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Episode 76 – Dwight Sullivan

Dwight is old Munsters code outline Lower Playfield Super Jackpots Munster Light shows Star wars multipliers Filtering feedback Right orbit jackpots Ghostbusters code H2H Hot Seat Video modes Munsters DeadFlip Stream Munsters Promo video Stern LE number increasing Martin sells Iron Maiden INDISC 2019 Finals Scorbit Harry Potter Pinball – Win-Turdia Leveosa Martin likes JJP Pirates…Read more Episode 76 – Dwight Sullivan


Episode 75: 2019 A New Hope

More Munsters rumours Stern@CES Code!!! Jeffree Star streaming Jack Black @ PHOF Tournaments! Twipys 2018 Exit survey 2018 highlights Social Media Watch Bally vs Stern – face off This Week WOZ woes IMDN prepares to go Shadow love Zombo


Episode 74 – Zach Sharpe reveals Stern’s Secrets

Sterns new website Beatles Pinball Stern Pinball reveals Rumours and leaks Primus Vs Supreme Code Updates Stern’s next games Brian Edy interview Medieval Madness Radcals Frankenstein ColorDMD Who is Ghost? TWERPYs 2018 Martin Silverball Stream Flip Frenzy at Paradise Pincade in NZ 2019 Chanel Feedback Martin wants Munsters? Head2Head break


Episode 73 – Inside the mind of Lyman Sheats

Lyman updates in 2018 Interesting modes Vs Boring Batman 66 Changing code after a game is out Metallica and AC/DC Coding around the layout Multiball Vs single ball modes Multipliers Wizard modes Influence of tournament players Iron Man update? Lyman’s next game Filtering feedback The rest of the show…


Episode 72 – Jack Guarnieri from JJP and Dr John!

Dr John on national TV KISS update finally! Todd Tuckey book drama Munsters Leaked Pics! Flipout 2018 New Mafia production numbers Magic Girl sold! Wraith Pinball From Haggis Pinball Jack Guarnieri interview IFPA WPPR 5.5 changes Roger Sharpe Mo’ tell all interview Pinball Jizz Smith Journal <– CLICK HERE! Jeffree Star Stream 1 – Stream…Read more Episode 72 – Jack Guarnieri from JJP and Dr John!


Episode 71 – Chris Granner: Pinball Sound Mastermind

Right place at the right time Williams employees How to create a music theme for Pinball Connecting shots to sounds Original Theme VS License Chris Vs Arnold Schwarzenegger Addams Family call outs Pinsound board Working at Capcom LOTR sounds Deep voices in 90s games Why Chris left Pinball Primus Pinball New JJP code Slam Tilt…Read more Episode 71 – Chris Granner: Pinball Sound Mastermind


Episode 70 – ROTORDAVE has a better Pinball collection than you

Beatles footage talk Batman code finally 2018 TWERPYs Awards Slam the top 100 Facebook Questions Best JJP POTC stream Marty Flip Flops on Deadpool This week in pinball


Episode 69 – Christopher Franchi on Beatles Art

Super Duper Extra awesome Pinball show Pitching for Beatles with Joe Vegas LCD animations Art reaction How to accurately show art on release Art Easter Eggs Expectations and Leaks Horrible H2H Logo More Beatles Machines in the future? Future KaPow titles Primus Pinball layout Joe Balcer interview Todd Tuckey Versus Meanest Canadian IFPA companion App!…Read more Episode 69 – Christopher Franchi on Beatles Art


Episode 68 – Joe Kaminkow on The Beatles Pinball

Play MORE pinball Why Seawitch? Licensing story Will Beatles have a coin door? Will the full songs be in there? When production starts Australian Pinball price rise Deadpool mini review Dialed In! new BETA CODE 2018 TWERPYs 24 Hours at the Sanctum – Pinside Petey report Social Media watch Bill and Ted troll WhoDunnit Color DMD…Read more Episode 68 – Joe Kaminkow on The Beatles Pinball


Episode 67 – Raymond Davidson: World’s best player

How Raymond Davidson got to number 1 WPPR chasing Winning strategies WWE LE x 3 Guardians Vs Metallica TWD pro Vs Premium/LE Star Wars enigma Points balancing Black Rose is the best AC/DC and Lyman layering Beatles Pinball reveal Oktoberfest price and Monkey Upper flipper geometry Stern going online ideas Slam the top Pinslam Breaking…Read more Episode 67 – Raymond Davidson: World’s best player


Episode 66 – Expo recap with Krystle Gemnich and Jeff Teolis

Expo 2018 rebirth Monster Bash Remake Mafia pinball Oktoberfest reveal Deeproot talk Steven Bowden interview Surprise roving reporter Stern online capabilities Chicago Pinball Hall of Fame Dialed In update SlingSpot lights Beatles price details…….again Expo Tournament and SHPC Social Media watch – TBAG ramp Slam the top Pinslam Fixing Stern electronics games Martin works on…Read more Episode 66 – Expo recap with Krystle Gemnich and Jeff Teolis


Episode 65 – Oktoberfest Pinball with Josh Kugler

Josh Kugler takes time out of his busy Chicago 2018 Pinball Expo to talk about American Pinball’s latest game: Oktoberfest, Pinball on Tap.


