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Go Underground For Real R&B with Drew Sanders #Rule45

#Rule045 This episode is all about Rick Ross cementing his position as one of Hip…Read MoreGo Underground For Real R&B with Drew Sanders #Rule45


Trying To Bring Rap To A Pop Fight with Sparky Dee #Rule44

#Rule044 We are all witness to Remy Ma’s attempt at starting a rap beef with…Read MoreTrying To Bring Rap To A Pop Fight with Sparky Dee #Rule44


Trying To Bring Rap To A Pop Fight #Rule044 with Sparky Dee

We are all witness to Remy Ma's attempt at starting a rap beef with Nicki Minaj. We weren't expecting it to turn pop, but obviously Remy brought the wrong kind of song to the battle. Our guest Sparky Dee is no stranger to battle rap. She was a part of the infamous battle arp album with Roxanne Shante and is here to gives us the rules for battle rap. Review Us Here


Are You Global Or Local? #Rule043 with Amir Shaw

Are You Global Or Local? #Rule043 with Amir Shaw How does music affect your mood? Or is music an effect of your mood? Mood music is the first topic on today’s show. Next we discuss the differences between using the internet to make you an instant global artist or slowing the process down and building from your neighborhood. Our guest today, author, filmmaker and journalist who covers music, politics, and entertainment, Amir Shaw stops in to discuss the Rocko and Future beef. We look at...


Grammy Snubs And Acceptance Speech Duds #Rule042

Just in case you missed when Macklemore all but handed his Grammy to Kendrick Lamar, Adele spent the meat of her acceptance speech praising Beyonce in this year's Grammy Award Show. Carlos Santana publicly commented that he was okay with Adele winning. Our discussion is dealing with whether or not this snub is indeed a snub. Chance The Rapper sweeps with his multiple wins and it seems almost impossible that he has done so well with no major label backing. In other awful news, Universal...


Sometimes It Doesn't Go As Planned #Rule41

Chrissette Michelle accepted an opportunity to perform in front of the nation. How you feel about her choice may have more to do with your political stance than it does your enjoyment of good music. Atlanta's studio ordinance was sold as many things, but in the end it was more about preventing smaller studio owners from having the ability to make money. In the amazing New Edition biopic what stood out to us was the scene showing a more mature Ronnie Devoe deciding to go back to real...


Baby Steps To Success #Rule040 with TJ Chapman

Crossing over is a sensitive subject for most urban artists. It means access to new fans, new opportunities for endorsements, and overall broader success. However, this comes at the cost of neighborhood acceptance. This year's Golden Globes 9shed new light on today's new regime of urban music when Donald Glover thanked the Migos. What does this say of their success and of their future? Guest, TJ Chapman (TJs DJs, B.O.B., K Camp, Scotty ATL) joins us to discuss being authentic and promotes...


Know Your Market #Rule039 with Tom White

We wrap up 2016 and chat with Warner Music Group's College rep, Tom White about marketing and promotion in the new era. Review Us Here 0 Likes


Are You Cut Out For This #Rule038 with Ray Daniels

Vice President of Interscope Records, Ray Daniels joins us to discuss self accessing, understanding your chances for making it, and pivoting for success. Music from the show: Em Jai - What About Love


Trump, Hillary, and Music #Rule036

Today we bypassed our guest interview for a roundtable conversation about the current political climate. In case you didn't know, your favorite artist probably supported Hillary Clinton into a landslide defeat. What impact did our musicians have on this result? In fact, what political statements do artists have the right to make? Can Lil Wayne discuss Black Lives Matter intelligently? Why do Jay-Z and Beyonce mean anything to you as a voter? Does Killer Mike deserve a platform? Review...


Focus On The Now #Rule034 with Anthony David

Today we remove the Rules from the 90/10 Rule and seriously just hang with Anthony David. Yes he has a new album that you should check out: The Powerful Now, but for this episode we cover many other things as well. From respecting our older generation, to how it feels to be signed to an independent label. We welcome you as a fly on the wall for this completely candid conversation. Review Us Here


Back To The Beat #Rule033 with Honorable C Note

We discuss the importance of the beat in today's music. How important the beat maker is and how that job and role has changed in today's music. Honorable C Note joins us to talk about his process and let us know what he has in the works. Review Us Here


Measured Marketing #Rule032 with David Melhado

David Melhado is an entrepreneur, influencer and talent manager. He currently serves as Co-Founder of Intecoo Group, an experiential marketing agency based in Atlanta, GA. David has been featured as a guest on Huffington Post Live, special guest speaker at Johnson & Wales University, General Assembly Atlanta, and the University of South Florida. He sits down with us to discuss the intersection of music and technology. Review Us Here 1 Like

The Art Of Mixtapes #Rule031 with Tai Saint Boogie

Tai Saint Boogie (@SaintBoogie) joins us to talk about covering hip hop as a journalist who loves the music. She is also a contributing partner to the Mixtape Bible, The Art Behind The Tape. We also discuss the value of the mixtape in the current market. Review Us Here

It Pays To Go PRO #Rule030 with Gregg Smith

On this episode we discuss PROs with SESAC Creative Director, Gregg Smith. He gives us insight on the benefits of being connected no matter your current status in the industry. Review Us Here

Can't Live Without My Radio #Rule029 with Jason Reddick

On this episode we discuss the relevancy of radio in today's market; building good relationships at your local radio station; and what it takes to make a hit single. Our guest is the Promotions Director for one of the nations hottest radio stations, Jason Reddick. Review Us Here

Artistic Authenticity #Rule028 with Moss Da Beast

On this episode of The 90/10 Rule, we discuss rapping for a cause, maintaining relationships, using real life to create your story, and being an authentic artist. Review Us Here

Perception Is Reality #RULE027 with Christal Mims

We sit down with Publicist, Christal Mims of Enchanted PR. The new industry requires a special kind of branding that is best suited for a publicist to handle. We discuss creating and maintaing your brand, Talent vs. Content, and how you fit into the new world of quick fame with no receipts. Visit her website: Review Us Here

Control The Narrative #Rule026 with David Anderson

Today on The 90/10 Rule we discuss radio play and promotion, becoming a business, and the political undertow that keeps most artists out of the top 10. Be sure to check out David's website here:

It's Who You Know And What You Know #Rule024 with Corey Webb

Today we sit down with Corey "Goose" Webb and discuss: using your resources; knowing your worth even if you aren't getting paid; creating your place in the industry; and building an international network.

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