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WHAT DO WE REALLY KNOW ABOUT THE BBC SCANDAL TRIAL BY SPORTSCENE?... We are witnessing real time proof of something extremely important here. No matter what your feelings are about football, the BBC or any particular team, what is unfolding here is a real eye opener that is illuminating a very Dark Place in Scotland for all to see... if they first look? We are All at the mercy of the BBC - 'The State Broadcaster'. We are all Victims of the State Broadcaster. The first thing that you...


Nicola Sturgeon comments on Westminster's Ridiculous Brexit position and advocates a Different Approach.

Nicola Sturgeon comments on Westminsters Ridiculous Brexit position and advocates a Different Approach. With time running out, after Westminster's Bad Deal was rejected... but still... pursued by Mayhem. Whilst the HM Official Opposition that we pay £Millions through the nose for are: “Sitting on the fence”. So much for: “Strong and stable government”... opposed by Dead Sheep Labour. And, where are the LimpDems?... will they save us?... Hardly. The can't even save themselves. Nether...


Shirely-Anne Somerville comments on suspected oil spill at Limekilns beach last night.

MSP COMMENTS ON LIMEKILNS BEACH OIL SPILL. "SNP MSP for Dunfermline, Shirely-Anne Somerville, has reacted to news of a suspected oil spill at Limekilns beach last night". "Commenting, the MSP said: “This incident is very concerning. Urgent action is needed to ensure that lasting damage isn’t caused to local wildlife and the surrounding environment. “I’ve contacted SEPA, in order to find out more about the cause of this pollution and the steps that are being taken to address the...


FM comments on successful French Trade Mission

Nicola Sturgeon outlines the benefits of Scotland's Trade Relationship with France. Although, unionists are Green with Envy and Terrified that their dwindling number of supporters will smell the coffee and desert them. So they hit out at our First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's Successful Trade Mission to France, calling it a: “Jaunt” i.e. a short excursion or journey made for pleasure. Failed unionists who's coats are on a shoogly nail anyway are desperate to score points against the First...


Gillian Martin MSP comments on the New £750 Million Aberdeen By-Pass

JOURNEY TIMES HALVED BY OPENING OF £750 MILLION BY-PASS NORTH EAST TO REAP REWARDS OF AWPR INVESTMENT BY SNP SNP MSP for Aberdeenshire East, Gillian Martin, has underlined the huge importance of the AWPR for the local economy as the road opens in its entirety today (19 February). This final 4.5 mile (7.5km) section of road will link the southern Craibstone to Stonehaven and Charleston section with the Parkhill to Blackdog section in the north, which had already opened to traffic last...


Voice clip of Clare Haughey MSP on HELMS loans

Clare Haughey MSP for Rutherglen outlines the problems of HELMS loans "TIME FOR UK GOVERNMENT TO TAKE ACTION ON GREEN DEAL COMPLAINTS PROCESS". "Following a report from Citizens Advice Scotland, SNP MSP Clare Haughey is leading calls for the UK government to streamline the complaints process for their flagship energy-saving scheme, the Green Deal". "Dubbed the 'biggest home improvement programme since the Second World War' when it was launched by the coalition government in 2013, the...


Ian Blackford was but no Jurassic Tories were available to be interviewed....

Audio clip of Ian Blackford RScot Interview this morning The BBC with their £Billions of Broadcasting Kit were unable to go back in time this morning to the Jurassic Age and communicate with the London Tory Scottish Branch Office so that one of them could be included in the interview to defend the indefensible Jurassic Tories? ... Nonetheless, Ian Blackford helped the BBC and their listener... to understand the error of their Script. As always, BBC presentation and production was...


Sturgeon steps up no-deal planning

Audio clip: #NicolaSturgeon - "We appear to be dealing with a #UKgovernment that's prepared to act recklessly and negligently". #Brexit #IndyRef2 #HomeRule #Scotland #ScottishIndependence


Audio clip of Paul Wheelhouse welcoming the Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge Fund

Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge Fund "Up to £10 million to help commercial deployment of tidal projects". "A £10 million fund will target support to achieving commercial deployment of tidal energy generation in Scottish waters through driving innovation and reduction in the cost of electricity generated. This concentrated support for tidal energy sits alongside the parallel £30 million committed to date by the Scottish Government to Wave Energy Scotland (WES), and a further £10...


The Best FREE Advertisment For Indy!...

Scottish unionists will be petitioning to bring back the: "Better Together Lady" after this Lamentable Rabid Rant on the State Broadcaster's Prime Time TV. This type of "Dismal" behaviour on prime time BBC... Witnessed by Millions of people will make people throughout the UK question if they should be part of a Gang... Lead by this type of Failed UKIP has been?... If they had the Botox in Engerland... they would be campaigning for English Indy from Westminster. It's a good job, that Mr....


