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An independent voice in a crowded world of video game podcasts, Orange Lounge Radio is dedicated to giving a forum for every gamer to have their voice.

An independent voice in a crowded world of video game podcasts, Orange Lounge Radio is dedicated to giving a forum for every gamer to have their voice.
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An independent voice in a crowded world of video game podcasts, Orange Lounge Radio is dedicated to giving a forum for every gamer to have their voice.






Orange Lounge Radio Episode 744 - 9/16/18

Nintendo had a big Direct this week addressing their upcoming online service as well as a surprise announcement of a new Animal Crossing happening next year! We discuss the recent direct as well as jump into other gaming news from the week such as a new television show project for a video game from the Xbox 360! After missing a week expectedly and then unexpectedly, Rob gives us the lowdown on some of what he observed at DragonCon as well. Also in the news: * Forza Streming on Xbox helping...


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 743 - 8/26/18

Our show begins with some reflection on the news out of Jacksonville and the horrible incident at the Madden 19 tournament that took place there. Some strong feelings are expressed, but we return to the topic of video game news for the week including increased rumblings that Microsoft may offer some sort of subsidized Xbox One for an agreement to participate in the Game Pass program. It seems more and more game services are tilting towards subscriptions, could this be where the industry is...


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 742 - 8/19/18

Diablo III is finally confirmed for the Nintendo Switch after months and months of rumors, but some of the ways that the game has been chosen to be revealed have our hosts wearing tin foil hats wondering if there is more afoot. Someone has asked Blizzard what the odds are if there could be more afoot for Overwatch and Starcraft. For one game, the odds aren't so good, but for the other, as one move once said "So you're telling me... there's a chance?" All this news and much more on another...


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 741 - 8/12/18

A very controversial issue regarding used games hit the internet this week after a lawsuit went very public. We get into some heated opinions regarding the sealed "new" game issue then dive into the other stories of the week which include a Smash Bros direct that took place this week. Which new character(s) are we really hyped about? All this and more on another week of Orange Lounge Radio! Also in the news: * Diablo projects in the work * Another ROM site shuts down, but as a preventative...


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 740 - 8/5/18

Fighting games are the talk of the community this weekend as EVO takes place in Las Vegas. Some late breaking news before the show includes an interesting new character for Tekken 7. We take some time to talk about some of our fighting games, and react live to some of the news and results coming out of the contest. There's also plenty of time to talk about our gaming weeks and news, including a messy app allowed on steam that secretly mined for bitcoin. Sounds like Steam might need to watch...


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 739 - 7/29/18

We start off this week's show by talking about the impact of gaming on what we see in the "mainstream" media on big channels and big shows on nationwide networks. Do we like to see gaming represented in mainstreaming culture or do we not like the way that sometimes it is represented? We discuss in studio and with our LIVE participants in chat. After our gaming weeks, we also get into a discussion about Nintendo coming after major ROM websites. It sure seems like a random time for something...


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 738 - 7/22/18

After an unexpected week off, we are back to talk about the games we have been playing and the news from the gaming week. No Man's Sky is set for a big patch this week which many are approaching as an all new game. Do we think this was time well spent by the developers, or are we surprised they didn't move on to a new project? We discuss with our LIVE listeners. Also in the news: * Mario Kart Hot Wheels * Tingle Horror Game was cancelled * Neopets returns * Gearbox pokes fun at their own AI...


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 737 - 7/8/18

On a shorter news week due to the holiday, we start with a not so serious topic about games we might be a little embarassed to admit we've played before. Okay so maybe we don't get embarassed about the games we play but still, there's gotta be something we can't believe we actually spend time playing! Then we change topics and get into the news from the week which include a pair of anime deals on netflix to bring us another season of Castlevania, as well as an anime based on Ingress! Also in...


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 736 - 7/1/18

After a week off we take an opportunity to recap some of the big headlines for the week that we missed including the fact that Gamestop is changing yet again, getting into the comic book business as well as looking for a new buyer. We then dive into the news from this week with our live chatters after talking about our gaming weeks, with stories that include Pokemon Go levels being at the highest they've been since the original hysteria surrounding the launch. Sounds like lots of people want...


