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True Crime

A true crime podcast. Chris and Christian discuss cases throughout history focussing on specific topics that interest them within each case.


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True Crime


A true crime podcast. Chris and Christian discuss cases throughout history focussing on specific topics that interest them within each case.






Episode 27 - Crimes in Politics

Steering away from the obvious cases, Chris & Christian delve into the the world of politics and serve us some true crime tapas! Serving you short tales of true crime from within the political world.


Episode 26 - Johann Unterweger

Chris & Christian delve into the case of Jack the Writer, the Vienna Stranger, Johann Unterweger!


Episode 25 - Killer Kids

In Episode 25, Chris & Christian discuss criminal kids! From patricidal douchebags to song inspiring snipers - welcome to the new selection of true crime tapas - Crappy Meals!


Episode 24 - The Murder of William Taylor

In Episode 24 Chris & Christian discuss the tragic death of William Taylor, as well as discussing corn on the cob and Baileys.


Episode 23 - Crimes In Hollywood

Chris & Christian bring you the next round of True Crime tapas, with small delectable morsels which make episode 22 - Crimes in Hollywood!


Episode 22 - Serhiy Tkatch

Chris & Christian are back, this time talking about Serhiy Tkach, the Pologovsky Maniac! Further Resources: Inside the Worlds Toughest Prisons Innocent Man spends 7 years in prison Tkach is Dead!His mental wife


Episode 21 - Crimes in Wrestling

Sit back, relax and get your Echo On, as Chris, Christian and their special guest Alex, discuss Crimes in Wrestling! Further Resources: Booker T MugshotScott Hall at the Comedy RoastRazor Ramon vs Shawn Michaels Ladder Match Buck Zumhofe Mugshot La Dama del Silencio standing weirdlyonetwo three


Episode 20 - Jack The Ripper

Sit down, relax and get your Echo On! Chris and Christian talk about the most famous serial killer of all time - Jack the Ripper! What do they bring to the discussion? Beer and their special guest, Alex! Further Resources Jacob Rees Mogg Hitler Reincarnated as Nancy Salzman The Shawl theory The Sickert theory


Episode 19 - Miscarriages of Justice

Chris and Christian discuss a few cases of crime which include miscarriages of justice! Sit back, relax, and get your Echo On!


Episode 18 - NXIVM

Chris and Christian talk about the awful Keith Raniere and his cult of the brainless - NXIVM! Further Resources:


Episode 17 - True Crime Tapas - Mini Stories 2

Chris and Christian return for anther round of True Crime Tapas, to tell each other some shocking, funny and downright bizarre true crime stories - all of which are too short to dedicate a whole episode to. Further Reading: Issae Sagawa crime scene photos (NSFW) The two Mary Morris' UPDATE ON ONE STORY WE COVERED Manslaughter Charge Dropped!


Episode 16 - Joanne Dennehy

Chris and Christian discuss the Peterborough Ditch Murderer - the awful, awful Joanne Dennehy. Resources Judges sentancing remarks Picture of Dennehy with a knife Picture of Dennehy thinking she's sexy Picture of Stretch thinking he's sexy Picture of the Murder weaponVideo of Dennehy in custodyVideo of Dennehy at Petrol Station with Mark Lloyd Further Reading Still Trying to snare men from prison The daughter speaks Dennehy threatens Rose West Stuff we forgot to mention! Joanne Dennehy slashes her own throat!


Episode 15 - Statistics

In this 15th episode, Chris and Christian look at true crime statistics from around the world, and try to not bore you with facts and figures! Further resources:


Episode 14 - Ripper Crew

Episode 14 - Chris and Christian discuss the truly disgusting case of the Chicago Ripper Crew. Honestly, we were shocked at how much we were shocked! Further resources:


Episode 13 - Crimes in Music

In Episode 13, Chris and Christian looks at many cases of criminality amongst famous musicians, from the laughable to the horrific! Further resources: google it. CORRECTION – In this episode, we erroneously state that Ian Watkins was sentenced to 60 years without possibility of parole. In fact, he was sentenced to 39 years and is eligible to parole after serving 2/3rds of his sentence.


Episode 12 - Peter Sutcliffe

In Episode 12, Chris and Christian delve into the case of the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe. Further Reading: The Yorkshire Ripper: The In-depth Study of a Mass Killer and his Methods Wicked Beyond Belief: The Hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper (Text Only) Resources PhotofitsAttacks on Peter SutcliffePeter Sutcliffe’s ConfessionConfession Evidence


Episode 11 - Recommendations

Chris and Christian recommend things! This episode we are recommending true crime films and documentaries! From serial killers to cults to con men… From enjoyable and hilarious to downright terrifying and mentally scarring.


Episode 10 - Ed Gein

Chris and Christian discuss The Butcher of Plainsfield, Ed Gein, and wonder if his nipple belt got hard during the colder days. Further Reading Deviant: True Story of Ed Gein, The Original Psycho The Ed Gein File: A Psycho's Confession and Case DocumentsEdward Gein: America's Most Bizarre Murderer Other Podcasts Episode 172: Ed Gein Part I - OddballEpisode 18 – Ed Gein The Mad Butcher of PlainsfieldEpisode 49 – Ed Gein Episode 206 – Ed Gein Crime Scene Photos – GRAPHIC! Theme tune band - TEXTAL


Episode 9 - Dera Sacha Sauda

Chris and Christian delve into the Dera Sacha Sauda leader - The Messenger of God, The Godman, The Scatman, The Guru of Bling, The Love Charger, Emperor of Melodies, The Superb Medic, The Rapist, The Murderer…Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. Dera Sacha Sauda and Gurmeet Ram Rahim: A Decade-long Investigation - Anurag Tripathi The Rise and Fall of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh: Dera Sacha Sauda Spiritual Leader - Ronald Osborne Economic Times - Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim held guilty of murdering journalist Dera Sacha Sauda – Official WebsiteLove Charger – Gurmeet Ram Rahim SinghNever Ever – Gurmeet Ram Rahim SinghMSG 2 : The Messenger - TrailerMSG 3 : The Warrior - TrailerJattu Engineer - Trailer


Episode 8 - Mini Stories - Part 1

Chris and Christian tell each other some shocking, funny and downright bizarre true crime stories - all of which are too short to dedicate a whole episode to. TRUE CRIME TAPAS! Further Reading: The Crime Book - Big Ideas Simply ExplainedHistory Answers - The Mystery of Whipping TomHuffpost - Christmas Choking in MarchBlanche Monnier after being foundThe Telegraph - Vodka PipelineRipleys Believe it or Not - Carl TanzlerImage of the Skin SuitLoeyLane - The Chilling Case of Karazyna Zowada (video)