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Play video games and then talk about them.

Play video games and then talk about them.


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Play video games and then talk about them.




Ep. 35: Look at Those Friends

Oops Wonder what Matt thinks of Death’s Gambit? Oh well, suppose we’ll never know Is potato salad a salad? (Or, failing that, a video game?) Skye only got into the podcast game to pad his resume He also maintains to-do lists of games instead of playing them The incomprehensible narrative, anime oversaturation, interminable barks and … Continue reading Ep. 35: Look at Those Friends →


Ep. 34: A Weeping Fridge

RetroAchievements.org offers a great excuse to play old games The 7th Saga is hard to recommend but easy to love (honestly it’s pretty rough going) Jurassic World Evolution and the art of the Ungame Guarding the gate at Silent Hill/pushing the Mushroom Kingdom back down a Brooklyn drain Control: Brilliant with just a hint of … Continue reading Ep. 34: A Weeping Fridge →


Ep. 33: I Hate This Episode

*Note: This episode contains GREAT BIG HUGE GIANT SPOILERS for Dying Light: The Following, Lost, The Dark Tower series, and Dragon Quest: Your Story. The spoiler-y stuff starts 8 minutes in and ends at about 43 minutes.* The frustrations of reaching a destination that negates the journey Chasing diamonds right off a cliff in Dying … Continue reading Ep. 33: I Hate This Episode →


Ep. 32: Mysterious Grandpa

Quick hits! (sort of kind of not really) Dead Cells is great, but is it a Metroidvania? Deck assembly vs. dice rolling in Slay the Spire and Dicey Dungeons Void Bastards is great, full stop Days Gone was better than people acted (Deacon St. John is a worse name than people acted, and people acted … Continue reading Ep. 32: Mysterious Grandpa →


Ep. 31: My Eagle is a Horse

“What are we gonna talk about?” Is pinball a video game? (No, it very much is not) Holes Farming, comedy clubs and flesh reanimation: the high-stress days and unholy nights of Graveyard Keeper Where does YOUR meat come from? The judgment-free zone of Stardew Valley Making townsfolk your friends/undead ranchhands Who wields the true power … Continue reading Ep. 31: My Eagle is a Horse →


Ep. 30: No Good at Learning

Matt is hungry Musings on a graveyard; butt A rash of Neverland poisonings Will Adam ever get to talk about Persona 5? [PERSONA CONTENT REDACTED] The thought-provoking, generous, occasionally pointless brilliance of NieR: Automata Seriously though, play Binary Domain Celeste shows kindness through challenge (The mountain is a metaphor you guys) Nintendo Switch as perfect … Continue reading Ep. 30: No Good at Learning →


Ep. 29: Video Games Should Stop

Destiny 2: Why is it like that? Matt has recording troubles (and a phone call) An attempted intervention for a Destiny addict The need for variation within repetition The gauntlet is thrown at Eminem, hastily withdrawn, and thrown again Binary Domain vs. Gears of War Destiny 2 vs. Borderlands/Titanfall 2/The Division No, seriously, Skye, your … Continue reading Ep. 29: Video Games Should Stop →


Ep. 28: Flavor Trash

Does Prey spoil its own ending? Mimics and organic jump scares Another interesting crafting system for Adam to hate Inventory management and compulsive leveling Do Bethesda games have a random crap problem? Quest logs and adaptive nonlinearity Dynamic diamond-chasing Pre-order bonus cheat packs


Ep. 27: A Beige Room

The surprising success of Horizon Zero Dawn’s apocalypse Strong world and setting design sets it apart from other open world games Dynamic, tactically improvisational combat But the game should be harder in a few ways We discover a crafting system that Adam can tolerate The implied sense of resource economy fails to come through in … Continue reading Ep. 27: A Beige Room →


Ep. 26: Take Disease to the Next Level

Oxygen Not Included is Spacebase DF-9 but better A required build order stifles creativity Complexity turns us on and turns us off “Who among us does not love infrastructure?” Adam’s PixelJunk bias returns Nom Nom Galaxy and the problem with soup How to identify (and avoid) strategy games Space tomato farming tips for budding soup … Continue reading Ep. 26: Take Disease to the Next Level →


Ep. 25: I Am Something More Now

The Last Guardian: A great and terrible videogame …that we spoil a little Classification of a monster An indirect experience Has development limbo left its mark? Should a remake strive for preservation or improvement?


Ep. 24: That Was Badly Done, Friend

Matt returns to Dark Souls Killing friendly NPCs in Souls games Adam is a dirty FAQ user Is equipment in Dark Souls too complex? Is equipment in Bloodborne too simple? Quest-givers and combat allies Time progression and Insight Mechanically encouraging aggressive play Speculation about Chalice Dungeons Old news: Bloodborne is great


Ep. 23: Stop at the Boat

Kingdom Hearts is still a bunch of nonsense Final Fantasy XV blah blah blah Hunting anachronisms on a road trip with your buddies The unfinished seams are showing What makes a Final Fantasy game? A lot of XV’s story isn’t actually in the game Magic is a mixed bag Final Fantasy XV is a game … Continue reading Ep. 23: Stop at the Boat →


Ep. 22: I Found this Hammer

Death Road to Canada: Good game or mere comedy generator? The necessity and frustration of luck and obfuscation in roguelikes The newest Shiren the Wanderer is surprisingly forgiving —perhaps too forgiving? The disappointing UI of the Darkest Dungeon Vita port Supposedly, I hate roguelikes now or something This episode is too infuriating for me to … Continue reading Ep. 22: I Found this Hammer →


Ep. 21: It’s December 11th

Destiny: it got better! …but it’s still an MMO, so, you know; grind Choice and idiosyncrasy versus balance in competitive multiplayer Immediate satisfaction versus participation awards in Overwatch How Overwatch’s varied roster leads to different forms of play Please support Titanfall 2 and its rad mobility Does DooM’s arena-based structure get boring? Are repetition and … Continue reading Ep. 21: It’s December 11th →