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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Live Play podcast coming soon!

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Live Play podcast coming soon!
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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Live Play podcast coming soon!




Episode 52 - Rubbing it Pays Off

Time is running out to save Tor's daughter. Having barely pried Kort out of the siren's magical grasp, the team has approached the ghostly Butler Rempfer, desperate for any assistance they can get. It turns out he is willing to help the team locate the baron, and even point them to a powerful weapon to help defeat him. But the Butler has one condition, they return his heart to his body so that he can be free to rest in peace. He's probably sick of cleaning bathrooms. If Blag is any...


Episode 51 - Seduced as Planned

This episode the bard tries to seduce someone. It doesn't go well. Help other listeners discover the show! Please leave a review on iTunes and tell your friends-…d1241401679?mt=2 Join the party members and other listeners on Discord , Reddit , and Facebook Email us at Merchandise available at Theme song by Jet...


Episode 50 - Maniacs in a Mansion

Episode 50! A major milestone! The kind of event people who make podcasts would generally celebrate with a special episode. Something well thought out in advance. But if you've listened this far, you know making plans isn't exactly one of these guys' strengths in game. Why would it be any different out of game? Speaking of making plans, that's actually something our adventurers try to do this episode. And some of their ideas are actually reasonable. Dare we say almost even intelligent? You...


Episode 49 - For Bidden

Having finally reached the manor of the vampire Baron Von Uberdorf, our adventurers have somehow charmed their way inside and been given free rein. With a couple very important restrictions that are just asking to be ignored by the team. Showing surprising restraint, they begin their exploration of the grounds in search of Tor's daughter. Coming across an unexpected guest of the Baron's, Kort and Rath try out a new routine we're calling Two Fine Fellows Foppishly Frolic with Frivolous...


Episode 48 - Hit the Wraith not the Rath

Things are getting desperate for our adventurers as they continue their journey through the perilous hedge maze of Baron Von Uberdorf. Knowing their destination can't be far, they venture on, pursued by the obnoxious heavy breathing, and that wraith that at this point is really just being a jerk. Can the party survive this gauntlet? Will Rath be undone by a terrifying new threat that he should have seen coming? Will Kort finally use his heroic moment? Will one of the adventurers wind up as...


Episode 47 - a-MAZE-ing

Last episode left our adventurers deep in the treacherous hedge maze of Baron Von Uberdorf. As they traverse further in to the maze, they are pursued by the sounds of heavy, bestial breathing. And then there's also that wraith that keeps popping out of the bushes and taking swings at the party. Kind of like when you have an uninvited guest, and you think they're finally going to leave, but they just linger. And try to murder you. You get the idea. Soon the party discovers an ominous globe of...


Episode 46 - The Blag and the Hound

Having more or less successfully defended the town of Wildsteel from a Zombie uprising, our adventurers decide to take the fight to the malevolent Baron Von Uberdorf. After they get a good night's sleep of course. Upon arriving at his manor they discover the way forward is blocked, safely secured by an unlocked gate, a doggy, and a hedge maze. Terrifying, we know. Will our adventurers be able to overcome the canine guardian? As things heat up for Beaker, will the party learn a little...


Episode 45 - An Un-Deadly Dilemma

With screams echoing throughout the town, our adventurers rush to see what has so many dwarves running for their lives. It's zombies. Let's be clear, there's basically one thing that happens this episode. They fight the zombies. Sure, Tor does some cleric stuff. And of course some bad puns are tossed about. But really, it all leads back to fighting zombies. Which is totally awesome! About time we get some zombies in here! We here in the episode description department would love to glamorize...


Episode 44 - Pun-sylvania

Welcome to Wildsteel! Home of the IronOak clan! We've got fun for the whole family! Sure there is clearly something sinister going on here, and your daughter might get abducted by our mysterious new benefactor, but don't worry about that! We have a new hedge-maze. And an orphanage! Visit our new Cooperage bar, where the drinks are weird and something is definitely off about about the patrons! But the barrels are extremely well crafted! Our apartment doors are easily destroyed! There's an...


Episode 43 - The Pants Theory

With the party divided, Kort, Blag and Rath find themselves back at the Red Halls. Rath barely fights off a panic attack when they come across a large gathering of Onyx Shields. Our adventurers learn of a perverse mystery that they will probably fail to solve. And, even more terrifying than the ghoulish crime, there are politics afoot! What will Blag do that could land him in an early grave? Will the party be reunited? Just how many houses does Tor own? Will there be a startling lack of...


