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Each week we get together to chat about the latest in the world of Geekery. We feature sci-fi to tech, gaming to comics and of course a bunch of other random geekyness.

Each week we get together to chat about the latest in the world of Geekery. We feature sci-fi to tech, gaming to comics and of course a bunch of other random geekyness.
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Each week we get together to chat about the latest in the world of Geekery. We feature sci-fi to tech, gaming to comics and of course a bunch of other random geekyness.





Episodes Show #235 – Gonna Talk Kodi Changes

In the news this week we talk about all of the ways that things are changing for Kodi (no, not #VerifiedCodyGough) and what it means for Kodi’s future. We give an update about Virgin Galactic, and we discuss how allegedly James Gunn wrote some Guardians of the Galaxy Dialoguee in Avengers. We’ll also talk about […]

Duration:00:52:53 Show #234 – Gonna Play Where’s Waldo?

Friend of the show, GFQ Network’s Sunkast, is here this week to discuss the latest geek news. We’ll discuss how there was a Where’s Waldo game on Google Maps, how the Steam Machines may be over, why the James Webb telescope is delayed and the update about the Pokémon Go event tragedy. We’ll also play […]

Duration:01:02:06 Show #233 – Gonna Talk About Drones

In this week’s news we discussion how they may be an alternate colour variant of the iPhone X coming, how there was an update with the Flat Earther who wanted to launch himself in a rocket, how Disney has setup their expansion-land, and of course, also that “mass” Facebook exit that’s been happening in recent. […]

Duration:01:13:15 Show #232 – Gonna Talk About Dolby Atmos

In the news this week, we talk about how MU69 has a new nickname and it’s named after a truck rack, we’ll also talk about PWN2OWN’s victims, an uncertain Rick and Morty future, the sad passing of a science legend, and how Microsoft has changed it’s service agreement which basically can be interpreted as not […]

Duration:00:56:25 Show #231 – Gonna 3D Print Stephen A Birthday Gift

This week Stephen’s brother David (also known as “The Better Jondrew”) is here. Topics include two Amazon echo updates, a whole bunch of Nintendo Direct news, an update (which is really non-news) about SpaceX’s Mars Mission, Skype Classic being no longer available, some Netflix hidden categories AND Apple refreshing some logos. After the news, Stephen […]

Duration:01:05:27 Show #230 – Gonna Talk About The Latest Video Game News

Stargate Pioneer is away this week, but have no fear because Michelle is here. This week we talk about how Microsoft is updating Skype for a REALLY OLD version of Android, how Amazon is stopping the sales of Nest and Michelle runs down how the Oscars played out for geeks this year. We’ll also briefly […]

Duration:01:03:13 Show #229 – Gonna Reboot Marvel Comics Again

This week we have special guest, Michelle Ealey, here to discuss a bunch of the latest geek news including the first appearance of Android Go, Elon Musk getting permits that could lead to a Hyperloop, a crazy issue with a One Plus phones needing to be mailed in to be patched and our guest of […]

Duration:00:58:47 Show #228 – Gonna Get Stephen’s Pixel 2 First Thoughts

In this week’s episode we talk about how the first S9 leaks appear to be out, how Google is working to help 911 operators and how there’s something that just spent 5000 days on Mars. In the Extra Extra we’ll talk about how there’s a security flaw in Edge (that Google discovered) and how one […]

Duration:01:02:24 Show #227 – Gonna Be A Big Week In Space

It’s a space-heavy episode this week because it was that crazy of a week. We’ll run down all of the ways that made this a very fascinated week of space news, PLUS we’ll talk about a Pixel 1 lawsuit AND a possible new iPhone line (and Stephen will chime in his two cents). PLUS in […]

Duration:00:57:06 Show #226 – Gonna Talk About Surfaces

In this week’s show we discuss why your Echos didn’t go off during the Superbowl ads, how Microsoft is making cheaper Surfaces, how SpaceX is recovering stuff they don’t even plan to, how LG is coming to a settlement for the bootloop issue and also how Netflix pulled a boss move and dropped a movie. […]

Duration:00:57:42 Show #221 – A Christmas Podcast

In this year’s Christmas Edition of the Show (originally scheduled for release December 27, 2017 but released early) we take the opportunity in this mid-season finale to talk about how the TV slate has been fairing thus far. We’ll run down some of our highlights, lowlights and overall surprises. After this discussion we’ll get […]

Duration:00:59:32 Show #220 – FOX is Disney, Except for FOX and FOX News.

In this week’s show we discuss how Amazon caved to Google and Apple and will now be selling AppleTVs and Chromecasts, how Mozilla undid a bunch of goodwill by automatically adding a plugin to everyone’s browser, a modern era space race happening between some private space companies, Google rolling out “Hey Google” to phones and […]

Duration:00:54:35 Show #219 – Fire It Up

This week is a busy week, which is why we have a bit of a shorter episode. In this week’s show we discuss how Blackberry lost a lawsuit to Nokia, how Voyager 1 fired it up, Microsoft taking a break for the holidays, Apple fixing SDR content on their Apple TV, Galaxy S9 camera rumours […]

Duration:00:34:26 Show #218 – Michelle Started It

In this week’s episode special guest Michelle Ealey joins us to discuss how Microsoft might be working on a Surface phone, how the Infinity War trailer numbers are HUGE, how Elon Musk is sending his car to Mars and how Taylor Swift was the basis for an awesome internet meme. In a special edition of […]

Duration:00:56:27 Show #217 – We Moustache You Another Question

In this week’s show we discuss how Office is finally on Chromebooks, how Moustache-gate continues and how there’s more FLAT EARTH news – this times with a rocket. Finally, SP has another edition of SP’s Space Symposium. Want to chime in for a future show? Call 567-343-GEEK(4335), tweet @gonnageek, email or like us at […]

Duration:00:55:07 Show #216 – Alexa Finally Comes To Canada

It’s here, it’s finally here! Stephen is excited to say that the Amazon Echo has FINALLY been announced in Canada and he’s going to tell you how it affects Canadians (and give his first thoughts on the Alexa app that Chris spoke about last week). Before we get there we’ll run down this week’s news […]

Duration:01:06:57 Show #215 – Where Did Life Begin?

In this week’s show we discuss how Google Home now has an intercom feature, how Battlefront is making you pay to win, an update with the Dream Chaser and how the iPhone X Face ID has been cracked. Finally, in this week’s Stephen’s Geek Stuff, he compares his recent WeMo experience to his previous Wink […]

Duration:00:57:08 Show #214 – Exploring SP’s Void

This show we discuss how Starcraft 2 is now FREE, how Apple learned an invaluable lesson from the Pixel 2 XL problems and SP has a void. In the EXTRA EXTRA we’ll run down how two people had 35,000 character tweets, and how over a million people downloaded a fake WhatsApp Messenger. Finally, in Chris […]

Duration:00:58:53 Show #213 – Guess Who’s Back? Nate is back. Tell a friend.

This show the legendary Nate joins to discuss WhatsApp adding an unsend feature (on and while we’re at it – what is up with WhatsApp anyway), Wolfenstein won’t have multiplayer, China’s SPACE STATION Fall and Olympics commenting on E-Sports. We’ll also talk about a really weird package that Google developed for their Pixel 2. Finally, […]

Duration:01:01:55 Show #212 – Stephen’s Rage Against the Windows

Let’s kick off this week’s show with Stephen ranting against Windows 10. In the news we talk about how the Google Pixel 2 XL is burning in, how Canada has a useful malware tool and Richard Branson’s future plans. In Stephen’s Geeky Stuff, Stephen reviews TrackR. Want to chime in for a future show? Call […]


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