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Episode 58 - E3 Predictions

It's that time of the year again where E3 is a-happening. So in this show we dust off our crystal balls and make some bold (and possibly some stupid) E3 2018 Xbox predictions. We have our list of games, ideas to pitch, tech to talk about and make one last desperate plea for the "glorious" return of 1vs100. You know, sometimes it's just better to let things go.... Small explicit warning Musical interludes provided by Do Twittery things to us @PinkandBlue360


Episode 57 - Terabytes and Burger Bites

Katie has never downloaded a free game from the Games With Gold Program. Will she change her mind after reviewing May 2018's line-up, or is her lack of hard-drive space holding her back? We also review the new Xbox One Update which has recently rolled out and get our Chefs Hats in a twist playing Overcooked. Places where we be: iTunes, Spotify, Tune-In Radio, Stitcher and all the good Podcast Apps Ooooh and come twitter us @PinkandBlue360 Musical interludes courtesy of


Episode 56 - Cold Turkey

While we've been away Aaron's been on a self imposed ban of EA games, but for an EA-Aholic like him which game has he missed the most? Katie hasn't been playing Sims 4, but is it in solidarity? Instead this Episode we talk Elite Dangerous, Superhot, WWE2K, playing video games with children, Portal 2 co-op and whether games like Sea of Thieves makes the Xbox Game Pass more attractive. Explicit warning Outro courtesy of


Best of Episodes 30 to 39

Eagle-eared listeners (are Eagles' ears considered to be good??) may have noticed that we've removed Episodes 30-39 recently. Mainly that's to save Pod Space for future shows. So we've re-uploaded our favourite parts from these ones. Plus it gives our new listeners a chance to listen to our older stuff. Enjoy, plucky Podcast Historians! Tracklist: Give your 360 a Hug - Ceefax - Harmonix Harry Potter - Kinect Motions - Cold Giblets - Aaron is OLD - I Got Dignity - Follow me, OK - Who...


Episode 55 - Xbox One Legacy

With less than a month to go before the release of the Xbox One-X, we ponder the legacy of the current console, The Xbox One. Will it be remembered with doe-eyed fondness or be cursed at it's very mention? Katie and Aaron are joined by special guest, Downstairs Dan, in his Podcast Debut to discuss. Speaking of debuts, Katie finally dives into Games With Gold with Gone Home. We also talk Pinball FX3, 101 Video Games To Play Before You Grow Up, Groove Music and Aaron gets into a sticky...


Episode 54 - Would You Rather, Palava

Tis the season for the big-guns, those huge annual releases that everybody goes mental for, so we play a game of Would You Rather, video-game style. We also wonder what's behind the "Games That We've Picked For You" section on the Xbox Store front. Inlcudes bad impressions, namely Geordies and Lightsabers. Explicit Warning, Plenty of naughty words. Music courtesy of and Our new website is


Episode 53 - Back By Dope Demand

Yes, it’s been a while – nearly a year in fact. Let’s see if we remember how to do this Podcasting stuff? In Episode 53 we talk about The Long Dark, The Golf Club 2, Sims 4 & CoD WWII – plus Katie really really REALLY wants to play GTA6. We also take a look at the list of games in Xbox One’s Game Preview locker. Musical delights provided by William J Lepetomane – we may have been away, but these guys are still releasing top content, so check them out...


Episode 52 - Hashtag 7 Fave Games

We're not playing No Man's Sky because...Xbox, so instead we spend some time chatting about our #7FaveGames. Aaron ponders if there's a Gamer out there who has the same top 7 as him, leaving Katie to question his motives. Outro-tune by Atavist Music Twitter @PinkandBlue360 Come find us on iTunes, the Cast App on Xbox One, Podomatic, Twitter, Facebook and most Podcast Apps for mobiles


Episode 50 - Casual Regular Pro the Quiz Show

To celebrate our 50th Episode, we devised a video-game quiz show called “Casual, Regular, Pro” Why not play along and let us know how many questions you got correct @PinkandBlue360 Explicit Warning: Contains Bad Language, Poor Grammar, Shower Singing, Brexit Jokes, Poor Quality Doodling and Rocket League. Accreditation: Casual Regular Pro Theme “Gang War” and other Sound Effects courtesy of Out-take theme courtesy of Mr Dave Cold Gibletts...


