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LL28 - Breath of the Wildlings

This week on Last Lives...The #SummerofZelda is drawing to a close with the most recent installment in the Legend of Zelda series: Breath of the Wild! The Nintendo Switch makes its first appearance in a Memory Card segment as Jbone and Dad freak out about their favorite game of 2017. Warp Zone: the guys react to the Red Dead 2 Gameplay trailer! music by @5am.atl on instagram...NEW ALBUM "NIGHT WERKS 2" AVAILABLE NOW!


LL27 - Don't Let a Slapdick Catch Ya Nappin' in the Silent Realm

This week on Last Lives…We’ve reached the Twilight of the #SummerofZelda so it’s time to put on some EMO and turn into a WOLF BOY! That’s right Wii are covering the Wii entries in the Zelda series, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword! Plus, what’s up with Tingle? Who is he REALLY? We maybe answer some of these questions and more! Music by @5am.ATL on instagram NEW ALBUM NIGHTWERKS 2 COMING SOON!


LL26 - Nobody Controls Tingle

This week on Last Lives...The Summer of Zelda sails on to the Game Cube and DS entries into the series: The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks! Boats, Trains, Ghosts...OH MY! Hear the boys opinions on one of the more divisive entries in the series in this definitive retrospective on the TOON Link Saga! PLUS San Diego Comic Con talk right up top! music by @5am.ATL on instagram bonus track "Get Your Rupies Up" by 5am.ATL featuring Jace Mythic and Jah-Lei


LL25 - Super What's Eating Gilbert Grape with Justin Thompson

This week on Last Lives...Justin Clements and Sam G are joined by yet another Justin! Comedian Justin Thompson joins the crew to wax nostalgic about licensed properties, Dreamcast, and one of the GOAT franchises Metal Gear Solid! Summer of Zelda deep dives return next week. music by @5am.ATL on Instagram


LL24 - The Ocarina of the Time of Your Life

This week on Last Lives...The Summer of Zelda continues with what many consider not just the best in the series, but one of the greatest games of all time: Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time! The crew also discuss what many feel is one of their least favorites Majora's Mask! Get away creep MOON! music by @5am.ATL on instagram


LL23 - We All Float on the Song of the Wind Fish

This week on Last Lives…The Legend of Zelda series deep dive continues as the crew run down the SNES entry in the series A Link to the Past! Hear Justin “Dad” Harris and Justin Clements talk about what they consider one of the greatest Zelda games in the whole series. Even Game Boy gets some coverage as Dad recaps the surreal events of Link’s Awakening and JBone talks about the Pokemon-like Oracle or Season/Ages! Sam G gives a Full Jurassic World Evolution review in checkpoint and the gang...


LL22 - The Spelunking Adventures of Latch-key Miyamoto

This week on Last Lives...It's time for the first series DEEP DIVE and where else would the Last Lives crew start but The Legend of Zelda series! This week Legend of Zelda and Zelda 2 on the NES! Music by @5am.atl on instagram addition music by Rebecca Tripp - "Prayers Sung by Hylian Chamber Choir" available at


LL21 - Gilded Age Wrap Up

This week on Last Lives…The gang wraps up the Gilded Age journey with some final thoughts on the era, the issues, the games, and more. Plus a little more E3, NPD Jeopardy, and the triumphant return of SWITCHY SWITCHY GAME GAME! Music by @5am.ATL on Instagram


LL20 - PS3 and the Many Game Saves of Sam G

This week on Last Lives...Jbone, Dad Harris, and Sam G hit part 2 of the PS3 this time talking about the lifespan and of course THE GAMES! The guys also touch on a few more weird issues of the PS3 and make predictions for E3 2019! Don't forget to check out our E3 special from earlier this week! Music by @5am.ATL on instagram


LLE3 - 2018 Entirely More Flute Than Advertised

This week on Last Lives…A special E3 Mini Episode before part 2 of our PS3 deep dive. The boys discuss their favorites and the biggest WTF moments from the expo! The normal episode will drop later this week! Music by @5am.ATL on instagram


LL19 - Kutaragi Has 599 Problems

This week on Last Lives…JBone returns just in time to dive into the PS3. In part one of a two part epic, the gang talks the launch and turbulent first year of the PS3’s life. The Boomerang, The Cell Processor, Frame Drops, and of course the PRICE! Plus Dad’s take on WATCHING Detroit: Become Human and JBone goes mobile! — NOTE: RECORDED BEFORE E3 Memory Card PS3 LaunchThe BoomerangThe PriceThe CostShortagesEbayLaunch Titles Checkpoint Chatter Detroit: Become HumanSkate 2Pokemon GoStar...


