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We are two friends who love PLAYING video games and also love TALKING about video games! We produce a weekly video game podcast as well as live streams and video series on Youtube, including our Destiny 2 role playing adventure 2 Guardians.

We are two friends who love PLAYING video games and also love TALKING about video games! We produce a weekly video game podcast as well as live streams and video series on Youtube, including our Destiny 2 role playing adventure 2 Guardians.
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We are two friends who love PLAYING video games and also love TALKING about video games! We produce a weekly video game podcast as well as live streams and video series on Youtube, including our Destiny 2 role playing adventure 2 Guardians.




Gayming with Pride | Geek Heart Games Episode #17

To celebrate Pride Month, we're talking about our favorite games with queer representation like Gone Home, Hustle Cat, Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, Butterfly Soup and more! Queerly Represent Me (@QueerlyRepMe) runs a catalog of games with queer representation and they've been hosting Twitter polls all month to determine everyone's favorite game. We talk about some entries from their recent Game Jam which you can find at And @IntChloeSpencer has been...


E3 Extravaganza (2018) | Geek Heart Games Podcast #16

It's EEEEEEEEEE33333333!!! We were super excited so we had to bring you a super long episode where we go through our reactions from E3! CORRECTION: Sam said the song from the Metro: Exodus trailer was "Teardrop" from Massive Attack, but it's actually "Angel" from Massive Attack - SORRY! CORRECTION: Sam told Cody are URL for Tee Spring is but it is was really However, to make it easy, both now work! Here's the breakdown if you aren't...


Anthem, My Love | Geek Heart Games Podcast #15

E3 is here!! We've recorded after the EA press conference! But before the Microsoft conference :( So we get to share our thoughts on Unravel 2! Sea of Solitude! Some stupid mobile game! And the long-awaited love we've been pining for, ANTHEM! We've also got lots of Destiny news including the current faction rally and the upcoming Forsaken expansion! In what we've been playing, Cody may be falling down the MMORPG black hole with Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. Sam's loving, but failing in...


Catch All the Pokey's | Geek Heart Games Podcast #14

Happy Pride Month everyone! We talk a little bit about our plans for the month and then jump into an action-packed episode! E3 is just around the corner so we share our predictions and wishes along with thoughts from the community! We tried out the Divinity Original Sin 2 game preview on Xbox and it left us very excited for the full console release later this year. Then, we go in depth about all the latest Pokemon News! We've tried out Pokemon Quest, we're excited for Let's Go Pikachu /...


Golgoroth Cometh | Geek Heart Games Podcast #13

It's our 13th episode and we recorded on a Friday...there's a bit of creepiness... The Friday the 13th single-player challenges have just been released so we can practice to become our best Jason's! We've just started a storefront on ( so now you can get Geek Heart Games T-Shirts! We just wrapped Geek is the New Black our A Way Out playthrough and talk about our time with the game. There will be SPOILERS for A Way Out starting at 18:56 running...


Spoils of War - God of War SPOILERCAST - Geek Heart Games

SPOILER WARNING: This special episode is all about God of War and is chuck full of spoilers! Don't listen to it if you haven't finished God of War! If you want our spoiler-free opinions, check out episode #9 entitled "Where'd I Leave My Axe?" Twitter & Facebook: @geekheartgames Cody: @comicbookcody Sam: @sksuvak


Free Your Warmind & The Rest Will Follow | Geek Heart Games Podcast #12

This week, on the Geek Heart Games podcast, Sam tried Conan Exiles, but parts of it were a little too risqué for her. Cody returns to his old love, Halo Reach. We tried out Laser League on Xbox Game Pass. We've got a lot of thoughts about Destiny 2's expansion Warmind (don't get stuck in Escalation Protocol when you're only 318 Light). A Monster Hunter game is coming to Switch (but it's not Monster Hunter World FYI) and there's going to be a movie! We speculate about some crazy Resident...


Grab the Booty! | Geek Heart Games Podcast #11

This week, we learn the hard way you shouldn't try to steal a ship in Sea of Thieves - just grab the booty and go! (That's what she said). Cody's so over e-sports because NY Excelsior is just too darn good! Sam is yet again disappointed in an older game as she tries out - Halo 3, but Geometry Wars & Hyper Void are fun - just really hard! Cody's playing more PUBG, while Sam gets to try Thanos in Fortnite! Cody's Corner of Rage returns as he talks about the latest Nintendo news. And could we...


We Don't Know Our Bits - w/Special Guest Kyle Springer | Geek Heart Games Podcast #10

We've hit the big 1-0! We're super excited for our 10th episode and we invited our good friend Kyle Springer from The Whatnauts to join us! We ask some probing 'getting to know you questions' and learn that we are completely incompatible gamers! We've been playing some mobile games like Hogwarts Mystery & Marvel Strike Force. As well as some freebies like TERA and the Defiance 2050 beta. Sam has a tiny Resogun update because she will still play that game any chance she gets. And Kyle is...


