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The Arcade Castle is a podcast dedicated to examining, archiving, and sharing the bizarre video game licensed board games that exist across the planet.

The Arcade Castle is a podcast dedicated to examining, archiving, and sharing the bizarre video game licensed board games that exist across the planet.
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The Arcade Castle is a podcast dedicated to examining, archiving, and sharing the bizarre video game licensed board games that exist across the planet.




Arcade Castle - Episode 16 - Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Double Feature!

In Episode 16, Arcade Castle takes a look at another giant in the Edutainment industry: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? A facts based learning game at heart, WitWiCS has players tracking V.I.L.E. henchmen across the planet and, later, both time and space, as they attempt to stop these henchmen from stealing iconic cultural icons, items, concepts, buildings, geographic locations, and more by gathering clues, answering questions, and following the trail of the V.I.L.E. henchmen until...


Arcade Castle - Episode 15 - The Oregon Trail Board Game - Journey to Willamette Valley

In Episode 15 of the podcast, The Arcade Castle finds itself, once again, on a journey through another oregon trail licensed board game by Pressman in the form of The Oregon Trail Board Game: Journey to Willamette Valley. Having played The Oregon Trail Card Game and The Oregon Trail Hunt For Food Card Game in prior years (and on Episode 04 and Episode 08, respectively), The Arcade Castle has mixed expectations when bringing this game to the table. In The Oregon Trail Board Game, players...


Arcade Castle - Episode 14 - F-Zero Knight League Real Racing Simulation Game

As the sun blazes down on Kentucky without mercy, Arcade Castle cools down by blazing down miles of asphalt at 900+ miles an hour as they play the early 1990s board game adaptation of F-Zero! Based off of the seminal Super Nintendo game that boasted Mode 7 graphics & wowed gamers in 1990, the F-Zero Knight League Real Racing Simulation Game does its best to capture the look and feel of F-Zero in a board game! In the F-Zero Knight League Real Racing Simulation Game (hereafter FZKLRRSG),...


Arcade Castle - Episode 13 - Food-Themed Kickstarter Card Game Double Feature!

Continuing the adventures from Episode 12, Arcade Castle looks at two more Kickstarter games, this time in the form of food-themed card games. The first game Arcade Castle examined was a card game based off the 1982 arcade smash hit Burgertime. Following this, Arcade Castle had dessert in the form of Robots Love Ice Cream, based off a mid 2010s IOS phone game. The Burgertime Card Game attempts to overcome the challenge any developer faces when they try and adapt a typical arcade title...


Arcade Castle - Episode 12 - Megaman The Board Game (2015)!

Riding the high that was Rollercoaster Tycoon, Arcade Castle gets on board their next ride in the form of the Megaman Board Game by Jasco Games, approved by Capcom, backed by 2,639 backers on Kickstarter to the tune of $415,051, developed for over two years, and released in 2015! (*phew*) But as the ride begins for Arcade Castle, a ride, unbeknownst to them, that last for hours and hours and hours, can Arcade Castle survive until the ride is over? In Episode 12, Arcade Castle tackles...


Arcade Castle - Episode 11 - Roller Coaster Tycoon!

Surviving the Cold War of Episode 10, Arcade Castle takes a break from serious topics and takes a trip to the amusement park thanks to Parker Brothers and their 2002 board game adaptation of the Roller Coaster Tycoon PC video game from 1999! As Arcade Castle starts acquiring properties through auction, they cast a dubious eye towards the "Parker Brothers" publisher and the similarities to one of their other titular board game titles. However, as the game progresses and patrons ride rides,...


Arcade Castle Episode 10 - Odyssey II - Conquest of the World

Amid rising tensions, Arcade Castle chills with a Cold War Simulator on the Odyssey II from 1981. Utilizing a mathematical formula from the C.I.A. and real world scenarios torn fresh from the headlines (well, fresh in 1981 anyway), Magnavox created Conquest of the World. The third (and final) entry in the Master Strategy Series by Magnavox, Conquest of the World takes advantage of the expanded memory on the video game cartridge to create a 1v1 games that implies additional strategy on the...


Arcade Castle: Episode 09 - Arcade Double Feature! Pitfall! and Jungle Hunt!

