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True crime cases judged by two sarcastic women over coffee.






Season 4, Episode 13: Murder on the Viking Sally

The cruise ferry “Viking Sally” has more dark history than some empires. In 1994, the cruise liner M/S Estonia sank, taking hundreds of lives with it to the bottom of the Baltic Sea. What most people don’t know is that seven years before it’s sinking, the same ship (then known as Viking Sally) was the scene of the unsolved murder of Klaus Schlekle and attempted murder of Bettina Taxis who were on an overnight ferry trip from Sweden to Finland. Grab tickets to our LIVE Show here:...


Season 4, Episode 12: The Full Picture Linda Slaten Never Saw

For Years a Boy Hung a Picture on His Wall Not Realizing it was of his Mother's Killer On September 3, 1981, Linda Slaten lived with her sons, 15-year-old Jeff and 12-year-old Tim in Lakeland FL. On that day, Tim went to football practice before heading to a party next door. By the next morning, Linda would be dead. It would take 41 years to name the killer that haunted the boys for years...and it was the person they least...


Season 4, Episode 11: BONUS The Ice Cream Killer

Here's your Judgy Shorty: Have you been hearing that ice cream shops are now open? Us too! Except this shop in particular is thankfully closed. This cold-blooded Austrian murderess had more than just ice cream in her freezer and is now housed in an all-male insane asylum, much too dangerous to be housed among females. Thanks for Listening! #justchillinwiththegirls #JCG Source: https://medium.com/@thewickedtruth/the-ice-cream-killer-a5b76afe61ff Support the showThanks for listening!...


Season 4, Episode 10: Tuba Sezer-The Greed Killer

Hey everyone, it's a Judgy Shorty, a short episode, but with all the sass! Tuba Sezer killed three people between April and May 2016 in Düsseldorf and Giessen, Germany . Tuba had money problems and killed out of greed and desperation. She was already under suspicion for the murder of 79 year old Erich "Riconelly" Noll, when she killed 86 year old Jole G. and her daughter, 53 year old Sylvia F. Thank you for listening! Get tickets to the LIVE Show here:...


Season 4, Episode 9: Unsolved: The Disco Murders

It's our 100th episode, ya'll!!! Today's case is near and dear to Claudia's heart and "what got her into true crime" and obsessed with unsolved cases. A series of 7 girls disappeared without a trace from her hometown of Bremerhaven, Germany and surrounding towns between 1977-1986 after going to or coming from the Discotheque. To this day the disappearances of Anja Beggers, Anke Schreckenbach, Christina Bohle, Anja Kielmann, Jutta Schneefuss, Andrea Martens and Irene Warnke remain unsolved....


Season 4, Episode 8: The Double Life of Chuck Morgan

In 1977 Chuck Morgan was was happily married, had 2 beautiful daughters, and was the president of his own escrow agency in AZ. But his perfect life would come to an end in one of the most bizarre and unusual unsolved cases we have ever heard of. From undercover agents to secret messages, you won't want to miss any details. Thanks for listening! Come to our LIVE Show! Grab your tickets...


Season 4, Episode 7: Manfred Seel- Husband, Father, Jazz Music Lover and...Serial Killer?!

Imagine your father dies and you have to clean out the house, including a garage that he rented and you find several body parts in two blue plastic barrels. But your dad couldn't have done this, because he was a great father and he was always so helpful to everyone around him....this happened to the daughter of Manfred Seel, who was a suspected serial killer in Germany. He is believed to have committed five to nine murders in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area between 1971 and 2004. Grab tickets...


Season 4, Episode 6: Unsolved: The Disappearance of Maura Murray

Today it has been 19 years since Maura Murray disappeared on the evening of February 9, 2004, after a car crash on Route 112 near New Hampshire. She was a 21-year-old nursing student completing her junior year at the University of Massachusetts Amherst at the time of her disappearanceֹ. This case is so bizarre! Thanks for listening! Join us on April 1st for our LIVE...


Season 4, Episode 5: Unsolved: The Murder of Tristan Brübach

Listeners discretion is advised! Please know that much of the information about this case is disturbing. Child murder, dismemberment and potential cannibalism show up in telling Tristan's story. On March 26th, 1998, 13 year-old Tristan Brübach went to school (in the Höchst district of Frankfurt). It was the day before Easter break and he had tried to get out of going to school, telling his father he needed to see a doctor, because his back hurt, but his father sent him to school anyway. He...


Season 4, Episode 4: Valentines Day Massacre

Have you ever wondered how Forensic Ballistics came about? This case, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, is where it all began. In the 1920's, a slew of Chicago gangsters disguised themselves as police for a shoot out. Eyewitnesses saw them leaving the scene and the public demanded answers. It took heavy convincing to bring in the brand a new forensic analyst from New York, but they managed to do it with the promise of financing his own personal laboratory with a condition that Chicago Police...


