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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Live Play podcast coming soon!

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Live Play podcast coming soon!
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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Live Play podcast coming soon!




Episode 28 - Minor Duties

Having solved their first batch of tasks with ingenuity and just a touch of poison, our adventures are set to take on their final naval odd jobs. Of course, they'll do so using their unique style of problem solving. Decide for yourself if you should be impressed or appalled with how they utilize boxing, pyramid schemes, and fight clubs to achieve their goals. And here you thought this podcast was about dungeons and dragons! Subscribe and leave a review on iTunes-...


Episode 27 - No Free Rides

Batten the hatches, get on the mainmast, and tie some knots ye scurvy dogs! It’s time for high seas adventure! After chasing Jade through the Red Halls, our adventurers find themselves on a ship that has set out to sea with Jade nowhere to be found. With their gold left in their bunks, the team is forced to work to pay for their passage. The crew of the ship is astute enough to not give our adventurers any important tasks, so they are left with a series of odd jobs and personal requests to...


Episode 26 - The Boys Become Minimalists

Don’t you just hate it when you travel and get home only to find your place has been trashed by a giant worm monster? Having realized the hard way that Rath should have hired some pest control services, our adventurers got out of that dungeon in a hurry! After all that fleeing, the party is about to get a visit from an old friend that's going to prompt a lot more cardio. These guys are going to be in great shape after all this! It could be the start to a new exercise fad- Get fit now by...


Episode 25 - Always Make Sure They Sign the Waiver

Having found Alano, things are a bit tense at the end of Rath's dungeon. What with all the bodies, and Rath being shot by an arrow. Will our adventurers complete their mission to bring Alano back to the Red Halls? Or will they be themselves and make rash decisions? This situation may just be out of their control however, and things escalate quickly. Tor calls the Thunder, almost. And Kort mostly lands an Airplane! reference. Looks like he picked the wrong week to stop drinking (get it?)....


Episode 18 - Pitching a Tent with Rath

You could say that things got a little hairy there last episode! But despite the best efforts of jerks and well dressed demons (we're pretending we don't actually know his name), our adventurers prevailed. With the next Emperor named, what will they do next? If only there was a mysterious riddle to figure out! We get to know the next emperor a little better. And Rath shares his backstory. This time, the only lie is telling himself that he's doing a good job with his character voice.


Episode 16 - What a Mighty Hole You Have

The final challenges for the throne begin! A mysterious riddle is imparted by an old friend. Old like, knew a while ago. But they were also old. Can someone be old age-wise when they're dead? Anyway, when the DM asks you to write down a riddle it's probably important. Will our players' dictation skills be up to the task? Blag drops some devastating insults. And a dastardly villain is revealed; which is mostly surprising in how long it takes our adventurers to figure it out. Get ready for...


Episode 17 - And the New Emperor is

Who would have thought that reading from an ancient demonic scroll would have unexpected results? And Talon is an even bigger jerk than we knew? What other shocking revelations and startling surprises are in store for our adventurers? Hopefully someone will be left alive to find out who won the competition. It's boss fight time! We hope you enjoy the finale of our first story arc! Want to talk with us about all the crazy stuff that goes down? Join the discussion on Reddit at...


Episode 15 - Heisted as Planned

The heist is on! While Kort, Blag and Tor work out the best way to survive an impending clash with armored horrors, Rath daringly feuds with a bartender. When a room full of mysterious treasures is revealed, will Rath encourage the others to push their luck and risk certain death? Will he find the courage to overcome the peril of a poorly mixed cocktail? What crafty escape plan does Tor have up his sleeve? It's time to steal stuff!


Episode 12 - Rath Tells a Lie

Being stuck with a cursed ring has really lightened Rath's mood. He's just so nice now! He continues to shower the other adventurers with praise as they delve deeper into the cave. What surprisingly refined horror waits for them? Who are the Aberrations? And will Tor do something impulsive that could get everyone killed? Yes, yes he will. But Rath seems fine with it! Time to enter the Pit of Darkness.


Episode 11 - Kort the Persuaded Persuader

Kort is having a rough time in the Lichstone mine. Maybe he can turn it around? Surely he won't keep touching the things that want to eat him! And Rath makes a decision he instantly regrets, but you won't hear that from him. We hope you're enjoying the show! Please consider reviewing us on iTunes! We don't pay to advertise the show and reviews are a great way to help others discover it. Also please tell a friend about the podcast! We really appreciate it. We'd love to hear from you- Join...


Episode 9 - Blag's Not So Good Day

Our adventurers very cautiously approach the domain of the Wizard King. They discover an ominous lever that can only lead to bad things. One of the party will die! Is it Blag? No. But it could be! It isn't.


Episode 8 - Take Him To The Farm

The Trial of Preservation begins! The previously generic quest giver is starting to show some personality, and it turns out he sucks! He gives our adventurers the power of life or death over a complete stranger. Who thought that was a good idea? Oh yeah, the guy who's a jerk.


Episode 7 - Technical Success

The very public appearance of a certain imp last episode encourages Rath to overcome some of his trust issues. We have a brief agricultural interlude with Blag. And our adventurers take on a mission to fight back against the Wizard King. With an episode name like Technical Success you know that probably doesn't go so well!


Episode 6 - Beelza-bow

A new set of challenges reveal a mysterious individual from Kort's past. Things get dramatic when Rath faces down an old enemy. What dark secrets will be revealed? And get ready for a knock-out performance from Beaker!


Episode 5 - Kobold Kanyon

Can our adventures pull off the impossible Kobold Kanyon job? What surprising Kobold sleeping habits will they discover? Also Blag gets violent. Disturbingly so. But that's probably just a one time thing and not a trend.


Episode 4 - Fast Cash

Romance in the air! Or is that the smell from all the elephants? Let's say both because Rath has an admirer! Blag orders some milk. Kort does some shady fundraising. And Tor, well Tor continues to be the most effective member of the group.


Episode 1 - The Beginning

Our premier episode in which we meet our adventurers. Dark pasts are alluded to! A mysterious empire that magically abducts people as a narrative tool is revealed! Dice are rolled very poorly. And an epic quest begins!


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A Live Play Dungeons & Dragons 5e podcast coming soon!