Episode 42.5 - Our Story So Far

Do you enjoy jumping into a story in the middle with only a basic understanding of the plot and characters? Then do we have the mini-episode for you! Join our cast as they briefly summarize their journey to this point and then jump right in as their next adventure begins in episode 43! Have any questions about what's going on? Just want to hang out and talk D&D? Join the party members and other listeners on Discord! Theme song by Jet 'n' Joby Logo designed by Ed...


Episode 42 - A Torless Group

So Tor got squished. He was completely stomped on. Is that insensitive to say? It is what happened after all. His tiny dwarf body found itself between a floor and a large stomping foot. He was stepped upon with murderous intent. It sure seems like he got squished out of existence. These are just the facts people. Either way, the rest of the party doesn't seem too concerned about it. Moving on with their day, they decide to complete their exploration of the tower. The party encounters a...


Episode 41 - Tor’s the Healer

With the spectral guardian of the first floor defeated, our adventurers continue their climb up the wizard Steve's tower. Okay, defeated is a stretch, but history is written by the victors right? Or in this case the ones who didn't run completely away. They just ran out of the tower to force the townsfolk to help them. And they only had one of their team unconscious from being munched on. That's basically the textbook definition of victory! Reaching the second level, the party comes upon a...


Episode 40 - It’s a Trap

Last episode our adventurers had a very self-inflicted run-in with the Yuan Ti. This led to a shocking revelation about a particular sea monster that leaves the party questioning the wizard Steve's motives. Realizing that maybe Blag's previously unjustified threats to the wizard were spot-on, the team decides to return to the tower and put Steve to some hard questions. Of course things never go that smoothly for these adventurers, and they quickly find themselves debating the merits of using...


Episode 39 - Tor Fails at Surrendering

It's time for Blag to enter the ominous Steve's Tower. Will Steve even be home? There aren't any windows or doors so you can't tell if there's a light on inside. Apparently he's really in to privacy. How does he get his monthly delivery of "Big Dumb Towers in the Middle of a Small Village Digest"? With Blag in the most unwelcoming tower ever, the rest of the party is left to find a productive use of their time. Rath makes one of his dreams come true before they venture out to scout the...


Episode 38 - Battle in the Buff

In our last episode the party reached a village of shifters and learned about the mysterious Steve's Tower. Kyle clearly had a better name in mind for that, but the players are basically children and he knows when it's best to just let the kids have their way. Rath was readying himself to be teleported in to the aforementioned Tower when the village came under attack. Deciding it would be best to seek an audience with Steve at a later time, they take to the ramparts to join in the defense....


Episode 37 - Steve's Tower

Some important concepts to know for this episode- Mind flayer- Mysterious race with tentacles around their mouth. Needs to consume at least one intelligent brain a month to remain healthy. That last one's not related to our story, but is a fun tidbit. Electricity- Commonly used as a magical barrier. Resistant to hammers. Bad for tieflings. Separation Anxiety- What can happen when you take a dwarf away from shiny things. Shifter- A race believed to be descendants of humans and lycanthropes....


Episode 36 - Cagey Choices

In our last episode the team faced a series of challenges as they were led through the mountain by the Warforged Fergus. These challenges tested their moral character, willingness to sacrifice for others, and if they can get over their paralyzing fear of taking damage they can see coming. They also showed that they are willing to forget about ethical dilemmas as soon as they are able to move past them. And while they may be inclined to just gloss over what was done to that poor displacer...


Episode 35 - Displacer Emotions

Having been led into the mountain by the mysterious living armor, the party discovers a series of traps, puzzles, and ethical dilemmas. That's all the the things these adventurers are the worst at! Chances are this won't go well. Having actually learned some lessons from previous adventurers, Kort and Rath try to be cautious. But Tor is around, and Tor is impulsive, kicking things off with a bang. Kort and Rath try very hard to not to suffer the consequences of that impulsiveness, but that...


Episode 34 - Golden Boy

In the last episode, our adventurers were about to get chomped on by a pack of dinos when a mysterious whistle drew the razor-clawed critters away. That's not ominous at all! The party decided to take a breather in the tree tops they found themselves in after having fled in terror from their imminent disembowelment. Now, with guidance from the spirit of Babushka, they set back out to continue their trek through the jungle. It quickly becomes apparent that the island does not welcome their...