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Erin Burnet OutFront: Out in the field. In front of the headlines. A courageous and unconventional nightly news program.

Erin Burnet OutFront: Out in the field. In front of the headlines. A courageous and unconventional nightly news program.


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Erin Burnet OutFront: Out in the field. In front of the headlines. A courageous and unconventional nightly news program.






McCarthy Says "I Don't Think Anybody Is Questioning Legitimacy Of The Presidency"

McCarthy says with a straight face "I don't think anybody is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election; Cheney speaks out after leadership ouster: I intend to be a leader in "A fight to help to restore our party"; Trump defense secretary backtracks on blaming Trump for capitol riot; Colonial pipeline begins to restart operations, warns it will take several days" for service to return to normal; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit


Rep. Cheney: I Will Have Something To Say "In A Little Bit"

Rep. Cheney on eve of vote to remove her from leadership position: I will have something to say "In a little bit"; Protesters on streets as Brown family sees 19 minutes video of deputy-involved shooting; family: unjustified killing;Arizona governor signs bill purging tens of thousands of people in state from early voting list; Florida Gov. Desantil declares state of emergency activates national guard over gas shortage; 4 states declares state of emergency; long lines at gas stations, dow...


McCarthy: GOP embraces "free thought and debate"

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says "GOP embraces free thoughts and debate" in letter about ousting Rep. Liz Cheney, who's under fire for criticizing Trump; FBI: criminal group originating from Russia responsible for cyberattack on U.S. pipeline; Democrats push national voting rights bill; 361 restrictive bills introduced in 47 states To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit


Rep. Matt Gaetz, Under Federal Investingation

Rep Matt Gaetz, under federal investigation, joins forces with conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene; The United States adds 266,000 jobs; economist predicted 1 million; Biden says United States economy recovery still has "A long way to go" Follow dismal April jobs report; Federal grand jury indicts Derek Chauvin, 3 other ex-Minneapolis officers on charges of violating George Floyd's civil rights;Texas house passes election bill with new voting restrictions; Large Chinese rocket...


Biden Pushes Spending Plan, McConnell "Anxious To Stop" Him

McCarthy, Stefanik, other Republicans still touting Biden bill they unanimously opposed. Florida Governor DeSantis signs restrictive voting bill into law. Texas lawmakers debate bills restricting ballot access. In the U.S., COVID-19 cases, deaths, and hospitalizations are at their lowest levels in 7 months. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit


Cheney Warns "Trump Language Can Provoke Violence Again"

Cheney warns "Trump language can provoke violence again"; GOP Rep. Liz Cheney: We need to "Steer away from the dangerous anti-democratic Trump cult of personality" Facing leadership ouster, Cheney says GOP at "Turning Point"; Trump endorses loyalist Rep. Stefanik to replace Cheney; Cheney: McCarthy "Changed his story on Trump Jan 6 role; McConnell dodges when asked if he will help defend Cheney: "100 percent of my focus is standing up to this administration"; CDC: COVID Variant first...


Yellen: Fed may need to raise rates to keep economy from overheating

JPMorgan CEO warns U.S. is “gonna have inflation” Could the U.S. be headed for a “roaring 20s recovery? Radio station in PA calling out officials for election lies; WITF Senior Editor: “These are not normal times” WSJ editorial: Cheney “is daring to tell the truth to GOP voters”; Rep. Liz Cheney, mother of 5 & daughter of VP, fighting biggest fight of her political career; DOJ prepares to offer guilty plea deals to 4 Capitol rioters To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy,...


Rep. Liz Cheney Not Backing Down, Calls Trump's Election Lies "Poison"

Cost of questioning Trump's big election lie: Cheney leadership role in question, Romney booed, GOP officials censured. Former President Bush: if GOP stands for "White Anglo-saxon protestantism, then it's not going to win anything". Biden: richest Americans should "pay their fair share". Three arrested during protests after funeral of Andrew Brown Jr. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit


Giuliani Rails on Investigators: They “Hate Me,” “Hate Trump”

New York Times: at least one search warrant on Rudy Giuliani’s home, office sought evidence related to firing of U.S. ambassador. Daily Beast: associate’s letter says Gaetz paid for sex with minor. GOP rift plays out in Texas special election tomorrow. Of 11 Republicans in Texas race, only one will stand up to Trump. Mcconnell wades into culture wars; slams 1619 Project. California Governor faces recall after criticism over Covid restrictions. U.S. restricting travel from Covid-ravaged...


