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Multiplayered - Bonus Round EP23 - Alfred Hightower and Cosplay!

Oh boy! We have a dope show for you lovely people! On this episode of the Bonus Round, Zack and Jav interrogate the amazing Alfred Hightower for a solid half hour about his life with cosplay. We laughed, we cried, we showed off our bad Halloween costumes from last year. Stay tuned for an exiting Round! Bonus style! ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ► ► ► ▾ Follow GameChops ▾ ►...


Multiplayered - EP56 - The Way of Cosplay!

This week on Multiplayered we have a very special guest, cosplayer Alfred Hightower! He's stopped by to tell us all about the world of cosplay, his experiences and what it's like being a cosplayer (lots of sweat, those costumes are hot!) We'll also talk about the recent news from Telltale games as well as a little bit of thoughts on the Playstation Classic as well as Bowsette! Alfred Hightower's instagram (follow him!): ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ►...


Multiplayered - EP55 - Nintendo Direct Reactions! Are you Kidding Nintendo?!

The postponed Nintendo Direct has finally come and gone and we're reacting to all the announcements. Were we overwhelmed??? Not really... ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ► ► ► Listen to this episode on the go as a podcast! iTunes - Google Play - ▾ Follow GameChops ▾ ► ► ►...


Multiplayered - EP54 - Spider-Man impressions, Battlefield thoughts, Nintendo Ideas

On this amazing episode of Multiplayered, Zack and Jav bust out tons of thoughts! There's a beefy Spider-man review, some saucy Battlefield V beta impressions, juicy Megaman demo thoughts, as well as some savory predictions for Nintendo's next Direct. This episode has it all! Stay tuned, baby! ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ► ► ► ▾ Follow GameChops ▾ ► ►...


Multiplayered - EP53 - It's Time to Split and Amazon Hates Gamers!

On this timetastic episode of Multiplayered, the MP crew proclaim their excite for some actual Timesplitters news! Zack and Jav also talk about the new The Sinking City trailer as well as their disappointment in Amazon's changes to Amazon Prime and Twitch. ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ► ► ► ▾ Follow GameChops ▾ ► ► ►...


Multiplayered - Bonus Round EP21 - The Best Movie Games!

Are there any good movie based video games? There sure are! Stick around, hang out, and let the MP crew drop some classic movie based video game knowledge on ya! ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ► ► ► ▾ Follow GameChops ▾ ► ► ► ► ► ►...


Multiplayered - EP52 - A Smashing Quake of News

HOLY NEWS BATMAN! So much happened in the gaming world this past week and we are talking about it all! From Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, to Quake Con 2018, and Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay! We love it all and are so excited to be talking about it. ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ► ► ► Listen to this episode on the go as a podcast! iTunes - Google Play -...


Multiplayered - 51 - The NES is King and the Dead Cells Dev Rocks!

Did you know the NES is still the king? That's right! Zack and Jav are talking NPD numbers this week and with that, they are discussing how the NES was the best selling console of June 2018. The MP crew also throw some love towards Motion Twin, developers of Dead Cells, for the way they run their studio. ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ► ► ► ▾ Follow GameChops ▾ ►


Multiplayered - Bonus Round EP20 - The Best Action Sports Games!

On this action packed episode of the Bonus Round, Zack and Jav jump, skate and dunk through their list of the best action sports games to ever come out. BOOMSHAKALAKA!!! Listen to this episode on the go as a podcast! iTunes - Google Play - ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ► ► ► ► ▾ Follow GameChops ▾ ►...


Multiplayered - EP50 - We've hit a milestone! Time to party!

We have hit our very first milestone! That's right! Episode 50 is here and it's time to celebrate by doing what we love best; talking about video games! In this celebratory episode, Zack and Jav discuss EA creating a free to play battle royal game as well as the new game The Sinking City and a Nickelodeon kart game! Stick around for an episode 50 weeks in the making! Listen to this episode on the go as a podcast! iTunes - Google Play - ▾ FOLLOW...


