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Nintendo E3 2016 Impressions

The Gamers Plural give their impressions of Nintendo's showing at E3 2016.


Microsoft E3 Conference 2016 Impressions

The Gamers Plural give their impressions of the 2016 Microsoft E3 conference.


Bethesda E3 Conference 2016 Impressions

The Gamers Plural give their impressions of the 2016 Bethesda E3 conference.


Party Chat Episode 52: CoD vs Battlefield

We're finally back... again! Once again the Gamers Plural Party Chat crew: Melvin, Andrew, and Matthew find themselves playing catch up in the wake of a good three weeks of missed news. First we discuss the announcements of both the new Call of Duty and Battlefield, as well and the fan reactions to both. Moving on, we cover Nintendo's plans for E3 2016, the launch window for the NX, their first mobile games after miitomo, and the company's desire to make movies. We also cover the closure...


Party Chat Ep 24: Should Kingdom Hearts Have Everything Disney?

Welcome to the description of Episode 24! This week Matt, Melvin & Andrew ended up talking about a variety of things such as Disney owning everything and how they manage to treat it all the way they do. Check out the Video Podcast! 1:00 D23 Gaming News 4:50 Should Marvel and Star Wars make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts? 10:00 What Disney IP would you like to see in Kingdom Hearts? 16:00 Rainbow Six Siege Delayed until December 1st 17:00 Do you care that people might spoil gaming stories...


Party Chat Ep 21: Fights Over Fighting Games

After a long hiatus Andrew returns to the fray from holidays and joins Melvin & Matt to discuss esports and the recent Evo fighting games tournament in a new more free flowing conversation than usual! 1:15 - The Flock will shut down permanently when everyone dies. 5:15 - Street Fighter V DLC can be unlocked for free 11:30 - Batman Arkham Knight is getting an interim patch for PC in August 15:00 - Itagaki blames the negative Devil’s Third previews on player’s skill. 18:00 - Metal Gear Solid...


Party Chat Ep 20: Directly to You

Without Nintendo we would not be the gamers that we are today. We are grateful for all you have given us. This week we dedicate our 20th episode to one of the most influential figures of the gaming industry. Melvin Rodriguez, Matthew Howitt and Mackenzie Allen bow their heads and pay their respect to Mr Iwata. Directly to you! 1:00 R.I.P Mr Iwata. 9:05 More Kojima vs Konami news 12:50 Batman Arkham Knight DLC on PC delayed until games is fixed 15:05 Our awful transition to Five Nights at...


Party Chat Ep 19: Minecraft Sweeper

Melvin Rodriguez, Matthew Howitt and special guest Mackenzie Allen take a look forward to the gaming year ahead of us and discuss why it is that some of feel so compel to plays prequels before sequels. In an episode filled with mispronunciations and full excitement we strive to provide our views on western ports, MineCon, fan made mods and companies admitting their mistakes. This is the gamers plural party chat! 0:55 Red Ash the Mega man Legends Spiritual successor details. 5:15 FFXIV Mac...


Party Chat Ep 18: Our Nation’s Gaming Achievements

Ever since E3, gaming news have been scarce. That didn’t stop Melvin Rodriguez, Matthew Howitt and Braden Mund from sharing their opinions with all you! This week we try to honor our fellow Canadian developers by discussing some of the amazing experiences they have made possible for us. After all it was Canada day. 1:25 – Indie-pendance day! 4:25 – Keiji Inafune teases a Mega Man legends spiritual successor 11:10 – We might get the NX sooner than expected 15:00 – PC is getting the port of...