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093: Underpants and Butts (Featuring Andrew Freeth from Juicy Cupcake)

Ben and Trevor welcome Andrew Freeth to the podcast and they come up with a number of interesting games including, Giants flinging humans around a battlefield, a typing game where you write a kickstarter press release and an erotic novel at the same time, a dark souls-esque romp through history and we reimagine what Brief Battles would be if Ben and Trevor had anything to do with it.


092: Drop Bears and Hoop Snakes

This week: choose the upgrade path of your vicious Australian marsupial, become the keeper of the World Clock, team up with other scientists and unravel a conspiracy, help the spirit that has possessed your non-dominant hand, and see what happens when Mrs Clause has her moment and takes her rightful place as head of the North Pole.


091: The Incompetent Threshold

Ben and Trevor ramp Click Pitch up a notch and come up with a variety of awesome games. A multiplayer shooter with civilian npcs, a western Scooby Doo mystery, unusual laser pointers and a game based on a rejected song from Kurodust. * Includes the only surviving recording of the song "The 1000". *


090: Danger Zone

Back to Click Pitch this week as Ben and Trevor dream up a multiplayer puppeteering game, the challenges of being a flight attendant, a flight combat game set in the aftermath of a modern US civil war, an RPG set in the world of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, a tactics game setting ballroom dancers against tap dancers, and a heartwarming story of a couple running a general store.


089: Three Course Mystery

This episode we try out an old segment once again, Adventure Game Design Done Quick (AGDDQ), where we try to write the story and puzzles for a small point and click adventure game within the hour. The result is a narrative game that takes place over the three courses that are served to the captain's table.


088: Infinity Band

Ben and Trevor go back to the Harry Potter well in a game played within the margins of a Potions spell book, get serious with a game about a man down on his luck and on the streets, do some deep world building in which a technology can tell you how long you have left to live, reveal what really happened to the Hindenburg, and more!


087: Game Paste

A VR puzzle game inspired by the Fools Errand, a momentum based game in which you must stop a lodge from crashing into an orphanage, a calm casual driving experience game with a secret locked in the trunk. These are just some of the crazy games that Ben and Trevor discussed this week.


086: Minecraft (but for spiders)

What is the gestational period of a common bridge troll? Can you help your future self save the planet? What happens to a typesetter's legacy when his son leaves for the war? Have we ever tackled so many serious questions in one episode? Listen to find out!


085: Fire All The Guns

A VR game that warps time further than Superhot! A narrative game where you play a lawyer representing the creator of the hoverboard! A game where you must present a home you know nothing about to prospective home buyers. All these games and more on this episode of Bit Storm.


084: Tomb Raver (featuring Meg and Anthony from Screwtape Studios)

Ben and Trevor are joined by Megan Summers and Anthony Wood from Screwtape Studios this week, and they come up with a smoke filled metroidvania, limb buying robots, a soul fishing contest between God and the Devil, a grammar obsessed teenager solving mysteries, a thief stealing only the best food, plus we subvert fairy tale tropes as we re-imagine Screwtape's game Damsel. Screwtape's Social Media: Website Damsel Twitter Steam Early Access


083: Metaphorical Cavity Search

Just relax, this week the games include border searches in a fantasy land, cheating in a 4 player co-op, maintaining a boiler in Antarctica and a competitive co-op cow rustling game. Ben and Trevor laugh their way through another action packed episode of Bit Storm.


082: Workplace Tag

Delivering script pages via parkour, playing a high stakes game of Tag in the office, Spy Party-esque multiplayer in an exam room, the long sordid tale of a single chapstick, cartoon physics as gameplay mechanics, and the infinite path of an actor's life - all this and more in Bit Storm this week!


081: Purge the Calendar

A gritty reimagining of Bubble Bobble, Lemmings in VR, the world's reaction to a misprinted calendar and a time travelling scientist. Just a small selection of the games that we covered this week on Bit Storm.


080: Left 4 Bread

Ben and Trevor deep dive into a couple of heavy world building games this episode, including a Black Mirror-esque world where Augmented Reality is the norm and a mystery told through flashbacks during a home invasion. They also explore a co-op survival game using Left 4 Dead's director technology, a wacky VR game of bow analysis, an FTL/X-Com hybrid, a tycoon game dealing with family relationships, and more!


079: The Nun Direction

Two bakers in 18th century France competively baking cakes. The take home version of Bit Storm's Click Pitch(TM). A galaxy contained within a bubble. The many habits of Doctor Livingstone. An educational game about LGBTQIA+. All these games and more on this weeks episode of Bit Storm.


078: Judi Dench: Train Eater

Forget all the other gaming websites, we have your E3 2018 exclusives right here! Coming this summer to a game store near you, the latest FPS blockbuster starring the most badass octogenarian: JUDI DENCH: TRAIN EATER. Also look out for the preview trailers for third person brawler "Gnomes: Guardians of the Garden", hacking and investigation game "When Self Driving Cars Attack", VR extravaganza "Buffet Breakfast Breakdown", the multiplayer streaming VR hit "The Killing Circle" and the...


077: Feudal England

A narrative game based on a boxer that bets on his own fights, a used car salesman simulator, the secret origin of language on earth, a telepathic alien baby breaks out of area 52 and a family fighting to survive in Feudal England. All these ideas were somehow turned into games in this episode of Bit Storm.


076: The Fourth Rule of Gremlins

An alien spider with an expansive skill tree, a rogue-like Gremlins game set in the Old West, a food fight turned lethal, a bullfighter reincarnated as a bull, plus find out the real story behind Gargamel and the Smurfs - all of this and more in this week's Bit Storm!


075: The Horny Hornet

A Dark Souls style game set in a Buffy-esque universe where the "Chosen one" is Scatman John. A suspenseful game set in an abandoned theme park where you play as the Mascot who never left when the park closed down. A vengeful Hornet who is chasing the spider that stole its wings, armed only with a stinger and springs. Ben and Trevor laugh their way through another crazy round of Click Pitch on this episode of Bit Storm.


074: Get Me A Weasley

Down in the dumps? We prescribe this episode of Bit Storm, where Ben and Trevor come up with video game tie-ins for the Bill & Ted franchise as well as creating the MVGU (Marvel Video Game Universe), along with a game about a dolphin on the police force, a kindergarten rife with politics and backstabbing, a VR drainage based puzzle game and a cross between X-Com and Stardew Valley. Warning: side effects may include laughter, groans, and an existential disappointment that these games will...