In this episode of the Arcade Castle Podcast, we take the first word of our podcast quite literally by playing two arcade themed board games released by Milton Bradley in 1983: Pitfall! and Jungle Hunt. As Arcade Castle plays two jungle themed board games intended for players far younger than they, can they survive the hazards of the trail? Or succumb to the pifalls and traps? In Pitfall!, players move forward or backward along the surface, jungle trail, or the underground, cavern...


Arcade Castle: Episode 08 - The Oregon Trail Hunt For Food Card Game

Arcade Castle's attempt to sacrifice The Oregon Trail Card Game during the solar eclipse was, in a word, unsuccessful. At the height of the astronomical event, Arcade Castle thrust a dagger into the very heart of the card game and set it aflame in the hopes of removing its presence from this planet and send it into the unfathomable void of space. But Arcade Castle was wrong. As the embers died down and the solar bodies unaligned, something arose from the ashes, the proverbial phoenix:...


Arcade Castle: Episode 07 - The Colossal Cave Adventure

In Episode 07, Arcade Castle plumbs the depths of early text-based adventure gaming as they play a modern adaptation of one of the earliest video games ever made: Adventure/ADVENT/The Colossal Cave Adventure. While Adventure has seen many adaptations and modifications since its creation by Will Crowther in 1975, does this board game adaptation from 2013 deserve a place in the Well House, or cast into the Bottomless Pit? In The Colossal Cave Adventure, players traverse the rooms and...


Arcade Castle: Episode 06 - The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt

In Episode 06 (or Episode 01, Volume 02 if we are going by comic book rules), Arcade Castle tackle the high risk, high reward world of high finance and stock speculation in The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt. Buying stock in Mcdonald's, WoW, and more, Arcade Castle struggles to avoid bankruptcy and boredom in this financial the Odyssey II from 1982! In The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt, each player, or team of players start with $100,000 dollars and attempt, over the...


Arcade Castle: Episode 05 - Portal - The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game

"The game has been in production for a long time, because we've been working really hard to make sure that it is something that Portal fans will enjoy. But it's not Portal. You're not playing the video game in a board game, because why would you want to do that? It's a separate experience, but it's still very much Portal." - Sara Miguel (Cryptozoic Games) Ah...well...I guess we don't need this episode of the podcast then... Grape Cake Ingredients 1 9 inch pan Butter and flour...


Arcade Castle: Episode 04 - The Oregon Trail - Card Game

Ignoring the advice of our guides, Arcade Castle sets out on the Oregon Trail in the middle of winter. Will this poor decision cause their journey to end before it even starts? The Oregon Trail: Card Game sets out to capture the early computing phenomenon that is The Oregon Trail. Created by Pressman and distributed exclusively by Target, The Oregon Trail: Card Game became a mini-phenomenon in its own right as nostalgia fueled gamers clamored for the card game based on the game they spent...


Arcade Castle: Episode 03 - Age of Mythology: The Board Game

During the sweltering summer days of July, Arcade Castle tried to escape the heat and humidity by escaping to the...identical climes of the Mediterranean. Failing to escape the weather, they decided to find out which ancient civilization of the old world was the dominant superpower and, since Arcade Castle has as of yet to finish their time machine, tried to determine the answer with a board game. Age of Mythology: The Board Game is an adaptation of the Real Time Strategy video game of...


Arcade Castle: Episode 2 - SimCity The Card Game

On this rainy day in April, The Arcade Castle decided to distract themselves from the boredom and woes that only come from being stuck inside during rainy weather. Searching through the archives they come across a game that reminds them of their youth; halcyon days filled with designing cities, relaxing music, and bulldozing schools and libraries to get a higher population count. However, as they open the game and begin reading the extensive tome that acts as the rulebook to playing this...


Arcade Castle: Episode 01 - The Quest For The Rings

On this leap day in the year 2016, a podcast was borne from the ether and unleashed unto the world. From the untamed lands twixt the wartorn realms of board games and video games, two intrepid explorers examine long-forgotten artifacts. Housed within a crumbling structure, the Arcade Castle is the only place these misbegotten games and antiquities can call home. But can these explorers survive the trials and tribulations these games will call upon them or, will they go mad trying? In this...