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We're A Year Old!

This episode is our show's year one birthday! Before we get to that though we cover a whole bunch of news like Telltale is looking for people to finish TWD by paying them with money they didn't have now they do! Also we cover all the free games coming in October as well as more gaming news. Enjoy!


Clementine Will Remember That

Well folks here we are with another exciting episode of Gamestack! The big new first, Tell Tale is closing, and yeah it sucks for most of us. Also Nintendo is the greenest gaming company ever! They recycle 100% of their content into new things! Also we talk about the 50,000 special editions of AC: Origins! Gamestock has a big two week with stocks all over the place! We recap our gameplay and challenge and check out a listener email! Enjoy!


Rickless and Reckless, Part the Third

Rick is off grinding for xp, so Shaline and Vendor are running amok! Join us for a recap of the Carrie's Fund fundraising efforts, some erroneous release dates, Gamestock, and a rundown of the five games that best define our tastes.


Welcome Weary Traveler

In this episode our hosts are tired from travel, work and other such things so shenanigans a plenty! They do manage to coax out a show too. In the news: IGN fires a dude, Dishonored is dead, and people are spending way way way too much on bad micro-transactions like this one librarian we talk about. Check it out! We cover our gameplay with daring stories on the high seas, drama in Life is Strange and more. A new segment on what's happening in game stocks on Gamestock and I'm sure there's...


Backlog To The Future

In this episode the Gamestack crew talks about some of the latest in gaming news, tips and new game releases in August! In the news this week the NES Classic makes the charts, God of War is the God of Sales, and XBox Scarlett, what is it? We have no idea. Vendor also has the top 5 tips to get through your gaming backlog, and the gang talks about what they've been playing. Enjoy!


Friends that Game Together, Stay Together

In this episode we got news, we got XBox ultimate game sale info, and a few major updates coming for some of our favorite games! Meanwhile Vendor falls back into Fallout, Rick's pestiny is Destiny 2 and Shaline dives for booty in Sea of Thieves. There's some Gamestock info and a recap of the challenge! Enjoy!


E3 2018 Wrap-up

So it's been a bit yet we are back as a threesome with our post E3 updates and opinions. We have a lot to talk about so it's a longer episode. We cover some ANet news, E3, and talk about Vendortron's recent trip! Some gameplay, listener emails and more! Enjoy!


Blast From the Recent Past

Well part of the Gamestack crew is in another country, and the rest were sick so we couldn't do a show this week. We recorded a pre E3 show as a bonus episode. I don't remember what we talked about but I'm sure it was E3 speculation which by now is irrelevant but we had fun, I think... Anyway, sorry for being humans and getting sick. Till next episode!


Please Stand By alternate title: The Spirit of ‘76

In this episode we cover Microsoft's newest round of firing, what games are free and on what platforms, what Pokemon news! We also go in depth on some videogame called Fallout 76? Either way we break down the trailer and chat about some speculation in our Post-National Enquirer segment! There's also the challenge recap and a new one issued to you, and a few listener emails! Enjoy!


E3 2018 Predictions

In our longest episode yet we are going over our E3 predictions and other E3 thoughts! We also talk about some news, current spoilers for E3 that have been confirmed and also E3 speculation. Vendor doesn't play anything, Shaline plays God of War updates, and Rick plays things too! Enjoy!


Go West, Young Man

Tonight we are Vendor-less so it's just Shaline & Rick running the show. By the way, what month is the month for free and games on sale? It's gonna be May! That's right we cover all kinds of free loot you can grab up for various platforms this month. We also go in depth about Red Dead Redemption 2's latest trailer. On the stack Shaline talks about God of War, Sea of Thieves , the Harry Potter Mobile game and Rick chats about The Division & Fallout 4! We have a few listener emails, a 5 star...


The Pirates of the Sea of Thieves: The Okinara of Time

This episode goes everywhere, mainly to sea BUT before that we have news, a ton of gameplay to talk about and a few listener emails. Rick can't say words right & got his Go Fund Me canceled. Shaline tried Amnesia & kills animals! (OK OK it was a Tamagotchi..) Also Vendortron doesn't play games this time...and it's weird..but we love him much very. We also weigh in on the Gamestruck4 hashtag and talk about our 4 most influential video games! Enjoy!


When You’re a Professional Pirate

So it's been a bit but we're back and this dinosaur of a podcast has a story for you all! Yes, that was a stretch and no I didn't mean to armstrong you into pun-zone. Anyway we have a show that may be light on news (spoilers: It's about Spyro) but it's heavy on game-play! Mainly we chat about our take on Sea of Thieves since we all have it now. We also chat about other games like The Council, Hellblade, and more. A few listener emails and 5 star reviewer shout-outs too! Enjoy!


Pies and Prejudice

Welcome! In tonight's episode Bethesda grows, Gaben speaks and Oculus possibly kicks off the robopocalypse. Shaline has been playing some PUBG with friends and loved ones, Vendor has found a way to combine fitness and streaming and Rick plays a ton of ARK and Ghost Recon....again. Shout-out to our fivestar reviews at the top of the show and a few listener emails at the end. Enjoy!


A Red Letter Day

A red letter day in deed because tonight we chat about Kingdom Come: Deliverance (not like the squeal like a pig one but the drawn and quartered era one) and our salty segment gets an extra does of sodium. Beyond that we chat about what we've been playing, some 5 star reviews, Sea of Thieves and a few listener emails. It's a packed show so sit back and enjoy!


Xbots, Sony Ponies and the PC Master Race

In tonight's episode we talk about some new news and what we have been playing. We also introduce a new salty segment which this time around isn't as salty as a bit of the news but non-the-less we promise it will be filled with more salt next time! Sodium gameplay is what you'd expect, I kill things, Vendor builds things and Shaline grows things and we have a few listener emails as well! Enjoy!


Diamond City Radio

Find out what your hosts think of Nintendo Labo, the new God of War trailer, and the rest of the fortnight's headlines! We've been playing a ton of Fallout 4, so expect some Wasteland shenanigans in our gameplay segment, followed by game giveaways and some truly lovely listener email.


The 2017 Stack Awards Show Extravaganza!

Welcome to the 2017 Stack Awards Extravaganza! On this show we skip news and reporting on the past challenge and we talk about what we are playing and then we get to the winners of our giveaways! Before that we have the 2017 Stack awards. We picked our nominees for various categories for our top games in 2017 and then find our who wins! We also get a few categories from you the listeners. So who wins? What is our game of the year from 2017!? Find out in this episode right here, right...


Podcasts Roasting on an Open Fire

It's our super duper awesome amazing Christmas holiday give-away spectacular newsworthy once-in-a-lifetime crazy off the rails rad time of our lives extravaganza of a podcast! We give away a tone of stuff, like music and games and if you weren't there you missed it, which is why you should check out our live streams! Regardless we had a great celebratory holiday special so check it out!


Rickless and Reckless, Part Deux

In this weeks episode Rick is missing again! He had some other weird stuff to do so we are Rickless & Reckless! Honestly it's me, Rick, who writes this. I haven't the slightest idea what they did. I was off at a super sweet Christmas party. We had free food, and drinks, and then came home and slept like a kid. I have no idea if anyone reads these but I'm sure they yapped about news and games that they have played at some point. You should listen as I will after I post this up. Anyway,...