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All of the things you need to know now from the editors of TIME

All of the things you need to know now from the editors of TIME


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All of the things you need to know now from the editors of TIME




Instagram Makes Teen Girls Hate Themselves. Is That a Bug or a Feature?

The features within Instagram that cause teenage girls to develop negative feelings about their body image may be baked into the very core of the platform, researchers and former employees have said in the wake of new revelations that the company did not disclose what it knew about its impact on young users.


A Decade After Jamey Rodemeyer’s Death, His Parents Are Still Trying to Protect Kids From Homophobia and Bullying

It has been ten years since the death of 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer, a Williamsville, New York teen whose suicide further turned a national spotlight on the issue of LGBTQ mental health and bullying. In May of 2011, a few months after he came out to friends as bisexual, Jamey participated in the “It Gets Better” social media campaign founded by journalist Dan Savage and his partner Terry Miller.


Column: The U.S. Turned Away Jewish Refugees in 1939. We Must Not Repeat History With Afghans Fleeing the Taliban

In May 1939, more than 900 Jewish refugees boarded the MS St. Louis in Hamburg, hoping to flee Nazi Germany for the relative safety of Cuba. Due to the restrictive immigrant quota system in the United States, they hoped to wait on the island until they were approved for entry into the U.S. Despite paying for landing permits in Cuba, they were prevented from disembarking and the ship set sail in search of sanctuary. For days, the St. Louis circled off the U.S.


Column: Access to Birth Control Is No Substitute for Abortion Rights

We have reached a dangerous new place in the battle over bodies and birth control in the United States. After years of attacks, this month Texas effectively made most abortions illegal, when a law took effect—after the Supreme Court declined to block it—that prohibits abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy, and allows private citizens to sue anyone who facilitates one after that.


St. Jude’s Fundraising Chief on Space Missions, ‘Pushing Boundaries’ and a Record-Setting Year

TIME Studios is producing the Netflix documentary series Countdown: Inspiration 4 Mission to Space, starting Sept. 6. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which looks after children with cancer while also researching how to eliminate the pediatric form of the disease, raised $2 billion in donations in its last fiscal year. It's a record for an independent charity, and an impressive feat in a year when donors had more causes than ever vying for their attention and money.


The Moderna Vaccine's Protection Wanes by 36% After 12 Months, According to a New Study

Studies from COVID-19 vaccine makers and public health officials have been suggesting for a while that protection provided by the vaccines wanes over time. In a new study published on Sept.


Joe Biden Is Keeping Mark Milley. But His Actions Show the Country Is Still Grappling with the Trump Era

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley took extraordinary steps to try to prevent Donald Trump from using military action to remain in office, according to revelations from a forthcoming book by Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. Those actions from months ago are now causing a headache for President Joe Biden: Milley currently sits in the same top position in Biden’s chain of command, and Biden is facing calls to fire him.


FX’s Epic Y: The Last Man Adaptation Gets Off to a Shaky But Intriguing Start

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. So goes the old feminist slogan, coined by Irina Dunn and popularized by Gloria Steinem. But, as FX’s adaptation of the cult-hit Y: The Last Man comics so vividly illustrates, that doesn’t mean life on Earth would continue as normal if every mammal with a Y chromosome suddenly dropped dead. On the contrary: within seconds, planes would crash, pileups would block roads, most nations would be leaderless.


I Tried Lab-Grown Fish Maw. Here’s Why It Could Help Save Our Oceans

I'm an avid surfer and a certified scuba diver, and spending so much time in the water means that I'm keenly aware of the impact that human activity is having on the ocean ecosystem. It sometimes feels like it's more common to see plastic bags in the water than sea life. So, I was excited this week to try lab-grown fish—a new product that could help address at least one major problem facing the world's oceans: over-fishing.