Giuliani Expected To Fight In Court Over Raid Of His Home, Office

Breaking his silence, Giuliani denies wrongdoing after FBI raids his home and office. Giuliani's assistant is subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury. India facing catastrophe amid COVID surge, hospitals on the verge of collapse; $100 million in U.S. aid on the way, including masks and oxygen. Biden hits road to sell $6 trillion agenda as economy soars; growing by 6.4% in first quarter of this year. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit


FBI Raids Rudy Giuliani's Manhattan Home And Office

FBI raids Rudy Giuliani's Manhattan home and office; NYT: investigators seized Giuliani's electronic devices; search warrant also executed at home of Trump ally Victoria Toensing; This search of Giuliani's home was apart of probe into whether he broke lobbying laws as former President Trump lawyer; President Joe Biden first address to joint session of congress; Biden speech expert: "We have to prove democracy still works, that our government still works" Biden's speech to reference capitol...


Biden preps address to nation as GOP conspiracies spread false claims on mask-wearing, beef and books to attack him

Reporter behind false story about Kamala Harris’ book and migrants resigns, says she was “ordered” to write it. Biden to deliver address to Congress from room where rioters tried to prevent him from becoming President. New surveillance video shows NC deputies before fatal shooting of Andrew Brown as FBI civil rights probe into death. Poll shows pandemic is financially hurting women more than men. CDC: Vaccinated people no longer need masks outdoors, except in crowded areas. Masks still...


NC Town Declares State of Emergency, Braces For Protests As Calls Grow for Bodycam Video Release

Family attorney of Brown Jr. says bodycam video shows "his hands on the steering wheel while being shot at". Minnesota Attorney General: "sufficiently concerned" about Chauvin appeal, but believes trial was "solid" and "fair" Biden expected to roll out second half of infrastructure proposal in speech on Wednesday; likely to total another $2 trillion. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit


Ohio Police Release More Body Cam Video of Teen’s Shooting Death

New video in fatal police shooting of black teen; who appears to lunge at a young woman with a knife. North Carolina bracing for 3rd night of protests after fatal shooting. Sheriff: 7 deputies placed on administrative leave following Andrew Brown shooting, 3 others have left department. Gaetz probe includes scrutiny of potential public corruption tied to medical marijuana industry. Trump on Arizona GOP’s desperate attempt to prove election fraud: “results will be startling”. CDC Chief: J&J...


Daunte Wright’s Funeral Held Amid New Fatal Police Shootings

New details about officer who fatally shot black teen girl. NC braces for protests after deputies fatally shoot black man while trying to serve a warrant. Senate overwhelmingly passes anti-Asian hate crimes bill. Lone vote against comes from Missouri Republican Josh Hawley. Doctors to Navalny: end hunger strike to save your life. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit


Chauvin In Isolated Prison unit; Faces up to 40 years In Prison

Chauvin in isolated prison unit; faces up to 40 years in prison; Three other ex-police officers to face trial in Floyd's death; Justice department launches sweeping probe into Minneapolis policing after Chauvin convicted on all counts in Floyd's death; Police release more body cam video, 911 calls in fatal shooting of black teen girl who appears to lunge at woman with knife; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit


George Floyd’s brother speaks to CNN after Derek Chauvin guilty verdict

Derek Chauvin guilty on all three charges; Biden, VP Harris remarks after Chauvin found guilty of murder; Crowds cheer as Chauvin found guilty on all charges; George Floyd’s brother: Emmett Till “was the first George Floyd” To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit


Protesters Gather As Jury Deliberates In Chauvin Trial

Prosecutors to jurors: "This wasn't policing, this was murder." Judge: Representative Waters remarks on Chauvin trial could fuel appeal. Senate Minority Leader McCarthy moves to censure Representative Maxine Waters for Chauvin trial comments. Emmett Till and George Floyd families join forces in fight for justice over the brutal deaths of their loved ones. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit


The America "That Really No One Should See" : Mass Shootings, Fatal Traffic Stop, Teen Killed By Police, Officers on trial

President Joe Biden: mass shootings, gun violence "A national embarrassment"; Vice President Kamala Harris: "We've had more tragedy than we can bear"; FedEx shooter who killed 8 identified, was a former employee; FBI: mother of shooter who killed 8 at FedEx warned law enforcement in 2020 he might try to "commit suicide by cop" To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit


Cities On Edge Tonight Over Fatal Police Incidents

Cities are on edge as a video shows the police shooting of a 13-year-old child, an ex-officer faces judge in Wright killing and the Chauvin trial nears end. The ex-officer in the fatal Wright shooting makes her first court appearance. Brooklyn Center, Minnesota is bracing for the fifth night of unrest. The body camera video of 13-year-old Adam Toledo shot by Chicago officer has been released. The family of the 13-year-old attorney disputes the police's contention that he had a gun in his...