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20: Episode 13: The Henry Brown Statement

This episode covers the statement made by Henry Brown. The reason we bring this up is because former Deputy Methola has talked about it over and over on the internet and to the state police. Methola report is different from what he is stating in the public forum and many people are referencing the report in documentaries, so we thought it was important to clear up any misinformation. This episode is brought to you by: promo code: vanished for a $30.00 discount....


19: Episode 12: JJ Aguayo - JJ Hampton

In this episode we discuss the differences between Paul Zeiler and JJ Aguayo's interviews with the Sheriff's office. We also get to hear a story about an incident where JJ took a girl to a place that Tara may have been too and an INFORMANT interview that collaborates the story. JJ Aguayo / JJ Hampton has a long history with police and has admitted to seeing Tara on the road on September 20th, 1988\. To put pressure on the politicians please call the District Attorney Lemuel Martinez at...


18: Episode 11: Paul Zeiler - Part 2

This episode is brought to you by: To sign up with Zola and receive a $50 credit towards your registry, go to This episode is a RECAP on Paul Zeiler's interview with Detective Willy Garley & Tony Scazzero in Episode 11 Part 1\. We also go into what his former wife said to authorities when interviewed. To put pressure on the politicians please call the District Attorney Lemuel Martinez at (505)861-0311 and ask him to make arrests in this case. You can also call the...


17: Episode 11: Paul Zeiler Part 1

This episode is brought to you by My listeners can sign up for free at In this episode we listen to Paul Zeiler's interview with Detective Willy Garley and Tony Scazzero of the Valencia County Sheriff's Department. The details of his interview differ from his friend JJ Aguayo and what he remembers from the accounts of the morning of September 20th, 1988\. If you are having a hard time hearing this interview you can move to the next episode Episode...


16: Episode 10: Timeline

Episode 10 is about the timeline of Tara's bike ride and disappearance. It includes a map of where she was and at what time, where items were found and where she disappeared. With my co-host Lindsay Olson we go over the letter, timeline and map that Patty Doel left behind and note important parts of Tara's ride. We also include two interviews. One was a friend to Lawrence Romero, Jr. and the other is Jack Cole, Tara's boyfriend at the time of her disappearance. If we focus on the victim and...


15: Episode 9: Ranchhand 1 & 2

Episode 9 covers witness statements from Ranchhand 1 and Ranchhand 2\. It clarify's the appearance of the four hunters and their story of when they pulled over to unload their guns that Tara was behind them. We also talk about three additional individuals who saw Tara that day. This completes all the witness statements, what they saw, and provides us with a time frame. To put pressure on the politicians please call the District Attorney Lemuel Martinez at (505)861-0311 and ask him to make...


14: Q&A Episode Hosted by Melinda Esquibel with Lindsay Olson and Special Guest Lisa Wooldridge

This Q&A Episode is Hosted by Melinda Esquibel with Lindsay Olson and special guest Lisa Wooldridge. Lisa is a licensed clinical psychotherapist and joins us in this episode to discuss why none of these reports should be discredited even though the Sheriff's office did not believe Barron Freeman story. We will be discussing the following episodes: The Four Hunters, Ishmael Delarosa Part, Barron Freeman and Witness One then answering questions from Facebook. To put pressure on the politicians...


13: Episode 8: Witness One

Witness One is the first person to come across Tara Calico riding her bike on September 20th while stopped at the stop sign on Rio Communities Blvd aka Highway 47\. Witness One was friends with Tara. They waved at each other as she passed by and she saw the truck following behind her. When she found out that Tara had gone missing she told her boyfriend that she saw Tara that morning. Deputies came to interview her and had her identify the two men she saw in the vehicle. This episode is...


12: Episode 7: Barron Freeman

Barron Freeman came across Tara Calico riding her bike on September 20th while driving south bound and then north bound on Highway 47. Once Barron realized what he saw that day he tried for the next ten years to tell his story to the police, unsuccessfully. His statement was finally taken on September 23, 2008. Twenty years and three days after her disappearance. #TaraCalico #TrueCrime #Crime #Podcast #Investigation #NewMexico #ValenciaCounty #Justice4TaraCalico Please follow us on Social...