American Rust Sounds a Lot Like Mare of Easttown. Sadly, It Isn’t

American Rust opens with a montage of small-town denizens taking their morning drugs. In the first shot of the Showtime crime drama, protagonist Del Harris—a psychologically fragile police chief played by Jeff Daniels—crushes two prescription pills with a mortar and pestle, weighs the resulting powder on a digital scale, flicks just the right amount of it into his coffee, then hesitates before finally swallowing a third pill.


Inspiration4 Makes Space History With First-Ever All-Civilian Orbital Launch

In the end, the camping trip up the flank of Mt. Rainier that the Inspiration4 crew made back in April may have done more than anything else to prepare them for tonight's successful launch into Earth orbit, at 8:02 p.m. ET from pad 39A at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Even the day before the launch, at a T-minus-27-hour press conference, they were still talking about the experience and what it taught them. Hayley Arceneaux, 29, a physician assistant at St.


The U.S. Needs an Operation Warp Speed for Rapid COVID-19 Testing

The Delta variant has caused a resurgence in COVID-19 cases and deaths, threatening earlier gains made by the Biden Administration in tackling the pandemic. President Biden on Thursday laid out an ambitious comprehensive six-point COVID Action Plan to respond to the variant challenge.


How This Fall Could Shape the Future of Moviegoing

Everyone has the tea leaves; no one has the actual tea. Will the movies come back this autumn? Will they ever come back at all? The answer is…that no one has the answer. There’s little wisdom to be had, and any wisdom out there is hardly conventional. What we do know is that the fall 2021 movie release calendar is unlike anything we’ve seen in years: more varied, more exciting, more studded with actors we really want to see.


Companies Are Struggling to Regroup After the Delta Variant Scuttles Back-to-the-Office Plans

This week was supposed to be the triumphant return to the office after 18 hard months of working remotely for many organizations around the U.S. But it's not turning out that way, as exhausted managers try to navigate questions for which there are no easy answers.


Democrats Won the California Recall by Invoking Trump. There’s More of That Coming

This article is part of the The DC Brief, TIME’s politics newsletter. Sign up here to get stories like this sent to your inbox every weekday. He wasn’t on the ballot, but ex-President Donald Trump lost Republicans their hopes of recalling California’s Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom. The result signals bad fortune for the GOP in statewide elections coming this year in Virginia and New Jersey.


‘A Queer Tax.’ New Lawsuit Alleges Aetna Discriminates Against LGBTQ People Seeking Fertility Treatment

When Emma Goidel was denied coverage for her fertility treatments in September 2020, she was furious. A 31-year-old writer in New York City, Goidel and her partner were excited to try for a baby—and Goidel had begun intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatments to get pregnant that fall.


Norm Macdonald’s Comedic Genius Explained in One Brilliant Joke

Norm Macdonald was responsible for some of the worst punchlines in Hollywood history. “There are times when Bob has something on his mind—when he wears a hat!” the comedian proclaimed stone-faced at Comedy Central’s Roast of Bob Saget in 2008, as Saget, his target, chuckled with clear confusion and discomfort.


I Didn’t Want to Push My Aunt to Get the Vaccine. Now I Live With Regrets

In normal times, the ICU is a dreadful place. Sickness lingers like a fog. You can feel it, sense it, even hear it—the machinery pumping, the alarms ringing, the nurses scrambling. In pandemic times, the ICU is chilling. Death lives here. Medical staff members wear green biohazard suits, face shields, latex gloves and shoe coverings. Strips of red tape—“ISOLATION,” they read—mark the windows and doors of individual rooms.


Column: An Open Letter to Tim Cook From a Silicon Valley Investor of 35 Years

Dear Tim, I have followed Apple as a securities analyst and investor since 1985, and have admired the company and its values for most of that time. Recently, however, I have become frustrated that Apple does not appear to recognize how vulnerable it is in a changing political landscape.


COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters Are Not Necessary Yet, Say Top Health Officials

In a viewpoint published in the Lancet, leading health officials from around the world say booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine aren’t necessary yet. “Current evidence does not ... appear to show a need for boosting in the general population, in which [vaccine] efficacy against severe disease remains high,” the authors write.