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Episode 86 – A Recipe for Heroes

In the first episode of 2019, Klauss, Seyrr, and Chille are joined by real-world culinarian Taliz Marvelous! The crew give their spoiler-free impressions of the Patch 4.5 content, and in a new segment, Taliz tells us all about the wonders of eggs in Eorzea, as well as their counterparts in the real world! We hope you enjoy! Show Notes Taliz Marvelous on Twitch: Patch 4.5 Notes:...


Episode 85 – Blather Together

Seyrr, Chille, and Klauss are joined by fellow podcasters Rubicon Vale and Yelta Sumasu from Gather Together. The group talks about the holiday season and discusses the newest information regarding Patch 4.5. Seyrr reads a story about the Sins of Sasamo from the Encyclopedia Eorzea vol 2 , and everyone joins in to wish Klauss a very happy 40th birthday. Yes folks, Klauss is old!! Happy holidays, enjoy! Show info: Gather Together: interview with Oda-san and...


Episode 84 – The State of Eureka

Chille and Klauss discuss the recently translated Dengeki interview with Yoshida and Seiki Nakagawa, and give their thoughts on the current state of the Forbidden Land: Eureka. Please enjoy! Full Translation of the Dengeki interview can be found here:


Episode 83 – Viva Lala Vegas

Seyrr and Chille have made it back safely from FanFest 2018, and share their experiences from the event. Along with Klauss, they talk about what we learned from the Keynote about the upcoming expansion, Shadowbringers, as well as the live letter information about patch 4.5, A Requiem for Heroes. Enjoy!


Episode 82 – Disenfranchised

This week, Klauss, Chille, and Seyrr talk about the upcoming FFXIV FanFest in Las Vegas. The trio also discuss the recent news regarding Final Fantasy XV, and what this could mean for the Final Fantasy franchise in general. Seyrr focuses on the ever-popular Red Mage in the Lorebrarian's Corner, and Chille wants to be a waifu pillow! Enjoy! Show News: Extra Life Donations: FanFest Schedule of...


Episode 81 – Alpha and Omega’s Excellent Adventure!

This week, we continue our discussion of the Patch 4.4 story lines by discussing the Alphascape. We bring back the Lorebrarian's corner as well where Seyrr talks about Ninjas in Final Fantasy, and compares them to their real life counterparts. We also talk about the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Content Creators' After Party on November 16th in Las Vegas, and Extra Life Game Day 2018 on November 3rd! Enjoy! Show notes: Donate to Extra Life:...


Episode 80 – Ancient Ascians, Go Figure!

This week, Klauss, Seyrr, and Chille break the spoiler embargo on the Patch 4.4 story line. We then speculate what these events may lead to moving forward, and what this means for the lore of the world. Chille gives us an update on the GoFundMe campaign to get him to FanFest in Vegas, and we talk about the upcoming Extra Life Game Day stream. Please enjoy! Show Notes: FFXIV 5th Anniversary Infographics: All Saints’ Wake info:...


Episode 79 – Casually Podcasting

This week, we are joined by Brin Zalazar from GamerEscape, Work2Game, and host of his own podcast, Casually Hardcore. We give our spoiler-free impressions of Patch 4.4, as well as talk about the news from the Final Fantasy world. Klauss gives us his review of the A New World concert, and we announce the winner of our #PDR3rdAnniversary contest. Enjoy! Show links: Work2Game on YouTube: Work2Game on Twitch: Work2Game on...


Episode 78 – A Witty Prelude

Chille and Klauss are joined this week by an impromptu guest: FusionX from We go through the preliminary Patch 4.4 notes, as well as talk about the upcoming Final Fantasy releases for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. We also talk about some new in-game items being released for sale by the Itinerant Moogle, some of which are amazing, others just ill-timed. Enjoy! Show notes: Information on LimitBreakRadio's FanFest After Party at the E-Sports Arena:


Episode 77 – No Glove, Lots of Love!

We celebrate our 3rd year of podcasting and say goodbye to an amazing host. Luna announced she will be taking a hiatus from FFXIV and Phoenix Down Radio, and we take this opportunity to talk about some of our favorite moments of the podcast over the past 3 years, and share some of our listener's favorite moments as well. We also discuss the latest Live Letter, patch 4.4 information, and FFXIV Anniversary event news. Thank you everyone who has taken the time to listen to our show over these...


