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Episode 74 - Beatles BlizzCon

Pinball: The guys discuss the KCGameCON 2018 Pinball Championship, an article on Stern Pinball's SPIKE system over at TWIP, the upcoming Stern Beatles pin, MonkeyGate, and the notion of Bill & Ted's Excellent Pinball Adventure. Afterwards, they play 20 Questions. Video Games: Discussions revolve around the host of announcements coming out of BlizzCon 2018. Episode Links: KCGameCON 2018 Pinball Championship pre-registration:...


Episode 73 - Expo 2018 & VG News

Pinball: The pinball segment revolves around Pinball Expo 2018. The guys talk about Monster Bash Remake, Oktoberfest, the deeproot Pinball panel, and Scott Danesi's Haunted House Party. Afterwards, they play 20 Questions. Video Games: This segment starts with Zen Studios and the censorship on certain WMS tables. Then, Tony goes over an update on Telltale Games, the author of the Witcher demanding additional money from the success of the video games, crazy Diablo hype, and former President...


Episode 72 - Say It's So, Joe

Joe Schober of American Pinball joins Tony and Dennis as a guest host on this episode (which is entirely about pinball). In news, discussion revolves around the Monster Bash Remake (which had its topper revealed), a possible Yellow Brick Road edition of Wizard of Oz from Jersey Jack Pinball, a rumor that Stern Pinball may be releasing a pin about the Beatles before Munsters (flipping the expected order), a discussion of deeproot Pinball given the additional information from This Week in...


Episode 71 - TelltaleFest

Pinball: Dennis discusses his recent article with This Week in Pinball about early solid-state board sets. The guys then discuss American Pinball confirming Oktoberfest as their next game, and a brief discussion about two new pinball companies being announced (Suncoast Pinball and Great Lakes Pinball). From there, Tony and Dennis talk about the new Orion's Belt product and have a discussion about pop bumpers and their use in modern pinball machines. Finally, they play 20 Questions. Video...


Episode 70 - Jason Joins the Fray

Jason Knapp, of the Knapp Arcade Facebook group, joins the show as a guest host! Pinball: In the news, the guys talk about two pinball articles Dennis wrote, Spooky Pinball's announcement of an approaching pause in Total Nuclear Annihilation production, and Deadflip's gameplay reveal of Stern Pinball's Deadpool Premium. After the news, several pinball topics are tackled. There is a discussion of what makes for good location pinball, what are good pinball mods, and what goes into buying and...


Episode 64 - E3 2018

Tony and Dennis are joined by Eric and Don to deep dive into the happenings at E3. Dennis starts the podcast solo, answering questions about the show and bypassing the typical introduction segment. Pinball: Dennis covers the pinball news alone, talking about Sandra Bullock wanting a Demolition Man pinball machine, Scott Danesi designing a second game for Spooky Pinball, Joe Schober joining American Pinball, and David Thiel becoming exclusive to deeproot Pinball. After the news, Tony joins...


Episode 63 - Zach Attack!

Tony and Dennis are joined by Zachary Meny, of Straight Down the Middle: a pinball show, to talk about the silver ball. Pinball: In pinball news, discussion focuses on This Week in Pinball being open to donations, John Popadiuk filing an appeal in his civil case regarding Zidware, a leaked image of the Deadpool playfield from Stern Pinball, the rapid sell-out of the Supreme pinball machine, the announcement that Star Trek pinball is getting a Vault Edition, and Homepin indicating their...


Episode 62 - Bruce Almighty

Tony and Dennis are joined by Bruce Nightingale, of the Slam Tilt Podcast and The Silverball Saloon, to talk a bunch of pinball and a bit on the virtual side. Pinball: This episode has a huge focus on news-driven items. Discussion revolves around liquidation details for Heighway Pinball, that former pinball designer John Trudeau was arrested yet again, the pricing range currently proposed by deeproot Pinball, the Women's International Pinball Tournament happening at Replay FX this year,...


Episode 61 - Heighway v BattleTech

Pinball: After a brief mention of Stern Pinball's Iron Maiden LE gameplay (provided by Deadflip), we move into a couple legal/business updates. The first is Zidware and pinball designer John Popadiuk's legal defeat in a civil suit regarding his failure to produce pinball machines. The second is the collapse of Heighway Pinball, its ongoing liquidation, and the rumors/drama surrounding the failure of yet another pinball company. The pinball segment concludes with the results of the Slam the...


Episode 60 - Ryan Raps Pinball

In this episode, Ryan C. (of Head2Head Pinball) joins in to talk about all sorts of pinball topics. In pinball news, there is discussion of Spooky Pinball's Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle at the 2018 Midwest Gaming Classic. From there, we talk about continued fallout regarding Jersey Jack Pinball's Pirates of the Caribbean with changes to the spinning disc and treasure-chest ball lock for production models versus the prototypes. Finally, there is a brief discussion of Dennis' Atari pinball...


