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Episode 70 – Problematic Patch Impressions

Patch 4.3 is upon us, and Klauss, Seyrr, and Luna discuss their spoiler-free impressions of the new content. Seyrr tells us about the origins of the Dark Knight job in the Lorebrarian's Corner, and we share listener comments on what they have been looking forward to most in the new patch.


Episode 69 – Eos Needs Protein

Luna makes her triumphant return to the show! We discuss the newest Patch 4.3 news from Live Letter 44, and discover Chille doesn't like wearing pants. Show notes: FFXIV Patch 4.3 Trailer: https://youtu.be/yh2caSYkqCg A Stage Reborn information: https://www.astagereborn.com/


Episode 68 – Return of the Muse

This week we are joined by guests Remix Sakura and Emi from MuseCastXIV, who are here to tell us all about the reasons behind the hiatus of their show, as well as to celebrate the upcoming 2 year anniversary of the show! We then discuss what different kinds of content we would like to see brought into FFXIV in future patches, such as mini-games, raids, PvP modes, etc. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this episode regarding mental health and well-being by our guests are for narrative...


Episode 67 – Wild Baseless Speculation!

With the live letter mere hours from when the live show takes place, and a lack of new news to talk about, the PDR crew takes it upon themselves to come up with wild theories and speculate on what may or may not be announced for the upcoming Patch 4.3. Friend of the show Taliz Marvelous joins us to give us an introduction to the Final Fantasy TCG, Klauss gives his recap of Anime Detour 2018, Seyrr discusses Astrologians in the Lorebrarian's Corner, and Chille is way too excited for Male...


Episode 66 – Reborn or Rehashed?

After running Eureka for 2 weeks straight, Chille, Seyrr, and Klauss discuss the content within Final Fantasy XIV, and wonder if we are getting too much recycled content. Seyrr talks about Thaliak the Scholar in the Lore segment, and Chille gets to be a cowboy! Show notes: Menphina's Madness Blitzball tournament finals info: https://dylanthornexivblog.tumblr.com/post/172445059340/when-youve-got-a-cause-youve-got-to-score-the The Carbuncle Calendar we all need in our lives:...


Episode 65 – Eureka!

This week, the focus of the community has revolved around the release of the highly anticipated Eureka. We discuss the story, break down some of the mechanics, and talk about what we like and dislike about it. Enjoy! Show notes: Menphinas Madness Blitzball Tournament info: https://dylanthornexivblog.tumblr.com/post/171966466655/when-youve-got-a-cause-youve-got-to-score-the


Episode 64 – Sketchy Glitches

After the announcement of emergency maintenance to fix the Ungermax exploit in FFXIV, the PDR crew decide to go on a stroll down memory lane and look at some of the memorable, interesting, and downright scary glitches from all of the Final Fantasy games. Seyrr discusses the Time Lord, i mean God of Time Althyk, and Chille spends all episode waving in a plane that never arrives... Show Notes: - Final Fantasy Wiki List of Bugs and Glitches:...


Episode 63 – Pitcher or Catcher?

Warning - This is an FFXIV Patch 4.2 Spoilercast! We are joined by the amazing Vegan Pete and Avi Aiel from the She Heals I Tank (http://www.shehealsitank.com) podcast, and we discuss the story lines behind the Main Scenario Quests, The Four Lords, and Sigmascape in-depth. Things get interesting as we are visited by Drunken Pete toward the end of the show, and learn how much he loves Jessie. Enjoy!


Episode 62 – You Don’t Deserve this Big Tomestone!

Patch 4.2 has arrived! Klauss, Luna, Seyrr, and Chille give their spoiler-free impressions of the new content and go through Luna's interview with the Eorzean Glamour Idols (twitter.com/eorzeanidols). We also talk about the new Dissidia mobile game and try to figure out what Chille did to make that Death Claw so angry at him.


Episode 60 – Poof Goes the Luna!

In the first episode of 2018, Klauss, Luna and Chille talk about many of the questions from Yoshida's JP server tour, as well as an issue with reward codes from new FFXIV physical items. Luna shares her story oh now she got into Final Fantasy, and Chille tries his best to fill Seyrr's shoes with lore. We have also extended our contest until January 18th, so listen how to submit your entry to win one of TWO mounts or a minion from the MogStation. Show Notes: Yoshi-P visits Anima server:...


