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Episode 14 - James B. Jones, Narrative Writing

In this episode of Behind the Screen, we chat with James Jones, journeyman writer for the games industry and former colleague at BioWare Austin. Among James' achievements in games include co-authoring the STAR WARS: The Old Republic Encyclopedia, writing narrative and VO scripts for Blade & Soul, constructing story arcs and lore for multiple games in the action, fantasy, and sci-fi spheres, and more. Kristen chats with James about his well-traveled, sometimes difficult road in the...


Episode 13 - Michelle Archer Waterman, Community

In this episode of Behind the Screen, we chat with Michelle Archer Waterman, an old friend and colleague from our days working on STAR WARS: The Old Republic. Michelle is currently a Team Lead for Community Management at Ubisoft, but before that, she worked for well-known studios like Bethesda and BioWare. We talk about Michelle's inspiring story of how someone who started out as a fan and a gamer turned their passion into a career, as well as about her path into the games industry, how...