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Initiative One is about all things Runewars Miniatures. Josh, Shane, and Justin chat about the game, news, tournaments, and anything else of interest!

Initiative One is about all things Runewars Miniatures. Josh, Shane, and Justin chat about the game, news, tournaments, and anything else of interest!
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Initiative One is about all things Runewars Miniatures. Josh, Shane, and Justin chat about the game, news, tournaments, and anything else of interest!




Episode 21: Something Wicked This Way Comes

We're back from our week off, and lo and behold, there was a new article on recording day! There's a little bit of new stuff with the second Ventala article, so we talk about their new champion slot upgrade, Warden of Horn and Branch, the full reveal of Flank Fire, and about their possible place in the Latari. There's also new stuff on the horizon with Baron Z and Lord V releasing next week, so we take a look at how they might shake up the meta and help their factions be more competitive,...


Episode 20: Cows in Deer Costumes

So yeah, about this episode. We had some file issues with the original recording, so Josh did his best to recreate the initial part of the episode. Imagine the usual podcast, but with less humor and insight. The first part is a look at Baron Z's new article, a brief mention of new release schedule, and a look at how Regionals results point to Uthuk being the faction to beat. Then the part that did work, where all three of us look at a few specific things from the US and UK Regionals as we...


Episode 19: But You Have Heard of Us

Gen Con Report! Josh breaks down his North American Championships experience, including bringing shame to Initiative One, playing Latari for the first three rounds, getting stuck with Meeting Engagement twice, and meeting a bunch of great Runewars eplayers. After his first major tournament, what did he learn from his wins and losses? We also talk about the new preview article for Lord Vorun'thul, which revealed his figure upgrade cards, including one that can't yet be what...


Episode 18: I'm Luke. I'm Here to Rescue You!

A couple Regionals have happened since we last recorded, and Luke follows his Nationals win with a Regional win in Spokane - he's the champion Daqan deserve! The FFG Center Regional happened as well, and Church14 took it with his Uthuk in a heavily-Uthuk field. In more important tournament news, we had our monthly store tournament for July, and it turned out to be the (first annual?) Initiative One Host Showdown. For all you X-Wing players, come play some Scuttling Threshers if you miss...


Episode 17: Deer-Men and Obscenes and Snakes, Oh My

So many new units to talk about! Since our last episode, FFG previewed Prince Faolan, Ventala Skirmishers, Beastmaster Th'Uk Tar and Gorgemaw, Viper Legion, and we talk about all of it. The Latari gain some strong-looking units, and the Uthuk look to have some more list-building variety. We look at some possible uses and builds for the new stuff, and try to put Wind Rune on as many things as possible. Oh, and Skirmishers with Flank Fire are definitely NOT a turret...see,...


Episode 16: Ravos' Crab Shack

Sorry about the late post this week, but Initiative One is back with Episode 16! Ravos' All-You-Can-Eat Crabs! We interview JJ, the winner of our Durham Regional (aka the most prestigious Runewars tournament from June 23rd). Did the Uthuk dominate? Is there any hope for Waiqar and Daqan? Why is our meta so different? We also take a look at U.S. Nationals (the second most prestigious tournament from June 23rd), do a breakdown of the lists, and talk a little bit about the current...


Episode Bonus #2: How to Win in San Antonio

Special bonus episode! We are joined by guests Sondra and Greg, who chatted with us from Court of Gamers in San Antonio. They just had their Regional, so we got them on to chat about their tournament, talk to them about the game a little bit and our different metas, and how Greg had to turn to Raven North Carolina Tabards to become the Regional Champion. He may have to relocate to NC when he is chased out of Texas for turning his back on their beloved Bull Pennon. Thanks to our guests for...


Episode 15: Lord Shan Yu

Once again, we put off talking about the league format, but for good reason. We got the second new hero introduction article for Baron Zachareth from the Daqan, and FFG also slipped an alt art for the new Uthuk hero in the tournament kit! Although we don't have dials for either one yet, we get a pretty good idea of how they function. The transformation or dual form idea continues with these two, and we discuss some of the new strategies that may come out of these new heroes. With new...


Episode 14: Interview with the Vampire

We were all set to talk about our league format, then FFG surprised us with a new Waiqar hero! Not only is this brand new content for Runewars, the first in a while, it's for the faction we think needs the most help. Can Lord Vorun'thul, the vampire/man-bat bring balance to the game, and singlehandedly elevate Waiqar to competitive relevance? We discuss our first impressions of this exciting development! Email us at:, check out our Facebook page at:...


