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Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid

Heads up! This episode we cover some really tough stuff that could potentially cause some to be uncomfortable or to relive past trauma. It's of a sexual nature but it must be talked about to some degree as it affects us all as a gaming community. That is in the news segment this evening. So please, listen at your own discretion. Beyond that we cover the new releases, Tell Tale is coming back as well as our games we've been playing. Enjoy!


Achievement Unlocked

Time to loot, scoot and boogy here with a new episode of Gamestack! Loot boxes are back in the news with some new legislation. Honestly lobbyists are the paywall to laws so the irony is palpable. In other news Minecraft can't handle high quality graphics, you can't pre-load Borderlands 3 and ARK is being fark-tastic with their DLC. After news we stock up on the stock market and we discuss our gameplay! Enjoy!


A Little Gold In Every Show

This episode we have the scoop on the latest releases in August, what free games you can expect, Ninja leaving Twitch & how many Playstations is Sony sell?? Also we chat about the latest games we've been playing and the current state of the stock market. In lieu of emails we talk about games being amusement parks instead of worlds and we come up with our own top ten franchises. Enjoy!



First and foremost, the audio is so bad in this episode. So there's that. It did make it super fun and ridiculous. In the news we have shady G2A, a Switch Lite, and who lost a Pokemon card worth how much??? We shall see. Also we cover the stock market and have a nutty gameplay section. It's just one all on fire show. Enjoy!


Gamestack E3 2019 Interview Special

At E3, Shaline had the opportunity to chat with developers of psychological horror game Moons of Madness, Chibi Conan roguelike co-op game Conan Chop-Chop, the co-founders of Polygon Treehouse, creators of Roki, a finalist in a student game competition, and William Chyr, the mind behind the truly unique Escher-esque Manifold Garden. Please enjoy the episiode!


The Internet Was A Mistake

Well it's podcast time again and boy do we have a jam packed show for you guys and gals! We kick it off with the new releases/free games for July. We roll into the news and right into the tub. Seriously, some zany news is coming for you all. After we chat about the games we are playing and finish it all off with a dose of listener emails. Enjoy!



This episode is all about E3. For those who didn't know, Shaline went out to E3 this year and was neck deep in the press circuit. We spend plenty of time talking about her experience at E3, what she liked and some of the games that she's looking forward to. Vendor and I also weigh in on E3 as well. In the news we have EA, again, more stuff about loot boxes, and how is Amazon's new game development company doing? Spoiler: not well. All this and more in this exciting episode of Gamestack...


E3 Eve with Setsua & Sean Mobsby!

It's E3 everyone! We are excited to see what's coming up over the next year and joining us in that excitement is Setsua and Sean Mobsby! We chat about a lot of E3 news, stocks and what we are playing. Then we chat with our special guests about a new show they are starting! Enjoy!


E3 2019 Predictions

This is the big one Elizabeth! E3 is right around the corner and it's time for our annual an-ual? predictions show where we get almost everything wrong. I mean right. Beyond that in the news there's just so much going on I can't even begin to summarize. I can tell you it's a wham-doozey of an episode. Enjoy!


The Little Show That Could

E3 season is upon us and we are all gearing up for it. Shaline & Rick talk about heading to E3, the U.S. is trying to crack down on those shady loot box practices, and there's a video game that helps detect early signs of what disease? Listen to find out. HA! After that we have our ever popular gamestock segment, gameplay and fin. Enjoy!


It's Gonna Be May

In this episode we cover all of the, well most of the upcoming releases in May. We also chat about Ubisoft helping out, Sony releases a touch of info on the PS5, and Epic's is being well, unlikeable. After the news we talk about our gameplay in which Rick is playing Oblivion and Shaline is playing Blades! Enjoy!


This is Fine

In the news this week we've got the latest April releases & free games on XBox, PSN & Twitch. Also in the news Activision/Blizzard are being ridiculous again, you can finally change your name on PSN and Sea of Thieves gets some new updates! The stocks are doing...ok... and boy did we play some games this fortnite. But we didn't play fortnite. We did also talk about our favorite browser games and read a listener email. Enjoy!


Rickless and Reckless Part 4

So Rick (me) wasn't there so I really have no idea what they talked about. I think it was about Google's console/streaming thing, EA isn't at E3 (and there was much rejoicing), the Halo MCC is coming to PC and other news! I'm going to guess Shaline played Fallout 76, and Vendor did things in ARK like killing baby dino's.... a few emails aaaaand I guess I never listen to these show if I'm not there? Enjoy! It's probably a good episode.


Gamestack Podcast Episode 35: Show Storm

Rick, Shaline and Vendor enjoy some Nuka Dark that was gifted by a listener, and chat about all the news, the games they are gaming and more! Want a postcard and some stickers? Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to PO Box 396 Corona, NM 88318 Email us at Follow us on twitter: Facebook:...



In this episode we are Vendor-less but not content-less. In the news: the latest releases aren't performing so well, Activision-Blizzard lays off a ton of people, and more Nintendo Direct info! After the news we discuss the state of AAA game companies, where they might be headed and the future of gaming. Shaline & I recap our Division 2 BETA gameplay, Shaline is all about Tetris 99 & I finally finish Metro: Last Light. There are a few listener emails and then the outro. Fin! Enjoy!


It's Between Us Anthem

This is a jam packed episode. First up is the list of new games coming out and that are free in February. Followed up by the news, gamestock, and our gameplay. We also discuss how absurd game titles have gotten, the weight of Anthem's release and the fate of Bioware and the top 10 selling Nintendo Switch games! Enjoy!



In this episode it's just Vendortron and Rick as they try and navigate the murky waters of a podcast without Shaline. There's some news where Bungie leaves Activision, other things happen and then some more things do! Our gameplay is pretty robust ranging from Battlefield 5 to Ark. The stocks are looking good but which ones should you have bought before they went up? Listen and find out! Enjoy!


2018 Stack Awards!

In this episode we have our world famous highly anticipated 2018 Stack awards! We forgo the news and Gamestock to focus on perhaps the most prestigious game award show in the world. Multiple categories, many nominations but one winner for each summed up with our game of the year pick. What will it be? Also we have a nice end of the year reflection and a few rants thrown in. We love all of you listeners and can't wait to see what 2019 brings gaming! Enjoy!


2018 Holiday Spectacular!

Better late than never but here it is our 2018 Holiday Spectacular episode! We chat about some news, some stock market stuff and a lot of games we have been playing. There are still a lot of sales going on so we will let you know what you can find for the best deal. All that plus a few listener emails! Enjoy.


God of Awards

In the news today we've got new games this December, Rockstar has crazy expensive RDR2 clothing, Epics new store & the recap of the 2018 Game Awards! Gamestock takes a dive, sorry investors and we talk about the best selling games through out the years. In our gameplay Rick has more Destiny stories, Vendor plays Going to College IRL & Shaline plays a lot of games. Enjoy!