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Our 2020 Gaming Predictions and New Years Resolutions | PvA Radio Episode 71

Happy New Year from the hosts of PvA Radio to you! We hope that your 2020 will bring happiness and fulfillment, starting with a brand new episode of the show! Since it is January 1, today's episode focuses on looking ahead at 2020 to talk about what we are excited for and what we think will change about the industry over the 366 days (it's a leap year). Today's topics include: Larry's Topic: Our 2020 gaming predictions. 2019 brought some huge stories (as we talked about in our last...


Ranking the Biggest News Stories of 2019 - PvA Radio Episode 70

As 2019 comes to a close and we look forward to a new year, the PvA Radio hosts look back at 50 episodes of the show in 2019 to discuss what the biggest gaming news stories of the year were and how they may impact the gaming landscape as we move into the new year. Before we jump into that, however, we take a look at the biggest announcements from the Game Awards, give our thoughts on the Xbox Series X, and talk about the whole vibe of the show. Join our discord server!...


Recapping State of Play and a New Bioshock! - PvA Radio Episode 69...nice

On this week's episode of PvA Radio, the guys are talking Bioshock, State of Play, and video game rentals. Luke's Topic: Sony recently showed their latest state of play, complete with new announcements and gameplay trailers. The guys break down the announcements and give a State of the State of Play address. Articles used in this topic:...


Exclusives on Project Scarlett and Halo MCC Topping Charts - PvA Radio Episode 68

The guys are back from digesting all of their delicious Thanksgiving food and they are ready to make you thankful for this week's biggest gaming news stories. Luke, Larry, and Cody gather together to discuss Xbox Scarlett exclusives, Valve's Acquisition of Campo Santo, and the PC release of Halo MCC. Cody's Topic: In the Valley of Gods Shelved Indefinitely Following the reveal of their title In the Valley of Gods, former Firewatch developer Campo Santo was acquired by Valve. Since then...


Previewing the Game Awards and Amazon Enters the Game Streaming Space - PvA Radio Episode 67

It is a new week, which means it is a new episode of PvA Radio. This week, Luke, Larry, and Cody talk about a new challenger in the game streaming space, what a video game sequel even is anymore, and if the Game Awards matter. Amazon Enters into the Game Streaming Space - Forbes reported this week that Amazon was hoping to launch their game streaming service around the same time the PS5 and next Xbox will launch. The guys discuss whether or not Amazon will be a true challenger in this...


Blizzcon, Overwatch 2, and Google Stadia - PvA Radio Episode 65

The squad is back at full strength this week for PvA Radio where we talk about esports, Blizzcon, Overwatch 2, and Google Stadia. Today's topics include: * A Follow-Up on Blizzard's Hong Kong Situation - J Allen Brack opened the Blizzcon 2019 festivities with an "apology" for the way they handled the Blitzchung Hearthstone punishment, but said later in the weekend that they would not be reversing any punishments. Where do the guys currently stand on Blizzard in light of these recent...


Fallout 76's $100 Subscription and Fortnite Bots - PvA Radio Episode 63

On this week's episode of PvA Radio, the guys are taking what was a light news week and making the most of it. From Fornite bots, spooky halloween events, and even spookier subscription plans for Fallout 76. Today's Topics include: Cody's Topic: Since Fortnite's second chapter launched a couple weeks ago, players have noticed that there are bots...everywhere. Luke, Larry, and Cody discuss why Epic likely meant to put so many bots in these matches, and what it could mean for both the...


Blizzard's Hong Kong Debacle, PS5 Details, and Fortnite Lawsuit - PvA Radio Episode 61

On this week's episode of PvA Radio, the guys tackle a wide range of topics and experience a wide range of emotions, from excitement to disappointment to confusion. This week's topics include: Larry - Blizzard has drawn the ire of fans after suspending Hongkonger Hearthstone Professional Chung "Blitzchung" Ng Wai for one year after he made remarks in support of the Hong Kong protests during a tournament. The guys discuss Blizzard's response and at what point the bottomline should stop...


Sony Enables Crossplay and Apex Season 3 - PvA Radio Episode 60

The boys are back in town, restored to full-strength, stopped by the ammo crate to top off to talk about the biggest gaming news stories of the week, and boy oh boy, we have a packed episode (complete with a bonus topic)! On today's episode of PvA Radio, Cody, Larry, and Luke discuss Sony cross play, Troy Baker's Borderlands 3 absence, Apex Legends Season 3, and the future of Bungie. Bonus Topic: As an aside in a Wired interview, Sony announced that cross play was now open to all...


Call of Duty's Exclusive Mode and Recapping Yesterday's Announcements - PvA Radio Episode 59

On this week's episode of PvA Radio, Luke and Larry hold down the fort in Cody's absence to have an in-depth discussion about the week in gaming news, including Sony's State of Play and Microsoft's Inside Xbox. Larry's Topic: Call of Duty's Special Ops Survival mode will be exclusive to PS4 for the first year of the game's release, meaning that the next Call of Duty will likely be out by the time Xbox and PC players can play the mode. Was this a good move for Activision given the...