Episode 59 – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year??

It's Starlight Celebration time, the equivalent of Christmas in Final Fantasy XIV! We talk about all the new trailers released for Dissida Final Fantasy NT this past week, and discuss the recent Live Letter 40 where Yoshida shared a few bits about Patch 4.2. We then take a serious turn and talk about Mental Health Awareness, as this time of year can be very difficult for many people. We are joined by a special guest and friend of the show Mithron Scarlet, who was kind enough to join us on...


Episode 58 – Extreme Role Play!

In this episode, Luna makes her triumphant return to Phoenix Down Radio! We got our first real life piece of Fan Mail from our friend Taliz Marvelous, and are absolutely excited about it! We talk a bit about the new content coming to Final Fantasy XV December 12th, and the upcoming Producer Live Letter 40 for Final Fantasy XIV on December 15th. Luna leads our discussion topic this week where we explore the ideas and misconceptions behind Role Playing within FFXIV, Seyrr tells us all about...


Episode 57 – Hooked on Final Fantasy

With Final Fantasy celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, we decided to ask the community about some of their favorite things about the Final Fantasy franchise. We read off some of their responses, talk about our own experiences, and reminisce about 30 years of Final Fantasy. In this week's Lore segment, Seyrr discusses Azeyma the Warden.


Episode 56 – All the Interviews!

This week the Phoenix Down Radio cast talk about the numerous interviews released by the gaming media, including one from our very own Chille, who was ever so gracious in allowing us to submit a number of questions as well. To our surprise, Yoshida answered all of them! We go in-depth with the psu.com interview, talk briefly about a couple of other interviews released shortly after Paris Games Week, and are joined by FusionX from Gamer Escape to discuss his interview with Masayoshi Soken...


Episode 55 – No Stone Unturned

In this episode, we take the spoiler tag off the MSQ and talk all about the storyline and plot, including our opinions of the direction the writers seem to be taking with characters like Fordola and Yotsuyu. Seyrr opens the book on the lore of Ivalice by talking all about the Lucavi and their Zodiac Stones. We also talk about the upcoming Extra-Life Game Day Charity Stream, which is coming up on November 4th. Show Notes: Phoenix Down Radio on Extra Life:...


Episode 54 – The Eorzean Housing Crisis

This week, the PDR crew talks about patch 4.1, spoiler-free. The discussion topic shifts to one of the major issues in the game, the housing system, and how the lack of available houses and the inability to take part in one of the game's biggest opportunities for creativity and individual expression has many players upset. Seyrr discusses the patron deity of crafters, Byregot, and we discover that Chille really loves when Luna does push-ups! Show Notes: FFXIV Patch 4.1 notes:...


Episode 53 – Give and Take

On this week's episode, Klauss, Luna, Seyrr, and Chille discuss the news from Live Letter 39, which seemed to give more information about Patch 4.2 than it did 4.1, but we still try to talk about the upcoming content and changes expected in the newest patch. We discuss what people are doing to either keep entertained within FFXIV or to break the monotony caused by the current content drought. Seyrr's lore segment goes over the Elementals of the Black Shroud, and we to figure out how Chille...


Episode 52 – The Crucible v Ishgard

We start our third year of podcasting by bringing in the masterminds of FFXIV's trash tabloid, The Crucible: SaferSephiroth and Brohamut. They talk to us about how they got their start, what its like to create their content, and things they'd like to do in the future. Things a dark turn to Chille's delight as Saferoth shares his passionate disdain for Estinien and Ishgard. Seyrr continues the lore of the Twelve as he discusses LLymlaen the Navigator. Show Notes: YouTube Video: Coming Soon...


Episode 51 – Tacos, Chimichangas, and Lalafells??

As Final Fantasy XIV celebrates its fourth anniversary, we celebrate two years of podcasting! The crew talks about Letter from the Producer Live XXXVIII, where we get more info on Patch 4.1, titled The Legend Returns. We also talk about the recently released series "Dad of Light" which is based off a real life story of a father and son who play FFXIV. We then get nostalgic over the past two years of putting on these shows for you, our listeners, and what a crazy ride it has been getting...


Episode 50 - Sharing the love in FFXIV

We celebrate our 50th episode by celebrating the amazing content creators in the Final Fantasy XIV community! Many of our listeners contributed to the list, and we take this time to share with you!


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