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Episode 92 - Zombie TBLs

Pinball: In pinball news, the guys see a revival of a zombie topic: Dutch Pinball and The Big Lebowski (driven by a conclusion to the ARA lawsuit). Beyond this, they discuss Guns N' Roses musician Slash confirming a new GnR pinball machine is being developed. The final news item is a brief discussion regarding rumors floating around that Chicago Gaming Company will be making more Alien Pinball (originally built by Heighway Pinball). They also play 20 Questions. Video Games: Video game...


Episode 91 - On the EVE of Lies

Pinball: In pinball news, the guys discuss Jersey Jack Pinball's Wonka pin shipping, along with the decision to lie about its production status to This Week in Pinball. From there, the IFPA's upcoming endorsement fee for women's tournaments is discussed, as is Gary Stern's comments to Head2Head Pinball that Stern Pinball's Pro model is underpriced. Finally, there is a brief discussion about some of the artwork coming from deeproot. After the news, the results of the poll for a 60s TV theme...


Episode 90 - E3 2019

This episode, featuring guest hosts Mike and Eric, is entirely about E3 2019. Episode Links: E3 2019 Recap: Show Links: Website: EGP T-shirts: iTunes: SoundCloud: Stitcher: Facebook: Twitter:...


Episode 89 - Replacing Munsters

Pinball: In pinball news coverage is on Cosmic Carnival's production, Coast 2 Coast Pinball ending, and new details from deeproot pinball. From there, Dennis and Tony discuss different types of jackpots in pinball. Finally, Tony launches a game to determine what TV shows from the same era would have been a better theme than Munsters. Video Games: In video game news coverage focuses on some more issues regarding the Big Epic game sale, Death Stranding, and thoughts on the upcoming E3. Episode...


Episode 88 - Year of the Franchi?

Pinball: In pinball news coverage focuses on Christopher Franchi's Superman 78 art package, gameplay on Suncoast Pinball's Cosmic Carnival, and the purported Catman edition of Stern Pinball's Batman 66 and color edition of Stern Pinball's Munsters Premium. As a discussion topic, the guys talk about pop bumpers and the roles they can play in the modern era. Video Games: In video game news coverage focuses on Minecraft Earth, a partnership between Sony and Microsoft, the launch date for World...


Episode 87 - RAZA's Excellent Ray

Pinball: In pinball news the guys discuss the crowdfunding effort of The Pinball Company being cancelled, and Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland (RAZA) having a video out of deeproot studios. They then have a broad discussion of mystery awards in pinball and also cover the results of their NVRAM giveaway. The conclude the segment with 20 Questions. Video Games: Discussion revolves around Zaccaria Pinball's new update on Steam and their announced progress towards their new mobile apps. The...


Episode 86 - Wonka Reality

Pinball: This guys discuss Jersey Jack Pinball's reveal of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, followed by their hands-on experience with the Pro model of Stern Pinball's Black Knight: Sword of Rage. They wrap up the news with a brief discussion on the Beetlejuice backglass art that was revealed and Dennis' article with This Week in Pinball regarding the IFPA's $1 fee. Video Games: Discussion covers the rumor of a smaller Nintendo Switch coming out soon, positive review-bombing for...


Episode 85 - Sword of Lexan

Pinball: The guys discuss the release of the detailed TWIPY information, and then focus their time on Stern Pinball's Black Knight: Sword of Rage. They also play 20 Questions. Video Games: Multiple items regarding Zaccaria Pinball are discussed (their recent Xbox One release, their upcoming PS4 release, and the Starter Pack being available for PC players via Steam). Then coverage of the continuing saga between the Epic Games Store and Steam. After that, the dismal state of GameStop is...


Episode 84 - Double Vision/Collateral Damage

This show is all about the 2019 Texas Pinball Festival! Note: The show title is a reference to a Star Wars audio book we listened to during the trip (some of the cover art references this as well). We did not discuss the book at all and thus this only has context thanks to this notation. Enjoy! Show Links: Website: iTunes: SoundCloud: Stitcher:...


Episode 83 - Carnies in the House

Nick Baldridge (For Amusement Only: The EM & Bingo Pinball Podcast and Gaming on Ten Minutes a Week) joins us to discuss the new publication he co-authored with Ryan Claytor called Coin-Op Carnival: Electrifying Tales of Mechanical Contraptions. Pinball: Discussion revolves entirely around the upcoming Coin-Op Carnival publication, with a hefty dose of EM discussion sprinkled throughout. Also, Nick plays a game of 20 Questions. Video Games: The news features and update regarding...