E3's New Direction and Apple Arcade - PvA Radio: Episode 58

The news lull that haunted the gang last week is now over, and there is much to discuss on this week's episode of PvA Radio. Luke, Larry, and Cody get together to discuss three of those big stories so that you can be entertained and informed as you move through your week. This week's topics include: Cody's Topic: Apple Arcade launches later this week brings dozens of curated mobile games at a low low price of $4.99 a month. The crew discusses what, if any, impact Apple Arcade will have on...


Gaming's #MeToo Movement and Telltale Games' Return - PvA Radio Episode 55

On this week's episode of PvA Radio, the guys talk about, not only the the biggest gaming news stories of the week, but one really important one as well. The topics for this week include: Larry's Topic - In a recent interview with Twinfinite, Xbox's Aaron Greenberg spoke about Microsoft's approach to first party titles now that they have acquire more studios, what could be shown at X019, and how Xbox Games Pass plays into their strategy at large. The guys discuss what it means for Xbox to...


Game Informer Layoffs and the Apex Drama - PvA Radio Episode 54

On this week's episode, Luke, Larry, and Cody discuss the three biggest gaming news stories of the week, including the Game Informer Layoffs, the Apex Legends drama, and Gamescom 2019. Join our discord server! - Watch us live at - Follow Cody on Twitter: - Follow Larry on Twitter: - Follow Luke on Twitter: - Follow...


Twitch May Be Doomed and How to Regulate Loot Boxes | PvA Radio Episode 53

On this week's episode of PvA Radio, Luke and Larry hash out what it may mean for the games industry to begin policing itself when it comes to loot boxes. They also discuss some of the recent drama surrounding Twitch and how they may go about reversing the tide (if that's something they are even interested in). Larry's Topic: Forbes recently published an article that referenced a study on how loot boxes impact people with past gambling addictions. Arguing from the standpoint "If you don't...


A Massive ESA Leak and Big Changes Coming to Loot Boxes - PvA Radio: Episode 52

This week, Luke, Larry, and Cody tackle some of the biggest stories in gaming news including the ESA leak, changes coming to loot boxes and the positive impact of gaming. Check the notes below for details on each topic. Luke’s Topic: Today, the ESA announced that console makers Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have come together to resolve that they would require publishers who use loot boxes to disclose the drop rates for those boxes some time in 2020. The guys discuss what kind of impact...


Ninja is Leaving Twitch and Call of Duty White Phosphorous | PvA Radio Episode 51

Gaming discussion abounds in this week's episode of PvA Radio as Larry makes his triumphant return after a few weeks of absence. The guys discuss everything from Ninja leaving Twitch to the Fortnite World Cup to Call of Duty's inclusion of White Phosphorous as a kill streak reward in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Larry's Topic: Ninja announced that he will be leaving Twitch to exclusively stream at Microsoft-owned live-streaming platform Mixer. The guys discuss what kind of impact this will...


Switch Stick Drift and The Witcher Netflix - PvA Radio: Episode 50

Today on our 50th episode we are joined by Jerrett Wilson, co-host of Team Chat Podcast, to talk about the most important gaming news stories of the week, from the Nintendo Switch Stick Drift problem to the controversy surrounding Overwatch's new hero, Sigma. Cody's Topic: The Witcher Netflix Series: Cody, a self-proclaimed lover of the Witcher 3 talks all things Witcher Netflix series. The crew discusses Netflix's strategy in choosing to go with the books instead of the game as the base...


Gamestop's New Direction and Ubisoft's Music Contest | PvA Radio - Episode 49 w/ Andrew Nimsgern from Popped Off

This week, Luke is joined by editor-in-chief of Popped Off, Andrew Nimsgern to talk about the biggest gaming news stories of the week. Luke's Topic: Gamestop's model of buying and selling new games and gaming collectibles has been on the steady decline over the last few years, while they have attempted to change course several times. This week, they announced that they would be trialing some new store concepts including providing a place for people to participate in amateur esports...


Nintendo Switch Lite Revealed - PvA Radio: Episode 48

It's always a good week when there is a new hardware announcement, at least in Luke's opinion. And this week brought us the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite, a $199 handheld only version of the Nintendo Switch that lacks removable JoyCons and dockability, but gains a smaller form factor and longer battery life. The guys discuss this and more on this week's episode of PvA Radio. 11:48 - Larry's Topic: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 - New gameplay from Game Informer and Nintendo...


Dr. Disrespect and Twitch's Toxic Problem | PvA Radio - Episode 47

This week, we are talking toxicity on multiple fronts. First, Luke and Cody break down the Dr. Disrespect debacle. From his statement regarding the E3 bathroom event to the toxicity that he showed towards Kotaku staff members. What responsibility does Twitch have to respond when their most popular creators step out of line? What does it say about their platform that some of the most prominent personalities are among the most toxic? Then, Cody breaks down the situation with Mordhau's toxic...