Who will land that sweet KO blow on the Glass Chin of the Tories?...

Listen to Rooth the Mooth's understudy getting all upset and losing his normal calm composure exhibited at the Budget... whilst the two other unionist Big Beasts were Ranting like Rabid Dogs... Has the infection spread?... But, you're way ahead. You've sussed it!... you, have got your finger on the pulse and know why he was all Hot & Bothered today... You are in touch with what Westminster has, is and will do to Scotland... if other Scots don't wake up... The one who has let off Ross...


Will Tory Big Beasts Sack Ross Thomson Now?...

Listen to a clip about GE17... Lots of things were promised. Bold statements were made. But, judge for yourself if what they told you was all lies?... Aberdeen South & "A Conservative MP should stand down". The candidates and the results: 2017 general election General Election 2017ConservativeRoss ThomsonSNPCallum McCaigLabourLiberal DemocratTurnoutConservativegainSNPSwing"A Conservative MP should stand down" 18.4.18: The mother of a soldier killed in Iraq has said a Conservative MP...


Callum McCaig won Aberdeen South for the SNP for the first time on 7.5.15

Listen to Callum McCaig winning Aberdeen South for the SNP for the first time on 7.5.15. What do we know about the 2015 General Election Candidates that stood for Aberdeen South? "The south of Aberdeen is playing host to an intriguing battle which could provide a defining moment in the 2015 general election. Tory stronghold, Aberdeen South has swung back and forth between Labour and the Conservatives since the 1980s. But this time around, it is the SNP, rather than the Tories, who are...


20 years on what next for our parliament and Scotland? 1.

Listen to a short version of Donald Dewar's speech on 6.7.99 at the State Opening of the Scottish Parliament. Followed by "Lord" McConnell who backed: "HOME RULE WITHIN THE UK" on 1.7.14 because: "He appealed to voters in the 18 September referendum to vote "No" to "save devolution". He knows now at least, if he did not know before the Vow that Westminster would not keep it's: "HOME RULE WITHIN THE UK" promises. In business, we call it: 'The Prostitute Principle' - which...


Let us tell them about the real risks of voting no?...

Listen up to what Gordon Brown told you and the poor Scots who voted no on 18.9.14". "LET US TELL THEM ABOUT THE REAL RISKS"... Why did Mr. Brown not: "TELL THEM" about the risks of voting no and getting Dragged out of the EU... The Unforced Burning Brexit Car Crash. The 'Dooms Day Scenario'. Huge UK Employers and Investors Leaving the Westminster Sinking Ship?... "Let us tell them" that absolutely nothing of what I told them... on 17.8.14 was true. "Let us tell them" that there is no...


What you need to know about the BBC 1.2.19.

Listen to this short audio clip of today's BBC's report about the Scottish Budget Debate 31.1.19 in Holyrood. Broadcast on 1.2.19. What do you hear? What stands out? What's going right over your head and you're accepting it as if it was reality? Yes!... you will/have heard the unionists sounding like Rabid Dogs shouting the odds and trying to Subvert Scotland's Budget for 2019/20. As you listen, and listen again to try to work out what the State Broadcaster is trying to do...


Yesterday All Their Troubles Seemed So Far Away...

Should stupid politicians be allowed to vote on important things that affect us, our family and our country?... Should the insidious, corrosive and subversive 'Agents' who Brainwash and make people do stupid things be Jailed for life?... Something has to give, so that the Corrupt Westminster political system can change... or let it be closed down so something more democratic, representative and humane can replace it so that the public, and not the politicians can be: "Served". Westminster...


Did Better Together Lie To You in 2014?...

"Gas find in North Sea hailed as 'biggest in a decade". "Analysts Wood Mackenzie described the find as the largest in the North Sea since the Culzean field was discovered in 2008". This find, announced... today is: "The equivalent of half a billion barrels of oil". Which would have been great for an Independent Scotland... That's you, your family and your country... had everyone voted Yes. Had everyone voted Yes, we would be an Independent Country by now, harvesting the rewards of our...


No Deal Brexit Solutions 1 Food

At a time when there is widespread concern about "Food Shortages" after a No Deal Brexit, there is also growing interest in Scotland to Grow Your Own and Dig For Victory. Although, it is Holyrood's intention to bring more unused, vacant and derelict land back in to cropping on an industrial scale by farmers and horticulturalists. There is now an large demand for 'Allotments'. However, waiting list for allotments can be very long. Because many of the allotments that were available in the...



One of the Best IndyRef14 songs!... What song are you going to write and record for IndyRef2?... "We Didn't Start the Union" is a hell-for-leather gallop through Scottish history, from mythical prehistory to 2014. If we've missed any of your favourite bits, we apologise, but we hope we've included a few surprises to compensate. We know it's not in strict chronological order -- it wouldn't fit the song that way"!... Feel Free to sing it!...