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Each week we get together to chat about the latest in the world of Geekery. We feature sci-fi to tech, gaming to comics and of course a bunch of other random geekyness.

Each week we get together to chat about the latest in the world of Geekery. We feature sci-fi to tech, gaming to comics and of course a bunch of other random geekyness.
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Each week we get together to chat about the latest in the world of Geekery. We feature sci-fi to tech, gaming to comics and of course a bunch of other random geekyness.





Episodes Show #251 – Gonna Give Android Pie First Thoughts

In this week’s episode Michelle Ealey is here to fill in for SP. We’ll discuss how there are Pixel fast charging issues, how cross play problems are heating up, and how Black Panther made a ton of money. We’ll also chat about how Star Trek may be losing Chris Pine and also how Apple has […]

Duration:01:11:18 Show #250 – Gonna Watch an Odd Couple TV Series Reboot Featuring Picard and Q

Sunkast is here this week to helps us celebrate the 250th episode while Sunkast is away enjoying the summer. We’ll kick off the news with a lengthy discussion related to the news that Patrick Stewart is coming back to Star Trek. We’ll discuss what we hope to see from the series, who we’d like to […]

Duration:01:05:29 Show #249 – Gonna Buy A Mars Lake Front Property

In this week’s slightly shorter episode, we discuss how the Pixel 3 XL is looking like it’ll have a notch, how MoviePass had a big outage and is making a bunch of changes, and how there could be a LAKE ON MARS. Plus we’ll also run down this week’s free Xbox Gold games and also […]

Duration:00:37:52 Show #248 – Gonna Recap SDCC 2018

This week we have special guest Michelle Ealey here to help run down a bunch of highlights from this year’s SDCC news. We’ll also discuss a SPACE CRUISE (ok maybe not really), Clone Wars returning, how Google fixed phishing with their employees and how Fortnite makes a lot of money. This Week’s Hosts: Stephen Jondrew, […]

Duration:01:05:11 Show #247 – Gonna Shop Amazon Prime Day 2018

Stargate Pioneer is away again this week, but have no fear, because Sunkast is here again. This week episode, we discuss how Microsoft has updated Skype (and is forcing you to do so), how Xbox One is getting Dolby Vision support, and how 3D Color X-Rays are a thing. Plus in the Extra Extra, we'll run down how Apple is adding emojis and how Google Chrome is adding "Heavy Page Capping". Finally, we'll run down our first 6 hour experience with Amazon Prime Day - what we bought, what we wanted...

Duration:01:09:53 Show #246 – Gonna Creep Chris By Hacking His Camera

SP is away this week, but have no fear, GFQ Network's Sunkast is here to fill in. This week we discuss major iOS standby battery problem, Airbus possibly doing a Mars mission, the premiere of Ant-Man and the Wasp, PLUS Nintendo possibly in violation of EU law. Plus Chris reviews three Nest products: Nest Thermostat Gen 2, Nest Protect and Nest Cam Outdoor. This Week's Hosts: Stephen Jondrew, Chris Ferrell, and Sunkast. This episode was recorded on Monday, July 9, 2018 streamed LIVE at...

Duration:01:02:29 Show #245 – Gonna Forget The Name Of The Show

In this week's show we discuss results from a recent study about Alexa use, how the Google Home (formerly Google chrome/cast) app is FINALLY getting a long overdue modernization, one geek who built amazing reverse-emulation for their NES and how there's another delay with the James Webb telescope. In the Extra Extra we talk about an update to Microsoft's To Do list app and how Samsung Messages is accidentally sending photos to random contacts. Since Stephen's brother, David, is back, we'll...

Duration:01:00:23 Show #244 – Gonna Garden with Stephen

After a week off we're back! This week we talk about the latest news from the Star Wars spin-off movies, we run down a whole bunch of changes that Google rolled out, and how there's more Chinese space junk headed in Stephen's direction. There's also a rumor that a major change is coming to Samsung's S-Pen. Plus, Stephen gives his review of the Orbit B-Hyve Smart Wifi Sprinkler Timer. The Show is produced and edited by Stephen Jondrew ( of...

