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Episode 12 - Josh Singh, Art Direction

In this episode of Behind the Screen, we chat with Joshua Singh, Art Director at Wavedash Games, the studio behind upcoming platform fighter Icons: Combat Arena Joshua Singh's journey in art has taken him to some well-known places - from Sony Online Entertainment, to 38 Studios, to Blizzard (where he worked on the project that would eventually re-work itself into Overwatch), and Riot Games. Now working as Art Director at Wavedash Games, Josh seeks to break new ground in the platform...


Episode 11 - Belinda Zoller, Community

In this episode of Behind the Screen, we talk with Belinda Zoller, Community Manager for Extra Credits. Belinda Zoller is a multi-talented individual, currently serving as Community Manager for video games learning series Extra Credits. Belinda was driven enough about their passion for games that they not only taught themselves coding but started a game dev organization in college, which eventually led to them becoming a Conference Associate for the Games Developer Conference, a gig...


Episode 10 - Tad Leckman, Art Academia (ft. Michael Maurino)

In this episode, we talk with Tad Leckman, a multi-talented artist who is now teaching and guiding new art students into their future careers. With a background both in entertainment and education, Tad Leckman has spent the past twenty years focused on the learning and development of artists, designers, writers and engineers. After a successful career as a digital artist and supervisor at Industrial Light and Magic, Tad changed his focus to teaching full-time, and has taught at Academy of...


Episode 9 - Brian Smawley, Community

Brian Smawley - better known as Chef Lu Bu - is an Army veteran, talented chef, and YouTube creative. Originally born in Florida, Brian grew up in Georgia, where he lives today, working as a community manager at Battle and Brew, a unique venue that bills itself as Atlanta's first Geekbar - a restaurant and bar equipped with PC stations, tabletop gaming areas, consoles, and a steampunk lounge - as well as a social media manager for GASM Media. Brian began making videos on YouTube in 2013,...


Episode 8 - Marissa Huculak, 3D Animation

In this episode of Behind the Screen, we talk with Marissa Huculak, a 3D animator. Marissa Huculak is a talented 3D Animator who’s put in work at Bardel Entertainment, an animation studio collaborating with places like Disney, Cartoon Network, Dreamworks, and more. Marissa worked on Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, working with both artists and animation directors to put together a show featuring one of comics and animation’s most beloved set of pizza-loving martial-arts...


Episode 7 - Robert Daniell, IP Law

In this episode, we speak with Robert Daniell, a recent graduate from Case Western Reserve, looking to tackle IP law in video games. Robert Daniell is a recent law grad, avid gamer, and a writer for Hearthhead and Hearthstone Top Decks, two of the most well-known sites for guiding you through Blizzard’s Hearthstone card game. During his time as a student, Robert’s worked with Ryan Morrison of Morrison/Lee, who’ve plied their trade being innovators and leaders in the realm of video gaming,...


Episode 6 - Pamela Horton, Hosting

In this episode, we speak with Pamela Horton, host for GameStop TV, co-creator of ToasterGhost, and Facebook Gaming partner. Pam is an effervescent personality, introduced to video games around the age of 5. She's been an avid gamer, with a special place for JRPGs, MMOs, and sandbox titles like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy XI, World of Warcraft, and Minecraft. She's a media professional in the industry and is best known for her hosting and live work with Nintendo of America as Bayonetta,...


Episode 5 - Kat Lo, Researcher

On this episode of Behind the Screen, we chat with Katherine Lo, Researcher at UC. We discuss the importance of moderation, the value of community managers, why anonymity is the wrong thing to focus on when discussing online toxicity, designing for community spaces, and where she wants to go in the future. Kat Lo is a Researcher at the University of California, Irvine, where she’s focused in part on the role community moderators play in mitigating and preventing online abuse and harassment...


Episode 4 - Mattias Lehman, Communications

In this episode, we speak with Mattias Lehman, Communications at Riot Games. We talk to him about what he does at Riot as well as the current political landscape. Mattias Lehman is a political activist, independent writer, games unionization advocate, and duly elected California Democratic Party Delegate, and that’s not even getting into the job he has that pays the bills as a Communications Associate at Riot Games, where he works with designers and developers to help them understand the...


Episode 3 - Akinola Verissimo, Hosting

In this episode, we speak with Akinola "Blakinola" Verissimo. Ak speaks to us about what got him into voice acting, his time creating content for League of Legends, and what he is focused on these days. Akinola Verissimo is an multi-faceted talent, specializing in hosting, announcing, content creation, voice acting, and more. He’s been active in the gaming and esports space since 2012, most notably in the League of Legends community, but has also branched out to lending his voice to events...