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PM covers stories across Australia and the world, explaining and analysing the most important events and issues of the day.

PM covers stories across Australia and the world, explaining and analysing the most important events and issues of the day.


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PM covers stories across Australia and the world, explaining and analysing the most important events and issues of the day.




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Budget eve push for aged care funds

Billions of dollars for aged care in tomorrow's budget, but does it go anywhere near meeting the need outlined in a Royal Commission? There's billions too for infrastructure, with more big spending still to be announced, we'll look at the state of Australia's economy after the worst of the pandemic; And as vaccine bookings open for New South Wales residents in their 40s, we'll hear the case for getting rid of the vaccine priority groups altogether.


Few repatriation flights for many in India

There'll be just a handful of repatriation flights from India this month, and the government’s revealed 173 Australian children are stuck there without their parents; We'll speak with our India correspondent James Oaten and hear how Australians fear they'll be waiting a long time for their chance to come home; And we go to the remote Northern Territory community, hoping a solar project can finally slash crippling high power costs.


Hunt for the missing COVID link

Another apparent breach from hotel quarantine, as the COVID case in Sydney is linked to a US traveller, but how the transmission occurred remains a mystery; Australia's medicine regulator urges people to keep getting the AstraZeneca vaccine, despite more very rare blood clots being reported; And the US government backs a waiver of COVID vaccine patents, what would that mean for equitable access to vaccines?


Sydney man's mystery COVID infection

Sydney’s COVID mystery, where a man's who's tested positive was active in the community all of last weekend; Also, the India travel ban will be challenged in court, it’ll be a test of the rights of Australian citizens; And why the federal budget will be hobbled trying to achieve gender equality, the problem is the absence of a national survey, which measures unpaid labour.


Growing opposition to India travel ban

Health, political, sport and legal voices now criticising the India travel ban, many want Australian citizens back, along with better a quarantine system; Public health experts have a plan to fix quarantine, with a tiered system of facilities, based on risk, we’re joined by University of Melbourne epidemiologist Professor Tony Blakely; And Muslim women dismayed at the COVID distancing response from some mosques, that left them with no place to pray.


WHO admits COVID transmission from breath

The government resisting pressure, even from its backbench, to drop its harsh penalty for citizens who manage to return home directly from India; The World Health Organisation explicitly says breathing out coronavirus is infecting people, one infectious diseases physician says the federal government must now step up on hotel infection control; And a Human Rights Commission report reveals the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of young gymnasts in Australia.


Brittany Higgins' 'robust' meeting with Morrison

Political staffer Brittany Higgins describes her discussion with the Prime Minister as robust and difficult, as she makes her plea for parliament to be a safer place for women; A warning about children and concussion, given new research finds a third who suffer the brain injury go on to develop mental health issues; And researchers have mapped what they've dubbed ancient "super highways" that early Aboriginal Australians used to migrate across the continent.


Treasurer dreams of more jobs and higher wages

On PM: The Treasurer's shift in budget priorities, Josh Frydenberg suggests he can now drive unemployment lower and push wages up. The budget's due in less than two weeks so we'll explain his thinking and look at the chances of success; and India remains trapped in its COVID crisis and now, a warning about potentially dire consequences for children in desperate families. Plus, we’ll speak with a virologist in the south of the country's who's seen hospitals overwhelmed.


Will vaccines halt India COVID crisis?

More than 200 thousand people have now died of COVID-19 in India, we'll discuss the long term effects on the subcontinent and whether vaccination can bring this crisis to an end; For Australians still in India, increasingly at risk from the virus, there's dismay as the Australian flight ban extends their wait; And a big upgrade for military facilities in Australia's north, but amid warnings of future conflicts from some, the Prime Minister insists it'll help secure peace.


India COVID surge grounds flights

Australia halts all flights from India, the centre of the world's biggest COVID catastrophe, amid fears of outbreaks from hotel quarantine; we'll speak with Delhi resident Neha - who was due to fly this week to join her husband in Melbourne; and four years since the Uluru Statement from the Heart was delivered, Federal Labor promises to embrace it.


WA Premier lifts lockdown, lashes hotel quarantine

Perth's lockdown ends with the COVID outbreak apparently contained, but the Premier's frustration with hotel quarantine is boiling over; and the film Nomadland sweeps the Oscars, taking three major prizes, including best director for Chinese filmmaker Chloe Zhao, it’s being seen as a win for diversity.


Snap three-day lockdown from midnight tonight for Perth and WA's Peel region after hotel quarantine cases

A snap three-day lockdown from midnight tonight for Perth and WA's Peel region after several people contracted COVID 19 while in hotel quarantine; As Scott Morrison resists international pressure to set climate targets, South Korea's ambitions could spell doom for a coal project in New South Wales; And what hope is there for 53 Indonesian submariners missing near Bali?


India COVID crisis ‘beyond comprehension’

The Pfizer vaccine to be saved for younger Australians, while AstraZeneca is targeted at the over 50's, under the latest vaccination program shake-up; Australia will cut flights from India by 30 percent as that country breaks global records for infections, with deaths surging. A first-hand account from the depths of that crisis; and we speak with a pregnant mother – who avoided COVID for a year in the UK – only to contract the virus in a quarantine hotel in Perth.


Relief for Floyd family and the US President

Guilty on all counts.. Relief from the U-S President down, after a murder conviction for the police officer who killed George Floyd; and no money and in poor health, an Australian resident stuck in the United States appeals for government help to get him home.


Test for the trans-Tasman bubble

The New Zealand travel bubble remains intact – after an Auckland airport worker who was vaccinated tests positive for COVID-19. They're not particularly ill - so Prime Minister Ardern says the vaccine's working; and the Prime Minister lashes out at inner-city types, saying they won't decide how Australia cuts emissions. But is his track the right path to net zero?


Veteran suicide Royal Commission

The government bows to pressure and plans a Royal Commission into veteran suicide, we'll discuss what the scope of the inquiry should be with Afghanistan veteran John Bale; and after returned travellers catch COVID-19 in their Sydney quarantine hotel room, leading epidemiologist Mary Louise McLaws blasts government failures.


Top advisor backs controversial fresh air theory

A furore in the scientific community as a top advisor to the Federal government advances the controversial theory that there's something special and undiscovered, in fresh air, that prevents COVID transmission; and the big banks at odds over just how much house prices will rise this year, we'll have their latest predictions.


Last troops to leave Afghanistan

After 20 years of conflict, Australia's to follow the U-S out of Afghanistan, there's no peace to celebrate, so what's the legacy? And GP's insist they should remain front and centre of the vaccine roll-out, including at mass vaccination centres;


Mass vaccination strategy under review

More mass vaccination hubs are planned for mid-year in a bid to catch up on the botched roll-out as the Prime Minister's switches to a war footing, admitting we're beset with problems and issues; and the Prime Minister regrets hurting the former Australia Post boss who was forced from her job.. But he stops short of apologising for his outburst in parliament.


Holgate ‘humiliated’ and ‘unlawfully’ stood down

The former Australia Post boss, forced from her job after the Prime Minister lashed her in parliament, speaks out; and doctors told to be on the lookout for any blood clotting with patients who've received the Astra Zeneca vaccine after another rare but troubling case.