Duration:00:50:45 Show #243 – Gonna See A Movie In SP’s Backyard

In this week’s episode we discuss how there could have been life on Mars, how Yahoo! Messenger is finally going away, Google needs your help to control spam and Blackberry has a new phone availability. Plus, SP gives an in-depth review on his outdoor movie theater setup. This Week’s Hosts: Stephen Jondrew, Chris Ferrell and […]

Duration:01:03:21 Show #242 – Gonna Bend iPhones

This week, GFQ Network’s Sunkast joins to discuss a weird update on Apple Bendgate, another success by Virgin Galactic, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Xbox News and Microsoft buys Github. We’ll also run down the key points from WWDC. Finally, we’ll play another edition of Geek Wars. This Week’s Hosts: Stephen Jondrew, Chris Ferrell and […]

Duration:01:06:40 Show #241 – Gonna Die of Dysentery

In this week’s episode we discuss how Mark Hamill and James Gunn finally met (after a recent twitter connection), how Alexa accidentally sent a private conversation, and how Google Homes are going to have continued conversations soon. Michelle Ealey is here again, filling in for SP, and she’ll give an update to the TV cancellations/renewals. […]

Duration:00:48:38 Show #240 – Gonna Add Descriptive Audio To Our Podcast

In this week’s episode we discuss how Microsoft has made an Xbox Accessibility Controller, how another satellite fell down, a new ability to screen share in Google Duo, SpaceX reusing a rocket within 24 hours and Google Pixel 3 notch rumors. In SPs Space Symposium, SP educates us on Luna 1. Finally, we’ll go over […]

Duration:00:54:34 Show #239 – Gonna Talk 2018-2019 TV Cancellations and Renewals

This week Stargate Pioneer is away but Michelle Ealey is here to help fill his seat. In this week’s news we’ll talk about Google Duplex and how it’s going to help make phone calls for you, we’ll talk about the future of Rick and Morty and we’ll mourn the loss of Margot Kidder. In this […]

Duration:01:01:26 Show #238 – Gonna Fight With An M.2 Drive

This week we talk about how there’s a problem with iPhones and their microphone, how Avengers: Infinity War cost a ton of money and how NASA’s InSight Mars Lander launched. In the EXTRA EXTRA we’ll talk about how Logitech Harmony Hub stopped working for all of us. This Week’s Hosts: Stephen Jondrew, Chris Ferrell, Stargate […]

Duration:01:04:41 Show #237 – Gonna Sell Game Gear Games

In this week’s show Chris shares a story of how there was a recorded BRAND NEW SALE of Game Gear’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2, our guest Michelle Ealey runs down the records that Avengers: Infinity War broke, Stephen talks about an electronics recycler who is going to jail and SP talks about how there was […]

Duration:00:58:17 Show #236 – Gonna Likes Tic Pods… Not Tide Pods

In this week’s episode of the GonnaGeek Show, we discuss a bunch of the latest geek news including Amazon and Best Buy teaming up to sell Amazon Fire TVs, we also discuss how it was confirmed that Comcast did bid on the FOX assets – and bid more than Disney, we say goodbye to Kepler […]

Duration:00:48:26 Show #235 – Gonna Talk Kodi Changes

In the news this week we talk about all of the ways that things are changing for Kodi (no, not #VerifiedCodyGough) and what it means for Kodi’s future. We give an update about Virgin Galactic, and we discuss how allegedly James Gunn wrote some Guardians of the Galaxy Dialoguee in Avengers. We’ll also talk about […]

Duration:00:52:53 Show #234 – Gonna Play Where’s Waldo?

Friend of the show, GFQ Network’s Sunkast, is here this week to discuss the latest geek news. We’ll discuss how there was a Where’s Waldo game on Google Maps, how the Steam Machines may be over, why the James Webb telescope is delayed and the update about the Pokémon Go event tragedy. We’ll also play […]

Duration:01:02:06 Show #233 – Gonna Talk About Drones

In this week’s news we discussion how they may be an alternate colour variant of the iPhone X coming, how there was an update with the Flat Earther who wanted to launch himself in a rocket, how Disney has setup their expansion-land, and of course, also that “mass” Facebook exit that’s been happening in recent. […]

Duration:01:13:15 Show #232 – Gonna Talk About Dolby Atmos

In the news this week, we talk about how MU69 has a new nickname and it’s named after a truck rack, we’ll also talk about PWN2OWN’s victims, an uncertain Rick and Morty future, the sad passing of a science legend, and how Microsoft has changed it’s service agreement which basically can be interpreted as not […]