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A podcast by a Blizzard fan-gnome about World of Warcraft & Geeky Stuff. A podcast by a Blizzard fan-gnome about World of Warcraft & Geeky Stuff. Each week we interview guests from around Azeroth & Beyond!

A podcast by a Blizzard fan-gnome about World of Warcraft & Geeky Stuff. A podcast by a Blizzard fan-gnome about World of Warcraft & Geeky Stuff. Each week we interview guests from around Azeroth & Beyond!
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A podcast by a Blizzard fan-gnome about World of Warcraft & Geeky Stuff. A podcast by a Blizzard fan-gnome about World of Warcraft & Geeky Stuff. Each week we interview guests from around Azeroth & Beyond!






FC 084: WoW Thoughts! Battle Royale Edition

Things are happening. Battle Royale is taking off to dominate the world, WoW is getting 8.1 and it's time to talk about ALL THAT AND MORE! Nick Z of WoW Talk! joined me and we discussed a ton of things! LET'S START THE GNOME TRAIN! Links Discussed: Google’s Project StreamForum post on game saves clarificationOnLiveGoogle Allo shutting down in March 2019Paragon Reputation Rewards in Patch 8.1 Tides of VengeanceIsland Expedition Rewards Update in Tides of Vengeance - Rewards Based on the...


FC 083: Chatting With Grand Nagus

This week I sat down with Grand Nagus of Corpse Run Radio and Ctrl Alt WoW! Lady Emma joined us and we chatted about Nagus' podcasts, Sylvanas, Pokemon Let's Go, WoW AddOns AND MORE! LET'S START THE GNOME TRAIN! Links Discussed: CRR #44 “Of Gnomes, Vulpera and Deva Marie Gregory”Boonitz“Hunter at Heart”ALL THE THINGSHealbotTellMeWhenWeakAuras 2XRPTotal RP 3RematchDeus Vox EncountersBadBoy: Spam Blocker & ReporterBadBoy_IgnoreBadBoy_Guilded: Block Guild AdvertisingDeadly Boss Mods...


FC 082: My Wokless Life With Red Shirt Bob

What happens when you get three people together on Thanksgiving, two of which are still processing all that delicious food? YOU GET THIS AWESOME EPISODE! :D I was joined by Amanda Sloan of Geek Herring and Thankful Cow Solutions; and Michael Heit of Food and Fury! We talked about food tech (like woks and crockpots and dinosaur nachos); talked about making awesome podcasts; explored the WoW gaming history of Amanda and Michael; AND MORE! LET'S START THE GRAVY....ERRR I MEAN THE GNOME...


FC 081: Where is WoW Going?

As we near the 15th year of World of Warcraft, I thought it would be the perfect time to analyze the recent earnings call for Activision Blizzard. This gives a look into where the future is going for the game we love. The Scruffy Druid and Xortz joined me for a wild fun time. LET'S START THE GNOME TRAIN! Links Discussed: Around the TableWorld-Voices Organization, Inc. (WoVO) Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!WoW Challenges - Home of the Iron Man ChallengeFable Anniversary on SteamFrazley got to...


FC 080: Singing About BlizzCon

It's time to sing and celebrate what we loved about BlizzCon 2018! Join Ali of Dungeon Fables, Lady Emma, RetPallyJil and me as we talk about our favorite moments and get into a lot of the usual tangents along the way. LET'S START THE GNOME TRAIN! Links Discussed: More Mobile Titles in Development at Blizzard EntertainmentFood and Fury: Snackzeroth EditionRecipe from this week's segmentThe Raider's Confessional PodcastHuntsTheWindOverly Dramatic NewsBuxleyAsk Buxley Our website is...


FC 079: Designing The World of Warcraft - An Interview with John Staats

World of Warcraft is soon to be heading into its 15th year, and World of Warcraft Classic will be coming out this Summer. I was given the honor to sit down with John Staats, who designed and built half of Vanilla WoW's dungeons and raids. We talked about game development and World of Warcraft. Ali of Dungeon Fables joined me for this fun interview! Links Discussed: The WoW DiaryLoki's Minions Capture The Flag ModTabletop Board Game CafeMalted MeepleInterviews and Articles with John about...