Episode 64 – Jean-Paul de Win and Steve Gouveia

JP working for Bally/Williams in 1999 Animation Vs Art Getting hired at JJP Wizard of Oz / Hobbit Changes Big Lebowski Dialed In! / Pirates Future JJP titles Steve Gouveia from Red Smoke mod fame Monkey Mod announcement Chicago Pinball Expo predictions Upcoming Expo H2H exclusive? NDA Ned exposed Zen Reproduction censorship Batman / Hobbit…Read more Episode 64 – Jean-Paul de Win and Steve Gouveia


Episode 63 – Roger Sharpe tried to save Pinball twice

Roger on Pinball licensing Williams 90’s Beatles machine Sigourney Weaver absence on Alien CGC and remake possibilities Original themes in modern pinball Pinball market trends Roger tried to save pinball TWICE Monster Bash topper Deeproot Tour Oktoberfest – Nirmal Interview Beatles Pinball rumours Stern of the Union Pinball Magazine #5 Custom Pinball Machine Patreon Giveaway…Read more Episode 63 – Roger Sharpe tried to save Pinball twice


Episode 62 – Roger Sharpe

Pinball in the 70s The progression of females in pinball Why did pinball go away? Pinball trends and TNA Resurgence of original themes Pin2000: Desperation and necessity Pre-order business model Progression of pinball and P3 Getting kids into pinball Batman 0.95 Code Haggis Pinball Pinball Expo Roving reporter Head2Head Patreon Chrisco hampers! Melbourne Matchplay Gritty…Read more Episode 62 – Roger Sharpe


Episode 61 – Bags of news + Pinstadium

New WOZ version Monkey mod coming Scott from Pinstadium Pinstadium origins Orion’s belt Pincadia is back Expo will be big NDA Ned returns Head2Head Patreon Twerpys are coming Social Media watch Slam the top 100 Big Game Tournament fail Whilrwind GI issues Martin plays Deadpool BattlePin + Airplane Mailbag


Episode 60 – Dennis Kriesel is a cheap bastard

Dennis Intro Eclectic Gamers podcast Deadpool plastics Collecting Pinballs on the cheap Street level Gottliebs Top 5 WUG Collection machines with significant others Toy hall of fame Dennis Trends Slam the top 100 Lower level playfields Jeff Teolis LIVE Pinball Profile Dead Flip Williams reveal Deadpool update. SDTM review Toy Story Vs Wonka release Keith…Read more Episode 60 – Dennis Kriesel is a cheap bastard


Episode 59 – Wayne Gillard: Pinball Distributor and Millionaire

Distributing JJP CGC games, Monster Bash Remake status Selling American Pinball Last batch of Alien Pinball Wayne’s Magic Girl Buying the Williams License Crocodile Hunter Pinball Remaking Medieval Madness Melbourne Flipout 2018 Josh Sharpe = Most points!!! Oktoberfest Announced Zen Pinball Williams License Dead Flip Deadpool Stream Lots of Stern Code Dutch Lawyers make more…Read more Episode 59 – Wayne Gillard: Pinball Distributor and Millionaire


Episode 58 – George Gomez

We were lucky enough to talk to George Gomez who is the Executive Vice President Chief Creative Officer at Stern Pinball. He walks through his thought process behind designing Deadpool pinball machine but then dives deeper into Stern management and what his vision is for Stern in the future. Deadpool Premium/LE No repeated designs Shots…Read more Episode 58 – George Gomez


Episode 57 – Tanio Klyce (Deadpool Software Ninja)

Tanio Vs Black knight Metallica custom pinball machine Tanio & Steve Ritchie connection Coding video games Vs Pinball Transition into Lead Programmer Starting over with Deadpool Deadpool code talk ULTRA BOOM! R-rated Deadpool? Meet your heros Deadpool Deadflip stream Stern Pinball shirts Stern Coffee book from hell JJPOTC shipping Martin is Houdini famous ZY interview…Read more Episode 57 – Tanio Klyce (Deadpool Software Ninja)