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A True Crime podcast about the 1978 murder of 19-year-old Theresa Allore in the Quebec Eastern Townships, and 20 other unsolved cold cases from the region from 1974 - 1981

A True Crime podcast about the 1978 murder of 19-year-old Theresa Allore in the Quebec Eastern Townships, and 20 other unsolved cold cases from the region from 1974 - 1981
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A True Crime podcast about the 1978 murder of 19-year-old Theresa Allore in the Quebec Eastern Townships, and 20 other unsolved cold cases from the region from 1974 - 1981






The Weight Of Memory / WKT2 #24

For more information please visit the website: www.theresaallore.com


All The Devils Are Here - Guylaine Potvin / WKT2 #23

A summary of the April 2000 unsolved murder of Guylaine Potvin in Jonquière, Quebec. We also hear from the second victim in the case, the attacked student from Sainte-Foy in July 2000. For more information visit the website: http://theresaallore.com/2018/09/all-the-devils-are-here-guylaine-potvin-wkt2-23/


"The Monster of Levis" Guy Field / WKT2 #22

Sherbrooke Record, Friday November 3rd, 1978: "The killer of a seven year old was sentenced to 25 years in prison without parole Thursday by a judge who described his crime as one of the most repugnant and savage in the memory of man. Superior Court Justice Jean Bienvenue warned 44-year-old Guy Field, found guilty in the Dec 28. 1977 slaying of Brigitte Roberge in nearby Levis, he may never be granted freedom." For more information please visit the...


Who Killed Allore Lumber? / Canadian Timber Trilogy Part III

The final part of Canadian Timber Trilogy, focusing on the death of The Allore Lumber Company, which rose out of the ashes of The Gilmour Lumber Company. Includes an interview with my cousin, Paul Allore, who witnessed the downfall of the business. For more information (and there are lots of visuals for this episode) please visit the website: http://theresaallore.com/2018/07/who-killed-allore-lumber-canadian-timber-trilogy-part-iii/


Who Killed Tom Thomson? / Canadian Timber Trilogy Part II

Tom Thomson was a Canadian artist of the early 20th century. Thomson died in 1917. Despite a short career his work has been very influential in Canadian art. The tragic circumstances of his death at Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park, Ontario have lead many to speculate that Thomson was murdered. The Myth and mystery of Tom Thomson continues to this day.


Who Killed Gilmour Lumber? / Canadian Timber Trilogy Part I

The story of the Canadian lumber barons, a foundational Canadian painter, and a hundred year old murder mystery. (There's a wonderful Freudian slip at 28:20 that I refuse to edit.) For more information please visit the website: http://theresaallore.com/2018/06/who-killed-gilmour-lumber-canadian-timber-trilogy-part-i/


Longueuil, Nathalie Boucher, and the Warder of the Brain: WKT2 #18

The morning of June 5th, 1985 Nathalie's body was discovered in the bushes near rue Saint-Charles and Taschereau, 800 feet from her home. From her 4th floor apartment window Nathalie's mother could watch the police process the crime scene. http://theresaallore.com/2018/05/longueuil-nathalie-boucher-and-the-warder-of-the-brain/


Amazing Journey: Diane Dery and Mario Corbeil - May 20, 1975 - WKT2 #17

"It was a Tuesday, a beautiful day. Mario's parents gave him a small motocylette as a present. Mario spent many hours enjoying it, giving rides to his family and friends. The last ride was reserved for a petite ami, Diane Dery. The families would never see them alive again. The next day, Wednesday, May 21st 1975, the bodies were discovered in a field near the Saint Hubert airport. Mario had been beaten, then shot six times with a 22 caliber pistol. Diane had been shot once in the head with...


