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Las Vegas based true crime podcast with three sin city smart asses. We dissect compelling murders and crimes, that also lead to interesting conversations, and the occasional drunk babbling.

Las Vegas based true crime podcast with three sin city smart asses. We dissect compelling murders and crimes, that also lead to interesting conversations, and the occasional drunk babbling.
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Las Vegas based true crime podcast with three sin city smart asses. We dissect compelling murders and crimes, that also lead to interesting conversations, and the occasional drunk babbling.






The Murders at Corpsewood Manor

Dr Scudder was a brilliant man, very talented, very artistic, he challenged modern science and religion in a way that made others very uncomfortable. Especially in a small, North Georgia town, right smack in the middle of satanic panic. Scudder built what he thought would be a secluded place, to live out his life and to do as he pleased. Obviously, that shit didn’t happen…but, to the best of our knowledge and resources, here’s what did. KEEP CREEPIN’! . truecrimeguys.com


The Massacre At Mockingbird Hill

Ronald Gene Simmons was a man who liked order, routine, respect, and most of all, control. We track his life all the way to Mockingbird Hill, where he lost control,not only of his family, but his job, his reputation, and most importantly….his mind. KEEP CREEPIN’! . truecrimeguys.com Facebook Social Media: @TrueCrimeGuys @AndImMichael[...]


Robert Ben Rhoades: The Truck Stop Killa

Robert Ben Rhoades is a lesser known serial killer that preyed on hitch hikers from the mid 70’s till the early 90’s. Yea, he wasnt the most original serial killer, but damn was he interesting! Let’s just say he had a mobile torture chamber in his tractor trailer. Would that peak your interest? No? What about his interest in BDSM? Yea, thats what we thought….that’s why we covered it. You’re welcome. KEEP CREEPIN’! . truecrimeguys.com


The Murder of Jessica Dishon

In September of 1999, in Bullit County, Kentucky, a 17 year old girl goes missing. Her personal effects are left in the car, the town is in an uproar, the sherriffs office is understaffed, and her parents are relentless. Any of this sound familiar? It happens in small towns all accross America. No one wants to believe theres a monster living in their little piece of home. Join us as we unlock the mystery that is Jessica Dishon’s Death! KEEP CREEPIN’! . truecrimeguys.com


Herbert Mullin

What happens when you mix schizophrenia and LSD? Oh, and throw in the fact you’re obsessed with saving the world from earthquakes by human sacrifice. How do you think that cocktail goes down? With murder….of course…its always about murder, this IS a true crime podcast, for christ’s sake. KEEP CREEPIN’! . truecrimeguys.com Facebook Social Media: @TrueCrimeGuys Patr [...]


Judith & Alvin Neelley

So you’ve heard of Bonnie and Clyde…But have you heard of Boney and Claude? This is a love story featuring two bad people that did terrible things to innocent people. We dive into their childhoods, their first meeting, their crimes, and the investigation that lead to their capture. We also speculate on their motive, which is suprisingly unclear. KEEP CREEPIN’! . truecrimeguys.com Facebook


Tommy (Karate) Pitera

This is the classic story of a kid who was pushed around his whole life and had simply had enough. A life fueled by revenge, and determination to rise above and be the best. Only problem is, Ol’ Tommy wanted to be the best at killing, and he may have enjoyed it just a wee bit too much. So grab a cannoli and listen in, just don’t make fun of his voice, he’s sensitive about that. truecrimeguys.com True Crime Magazine


The Tragic Death of Colleen Ritzer

A young and promising 24 year old high school teacher goes missing, and so does a 14 year old boy. A high school bathroom covered in blood. Out of all the possible nightmares that a new teacher might have, I don’t think this one is even on the radar. In this day and age, evil can live anywhere…. truecrimeguys.com True Crime Magazine www.ohmygaia.com


They Call Him Dr. Satan….Seriously.

Imagine you’re a Jew in Nazi-occupied France in the early 1940’s. You get word of a Doctor who can save you and your family, by getting you out of the country for a “small fee”, but things aren’t always as they seem and instead of being the Jew’s Harriet Tubman, a man by the name of Marcel Petiot earned the nickname “Dr Satan”, as he led dozens of Jews to their death. Was Petoit working for the Germans? Or just another twisted mind of history who preyed on the weak and vulnerable, and...