Episode 76 – Luna Loves those Lala Toes!

On this episode, Klauss, Luna, and Chille give their unabashed, uncensored opinions about the newest content from FFXIV Patch 4.36. Luna shares the lore clues from her Hide and Seek event last weekend by pitting Chille and Klauss against each other in a contest of wits. We also learn that Luna apparently only has eyes for Chille's toes! Show Resources: Tales from the Storm stories In Darkness Blooms the Lily:...


Episode 75 – FFXIV Finds a Way

Even with Patch 4.36 coming in a few days, and a full patch scheduled to arrive next month, the lack of new content has been taking its toll on the FFXIV community, and we talk about what we have been doing to try and keep from getting sick or bored of the game. Seyrr talks about the history of the Monk class as it relates to FFXIV and Final Fantasy in general, and Chille plots to take over all the podcasts! Enjoy! Show resources TheGG's interview with Koji Fox:...


Episode 74 – Live Letter ASMR

With Live Letter 45 in the books, Klauss, Seyrr, Luna, and Chille talk about the upcoming Patch 4.36, which is scheduled to be released on August 7th. We also talk about the Patch 4.4 preview, Fan Fest tickets, and much more. Enjoy! Final Fantasy XIV Favorite Music Poll:


Episode 73 – Onishi-who?

Patch 4.35 is live, and with it the new Deep Dungeon, Heaven-on-High! Klauss, Seyrr, and Chille talk all about the newest dungeon, as well as go into the story and lore behind it. Enjoy! Information on the Feast Regional Championships:


Episode 72 – Ask Yoshi Anything!

The full PDR Crew is back together again! We talk all about the info and interviews coming out of E3, Seyrr discusses the art of Thaumaturgy in the Lorebrarian's corner, and Chille spent so much time in the Gold Saucer, he thinks he's one of the Bunnies now! Enjoy! Show Notes: FFXIV Patch 4.3 Page: Make It Rain Screenshot Contest details: FFXIV x Monster...


Episode 71 – Wasshoi! Yes Yes!

Warning - This is a FFXIV Patch 4.3 SpoilerCast! This week, Seyrr, Chille, and Klauss discuss the Main Scenario quests and the second installment of the Return to Ivalice storyline. We all get a bit sidetracked when we start talking about the Namazu, which you could probably tell by the title. Hope you enjoy! If you would like to donate to our Extra-Life campaign and help determine the fate of Klauss's beard, please go to the following webpage:...


Episode 70 – Problematic Patch Impressions

Patch 4.3 is upon us, and Klauss, Seyrr, and Luna discuss their spoiler-free impressions of the new content. Seyrr tells us about the origins of the Dark Knight job in the Lorebrarian's Corner, and we share listener comments on what they have been looking forward to most in the new patch.


Episode 69 – Eos Needs Protein

Luna makes her triumphant return to the show! We discuss the newest Patch 4.3 news from Live Letter 44, and discover Chille doesn't like wearing pants. Show notes: FFXIV Patch 4.3 Trailer: A Stage Reborn information:


Episode 68 – Return of the Muse

This week we are joined by guests Remix Sakura and Emi from MuseCastXIV, who are here to tell us all about the reasons behind the hiatus of their show, as well as to celebrate the upcoming 2 year anniversary of the show! We then discuss what different kinds of content we would like to see brought into FFXIV in future patches, such as mini-games, raids, PvP modes, etc. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this episode regarding mental health and well-being by our guests are for narrative...


Episode 67 – Wild Baseless Speculation!

With the live letter mere hours from when the live show takes place, and a lack of new news to talk about, the PDR crew takes it upon themselves to come up with wild theories and speculate on what may or may not be announced for the upcoming Patch 4.3. Friend of the show Taliz Marvelous joins us to give us an introduction to the Final Fantasy TCG, Klauss gives his recap of Anime Detour 2018, Seyrr discusses Astrologians in the Lorebrarian's Corner, and Chille is way too excited for Male...