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 735 - 6/17/18

It's our sweet sixteenth birthday! And what a week to have a birthday on, as we still have to wrap up the rest of what we saw at E3. We go over Sony, Ubisoft and Nintendo announcements and give some of our honest feedback with our live chatters. The news doesn't end at E3 though as we cover not just some of the non-press conference news from the show, but some of the events that have happened afterwards as well. Thank you OLRmy for helping us achieve this sixteen year milestone! Also in the...


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 734 - 6/10/18

On this special episode of Orange Lounge Radio, E3 week is already underway as we broadcast live on Sunday Night. Our hosts recap the EA and Microsoft press conferences with thoughts and reactions, and then we pause the show to watch what Bethesda has to say together. Once we return, we talk about this and other news throughout the week including thoughts on what we hope to see from Sony and Nintendo in the coming days. Look to the VOGNetwork Discord and our social media channels for the...


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 733 - 6/3/18

E3 begins in just a week, and already we are starting to get a trickle of announcements, be they leaks that had to be confirmed, or pre-planned early information. One of the biggest and most talked about is the Pokemon universe information we got regarding new free to play Pokemon Quest as well as Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee as well as a teaser on Gen 8! Our hosts talk about how excited they are (or aren't) for the Let's Go series, and talk about other ideas for Pokemon's future as well....


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 732 - 5/27/18

A service most known for it's game streaming brings us more pop/nerd culture streaming with Twitch beginning a Doctor Who marathon this coming week! Could game streaming and these adjacent events be slowly taking over basic cable? We discuss with our live participants. We also discuss the news of the gaming week, and talk about games we have been playing this week such as Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. Also in the news: * Apple blocks Steam link...


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 731 - 5/20/18

We start off the show talking about SEXY GAMES (did something catch your attention?) and how Valve has been treating them on the Steam store. This gets into a larger conversation about sex and the internet and how easily accessible smut is, so how do we think Valve should be treating these games? We talk about this and more including our gaming weeks and the weeks news on another week of the show where EVERY gamer has a voice! Also in the news: * No more Best Buy Gamers Club * No Mans Sky...


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 730 - 5/14/18

The much anticipated plan for Nintendo's online service has been announced this week, and we get into quite a debate at the top of our show about wether we think they have approached the classics correctly, or not. Speaking of much anticipated plans however, it appears that Walmart's systems in Canada may have leaked out some coming E3 surprises. However, why do we have so many surprises in the gaming industry anyway? We discuss with our LIVE listeners. Also in the news: * Game gifting on...


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 729 - 5/7/18

Some very classic games, Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X, are being re-released on cartridges soon. Does something like this appeal to our video game collector senses? Or is there just no beating the real thing, the classics? We discuss this interesting new trend in game collecting, and then dive into the weeks news which includes new books coming for Nintendo products. It's not the first time they've made books out of video games though as we take a trip down memory lane. Also in the news: *...


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 728 - 4/29/18

Microsoft announced that they will be integrating Xbox activity into Discord. It seems like Discord has come a long way in a short amount of time with gamers, and we spend some time talking about the various chat apps that are available out there and how they have changed the way we play games online. Also, LOKI picked up a Nintendo Switch this week, and we talk to him a bit about his experiences with the system so far. Also in the News: * Nintendo gets a new President * Controller Sharing...


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 727 - 4/22/18

Is Battle Royale fever taking over the industry? It sure looks like the next E3 might be full of Battle Royale modes in games, if the direction two big series are heading in is any indication. However, our hosts might be a whole lot happier with the Battle Royale trend if one internet meme were to turn out to actually be true. We discuss all this and more including the recent message put out by Bioware that does not sit well with our hosts. It's a rough but real start to another episode of...


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 726 - 4/15/18

After some quick movie chat (hey, sometimes we like to watch movies as well as play games), we shift the conversation to concerts. Is there a video game concert that you've seen that was awesome? What is your dream concert? We ask this of our hosts as well as our live listeners at VOGNetwork. Then we get to the news, which includes the development of the stripping of Billy Mitchell's titles as record holder in Donkey Kong. What do we think of this situation and Billy's follow-up message?...


Orange Lounge Radio Episode 725 - 4/818

PAX East was this weekend, and we talk about some of the news that was brough up in various panels at the convention, such as an exciting collection of classic NES & Arcade games. You know we don't just love the modern games here at OLR but the retro stuff too, and we're looking forward to this one. Speaking of retro games, we start off our show talking about the recent trend of game remakes-- what if things went the other way and we DEmade games? What game would be fun to see a demake of?...