The Nathalie Bergeron Interview - WKT2 #16

Nathalie Bergeron is the sister of Marilyn Bergeron. Marilyn has been missing since February 2008 when she was last spotted at an ATM by a surveillance camera in Loretteville, Quebec.On this day - Sunday, April 29th, 2018 - we spent the morning talking to Nathalie as her family prepared for a walk in Marilyn's honor which was held that afternoon in Quebec City. For more information please visit the website: http://theresaallore.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=6716&action=edit


Intro to Loco Part III / Debbie Buck / WKT2 #15

The 1976 murder of Debbie Buck. Updates on the cases of Katherine Hawkes and Jocelyne Houle. For more information please visit the website: http://theresaallore.com/2018/04/intro-to-loco-part-iii-debbie-buck-wkt2-15/


Intro to Loco Part II / Diane Thibeault / WKT2 #14

The murder of Diane Thibault, for which the Montreal police received a full confession from Edmond Turcotte. Turcotte later retracted his confession. Diane Thibeault, 25, was found dead in am empty lot at St. Dominique and Dorchester. It was initially unclear where or when she was killed but detectives deduced that the killer returned at about 4 a.m. to set her body on fire. Thibeault was a single mother on welfare who originally came from St. Jerome and had a two-year-old son Stephane. She...


Intro to Loco Part I / Carole Dupont / WKT2 #13

On April 13th, 1974, Carole Dupont's body was discovered behind the Foyer Drapeau, a retirement home located at 100 Chanoine-Lionel-Groulx Street in Sainte-Thérèse. Carole Dupont was last seen with three people on December 22th, 1973, leaving the Hotel Blainville in the same municipality. For more information please visit the website: http://theresaallore.com/2018/04/intro-to-loco-part-i-carole-dupont-wkt2-13/


The Lattice of Coincidence - WKT2 #12

Updates on the cases of Denise Bazinet, Melanie Cabay, and Manon Dube. My odyssey through the Canadian Federal Funhouse. Sasha Reid becomes an associate. For more information visit the website: www.theresaallore.com


I sowed in them blind hopes - The Disappearances of Julie Surprenant and Jolene Riendeau WKT2 / #11

The disappearances of Julie Surprenant and Jolene Riendeau. For more information visit the website: http://theresaallore.com/2018/03/i-sowed-in-them-blind-hopes-the-disappearances-of-julie-surprenant-and-jolene-riendeau-11/


The Sasha Reid Interview - WKT2 #10

Sasha Reid is a PhD candidate in Applied Psychology and Human Development at the University of Toronto, AND has spent 11 years studying serial homicide. Last summer Sasha contacted the Toronto police with a basic profile of the man she suspected was stalking the city's LGBTQ community. Early this year police charged Bruce McArther with six murders. The investigation into McArthur, a 66-year-old landscaper, has revealed that police found remains of at least six people at homes on Mallory...


Beasts of the Forest - Joleil Campeau WKT2 #9

On June 12, 1995 Joleil Campeau told her mom she was headed to a friend's house nearby her home on Debussy St., in the North-West area of Laval. It was late afternoon, a Monday, The 9-year-old girl's regular path to her friend’s house involved crossing through a wooded area behind her home. Her body was discovered four days later, submerged in a creek in the wooded area. Whoever killed her had masturbated on her. A coroner determined she died of asphyxiation caused by drowning and declared...


Marie-Chantale Desjardins - WKT2 #8

The 1994 cold-case of Marie-Chantale Desjardins. A follow up on the American serial killer William Dean Christensen and his alleged Canadian victims Murielle Guay and Sylvie Trudel. The tragedy of Tina Fontaine. For more information please visit the website: http://theresaallore.com/2018/02/marie-chantale-desjardins-wkt2-8/


Information = Insight WKT2 #7

A recap of the Melanie Cabay case. The dangerous offender Claude Larouche. Stephane Luce's cold-case notices on transport trucks. Criminologist candidate Sasha Reid, and the case of alleged Toronto serial killer Bruce McArther. For more information visit the website: http://theresaallore.com/2018/02/information-insight-wkt2-7/


Bad Dream House - Live WKT2 #6

A live performance of Bad Dream House recorded February 10th, 2018 at Sonorous Road Theater in Raleigh, North Carolina. Please visit the website: www.theresaallore.com "Home Brew: John Allore When: Sat., Feb. 10, 7:30 p.m. 2018 You might know John Allore from any number of roles: as an actor in Honest Pint Theatre's The Night Alive, Burning Coal's Blue Sky, or PlayMakers Rep's An Enemy of the People; as the former managing director of Deep Dish Theater Company; or as the podcaster behind Who...


Detritus - Melanie Cabay / WKT2 #5

The 1994 abduction and murder of 19 year old Melanie Cabay. Detritus... Remains... Debris... STARSTUFF... For more information visit the website http://theresaallore.com/2018/01/detritus-melanie-cabay-wkt2-5/