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PM covers stories across Australia and the world, explaining and analysing the most important events and issues of the day.

PM covers stories across Australia and the world, explaining and analysing the most important events and issues of the day.


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PM covers stories across Australia and the world, explaining and analysing the most important events and issues of the day.




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Test for the trans-Tasman bubble

The New Zealand travel bubble remains intact – after an Auckland airport worker who was vaccinated tests positive for COVID-19. They're not particularly ill - so Prime Minister Ardern says the vaccine's working; and the Prime Minister lashes out at inner-city types, saying they won't decide how Australia cuts emissions. But is his track the right path to net zero?


Veteran suicide Royal Commission

The government bows to pressure and plans a Royal Commission into veteran suicide, we'll discuss what the scope of the inquiry should be with Afghanistan veteran John Bale; and after returned travellers catch COVID-19 in their Sydney quarantine hotel room, leading epidemiologist Mary Louise McLaws blasts government failures.


Top advisor backs controversial fresh air theory

A furore in the scientific community as a top advisor to the Federal government advances the controversial theory that there's something special and undiscovered, in fresh air, that prevents COVID transmission; and the big banks at odds over just how much house prices will rise this year, we'll have their latest predictions.


Last troops to leave Afghanistan

After 20 years of conflict, Australia's to follow the U-S out of Afghanistan, there's no peace to celebrate, so what's the legacy? And GP's insist they should remain front and centre of the vaccine roll-out, including at mass vaccination centres;


Mass vaccination strategy under review

More mass vaccination hubs are planned for mid-year in a bid to catch up on the botched roll-out as the Prime Minister's switches to a war footing, admitting we're beset with problems and issues; and the Prime Minister regrets hurting the former Australia Post boss who was forced from her job.. But he stops short of apologising for his outburst in parliament.


Holgate ‘humiliated’ and ‘unlawfully’ stood down

The former Australia Post boss, forced from her job after the Prime Minister lashed her in parliament, speaks out; and doctors told to be on the lookout for any blood clotting with patients who've received the Astra Zeneca vaccine after another rare but troubling case.


Australia's vaccine alternatives

Pfizer is now Australia's best hope to complete the vaccine roll-out. But with no estimate on when everyone will get an injection, we'll assess the alternatives, like Novovax; and an influential World Health Organisation advisor is under fire for suggesting the use of air-tight face masks should be balanced against the risk of acne.


Australia's vaccine program in disarray

Officials insist Australia's vaccine program is still going well, despite the changed advice about AstraZeneca and extremely rare blood clots; Where to from here as Australia scrambles to secure other vaccines? We're joined by health policy expert Bill Bowtell and epidemiologist Catherine Bennett.


Experts mull very rare vaccine blood clot risk

Health authorities to decide whether the extremely small risk of rare blood clots will change Australia's vaccine strategy, what happens if young people are advised against the Astra Zeneca? And the government's delayed action on a major report on sexual misconduct, will its "in principle" response to some recommendations do the job?


Morrison blames supply for missed vaccine targets

On PM, we’ll pick apart the Prime Minister's latest justifications for Australia's slower than expected vaccine program; and a propaganda push from China's embassy in Canberra, trying to cast doubt on credible evidence of human rights abuses in Xinjiang.


Quarantine free travel to NZ remains at risk from outbreaks

Quarantine free travel to New Zealand starts soon, but any outbreak will derail plans, so it's flyer beware; and Malcolm Turnbull deemed a distraction, as he's dropped from a low emissions body in New South Wales.


Another missed vaccine target

Local production of the AstraZeneca vaccine is not yet at the promised one million doses a week; and dozens dead in flash flooding across Indonesia and Timor Leste, just as they're struggling to contain COVID-19 in Dili.


Lockdown lifts after COVID alert

Brisbane residents out of lockdown for the holiday weekend, we'll look at whether people are prepared to risk going away; and as Australia's vaccine roll-out is limited by supply, scientists call for local production of other vaccine technology.


Blame game over slow vaccine rollout

The states openly at war with the federal government over Australia's troubled vaccination program; and a COVID outbreak forces the last minute scuttling of the Byron Bay BluesFest, thousands of music fans are devastated.


Australia’s ‘very slow’ vaccination effort

Queensland's COVID cases rise and the spread among hospital workers remains a critical mystery; and not all medical workers are vaccinated yet, a leading epidemiologist tells PM Australia’s ‘very slow’ and people on the front line need to be vaccinated before anybody else.


COVID cases prompt Greater Brisbane lockdown

Millions are in a three-day lockdown in Greater Brisbane, as authorities try to stop a growing COVID outbreak; and the trouble in the Suez could be over soon, as the big ship that’s been jamming the shipping route is partially freed.


A battle against mud and muck

The bobcats and tip trucks are finally moving into some flood hit towns, as the piles of destroyed walls, furniture and appliances just keep growing, PM has a special report from Wingham on the NSW mid-north coast; and is a reckoning imminent for corporations that try to silence complainants who report sexual misconduct?


Brittany Higgins complains about secret briefings

After delays and denials, the Prime Minister's office starts looking into whether his staff secretly briefed reporters against the alleged rape victim Brittany Higgins and her loved ones, we’ll explain how 'backgrounding' in Canberra works; and the defence force rolls in to flood hit towns now smothered in mud, but not far away, some fear they're on their own.


Deaths as cars washed away in floods

Tragedy in the floods, two men have been found dead in their cars in two states hit by torrential rain; and while some begin the clean-up, others, like residents at Wiseman's Ferry on the Hawkesbury River, are still waiting for the water to fall.


Morrison has ‘heard’ women, but warns reporter on criticism

The flood disaster continues, helicopters deliver food and riverside communities report chaos. We'll take you to the flood zones and check in with our reporter at Windsor near Sydney, battling the spreading Hawkesbury River; and the Prime Minister insists he's now heard women and he welcomes a spotlight on misogyny, but then he shares a rumour of harassment at a media company, why?