Multiplayered - EP49 - The Cloud is coming for us all! Hide Your Wallet!

On this exciting episode of Multiplayered, Zack and Jav discuss some awesome indies releasing soon including: NBA Playgrounds 2, Dead Cells and Banner Saga Trilogy. The MP Crew also discuss the rumors about the cloud based Xbox Scarlet and the scary cloud serviced future looming over us all. ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ► ► ► ► ▾ Follow GameChops ▾ ►...


Multiplayered – Bonus Round 19 - The Best Soldiers in Games!

On this tactical episode of the Bonus Round, Zack and Jav go deep into enemy territory to discuss their favorite soldiers in video games. Strap on your boots, men! It's time for a patriotic list of awesomeness! ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ► ► ► ► ▾ Follow GameChops ▾ ► ► ►...


Multiplayered - EP48 - Disney + Overwatch League = Esports' Bright Future

With Disney reaching a deal with the Overwatch League for broadcasting rights we sit down and talk about the future of Esports and it's impact! We've also got some thoughts on Octopath Traveler for the Nintendo Switch! ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ► ► ► ► ▾ Follow GameChops ▾ ► ► ►...


Multiplayered - 47 - Netflix shows, Mario Tennis Complaints and our Summer Backlog!

On this episode of Multiplayered, Zack and Jav discuss some awesome ideas for some new animated Netflix shows as well as discuss the games they have been playing. Listen to this episode on the go as a podcast! iTunes - Google Play - ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ► ► ► ► ▾ Follow GameChops ▾ ►...


Multiplayered - Bonus Round EP18 - What was missing from E3 2018?

On this episode of the Bonus Round, Zack and Jav discuss the games they wish were at E3 this year. Stay tuned for some non stop action, baby! Listen to this episode on the go as a podcast! iTunes - Google Play - ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ► ► ► ► ▾ Follow GameChops ▾ ► ►...


Multiplayered - EP46 - The crazy future of cross-platform and cloud gaming!

On this awesome episode of Multiplayered, Zack and Jav discuss the crazy world of gaming we currently live in. Online games are reaching across every platform, everywhere and are always updating in new amazing ways. Stay tuned to hear what the MP crew thinks about all this! ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ► ► ► ► ▾ Follow GameChops ▾ ►...


Multiplayered - EP45 - Experiencing E3! The good, the bad, the lines..

With our E3 coverage coming to an end Zack talks all about his experience going to E3 2018! There were good times had, lines aplenty and believe it or not.. genuine disappointment ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ► ► ► ► ▾ Follow GameChops ▾ ► ► ► ►...


Multiplayered - EP44 - E3 PRESS CONFERENCES!!!

E3 has come and gone and we are ready for all the new games to come out! We're starting off by going over all the press conferences and how they made us feel from best to worst. P.S. Sony, we are disappointed. ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ► ► ► ► ▾ Follow GameChops ▾ ► ► ►...


Multiplayered - EP43 - Mario Tennis Aces and Pokemon Quest have hive given us Nintendo FEVER!

WE GOT A FEVER! AND THE ONLY PRESCRIPTION IS MORE NINTENDO! It's been a big week for games but two of the best highlights have been Mario Tennis Aces and Pokemon Quest for the Switch. Listen to this episode on the go as a podcast! iTunes - Google Play - ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ► ► ► ► ▾ Follow GameChops...


Multiplayered - EP42 - Our N64 Classic Wishlist & PS4's end of Life Cycle??

With news of Nintendo possibly releasing an N64 classic we talk about our N64 Classic's wishlist for what games should be included! We also discuss what the end of the PS4's life cycle will revolve around as well as celebrate Ted Dabney's life and involvement with Atari. ▾ FOLLOW US ▾ ► ► ► ► ▾ Follow GameChops ▾ ►...