11: Episode 6: Recap, Misunderstandings, Affiant

Disclosure: All individuals mentioned in this podcast and investigation are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This bonus episode is a round up of Ishmael Delarosa's statements, explains the confusion between Delarosa and Ray Flores and reveals the search warrant information on Jack Aguayo's property. What I think is interesting is that even though the photo appeared in Florida only two years prior that Anthony Ortega's administration was looking for the "Corpse of Tara Calico."...


10: Episode 5: Ishmael Delarosa - Part 2

Ishmael B. Delarosa came across Tara riding her bike on September 20th, 1988. This episode recounts Ishmael's statement to the Valencia County Sheriff's Office on August 23, 1991 almost three years after Tara's disappearance. Its a LONG episode and at times difficult to listen to. It recounts Ishmael's statement WORD FOR WORD. Every um, uh, stutter, repeat of sentences is in here. I didn't want to cut anything out because there are a lot of important details in this statement and I wanted to...


9: Episode 4: Ishmael Delarosa - Part 1

Ishmael B. Delarosa came across Tara riding her bike on September 20th, 1988. Until his death in 2010 Ishmael felt like something wasn't right with the investigation. He gave several detailed accounts over the years of what he saw on that fateful day. #TaraCalico #TrueCrime #Crime #Podcast #Investigation #NewMexico #ValenciaCounty Please follow us on Social Media on Twitter: @VanishedPodcast on FACEBOOK: @Vanished The Tara Calico Story and Instagram: @Justice4TaraCalico to keep up to date...


8: Episode 3: The Four Hunters

Episode three goes over the statements of the four hunters. On their way home from hunting in the Corona area they came across Tara riding her bike and an old truck following her. Their statements helped find several clues in this case. To follow us on Social Media you can find us on Twitter @VanishedPodcast on Facebook at: VANISHED: The Tara Calico Story and Instagram @Justice4TaraCalico. You can check out our websites at or #TaraCalico #Justice4TaraCalico


7: Prologue

The prologue sets the stage for a new direction. A different narrative than the one that was previously set by the discovery of the photo found in Florida. It tells a different type of story moving forward. This is the beginning. #TaraCalico #Justice4TaraCalico #VanishedPodcast


6: Q&A Episode Hosted by Melinda Esquibel with Lindsay Olson 08/31/17

Q&A episode that is focused on episodes leading up to the photo of the boy and teenage girl bound and gagged that was found in Port St. Joe, Florida. Hosted by Melinda Esquibel with Lindsay Olson. #TaraCalico #Justice4TaraCalico #FindTara #VANISHEDPodcast #VANISHED #VanishedTheTaraCalicoInvestigation #NewMexico #TrueCrimePodcast #TrueCrime #Podcast #AudioBoom #ApplePodcasts


5: From the Case File: The Los Alamos Evaluation

Review of the Los Alamos National Labs evaluation of the photo of the two kids found in Port St. Joe, Florida with your host, Melinda Esquibel and producer Lindsay Olson. Is the girl in the photo #TaraCalico? We'll let you decide.


4: Nancy Grace Teaser

On July 9th I was on Nancy Grace show which can now be heard on SeriusXM Radio Channel 132 on Friday, July 18th, 2017 at 12 noon EST. Here the teaser here.


3: Episode 2: Who are the two kids in this photo?

In July of 1989 "A Current Affair" ran a photo that had been circulating for about a month within law enforcement. Once the photo aired friends of Patty Doel called her in Belen, NM to tell her that Tara was on the TV and it was not good. Within days the kids had been identified as Tara Calico & Michael Henley.


2: Episode 1 : Vanished

#TaraCalico, a University of New Mexico student, disappeared on September 20, 1988 off of Hwy 47 outside of the Rio Communities area which was a suburb a little town called Belen. We hear from those closest to her on the events of that day.


1: Preview Episode

An investigative podcast that explores the unsolved disappearance of the University of New Mexico student, Tara Calico, a 29 year-old mystery that is hailed by Investigative Discovery Magazine as one of their top ten unsolved cases. Come along with host Melinda Esquibel, a former classmate to Tara Calico & a filmmaker turned amateur investigator, as we examine the old case files.


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