The Richardson Family Murders

In 2006 a quiet Canadian town was shaken by the brutal murders of a quiet family. Police initially suspect a violent break in and the abduction of the Richardson’s twelve year old daughter. But as with many of our episodes, things aren’t always what they seem at first glance. Join us as we dive into a story of young love gone bad. What could go wrong when your pre-teen daughter starts dating a 23 year old dude that thinks he’s a 300 year old werewolf? . truecrimeguys.com Facebook


Eric Smith

In a small town of barely 800, you think you know everyone, you think you’re safe, but for a a young four year old boy, a five minute walk to camp on a dead end road proved to be deadly. The occurrence alone was enough to shock the little town, but the brutality of the crime as well as the unlikely suspect, made this one stand out on our list. . truecrimeguys.com Facebook Social Media: @TrueCrimeGuys [...]


Jose Vigoa “The Scarface of Sin City”

We’re back in Las Vegas this week, as we cover our own “Sin City Scarface”. Jose Vigoa was a Cuban born, Soviet trained badass that jumped a shrimp boat to America during the Mariel Boatlift in 1980. He then made his way to Las Vegas, where he became a drug kingpin, and years later took the Las Vegas strip by storm, by taking down some of the most prestigious casinos Sin City has to offer in the form of brazen armoured truck robberies, and broad day casino hiests. This was hands down one...


Paul John Knowles “The Casanova Killer”

Paul John Knowles, sounds like a movie star, right? Yea, he thought so too. During a four month long spree in 1974, Knowles killed 18 confirmed people and the total count is rumoured to be around 35! Nick-named the “Casanova Killer”, see how far Knowles was willing to go in the name of fame. . truecrimeguys.com Facebook Social Media: @TrueCrimeGuys



In the spirit of Halloween, Michael and I decided to release this Patreon Exclusive Episode on Slenderman. “Slenderman” is a fictional character with varying god-like abilities. First shared during an online photoshop contest, Slenderman has since taken on a life of its own, mainly on the internet. Who is Slenderman? and why would two twelve year old girls commit a despicable act of violence upon their classmate/friend to appease him? Be careful or you just might be one step closer to...


The Philadelphia Mob

For this episode we read a book called “Last Don Standing: The Secret Life of Mob Boss Ralph Natale”. We initially planned to focus on Ralph’s life, however this ended up being the full story of the Philly mob during the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. So grab a cheesesteak and check your backseat, cause this story is wild. Enjoy! . truecrimeguys.com


The Bloody Benders

The Benders were just your average family. Ok, they had a few quirks, like conning, killing, robbing, and not actually being related, but every family has their flaws, right? It’s our imperfections that make us unique or some shit. Anyway, grab the seat of honor, suspiciously located with your back to that sheet, and let’s explore the crazy, possibly too crazy life of The Bloody Benders. Hope you like it. . truecrimeguys.com Faceboo [...]


Bradford Bishop

On the surface William Bradford Bishop seemed to have it all. A degree from Yale, a beautiful family, and a job at the U.S. States Department. He could speak several different languages, and ski like a pro. Friends and co-workers knew Brad to be arrogant and even cold at times. But what he did on March 1st, 1976 came as a shock to everyone. The conspiracies surrounding Brad’s crimes and dissapearance know no boundaries. He has supposedly been spotted in Italy, Sweeden, and...


The IHOP Killers

Dee Casteel was, according to friends and family, the nicest person you’d ever meet. She was intelligent, polite,and a real people person. So what caused this hard working mother of three to orchestrate two heartless murders? Was it the alchohol? Was it for selfish gain? Or was it forbidden, far-fetched love, and the dire need to please her friend (and fantasized lover), James Allen Bryant? . truecrimeguys.com @TrueCrimeGuys Facebook


Ross Ulbricht and the Silk Road

Surely you’ve heard of The Silk Road, right? You know, that online market place for illegal drugs, firearms, and illegal services? No? What have you been doing? Living under a first gen iMac all-in-one!? In this episode we find out the true story behind Ross Ulbrecht, aka, “Dread Pirate Roberts”. Let’s get caught up in the dark web as we tackle the life and vision of the pioneer internet kingpin, who pushed back on “The War On Drugs” . truecrimeguys.com Facebook


Bonnie & Clyde: Part 2

The adventure continues! The dangerous duo are on the run, but the law is closing in. Several more exciting run-ins and a prison break would occur before the inevetable final shootout. . truecrimeguys.com Facebook Social Media: @TrueCrimeGuys Patreon.com/Tru [...]


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