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Black Dahlia: Elizabeth Short

Elizabeth Short moved to California during the Golden Age of Hollywood to be an actress. Instead, she would become the victim of a horrible and grusome crime. This crime would eventually erase her name and leave her only as “The Black Dahlia”. Use code YOURSINMURDER15 for 15% off at our sponsor Sudio.com.


Michael Silka

One day in May of 1984, a tiny town in Alaska would be changed forever. On that day, 7 residents would be killed by an outsider, almost a tenth of the towns population. Who was this stranger from Chicago and why would he choose here? Promo for Trace Evidence Use code YOURSINMURDER15 at our sponsor sudio.com to save 15 percent on headphones.


The Trial and Murder of Leo Frank

In the early 20th century in Georgia, a young girl was found murdered. Suspicion immediately fell upon the owner of the factory she worked at for one reason… he was Jewish. What followed was a miscarriage of the legal system and a case of mob mentality. TRIGGER WARNING: Murder and possible sexual assault of a child. Discussion of Racism. Use our code YOURSINMURDER15 for 15% off at our sponsor Sudio.


The Fast Food Killer

In honor of Crimecon, we present a case from Nashville! The fast food killer would rob and murder workers at local fast food joints, but he originally moved to town to be a country music star. Use code YOURSINMURDER15 at our sponsor sudio.com for 15% off.


Our Spirit Cannot Die: Unsolved Murders at Illinois State

This week, we travel to Illinois State University, Rachel’s Alma Mater. We take our title from the words of the old fight song to say “Our Spirit Cannot Die”. However, there are still two unsolved murders at this midwestern state school. In 1975, Carol Rofstad died of head injuries after being attacked outside of her sorority house. This case is the oldest unsolved case in the Illinois State Police database. In 1993, Jennifer Lockmiller was found stabbed and strangled in her apartment. Her...


SPECIAL REPORT: Golden State Killer (EAR/ONS)

Special Report on the capture of the Golden State Killer


“Reefer Madness” and Richard Kirk

For 4/20, we bring you the history of America’s battle with the morality of pot and the ax murder that lead to it being banned. We even discuss how the history of Marijuana was racially biased (and we don’t even get to the war on drugs). Then, we bring you the story of Richard Kirk, a man who killed his wife and tried to claim it was the THC candy that made him do it. Thanks to our sponsor: VPN.com and the #deletefacebook movement. To learn more about how to delete your Facebook or to...


Charles Walton

Happy Friday the 13th! We are bringing you an unsolved murder from England this week. The death of Charles Walton was never solved, but was rumored to be witchcraft.


The Greatest Conman

Whooooaaaaaaaaaoohhhh Ladies and Gents this is the moment you’ve waited for…. PT Barnum and other men made money off the scams and hoaxes they protrayed. What makes these conmen different from each other? Which cons are legal? Hear about a few other conmen … and then the side of Barnum that Greatest Showman didn’t tell you about.


RISE UP! (Marsha P. Johnson and Sophie Scholl)

For the finale of Women’s History Month, we bring you “Women of the Resistance”. We are a little more political than usual, just to warn ya. We broadly define resistance as those standing for what is right against those who oppose them up to and including the law. First, Rebecca covers the life and death of Marsha P. Johnson, a transwoman who helped spur the gay rights movement. Rachel then depresses us all with the story of Sophie Scholl and the White Rose Movement against the...


Black Widows

Continuing with Women’s History Month, we cover the most famous type of female killers, Black Widows. Broadly, Black Widows are women who kill their husbands. However, we also talk about… the Marvel Hero, spiders, praying mantises… weird sexual practices in animals… and get to the point. Stacey Castor, Evelyn Dick, and the Black Widow of Kyoto. Researched and Presented by Rachel and Rebecca Hettrick Produced by Rachel Hettrick Edited by Lisa Hettrick


Ireland’s Vanishing Triangle

It’s St. Patrick’s Day at Yours in Murder so your hosts return to the motherland. (We are pretty Irish…) In the 1990’s, eight women vanished without a trace in Ireland, within an area later called the “Vanishing Triangle”. Thanks to Dara Mahon from the Trail Went Cold Discussion Group for the topic. Promo for “How I met my Murder” Written and hosted by Rachel and Rebecca Hettrick. Produced by Rachel Hettrick. Edited by Lisa Hettrick Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.


Manipulation (Credonia Mwerinde & Gypsy Rose Blancharde)

Our second women’s history month episode covers the idea of manipulation. Rachel dives into the life of Credonia and the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God. After that, Rebecca tackles Munchausen’s by Proxy and the case of Gypsy Rose Blancharde. Written and hosted by Rachel and Rebecca Hettrick Produced by Rachel Hettrick Edited by Lisa Hettrick For more information and sources (usually posted a few days after an episode), go to yoursinmurder.net


Political Women (Corday/Fromme &Moore)

For Women’s History Month, we will be covering cases committed by women. We each take a case the other may know nothing about and report on it. First up, political assassinations by women. First, we cover Charlotte Corday and the assassination of Marat (And Rebecca recites the history of the French Revolution). Then, Squeaky Fromme and Sarah Jane Moore’s attempts on President Ford in what Rachel calls “Manson Family part 4 (And Rachel sings Sondheim.) Written and hosted by Rachel and...


Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy

In April of 1865, the president was shot by an actor. That’s the history we are taught. However, there was so much more to the plot than just that. Visit our sponsor: Sudio! https://goo.gl/tS4gFw Hosted by Rachel and Rebecca Hettrick. Edited by Lisa Hettrick. Written by Rebecca Hettrick. Produced by Rachel Hettrick. Additional commentary by Jason as he made coffee and heard us talking.


Boy in the Box and the Missing Children of Philly (Girl in the Box/Boy in the bag)

In late February 1957 a hunter checking his traps made a gruesome discovery. There was the body of a little boy in a box in a deserted area. We discuss our first “Doe” cases with the boy in the box, the girl in the box and the boy in the bag. All found near Philly.


Lane Bryant Shooting - Ten Years Later

Just over ten years ago, in early February of 2008, a gunman ended the lives of 5 women in a Lane Bryant store in the Chicago suburbs. A 6th survived. Ten years later, the suspect still hasn’t been caught. The cover image from this episode is the new, 3D sketch of the suspect. If you know anything, call the tip hotline at (708) 444-5394 or email lanebryant.tipline@tinleypark.org. Thank you to Nina from Already Gone for allowing us to consult her take on this case and her help.


Manson Family - The Trial (Pt. 3)

After the murders, the story still isn’t over. The craziest trial in US history is about to begin for the Manson Family. We are considering bracelets as MERCH! Please go to our facebook to let us know if you are interested. Please support our sponsor SUDIO and get 15% off with code YOURSINMURDER! or click: https://goo.gl/tS4gFw


Manson Family Pt. 2 - The murders

We pick up with the Manson Murders.


Manson Family - The beginning (Pt. 1)

Part of our series on the Manson Family. Who was Charles Manson? How did he become a cult leader? What was happening in the world at the time? Come to think of it, how does a cult work? We explore Charles Manson’s early life and the world that contributed to the rise of “The Family” Part 1 of ?


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