Season 4, Episode 3: Mandy Stavik

November 1989: College freshman, Mandy Stavik, went home to spend time with her family for Thanksgiving. Three days later she was found brutally murdered in the Nooksack River. Although Investigators worked hard to find Mandy's killer, the case went cold for nearly 30 years. Find out how a bakery manager and a can of coke would finally bring Mandy's murderer to justice. SOURCES: https://www.chillingcrimes.com/blogs/news/mandy-stavik...


Season 4, Episode 2: Dr Death Part 2

Part two of Dr. Death, Christopher Dunstch incudes how he gets caught, his conviction, and the controversy involving this case. Thanks for listening! Support the showThanks for listening! Follow us on Instagram or find us on Facebook.


Season 4, Episode 1: Dr. Death Part 1

Christopher Duntsch decided he wanted to become a doctor. But not just any doctor - a neurosurgeon, operating on injured backs and necks. Chris earned his undergraduate degree in 1995 and was among the top 12 percent of graduates in his class. Unfortunately, Chris began using his patient's vulnerability to his evil advantage. His favorite recurring statement; that each surgery was a complete success. https://ko-fi.com/judgycrimegirls Thanks for...


Season 3, Episode 30: The Killer in the Rain

78 years ago, fast growing Fort Wayne, Indiana was paralyzed when young women started turning up murdered, all thought to be victims of a Killer in the rain. No one was above suspicion in a string of violent deaths of local women in the 1940s....Crimes that would baffle authorities for years. SOURCES: http://egen.fortwayne.com/ns/projects/history/rhist10.php Support the showThanks for listening! Follow us on Instagram or find us on Facebook.


Season 3, Episode 29: Sharon "Sarah" McCully and Lauren McCarty

Austin, Texas: On December 10th, 1984 Sharon "Sarah" McCully dropped her husband, John, off at work after picking him up for lunch. Sarah was off that day and said she wanted to do some early Christmas shopping and she'll see John later at home. When John got home, Sarah was not there. Two days later they found her car abandoned in an apartment complex parking lot, but no sign of Sarah... Then exactly one week later, practically the same time, Lauren MCarty disappeared, but was found five...


Season 3, Episode 28: Melanie McGuire- The Suitcase Killer

Three suitcases washed ashore along the Chesapeake Bay in May 2004, each suitcase contained different body parts of a man. The man was identified as ex-Navy William "Bill" McGuire. Police quickly followed the bloody trail of evidence to Melanie McGuire, Bill's wife. Bill and his wife Melanie, a registered nurse, just closed on their dream home, but they would never move in to that house. You see, Melanie had been involved in a long term affair with a married doctor at the fertility clinic...


Season 3, Episode 27: The Osborne Family Murder

Claudia is talking about the horrific murders of the Osborne Family and it happened right here in Fort Wayne, IN...literally in our backyard. When Daniel Osborne didn't show up up for work at the local paper, the News Sentinel in September 1983, a coworker decided to go check on him. When he arrived he saw both, Daniel and his wife Jane's cars in the driveway. When no one answered the door he peeked through a window and saw Jane on the floor and immediately called the police. When Police...


S 3, E 26: Tylenol Murders Part 2

Find out who the mysterious man was that the police were searching for, what was his past, and what linked him to the crime! We recommend that you listen to Part 1 first. Thank you for listening! Sources: https://medium.com/truly-adventurous/poison-pill-d98f366522a7 Support the showThanks for listening! Follow us on Instagram or find us on Facebook.


S3, E25 Tylenol Murders Part 1

In 1982, healthy people were dying with absolutely no symptoms. Waves of panic spread across the nation as it became known over the counter medication had been tampered with. This unsolved case sent chills up my spine! Stay tuned for part 2 next week! Sources: https://medium.com/truly-adventurous/poison-pill-d98f366522a7 Smells Like Humans Like listening to funny friends discuss curious human behavior. Listen on: Apple Podcasts Spotify Support the showThanks for listening! Follow us on...


Season 3, Episode 24: Brittani Marcell

In September 2008, 17 year old Brittani Marcell was brutally attacked in her home. Brittani’s mom came home to find a man standing over Brittani holding a shovel and her daughter was horribly beaten. The man was able to escape through a window, however, he cut himself on the broken window glass and left behind one tiny drop of blood. Due to the severity of the attack, Brittani lost all memory of the horrific events that day. The case went cold for years, until Brittani underwent Hypnotherapy...