Episode 49 - A Fistful of Everything

We round off a trilogy of quick Podchats by running through some of our favourite games played over the last few weeks...and that's favourite with a "U" :) We talk about the Hasbro Family Fun Pack, Grand Prix Rock'n Racing, Black Ops III DLC's, Dragon Age Inquisition, Rocket League, Just Cause 3 and Plague Inc Evolved. Includes bad language, bad impressions and even worse singing! Plus we look forward to our 50th Episode, and after that's done and dusted at some point we're gonna need to...


Episode 47 - Never Mind The Teraflops

A quick review of the highlights of the Xbox briefing at E3 2016 (with a smattering of EA). What will our hosts do with their Xbox's now they're being dumped for a slimmer model? What's the deal with Project Scorpio, and is it going to be terafloppingly expensive?? We also rattle through some games that were showcased and drool over Battlefield 1 and We Happy Few. Musical delights courtesy of IVØRY - go explore and show love! Outro Track: "Let Them Hang"...


Episode 46 - Meddling and Mayhem

Oh Microsoft, you are a card! First you go and get the internet in a tizzy with your talk of upgraded consoles, then you go and shut Lionhead Studios...this was one Fable that didn't have it's Fairy tale ending :( Also on the menu...Retailer Ethics, Unravel, Rocket League & alternative names for Superhot! Thanks for listening you lovely lot!


Episode 45 - It's All Love and Games

In a Valentine's Episode, we ask how video games portray love and relationships? Katie expresses her love for Unravel and Aaron confesses his love for Mushrooms. Also discussed: Ubisoft's busy week, Quantum Break bonuses, Backwards Compatibility updates, Superhot and Pure Pool. Outro: The Kia by Atavist Music Follow on Twitter @PinkandBlue360 or come find us on Facebook :)


Episode 44 - 2030 A Year in Preview

In this Episode, we hop on our hoverboards, get sucked up by tubes and predict our gaming future. Will anti-static flatpacked floating consoles ever be a thing in a world where E-Sports is bigger than Sky Sports and micro-transactions are a blast from the past?? Let's all try and stay alive to find out, shall we ;) We also take a look at Games with Gold for February 2016, which is a little bit nearer in our future. Small explicit warning! Outro Tune - "Tremble" by, um, Katie! Thanks for...


Episode 43 - Dead Squirrels DLC

In this Episode we explore upcoming platformer, Unravel. Plus, which Xbox 360 games will make the next batch of Backward Compatibles? We take a look at the fan favourites that people have been voting for. It's also been (nearly) a year since we said farewell to Joystiq, so we drop some long overdue respect and thanks to the guys and gals who made them great! On the Xbox One, Katie explains why it's fun to knife-fight in Black Ops 3 and she fends off intruders in Watch Dogs. Whilst Aaron...


Episode 42 - Falling Out

In our first show of a brand New Year, Aaron takes time away from continuously playing Fallout 4 to talk about, um, Fallout 4. And Katie gets to grips with the Guitar Hero Live peripheral - yes, even though she said she didn't want to... We also take a look at the games that scored the highest reviews in 2015 and look forward to those games set for release in 2016. Explicit warning!


Episode 41 - Ten Years of Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 turns 10 years old this week and to celebrate this milestone we talk about our favourite 360 memories. Be they good, bad or embarrassing. Small explicit warning! Twitter us @PinkandBlue360 Outro Tune: "Zos Live" by Atavist Music


Episode 40 - Married Life and Gaming Strife

Our debut show as a married couple, we talk Xbox One Dashboard Updates, Backwards Compatibility, Black Ops 3 and Rogue Legacy. Plus, Game Demo's...they used to be a thing, right? Our thanks for all the listens and the love! Small explicit warning!! Twitter us @PinkandBlue360 Email: Outro Tune: "Sad Alice" by Atavist Music