Pod Before the Con 2018 - Warcraft Panel

I was honored to be part of the Pod Before the Con Warcraft Panel for World of Podcasts. This was streamed on Twitch last night to help kickoff the World of Podcasts portion of Con Before the Storm! We had a great time and I know you will too!! Medros of All Things Azeroth was the moderator. I was joined by Aliandras of Dungeon Fables, Toshmifune of The Halfhill Report, Berzerker of Unshackled Fury, Stone of WoW Challenges & Nick Zielenkievicz of WoW Talk! Make sure to check out all of the...


FC 078: Hawgeye on BlizzCon

With BlizzCon happening this week, I decided it was time to follow suit along with the other shows, and PUT THE BLIZZCON HYPE TO 11! Hawgeye joined me to talk about the Classic demo, Blizzard trying to temper our Diablo excitement, we read off your awesome BlizzCon predictions AND MORE! LET'S START THE GNOME HYPE TRAIN!!!! Links Discussed: BlizzNerdsGeneral Chat PodcastBlizzCon 2018 Closing Ceremony Music Festival - Featuring Train, Lindsey Stirling, Kristian NairnhCrystalize - Lindsey...


FC 077: Why We Still Love World of Warcraft

This week I was joined by Ryan of The Raider's Confessional and Thom of The Blue Recluse. With all of the talk recently about the state of World of Warcraft, I wanted to talk about why we still love the game. What keeps us playing. All that AND MORE! Links Discussed: Nerd This! PodcastGeek HerringPowerSpec G223 Desktop ComputerSetup my Echogear mount from All Things AzerothTwitch emote by PiratepootsHelicon GamingThe Pylon ShowThe Shattered SoulstoneFood and Fury: Snackzeroth...

FC 076: Chatting with Old Skratch

I visited Darkmoon Island to meetup with Ringmaster Kevin of The Darkmoon Herald. We talked about how Kevin got into WoW, what led them to podcasting, theorized about 8.2 AND MORE! Food and Fury also stopped by to make a delicious French Toast Mug! LET'S START THE GNOME TRAIN IF YOU DARE! Links Discussed: The InstanceConvert to RaidOld Scratch Amber Lager | Flying Dog BreweryWorld of Warcraft: Vol'jin: Shadows of the Horde (Affiliate Link)Dungeon Fables Episode 16: Zul'FarrakNews:Forbes...


FC 075: The Podcasting Paladin

For this episode, I am joined by Medros of All Things Azeroth and Ali of Dungeon Fables! We talked about Medros' long history of podcasting (I listened to Medros when I was a young teen!); discussed Morhaime stepping down as President; discussed the BlizzCon 2018 Schedule; Food and Fury fried up some delicious pickle chips for us; Buxley sheds light on the Flight Master racket; all of that AND MORE IN THIS HOLY LIT GNOME TRAIN! Links Discussed: Around the Table: World of Podcasts...


FC 074: Danish Saurfang

This week I am joined by Shadowspyre of Who Aggro'd That?, Pauly of The Miscellaneous Podcast and Lady Emma! We talked about podcasting, as well as our thoughts on the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket items and the Classic demo. We got into some hijinks along the way and played some trivia!! Food and Fury went cheesy with some fondue, we also had the BuxleyTron and MORE! PREPARE FOR THE GNOME TRAIN! Links Discussed: Around the Table: Halloween Slasher Story!!The Christmas Adventure of Synn and...


