unthinkable It’s terrible when a child loses his parents to violence. It is unthinkable to know a child witnessed the murder of his parents. In the second half, we will discuss Halfways houses, formally known as residential reentry centers, serve various purposes. Halfways houses of […]

The Murder of Tara Grant

Passion fuels many emotions and reactions: love and lust, anger and murder. Today, we talk about one man’s fury and how it affected many lives. It’s unique, too, because quite a bit of information came out after the trial. Sponsor: Public Goods: We worked out an exclusive deal just for the TRUE CRIME FAN CLUB […]


Imperative Entertainment presents TRUE

TRUE is a podcast that features the strange, unique, and often wacky side of criminality. These are the stories that will make you wonder if they came from Hollywood – or if Hollywood took from them.Subscribe today at:


Chris Dankovich

Losing a loved one to murder is perhaps one of the most traumatic things a family can imagine. That trauma is further compounded when the death comes at the hands of someone the victim knew and loved, someone they trusted. Perhaps the most unimaginable of all is a murder committed against a mother, by her […]


The Boles Family Massacre

The murder of an entire family is an incredible tragedy, but when no apparent motive exists, and the case remains unsolved, it is a double tragedy. Today’s episode is about a case that is 55 years old, with no arrests made, and very few clues to go on. These murders are plagued with more questions […]


Wondery Presents: Billionaire Boys Club

Billionaire Boys Club is based on the incredible true story of a group of wealthy boys from LA in the 80’s who concoct a risky get-rich-quick plan that lures in millions of dollars of investment. The plan falls apart when their leader, Joseph Hunt, starts a string of kidnappings & murders in a desperate attempt […]