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Each week Tay and Kay bring you stories about the inexplicable phenomena in and out of this world. #SpoopNation

Each week Tay and Kay bring you stories about the inexplicable phenomena in and out of this world. #SpoopNation
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Each week Tay and Kay bring you stories about the inexplicable phenomena in and out of this world. #SpoopNation






Ep15: Haunted Places

As promised, we're back nearly on track with a new episode! This week Tay and Kay discuss some haunted locations from the comfort of Kay's bedroom. Unsolved mysteries this week include: Choking--sexy or spooky? Why are there monks in the bishops room? Where are the bishops? Why do dogs throw the best ragers? Find out with us! Or don't. Not that it's your choice or anything.


Ep14: Musical Mysteries

Sup fam we're back after a long and much needed respite here to remind you all to take care of yourselves! But we're back for good (knock on wood) and we will be going back to our regularly scheduled program. Enjoy this long episode we made in honor of Tay's birthday which is now months ago oops... Also, the audio got really wonky at a few points, but it's been so long since we've given you all anything that we worked through it the best we could. So with that, unsolved mysteries this week...


Friendly Ghosts 2: The Deep Web with Faith

Join Tay, Kay, and special guest Faith (@mizukokichi) for some creepy tales of the mysterious realm known as the deep web.


Ep13: Lore and Missing Persons: Valentines Edition

Hello #SpoopNation, thanks for being patient with us as we've been working out some personal kinks life has thrown at us. It may be the end of February, but here's an episode we recorded in the spirit of this "lovely" month -.- We will be releasing a bonus episode within the next few days and then we will return to our regularly scheduled weekly Monday releases next week! There's a topic for everyone with this episode. First, Tay explains the history of Valentine's Day and then dives into...


Ep12: Missing Persons

Welcome to our (sort of) second installment in missing persons cases! These are real weird this week, folks.


Ep11: Spontaneous Human Combustion

Watch out, this episode is on fire! With inspiration ignited by Tim (instagram @littleowl444), Tay and Kay spark another medical mysteries discussion with this hot topic. This week's unsolved Hall of Flame: Was the concept of SHC kindled by Fart Fatality? Should you keep your oxygen mask on when getting lit in bed? Does one have an excuse to get their emotions all flared up when an ember gets all torchy-feely with their clothes? Speaking of which, what does burning human flesh smell like,...


Ep10: Exorcisms

We're getting spooky again, folks! Beware, this is a dark one, but Tay and Kay did their best to make the exorcisms episode as wholesome as possible. What could possibly be unsolved this week? How about these burning questions: What does the cat say? How the heck could Tay and Kay possibly have made this episode wholesome? Can you really just hop right out of depression? God, we wish. But the answers are limitless, people, and we only shout into the void for an hour or so each week, so...


Ep9: Mass Hysteria

Welcome to our first of what we hope to be many medical mysteries episode! This week, Tay and Kay get hysterical with these crazy historical cases of mass hysteria. Still unsolved: hysterical/historical: coincidental similar spellings? (I am just now noticing this...) How good is the devil in bed? Can anyone find us a time machine to travel back to 16th century Europe? We just wanna check out the rave scene. And maybe try to solve all this craziness. Or not. After all, solving stuff is not...


Ep8: Superstitions

Hey, #SpoopNation! This week we tone down the eerie factor just a bit and discuss some origins and nature of a few superstitions. Our burning unsolved takeaways: Why is Tay's cat such a spoiled idiot? Does Peter Pan's brother Peter Pants exist? Did the amount of times Tay and Kay said "M*cbeth" effect Tay's audio quality or is that just a superstition? (Sorry about that...)


Ep7: Locked Room Murders

Welcome to our third true crime installment in which we discuss the popular crime genre of locked room mysteries, also called "perfect murders." These are some weird, creepy cases, folks! Unsolved questions from this week: Will hosts Tay and Kay succeed at their New Years resolutions? Just how much can Kay love water? Why does Tay's cat have the cutest little meow? Some questions just don't need answering! Stay spooky, #SpoopNation


Ep6: Friendly Ghosts with Sydney

Special guest Sydney (Instagram @sydsgonebatty) joins Tay and Kay to discuss personal ghost stories with a large Stanley Hotel feature. If you enjoy this episode, let us know because we want to do more "friendly ghost" episodes in the future. Unsolved mysteries this time around include: When are we going up north to the shed? Why do old houses have so many spoons? Do ghosts listen to Justin Bieber and actually enjoy it? Why is Kay so adorable when drunk? The world may never know. Stay...


Ep5: Haunted Artifacts

It's gettin' spoopy, folks! Welcome to the first ghosty episode of WNSA, where Tay and Kay chat about possessed objects. Mysteries this week: Why are burritos so difficult? Has Kay's cardigan been the cause of all their recent nightmares? What are the two types of "funsies"? Spoiler alert: We have no idea! #SpoopNation


Ep4: Disappearances

This week, get lost in the sound of our voices as we kidnap you for an hour to talk about some mysterious disappearances. #SpoopNation


Ep3: Close Encounters

This week, Tay and Kay bring you some tales of alien abductions! Some unsolved topics this episode include: How big is a football field actually? Who created the Hynek Scale? Do babies get nose implants? Have Tay and Kay actually been Grays this whole time? Tune in to find out... or not. There's no way to know, after all. #SpoopNation


Ep2: Cryptids

Well folks, we messed up the first time so here's a second take on our cryptids episode brought to you with better audio and even more unsolved mysteries including: What's the best way to flex on your ex? Where does all of the wendigo's food go? Why do cryptids smell so bad? Why do white people love supernatural shit? Fail to learn all of this and more with Tay and Kay. #SpoopNation


Ep1: Serial Murders

Welcome to our first episode, where Tay and Kay discuss unsolved cases of serial murder. First Tay tells about some crazy happenings in Belgium, and then Kay gives their take on a serial killer classic. Thanks for tuning in! #SpoopNation