Episode 13: Waiqar Send Help PLZ

Another tournament in the books, and our first with terrain decks! We follow up on our previous episode about terrain, go off on multiple tangents about the game, and talk about how Waiqar don't seem to be competitive right now. Waiqar and Daqan have just about disappeared from our local meta. We also give some tips for Regionals prep, and a brief overview of our new narrative league format. You can view the current league rules here if you are interested in trying it...


Episode 12: Catch Me If You Can

We had another tournament, so we get in to a recap of that and some things we learned. Shane is still refining his Latari army, Justin tried out his new Waiqar build for the first time, and Josh's Uthuk continue their winning streak. (Intro - 1:03) After that, we do a little speculation on the two new cards from the Darnati Warriors article. Could one of them be a fix for Rune Golems? Listen to find out (spoiler alert: NOPE). Here's the shared Google doc for Regionals, feel free to add...


Episode 11: What the Heck is a Dimoran?

After our special announcement, we get in to tournament terrain. Get our expert level, extremely experienced look at the available terrain under tournament rules (we've never used them). Nevertheless, we go over the available combinations and speculate on what we might want to use. We'll put our ideas to the test in a few weeks for our May tournament, and evaluate just how right we were. Here's the document that Shane compiled with all the possible terrain combinations:...


Episode 10: Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends

Another episode from our listener questions - this time we take a look at all things deployment. After a recap of Adepticon, we break down the game setup phase into terrain and objectives, then deploying your army. What have we learned from our time playing the game? Hopefully something! Full of our tips from choosing terrain and using it to your advantage, to how to set up your army for the best possible engagements, we try to help you figure out how to determine your best possible...


Episode 9: Number Munchers

With Store Championship season over, we take a look at the dominance of Latari and Uthuk. Are they just more powerful than Daqan and Waiqar? We break down the math behind the units we can compare — heroes, infantry, cavalry, and siege — to see if there is a distinct numerical advantage. Where do each faction's units stand in overall efficiency, and how do upgrades and abilities factor in? We do a quick overview of our local tournament from March 17th as well as Canadian Nationals....


Episode 8: Panic! At The Daqan

We catch up on a few more Store Championships since our last episode, and do a recap of ours from February 24th. Uthuk have moved in to first place for wins that we know of, followed closely by Latari, and Daqan finally breaks out of their slump and earns a couple wins! What can stop the Uthuk? We talk about what we have seen from them so far and speculate about strategies to deal with them, and how accurate our predictions from our Uthuk review were (Spined Threshers: nailed it). With...


Episode 7: Hook 'em Horns

With our store champs coming up, we look at everything we've gathered about others that have happened already. Reviewing the winners, common things we have seen between armies, and general trends gives us some ideas about the shape of the current meta. Hopefully we can give you some ideas about what to expect, what to try, and maybe something new to put on the table. We wrap up with general tournament tips from our experiences. We would love to hear your tournament tips as well, so put...


Episode 6: The Kari Wraithstalker Faction Review

Our second faction review! This time we tackle the Kari Wraithstalker faction, also known as Daqan. Can you figure out that we think Kari is really good? We take a look at units, upgrades, and some typical builds for everything. There are a few new ideas to try out, and some speculation about the Outland Scouts expansion that we'll some point this year. Store Championships map: Email us at:...


Episode 5: Place the Explosives

Join us for a recap of our tournament from January 20th. Justin and Shane give some insight into their experience as players, and Josh share some of what he saw while commentating. In the second half, we discuss the terrain included with the game, how to stat and use your own custom three-dimensional terrain, and some of the re stules about it. You can check out the videos from our tournament on our YouTube channel (,...


Episode 4: Is Initiative One Cancelled?

No Runewars news since December 4th, and no Initiative One episode since December 13th? They must both be cancelled! In all seriousness though, check out our second listener-driven discussion. We chat about play styles, army builds, strategies, and do some deep soul-searching about the roots of our Reanimate hate. Were we wrong all this time? Find out on this episode! Don't forget - check our our tournament stream on Saturday, 1/20, starting at 11:00am EST. Links will be on our Facebook...


Episode 3: Six Seasons and a Movie

Join us for our first community-generated episode. We try to respond to the questions we have had so far from our listeners about community building and the future of the game. Store Championships map: Email us at:, check out our Facebook page at:,or Tweet at us @InitOnePodcast. Let us know what you think of the show, tell us what...