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Interactive Indies #16 - Graeme Borland

Graeme Borland is a multidisciplinary game developer, frequent game jam participant, and tall person who does not play basketball. From working on VR games at Owlchemy Labs to his daily sketch blog, Graeme is seldom without a handful of projects on the go. He enjoys coming up with tasty bite-sized games for events like Ludum Dare and Pegjam, and daydreaming about what to work on next. He also likes cats, ramen, and grapefruit juice - none of which are discussed in this episode.


Interactive Indies #15 - Kert Gartner

Kert is a renowned indie game trailer craftsman and VFX industry veteran. He helped pioneer the creation of high quality Mixed Reality VR videos with the debut of the Fantastic Contraption and Job Simulator trailers for the HTC VIVE. While he isn't immersed in VR, Kert is making some of the greatest indie game trailers out there working with the teams behind games like Nuclear Throne, Hotline Miami, Spelunky, FEZ, Broforce, TowerFall, and many more. In a past life, he contributed to over...


Interactive Indies #14 - Julian Beutel

Julian Beutel grew up in the Canadian prairies playing classical piano and jazz trumpet, then moved to Los Angeles where a passion for composing for film and video games was awakened. In 2015 he composed the music for An Object at Rest, shortlisted for the Oscar for Best Animated Short. He now lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba as a freelance composer and game jam enthusiast. Other projects he’s worked on include My Magical Friend, SkyBoats, and If It Ain’t Got.


Interactive Indies #13 - Matheu Plouffe

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Matheu grew up on the golden age of 8-bit video games. After graduating from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Film Studies and Philosophy, Matheu had a not completely unsuccessful run as a independent filmmaker before he became a programmer. Once he got into coding, his love for art and his love for video games drove him to get involved in the indie game community. While attending Red River College, Matheu founded a game development club where his...


Interactive Indies #12 - Adrian Cheater

Adrian Cheater is a transgender woman, game programmer and co-founder of Complex Games, contributing to the development of over 15 titles. Born and raised in Winnipeg, she became interested in computers at a young age and has been actively coding for 30 years. She has worked with a number of languages and platforms over the years, though her professional work focuses mostly in Unity3D, and web development using a combination of C#, Ruby, and Python.


Interactive Indies #11 - Michael Gooch

The bombastic Michael Gooch. QA Tester for Square-Enix by day, Game Designer by night, this nomadic fellow has been developing his own games all over Canada and the UK for over 4 years, with his most recent mobile release delving into the historic recreation of Hnefatafl, a board game played by traveling Vikings in their quest of discovery and up-to-no-goodery. Currently working on a Space Dog Fight Card Game and other small side projects, Michael hopes to not only develop mechanically...


Interactive Indies #10 - Aaron Kostuik

Aaron Kostuik is the CEO of AYBOnline Inc which started as a small internet cafe in 2001 and grew to host multiple LAN parties a year by 2003. Eventually, AYBOnline directed its focus to competitive gaming and started to host some of the largest gaming tournaments in central Canada and the northern United States, these events have become known as BaseLAN. Although considered a university drop out, he is also an engineer for cloud security at Microsoft Azure/O365.


Interactive Indies #9 - Shera Starr & Josh Grand

Josh Grand, formerly a SharePoint Developer/JIRA Administrator with Bell MTS, is a hobbyist game developer and professional procrastinator. When he's not playing games, he's thinking of game ideas that are far too difficult to implement at his current skill level. One day, he hopes to release an RPG that will rival those of his childhood favorites. Shera Starr is a 3D surfacing/modeling/character FX artist, having recently worked on the movie Next Gen. She loves making video games,...


Interactive Indies #8 - Dann Blair

Daniel Blair founded Bit Space Development in 2015, working in interactive digital media focused on developing augmented and virtual reality experiences for serious purposes. He serves as technology advisor for North Forge Technology Exchange where he founded the Advanced ICT Lab. Dan also sits on the board of directors for New Media Manitoba where he works to grow the IDM industry in Manitoba. In 2016 Daniel received the future leaders of Manitoba award as well as the CICAN award. Daniel...


Interactive Indies #7 - Sara Wilde

Sara Wilde is a 3D Character Artist, a coffee drinker, travel enthusiast and cat lover. Living and working in Winnipeg, Manitoba Sara does a combination of freelance, teaching, and convention work. Her love of learning and new challenges makes her extra appreciative to live in a community that allows for so much diversity in her work.


Interactive Indies #6 - Matt Woelk

Matt Woelk is a game developer, improviser, and musician. To Matt, being is learning, mathematics is exciting, and stories are the lens through which we see the world. His goal is to make a game that you've heard of, while supporting the people around him.


Interactive Indies #5 - Rebecca Kremer

I'm Rebecca, and I've always been an artist. Currently I'm living a dual-life: 3D texture artist for Tangent Animation Studio by day and a Dental Hygienist by night. I have no actual formal training in art of any sort, though I do love sharing my ideas and emotions through artistic mediums, especially video games, and that seems to be enough. :) I love meeting new people and exploring wild places!


Interactive Indies #4 - Ben Bergman

Ben Bergman is the interactive developer for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. He likes to work with his hands and his brain, with bytes and electrons. The world of human computer interaction and physical computing is his playground, be it making intuitive interfaces to help people learn tough concepts or making completely impractical devices for his own amusement.


Interactive Indies #3 - Amy Gerardy

Amy Gerardy is an illustrator and game developer who works as a freelance artist. She works on a variety of things, from prints and marketing materials, to art assets for games. In her spare time she likes to play video games and enjoy stories. She is influenced by nature, cute things, and magic. She frequently forgets that her tea is still steeping.


Interactive Indies #2 - Aaron Klaassen

Aaron Klaassen is a web developer who definitely doesn’t make video games. These days he leads the API team at Unsplash, and when not doing that he’s working on the Winnitron Network, an indie arcade machine platform and online library of games. In the sliver of time left, he smokes meat, concocts hot sauces, and hangs out in disreputable drinking establishments.


Interactive Indies #1 - Albertine Watson

Albertine Watson is a communications specialist focused on public relations, marketing strategy, and community management in the games industry. She’s worked on projects for Games Workshop, Focus Home Interactive, and a bunch of indie titles in the past four years. Albertine also gives presentations to junior-high girls on how to get into the game industry. She endeavours to make her own games someday too.