FC 073: World of Mak'gora Dancecraft

IT'S TIME TO DANCE! Join me as I talk with Techie the T&A of Lagging Balls, and War of Orc Public Radio. We discussed the new gametime bundle, the 8.1 details, blood, ants AND MORE! Plus, Food and Fury stopped by to tantalize us with a delicious cannoli dip! PREPARE FOR THE MAK'GORA GNOME TRAIN! Links Discussed: Around the Table:Cults PodcastHeaven’s Gate PodcastSwindled PodcastGIPHY Capture Mac AppGot to meet Rho in person on Saturday.Ran with the Pack on a Group Howl last night, we got...


FC 072: Behind the FURY

What happens when you take a barbarian born in the hills of Everquest and a berzerking podcaster full of rage? You get The Unshackled Fury podcast with Navox and Berzerker! VonFrizl Sparkypants asked me to look a bit more behind the fury this week. So we got them separated from each other in two different examination rooms, and I talked with them. Food and Fury (funny having two shows full of fury in this episode) cooked up some Guacamole in their Snackzeroth Edition segment! All that AND...


FC 071: Fear Of Missing Out or Pressure To Keep Up

Joined by Michael of The Blue Recluse and Siilverbolt! We talked about FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and the pressure to keep up. We also talked about BlizzCon, Warfronts and delicious Burritos. Food and Fury cooked up some poutine in their Snackzeroth segment! All of that AND MORE! LET'S START THE GNOME TRAIN! Links Discussed: Around the Table:BNN #59 - Convert to Raid presents: BLIZZCON 2017 WRAP UP SHOWLegend of SolgardPuzzle QuestJaina arrives at Lordaeron - Immigrant songThe Electric...


FC 070: Frazley - The Old God of Facepalms

Another Gnome Train is approaching! I was joined by Ali of Dungeon Fables and Lady Emma! This week we discussed our past week and heard about Ali's journey in podcasting so far. We talked about Battle for Azeroth--including making Emma's nephew fish for them in WoW. We made a few tangents along the way, like discusisng the nostalgia-filled Nickelodeon streaming service. Had a discussion about side quests, talked about the Azshara cinematic. Emma watched it during the show, and Ali and I...


FC sesenta y nueve

For this episode, I was joined by Lady Emma and Sascz of Raiding With Lisia! We talked about Battle for Azeroth, including things like leaving quest-givers stranded who need help, poop and World of Warcraft's continued popularity. We also played a round of trivia where Frazley created two new races for World of Warcraft! New on this episode, Food and Fury cooked up a delicious treat in their Snackzeroth segment! All of that AND MORE! Links Discussed: Around the Table:Raiding With Lisia...


FC 068: Honeymoon Goggles

Set your portable audiophone to the Gnome Train that is FrazlCast as we discuss our reactions to the first week of Battle for Azeroth! I have a sleep-deprived Marty from The Blue Recluse and returning guest Sour! Along with BfA reactions, we tried to keep it as spoiler-free as possible, we also talked about the global release of the expansion and talked about being a content creator, while learning more about Marty. All of that AND MORE! Links Discussed: Around the Table:Con Before the...


FC 067: Passionate About Lip Balm

This is a SPOILERIFIC episode! I was joined by Epicinsanity of The Frozen Nerdz and Michael of The Blue Recluse! We talked about podcast creation. We then proceeded into a discussion of what caused the burning of Teldrassil, talked about the Old Soldier Cinematic and then the Siege of Lordaeron! All that AND MORE! JUMP ON THE SPOILERY GNOME TRAIN! WOO-OOO! Teldrassil Poem by Brandon T. Blaylock. Links Discussed: Around the Table:Preach GamingNew Train Emote by PiratepootsFrazley Wearing a...


FC 066: Harry Potter Burned the Tree Down

This week I went live from The Lazy Turnip in Halfhill with my friends Professor Taliep and Toshmifune at The Halfhill Report! We talked about the inception of their show. The lessons they have learned from starting a podcast. We talked about our reactions to the recent events, without giving away what caused the tragic fire. We also gave a few predictions to the upcoming Battle for Lordaeron. I then returned to Ironforge for a rundown of the news of the past three weeks, as well as an...