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138: I Am Gloria Jean

Ben and Trevor have returned to Click Pitch as the random word generator is working again. Games discussed included such gems as: a VR Coffee simulator, VR match three in the real world, a narative story set in multiple time periods of a circus and a Goblins-esque game about luck.


137: Peter Joyce, Peter Joyce, Peter Joyce

Breaking free from the random word generator, Ben and Trevor take on movies and TV shows this week, resulting in an adventure game prequel to Beetlejuice, an in-depth competitive version of Australian Ninja Warrior, and a VR version of Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity.


136: You're a Wizard, Squarey

Things ramp up a bit more this week as Ben and Trevor discuss more crazy game ideas like, a VR Jurassic Park game that retells the original story with the previously unknown 3rd grandchild, a world where corporate logos come to life, a fantasy text adventure about a substitute teacher and a world in a 2d shape suddenly gets the ability to see in 3 dimensions.


135: The Square Accords

Some more ramped up Click Pitch produces a buddy story about a man and the ghost in his throat, an asymmetrical multiplayer challenge inspired by Spy Party, a co-operative shooter where you all play Bishop from Aliens, a conspiracy story about the shape of washcloths, and more!


134: Bow Kegels

Returning to regular Click Pitch this week, Ben and Trevor discuss the following game ideas: an RTS set on someone's face, the post apocalyptic Mushroom Kingdom, the story of Keith the Space God and an archery themed golf game.


133: Murder Sprinkles

Under the pressure of self-imposed limitations, Ben and Trevor invent a series of rhythm and/or first person shooter games. Games include a world where aliens have turned all roads into roundabouts, John Wick style rhythmic murder, a Wikileak of all the gates to hell, and more!


132: Downunder Aperture

Trev and Ben limit themselves to Platforming and Puzzles in this weeks Click Pitch. Games include Canabalt 2 but this time you control the buildings, picnic tower defence, the story of Eeyore fighting Nazi's and finally the long awaited sequel to Portal set in Australia.


131: The 16th Coming of Jesussica

To celebrate Adventure Jam 2019 (#advjam2019) Ben and Trevor made nothing but adventure games this week, and came up with a Good Omens inspired story of a modern day messiah, a VR game about sitting at the kid's table at a super hero's dinner party, the battle between two rival gyms, a game where Tintin is shipwrecked AGAIN, and more!


130: The Avengers (But Not Marvel's)

The epic story of the humble tip office clerk's redemption, digital druids saving deer in a Big Game Hunter style game, building a house while performing ballerina moves in a Tony Hawk Pro Skater way and saving the world in the newest big budget co-op game set in the Avengers universe. Ben and Trevor are back for some more Click Pitch!


129: Squirrel Wedding

A VR wedding photographer game, carpenters vs bricklayers, senior citizens fighting zombies, and more in this episode of Bit Storm! Disclaimer: Ben & Trevor struggled with technical difficulties so this episode is a little shorter than usual and a bit choppy, sorry about that!


128: The Wooley Chronicles

Ben and Trevor dive into the real story behind the Purple People Eater song by Sheb Wooley, as well as many other crazy game ideas, such as: the teenage genius who figured out cold fusion, Mother Nature's favorite forest, the tragic tale of a lifeguard and a trip to 1980's outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne.


127: Monsters In Paradise

Ben and Trevor are back with a VR game set entirely through the literal frame of a front door, an alien world where sunlight gives you bullet time, papercraft surgery, celebrity fruit, a monstrous version of The Bachelor, and more!


126: Daniel Steel

Ben and Trevor return to bring you more insane games that will never be made. A romantic fiction writer has a brush with the supernatural, mindless zombies can be returned to sanity with music, a side scrolling brawler with constant narration and a husband and wife must escape from a creepy doll filled mansion.


125: The House Whisperer

It's a body horrific episode, as Ben and Trevor somehow imagine up games about sentient flesh houses, a serial organ transplanter, a Funniest Home Video simulator, an adventure game about a stage magician and her nemesis, a combinatorial racing game, and more!


124: The Duck Lord

The mysterious duck lord haunts 2-4 lonely individuals, designing the Winchester mansion, making friends while space battles happen overhead and try to stop FUSS Jnr from stealing the childrens souls. Just some of the game ideas discussed by Ben and Trev this week on Bit Storm in yet another Click Pitch segment.


123: That's Not a Rock!

A high stakes battle to give your mother your kidney in a dystopic future, a skilled team of Dream Walkers exploring their enemies psyche, an ancienct curse creating zombies from whole cloth, pet rock battles, and the secret life of Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances. You heard me.


122: Anatomy of a Murder

A submarine ride to hell, passing notes in class, a sentient robot fighting back against the oppressors, and solving murders with a Minority Report inspired interface - all this and more as Ben and Trevor take random words and turn them into game designs.


121: Medieval Hangover

Drinks ahoy! In this episode of Bit Storm, Ben and Trevor bring out their narrative side as they create games exploring a thief on the streets of turn of the century London, biological weapons in the most literal sense of the word, a town quarantined after a terrorist attack, and a young page's exploration through a medieval city to figure out what exactly happened last night after all that mead.


120: Quantum Horse

Ben and Trevor return once again to create zany games featuring ideas such as a murderous dinner party, battlefield tic-tac-toe, an alien that was swapped at birth and of course a quantum horse. How did they come to these conclusions, find out in this episode of Bit Storm.


119: Dude, where's my Yellow

Ben and Trevor have returned from the quickest hiatus in history to bring more weird ideas from the depths of their collective minds. Games discussed include: the newest comic book "hero" the Handyman, a factory controlled by monkeys, a necromantic/instructional kids game and a Metroidvania where two stoners go in search of the mysterious "Yellow".