Episode 82 - Solo Dennis

Dennis flies solo this episode (making it the shortest and maybe most boring show ever!). Pinball: Dennis discusses Pinburgh going to 1,000 tickets, the four trademarks of American Pinball, the decal issues with Chicago Gaming's Monster Bash Remake, and Stern Pinball's decision to release the schematics to the SPIKE system. Video Games: Dennis discusses Zaccaria Pinball's loss of their Google Play game app, several Nintendo Direct announcements, the failure of Fortnite Live, and the details...


Episode 81 - Killer Clowns from Metro Exodus

Pinball: The guys discuss that Stern Pinball's Munsters Pro models are shipping, Spooky Pinball's talk about Killer Clowns from Outer Space, Jersey Jack Pinball's indications about releasing two new pins in 2019, Great Lakes Pinball hiring artist Tom Deja, and Dutch Pinball's latest negotiations with ARA. Video Games: The segment covers EA's stock impact from Battlefield V and Apex Legends, Epic and Steam battling it out and the fallout from Metro: Exodus, Microsoft Studios rebranding as...


Episode 80 - Dramatic Metroids

Pinball: The guys start with Dirty Donny joining up with Suncoast Pinball, John Trudeau pleading guilty, more Ben Heck drama, Chicago Gaming Company and their quality expectations on Monster Bash Remake LE playfields, and the rumor that Stern Pinball is working on a James Bond theme. Finally, 20 Questions is played. Video Games: The segment covers the delay in Metroid Prime 4, an update on Elite Dangerous, and Tony's plans to start streaming Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2. Episode Links:...


Episode 79 - Epic Munsters

Tony and Dennis start the show with some behind-the-scenes 2018 podcast analytics before hitting the main topics. Pinball: The guys start with a discussion on Munsters, and follow that with their picks for the 2018 TWIPYs. Finally, they play 20 Questions. Video Games: The topics include Awesome Games Done Quick 2019, Bungie's decision to leave Activision, a big event in Elite Dangerous, additional gains for the Epic Game Store, and some Mario Kart activity in the Kansas City area. Episode...


Episode 78 - 2018 Year-End Review

Tony and Dennis cover the biggest happenings in 2018 in both pinball and video games. The pinball section orients around manufacturer, while the video game section is organized more around the major consoles. Discussion about the show in 2018 also occurs! Intro music background is Mt. Fuji by Timecrawler 82 (changes made to original), used under the Creative Commons Attribution license. Music source: Attribution...


Episode 77 - Munsters in a Canvas Bag

Pinball: In news, Dennis and Tony talk about the upcoming Munsters pin by Stern Pinball, deeproot pinball's announcement that they will not be revealing at the 2019 Texas Pinball Festival, some discussion regarding Jersey Jack Pinball and the whole Wonka versus Toy Story plan in 2019, and This Week in Pinball's upcoming TWIPY awards. Afterward, Dennis spends some time reviewing Pinball Magazine #5. Finally, Dennis and Tony both play 20 Questions. Before the video game segment, but after the...


Episode 76 - KCGameCON

Pinball: In pinball news, Dennis and Tony cover Primus Pinball, a bit about Munsters, and the announced reduction in run size for Mafia Pinball. After the news, they spend a lot of time on KCGameCON, namely the KCGameCON Pinball Championship. Finally, they play a game of 20 Questions. Video Games: In video game news the focus is on Firewatch coming to Nintendo Switch and Mechwarrior 5 Mercenaries launching in 2019. From their Tony focuses on his recent acquision of a PS4 and the Spiderman...


Episode 75 - Paper Like a Phone Book

Pinball: Discussion revolves around The Pinball Company's crowd-funding initiative, the fallout relating to Todd Tuckey and the Pinball Adventures book, a discussion on single-level games in today's pinball world, and of course 20 Questions. Video Games: Topics are Microsoft acquiring Obsidian Entertainment and inXile Entertainment, various video game award shows coming up, and Sony's decision not to attend E3 in 2019. Episode Links: WeFunder campaign for The Pinball Company:...


Episode 74 - Beatles BlizzCon

Pinball: The guys discuss the KCGameCON 2018 Pinball Championship, an article on Stern Pinball's SPIKE system over at TWIP, the upcoming Stern Beatles pin, MonkeyGate, and the notion of Bill & Ted's Excellent Pinball Adventure. Afterwards, they play 20 Questions. Video Games: Discussions revolve around the host of announcements coming out of BlizzCon 2018. Episode Links: KCGameCON 2018 Pinball Championship pre-registration:...


Episode 73 - Expo 2018 & VG News

Pinball: The pinball segment revolves around Pinball Expo 2018. The guys talk about Monster Bash Remake, Oktoberfest, the deeproot Pinball panel, and Scott Danesi's Haunted House Party. Afterwards, they play 20 Questions. Video Games: This segment starts with Zen Studios and the censorship on certain WMS tables. Then, Tony goes over an update on Telltale Games, the author of the Witcher demanding additional money from the success of the video games, crazy Diablo hype, and former President...