LL18 - Boneless Wings

This week on Last Lives…Justin Harris and Sam G hop in a prop plane and head for the skies to talk about Flight based games while JBone is on hiatus. The Gilded Age finale with the PS3 will come next week, but for now please enjoy these BONELESS WINGS! Memory Card Pilotwings SNES and 64 Wing Commander Series (SNES and PC w/Mark Hamill) Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator Star Fox Top Gun NES Life Force After Burner Microsoft Flight Simulator Descent Grand Theft Auto War Hawk Star...


LL17 - Hey Mom Can I Borrow That Wii...Forever

This week on Last Lives…The Gilded Age continues with the Nintendo Wii and it’s motion controlled casual gaming dominance. Wii was one of the best selling consoles of its generation, while never seeming to be in direct competition with Sony or Xbox. Did the decision to forego HD compatibility take years off the Wii’s lifespan? Memory Card Wii LaunchShortagesTwilight PrincessWii SportsSkyward SwordSuper Paper MarioWii Punch OutWii FitMotion PlusIssues and Life Span CheckPoint...


LL16 - Impending Red Ringal Failure

This week on LAST LIVES…The boys launch into the Gilded Age with the first console of that generation, The XBox 360! Microsofts gamble to be first to market after the $4 billion loss of the original Xbox garnered them a captive online gaming audience they wouldn’t relinquish for a generation, but that decision may have cost them more than the original bet! Memory Card Xbox 360 Launch!Viral Marketing InfancyMicrosoft, Killers, and Hobbits Oh MY!ShortagesEbay ResellingLaunch TitlesGamesRed...


LL15 - Well Thats How They Get Ya - A Gilded Age Primer

This week on LAST LIVES...Justin Clements returns to the fold fully nuptialized and fired up, ready to dive in to the GILDED AGE of the PS3, 360, and Wii! But first Sam G gives a quick primer to remind us where all the players are on the field, and introduce some over arching themes of this console generation. Memory Card CheckPoint Chatter Warp Zone Music by 5AM.ATL


LL14 - Grind Hard and Get Your Rupies Up w 5AM ATL

This week on LAST LIVES…Sam G and Dad Harris hold down the fort while JBone is on his honeymoon and talk in-depth about God of War, Nintendo Labo, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Sam brings us an interview with the show’s resident beat-smith 5AM.ATL aka Crate Digger Jones talking about coming up in Arcades, the zen of Skateboarding games, and more! Memory Card Arcade King of the HillStreet Fighter II720 Degrees arcade skateboard gameTrasher SkateGoGo13: The ProfessionalGolden EyeDreamcastTony...


LL13 - Sam G's Sega Sony Handheld Supershow

This week on LAST LIVES…Sam G brings us another side of the handheld gaming equation via his experiences with both the Sega Game Gear and the Sony PSP. How did Nintendo’s primary rival in the 90’s fare against their seemingly simplistic Game Boy? Did Sony even try to compete with the Casual Gaming dominance of the DS series? Find out the answers to those questions as well as what rides Universal should and should not build for Nintendo-land and more! Memory Card The Sega Game GearColor...


LL12 - Evan Valentine and the Doom Pod of Dr Clemegalomann

This week on LAST LIVES…The crew is joined by writer & resident comic book expert Evan Valentine (,, to discuss Marvel Video Games over the years as the eve of Infinity War approaches! Find out which Marvel characters were the first to get the pixelated treatment and which, if any, were PLAYABLE video games (spoiler: not many). Being the first guest episode the boys got excited and went extra long, check out for bonus outtakes...


LL11 - A Touching Tribute to DS

This week on LAST LIVES…The crew talk about one of the most dominant forces in handheld gaming history THE NINTENDO DS FAMILY. The DS didn’t just crack Nintendo into the hitherto unheard-of Casual Gamer market, they blew the lid off the handheld gaming market and set themselves up for the future. Memory Card: Cracking the casual marketCelebrity Release Event in LATouching is a slogan2nd Screen and other GimmicksPower PadZelda Phantom HourglassSpirit TracksPhoenix Wright Ace...


LL10 - Ya Gonna Go Play Your Little Gameboy?

This week on LAST LIVES…The crew jump into another area of gaming from their past, The Handheld Gaming Console! This week specifically the guys talk about the original standard bearer of handheld gaming, The Nintendo Gameboy. With a lifespan that defied the simplicity of it’s design, the gray brick won out over its fancier, more colorful rivals with the Nintendo staple of fun gameplay and exclusive IP. The Gameboy Family of systems was dominant well into the 2000s thanks in no small part...