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075: The Horny Hornet

A Dark Souls style game set in a Buffy-esque universe where the "Chosen one" is Scatman John. A suspenseful game set in an abandoned theme park where you play as the Mascot who never left when the park closed down. A vengeful Hornet who is chasing the spider that stole it's wings, armed only with a stinger and springs. Ben and Trevor laugh their way through another crazy round of Click Pitch on this episode of Bit Storm.


074: Get Me A Weasley

Down in the dumps? We prescribe this episode of Bit Storm, where Ben and Trevor come up with video game tie-ins for the Bill & Ted franchise as well as creating the MVGU (Marvel Video Game Universe), along with a game about a dolphin on the police force, a kindergarten rife with politics and backstabbing, a VR drainage based puzzle game and a cross between X-Com and Stardew Valley. Warning: side effects may include laughter, groans, and an existential disappointment that these games will...


073: Lactose Intolerant

A guy who survived the extinction of mankind while demoing a fallout shelter! A No One Lives Forever inspired spy romp against a villian hell bent on destroying the UK with Mad Cow Disease! Vegans and people with Lactose intolerance team up against a deadly common threat! These are just some of the games that Ben and Trevor muddled though in Click Pitch this week.


072: Winner Winner Human Dinner (featuring Barney Cumming)

Trevor and Ben are joined by Barney Cumming of Powerhoof this week, and the resulting stampede leaves behind a game where you play a recluse solving a mystery via garbage and crosswords, a HVAC engineer who is sensibly doing their job, we explore the fine art of observatory equipment requisition, and we reinvent Powerhoof's Regular Human Basketball into a Space Jam-esque adventure! Find Barney online: Website: Twitter: Facebook:...


071: Orphanazi

Where is that piano music coming from? What if Hansel and Gretel wanted to live with the witch? How long could you survive on a distant planet where the day is deadlier than the night? Ben and Trevor attempt to answer all these questions while playing a rousing game of Click Pitch. All on this episode of Bit Storm.


070: The Prime Nephew

What would Space Quest 7 be like if Roger Wilco was turned into pure electricity? What if the next ridiculous teenage trend had something to do with a hydraulic press? What's the best way for a gopher to steal balls on a golf course? And what do you do if you find out you have a particularly special nephew? Ben and Trevor answer all these questions on this week's episode of Bit Storm!


067: Fungi Cold Medina

Ben and Trevor return for an in-depth discussion of 4 made up games. Games include human sized pigs and pig sized humans set in an RPG, a rogue-like adventure beneath the waves and we discover the secret truth of how humanity evolved on Earth.


066: Clock Fluid

A management game where you are tasked with building the best pub crawl route, an extreme couponing game with gameplay from both sides of the register, a world where the very concept of time relies on a mysterious fluid, and the much needed movie tie-ins for Cube, Key & Peele, Speed 3 and the entire oeuvre of Stephen King. All this and more from the minds of Ben and Trevor this week!


Boom (tm) - Global Game Jam 2018

Ben and Trevor do a post mortem of their Global Game Jam experience! Hear about their experiences jamming in Melbourne, the brainstorming and development process, then play their final game! Play the game here: Video during development:


059: High Pressure Hairdressing

In their third and final Global Game Jam themed episode, Ben and Trevor take the theme "The Sound of a Beating Heart" and apply it to all their Click Pitch rounds this week! It results in a blood sucking rhythm game, a toe trimming simulator, a superhero ant, a game where you dispose of bodies for the mafia, a teenager finding their way to the underworld, and more!


058: What Do We Do Now?

In the second of their Global Game Jam themed episodes, Ben and Trevor take the theme 'What Do We Do Now' and use it in every Click Pitch this week! The result is a VR experience of vacuuming up Grandma's ashes, a dung beetle pushing a dung ball around a crowded city and the worst game of "Basketball" ever envisioned.


057: Brandon's Been Branded

In the first of their Global Game Jam themed episodes, Ben and Trevor take the theme 'Deception' and use it in every Click Pith this week! The result is a squirrel trying to steal nuts in a metroidvania set in a zoo, a reporter trying to infiltrate a secret society in the lead up to World War 2, the follow up to Rockstar's Bully is finally released 70 years late, and we design the latest version of the Fit Bit! Ben's GGJ 2011 Entry, Containment:...


056: Billy Knives

Trevor welcomed Ben to his humble abode and they recorded a live episode. They played some Click Pitch and things got a little weird, with games including themes such as Batman's new arch enemy, a prison breakout, a Star Trek / Mass Effect crossover and shaking down criminals to find the drug kingpin. Disclaimer: The audio in this episode is not up to our usual quality, there are approximately 8 minutes of distorted audio within 4 distinct sections. With any luck this won't occur again.


055: Big Candy

Ben and Trevor are starting the New Year with a jam-packed episode, including a Goonies sequel featuring the children of the original cast, how to make whiskey using time travel, what the seniors at Hogwarts get up to when nobody is watching, henchman that know they're in a video game, a horror movie management game, and more!


054: Sorry Mum, I Did Crime (Special GOTY Episode)

In an extra special mid-week episode, Ben and Trevor create their Game Of The Year based on pitches from their audience. Which one will win? An interstellar twist on a classic pub game? Teen monsters pulling pranks? A game that has a Doctor Who back story for no reason? The heart wrenching story of a criminal confessing to his mother? Or the sequel to one of our previous games, mashed up with a classic 80s flick? Listen to find out!


053: Liquid Metal Santa

Merry Christmas! Ben and Trevor have a very special Christmas gift for everyone in the form of a Christmas themed Click Pitch. They design some very unusual games, including a Santa based cover shooter, a snowman builder and a Christmas themed prequel to the Incredibles.


052: Not all fat guys are called Bob (Featuring Adam "Pez" Perry)

Ben and Trevor welcome Adam "Pez" Perry, previously of the You Game Bro podcast, to discuss imaginary games such as an adventure game where an entomologist discovers a deadly secret about ladybugs, Micro Transaction Simulator 2018, a wild west open world game with a major difference and a BJ simulator.


051: Butting Butts on a Butte

Ben and Trevor are back at it, imagining a horde shooter where your only method of communication is random noises, an open world sea monster game, a meringue based platformer, a sprawling adventure set in the world of board games, a competitive goat-based king of the mountain game, and a stealthy restaurant patron with high class tastes.


050: You'd Better Run, Egg!

In our notable 50th episode, Ben and Trevor pitch game designs involving an itchy actor trying to keep it under control, an egg council lobbyist just trying to make a living, what happens when humans stay in VR for too long, a bullet hell shooter where you control a pair of wings, mouse commandos, and the tragic tale of a child and their cat.


047: Interpretive Snake Dance (Pax Storm #2)

In the 2nd of 3 PAX themed episodes, Ben and Trevor record in front of a live studio audience... of one. Together they designed an intriguing stealth game set within a closed down mint, a competitive multiplayer game where teachers in a school try to catch greased up pigs and take us on a peaceful journey where the Snake UN have sent an emissary of peace, a Peace Python if you will, to the Human UN. Recorded at the Podcasts on the Promenade @ the Plus Five bar


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