Where'd I Leave My Axe? | Geek Heart Games Podcast #9

We love God of War and we aren't afraid to show it! We take you through our SPOILER FREE thoughts on the game that lives up to the hype. We've also tried out the Detroit: Become Human free demo and the Sky Noon Beta. We're excited to have some more listener questions, though one makes us reevaluate our life decisions. And we are getting hyped up for the Destiny 2 Warmind expansion. Twitter & Facebook: @geekheartgames


Nerf Your Cat | Geek Heart Games Podcast #8

This week, Sam finds out the hard way that dragons are never your friend and that April Fool's videos last forever. But she's super excited about the new Battle Royale game The Darwin Project! Cody checks out the new Hearthstone expansion and finally gets to try out Brigitte, the new support hero in Overwatch. He also prepares his last goodbye to Paragon :( In the latest news: Call of Duty won't have a single-player campaign, but it will have a Battle Royale mode. The new Battlefront 2...


Powerpoints in Dragon Age | Geek Heart Games Podcast #7

This week, Geek Heart Games returns to its regular format! We talk about games we've been playing including ARK: Survival Evolved where Cody gets to ride dinosaurs, Dragon Age: Inquisistion where Sam gets burned up by a dragon, Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle, ReCore, Destiny 2, and Overwatch Retribution. There's a new gaming movie on the horizon that young Cody has never heard of. And we discuss the latest Boss Key news that they are dropping support of LawBreakers and also launching a new...


If You Can't Stand the Spiders, Don't Raid the Tomb | Geek Heart Games Podcast #6

This week, we recorded early (due to Cody thinking going to Wrestlemania is more important than recording our regularly scheduled podcast) to bring you a Geek Heart Games Special Episode on Tomb Raider (mostly the movie, but a bit about the game too!) We give our general impressions, opinions and recommendations before the spoiler warning at about 12:40 and launching into a more detailed look. Next week, we'll be back to our normal format! Twitter & Facebook:...


Jacket Off! | Geek Heart Games Podcast #5

On this week's Geek Heart Games podcast, will God of War III opinions split our dynamic duo? Sam can't resist a deal and played a lot of disappointing games as a result, though she finally got to play Resogun multiplayer with our good friend Aleandro! Cody took on the terrifying new pickle monster of Monster Hunter World. We're getting back into Overwatch and there's a lot to cover! Also, we are joining the Xbox One brigade! Twitter & Facebook: @geekheartgames...


Strip That From the Vocabulary | Geek Heart Games Podcast #4

On Episode 4 of the Geek Heart Games Podcast, Cody teaches his niece the importance of playing the objective. Sam fills the Resogun-shaped hole in her heart with Nex Machina. They both love Bloodborne, except for the part where they hate Bloodborne. They recap their hilarious stream of Zombie Vikings. They were impressed with PUBG mobile, but likely won't be playing much of it. And they discuss the latest Nindie News! Twitter & Facebook: @geekheartgames...


Puzzles Can Suck It | Geek Heart Games Podcast #3

This episode of the Geek Heart Games video game podcast is EXTRA long because Sam just can't shut up about how much she loves Zero Time Dilemma (except for those darn puzzles!) Cody spends some family time with Mario Odyssey & Splatoon (and gets bested by his niece!) Then our duo share their opinions on the Tera Beta and the mobile game Florence. Also, we're super excited to have our FIRST LISTENER QUESTION! And we cover some quick news with Twitch Prime free games, Geralt coming to...


Knitting Was the First Video Game | Geek Heart Games Podcast #2

This week, we kick things off with a special (but disturbing) Geek Heart Pets update. Sam's been playing Wipeout Omega (It's like Mario Kart but a sci-fi techno version) and Matterfall (it's like Resogun but not as good). Cody's been diving back into Fortnite Battle Royale (but not playing enough with Sam) and trying new things in Pokemon Red (Oh my god, Squirtle!). Then there was a ton of news to cover this week. Cody was super excited about the Nintendo direct announcements including...


Woo-Hoo It's Our First Episode | Geek Heart Games Podcast #1

Cody Teetrick and Sam Suvak are super excited to bring you the first episode of the Geek Heart Games podcast! The "getting to know you" segment includes questions about favorite games, first games, other hobbies and more. They discuss their gaming additions of Monster Hunter World and Resogun, as well as Slay the Spire and Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.


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Geek Heart games is a video game podcast from two friends, Cody Teetrick and Sam Suvak. It will be launching in full on March 5th, 2018. This is a little teaser/test to make sure everything works right. Find out more at