Episode 59 - Put Them in the Iron Maiden... Excellent!

In pinball, Dennis and Tony discuss Stern Pinball's recently announced Iron Maiden pinball. They also talk about Pinball Expo (it's back on, but there are changes still versus prior years). They also briefly spend some time on the Trash Talker Invitational Podcaster Bloodbath. Finally, it's time for Round 2 of The Worst of the Fall. The video game segment consists of gaming updates, because updates are good! Links: This Week in Pinball's Iron Maiden information:...


Episode 58 - TPF 2018

Discussion revolves around the 2018 Texas Pinball Festival, the first round of our The Worst of the Fall Tournament, and a couple video game topics (Mad Max and Overwatch). A setting was wrong on Dennis' microphone input so he will have more echo than ideal, sorry! Links: Fun with Bonus: Roanoke Pinball Museum: The Pinball Podcast: Head2Head Pinball: Straight Down the...


Episode 57 - Games Games Games

No interviews and no guest hosts, just Tony and Dennis talking about games. A big mix this time (even the tabletop segment makes a return!). Pinball: Pinball topics consist of Chicago Gaming Company announcing they will no longer be revealing their third remake pin at the 2018 Texas Pinball Festival and the announcement of a Pinball Palooza in the Chicago area (due to a split between the two partners who put together Expo for years). Dennis also talks a bit about a project Laser War machine,...


Episode 56 - Taylor Talks Pinball

In this episode, Tony and Dennis are joined by Taylor Reese (owner/operator of Reese Rails and one of the hosts of This Flippin' Podcast). Given Taylor's pinball background, most of the discussion centers on that hobby. The guys announce the conclusion of the "shame" pinball tournament, discuss Stern Pinball's Supreme pin, provide a Skit-B legal update, talk about some quality issues that have arisen with the Attack from Mars Remake, and cover Ben Heck's announcement that he has left Spooky...


Episode 55 - The Deeproot Interview

This episode kicks off with a lengthy interview Dennis held with Robert Mueller, Principal of deeproot Tech, who joined the show to provide additional information regarding deeproot Pinball and its plans on entering pinball production. After the interview Tony and Dennis give their thoughts/analysis regarding what was learned in the interview. This is followed by setting up the fourth, and final, round of the "shame" pinball tournament, Spooky Pinball's announcement that Total Nuclear...


Episode 54 - The King of Cashing

Tony and Dennis are joined by Steve Bowden, top world-ranked pinball player and the mind behind Fun With Bonus (a website about all things pinball). As such, expect a pinball-heavy episode. The pinball topics start with the third round of the "shame" pinball tournament, and wrap-up of round two. Then, the latest pinball news is discussed (focusing on Stern Pinball's Luci AC/DC Vault Edition announcement, This Week in Pinball's follow-up interview with deeproot Pinball, and the TWIPY pinball...


Episode 53 - Sowing Discord

Pinball: We cover Multimorphic's P3 for our year-end review (as we did not in the prior episode). We talk a bit of Heighway Pinball's Alien, Stern Pinball at CES, and Round 2 in our "shame" tournament. Video Games: We talk about Nintendo's mini-direct event, Halo Wars 2, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and Quantum Break. Links: Solid Sate Pinball Supply: T-shirt Giveaway entries:...


Episode 52 - 2017 Year-End Review

Tony and Dennis summarize 2017 for pinball and video games, plus launch round 1 of the best "shame" pinball machine. Happy New Year! Links: Round 1 of 2017 Best "Shame" Pinball Tournament:


Episode 51 - Prometheus is Bad

Pinball: We open with a couple news updates (Stern's notices for SPIKE systems to fix node board and capacitor issues, plus Star Wars receiving its v1.0 code), following by the TWIPY awards, our "shame" pinball tournament, and the 2018 Texas Pinball Festival. Video Games: Tony talks Breath of the Wild, while Dennis talks Rocket League. There's also some more Star Citizen news! Links: TWIPY pinball award voting: Submission form for "shame" pinball...


Episode 50 - Rooting for the Citizen

Pinball: We open with the latest code update for The Walking Dead and Heighway Pinball's announcement regarding Alien Pinball production. After that, we focus on The Week in Pinball's interview with deeproot Pinball and Dennis' latest Pinball News article on Harry Williams and the game's he designed for Bally in the early 1970s. Video Games: We start with the latest on EA and Battlefront 2's loot boxes. From there, an update is provided on the long-awaited Star Citizen and news regarding...