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Battlefield V's Release Schedule is So Wacky It Needs a Chart - PvA Radio: Episode 16

This week was loaded with gaming news, and the guys are here to bring you some of the biggest stories! So, buckle in and listen to nearly 2 hours of in-depth discussion Cody: EA's release schedule for Battlefield V is so convoluted that it needed a company-sanctioned chart to explain it all. Is EA making a mistake with the staggered release, and is the game's model setting it up for failure from the start? Luke: Xbox hosted XO18 in Mexico City over the weekend, and they made a few...


Making Sense of the Diablo Debacle - PvA Radio: Episode 15

It's election day! Go vote! To figure out where you vote, check out the link here. On this week's episode, the guys chat about games they've played, games they've loved, and adaptations they...well, haven't. Larry's Topic: Now that the gang has had an opportunity to get their hands on the Fallout 76 Beta, they are ready to give their initial impressions. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the game, and how much staying power does it have in the world of live service games. Cody's...


The Halloween Spooktacular - PvA Radio: Episode 14

Cody, Larry, and Luke know exactly what goes bump in the night on this week's fright-filled episode of PvA Radio. They talk about all the ghouls and goblins that make this the most spookiest time of the year. Luke: In the world of live service games, Halloween events have taken off. What events do they get the most excited for? What makes a great Halloween event? What games could use a great Halloween Event? Larry: A game doesn't have to be a horror game to have scary moments. Which...


We for One Welcome Our Streaming Overlords - PvA Radio: Episode 13

PlayStation Now, Xbox Game Pass, Loot Play, and more. The world is full of game streaming services, but is it too many? The guys discuss on this week's episode. Cody's Topic: Loot Play is Loot Crates new "high quality, high curation" indie game service where members get 5 indie titles every month. Is loot crate the right company to spearhead something like this, and is this the kind of curation indie games need Larry's Topic: Related to the Loot Play news, Larry wonders if more streaming...


Will There Be a New Call of Duty Next Year? - PvA Radio - Episode 12

This episode is packed with tricks and treats, as the guys talk about labor issues in gaming and how Call of Duty may change. Larry' Topic: Co-founder and Vice President of Rockstar Games came under fire after saying some members of the team were working 100-hour weeks. While he later clarified his statement, the guys talk about the culture of crunch in gaming, and if there is a better path forward. Cody's Topic: Outlets are approaching their reviews for Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII a...


Assassin's Creed and the Loss of Identity - PvA Radio: Episode 11

Never unsure of who they are, Cody, Larry, and Luke bring a smorgasbord of topics to the proverbial table for your listening pleasure this week. Luke's Topic: Nintendo is apparently bringing a new version of the Switch to market late next year. What changes might the next iteration bring? How will the Switch fit when it comes to the next generation of consoles? Larry's Topic: Rumors are swirling about a new open world RPG set in the world of Harry Potter? What would make this a successful...


Why No PSX - PvA Radio: Episode 10

This week, the opening of the spooky month, the guys talk about all the scary news. Sony isn't doing PSX this year, but they are opening up cross-play. Plus, Microsoft is bringing keyboard & mouse support. Then, another round of "There are too many games, but this isn't one of them." Want to get involved? You can submit questions to Player Vs. All Radio at the link below. If you ask a question and the guys select it, you are entered for the chance to win a $20 PSN, Xbox, or Nintendo eShop...


What Went Wrong with TellTale - PvA Radio: Episode 9

On this week's episode, Luke and Cody tackle the big news of TellTale's sudden closure. What went wrong with the studio and how could they have avoided this fate? They also discuss how this news may impact the way game studios approach labor practices. Then the two break down news about the PS1 Classic console and the industry of nostalgia. Want to get involved? You can submit questions to Player Vs. All Radio at the link below. If you ask a question and the guys select it, you are entered...


The Nintendo Double Standard - PvA Radio Episode 8

It's a new week, and that means three new topics. But before they jump in, the guys give their thoughts on Destiny 2 Forsaken, Spider-Man, and Call of Duty Black Ops IIII Blackout Mode. Larry - Assassin's Creedy Odyssey will be available for Switch in Japan by leveraging the power of the cloud. What could this mean for the future of gaming? Cody - Spider-Man has stayed in the gaming conversations mostly because it's a fantastic game. But photo mode continues to drive social media shares....


Is EA Doing it Right with Anthem - PvA Radio: Episode 7

Cody is out with some form of bubonic plague or the consumption - Larry believes he's been poisoned by his constituents. Regardless, the show must go on. This week, Larry and Luke discuss Polygon's decision to abandon review scores. Is it time for the gaming community to reconsider how reviews are written? Then, Larry talks about how Anthem's story DLC will be free. Has EA really righted the ship in terms of public perception? Want to get involved? You can submit questions to Player Vs....


Is the Holiday Release Window Closed? - PvA Radio: Episode 6

On this week's episode, the guys discuss release windows, online harassment, and game piracy. Cody's topic: Polygon recently published an article highlighting the way companies handle online harassment. They guys discuss what steps need to be taken to mitigate the culture of trolls that has been thrust upon us. Luke's topic: Battlefield V has been released until November 20th. Should EA and publishers alike consider moving out of the holiday window? Larry's topic: Nintendo is cracking...


What Makes The Spooky Games Spooky - PvA Radio: Episode 5

To donate to help cover funeral costs, medical costs, counselling and other costs incurred from the tragedy of Sunday’s shooting, please visit the following link: This week’s episode of PvA Radio is bursting at the seams with in-depth discussion around the gaming world. Cody, Larry, and Luke bring their topics to the table, as well as answer questions from you, the listeners! To start the show, the guys talk about the tragic shooting at the...


The Anatomy of Good eSports - PvA Radio: Episode 4

This week, Luke and Cody (sans Larry), tackle the biggest stories in gaming from the week, bringing them to you like a collaborative, audio feature article. Luke's Topic: With Valve apparently looking to launch their own streaming platform, the likes of Twitch and Mixer, what could they bring to the table to offer something different? The guys discuss whether or not there is space for another twitch clone and what Valve's identity has become as of late. Cody's Topic: Rainbow Six Siege had...


We are Very Upset about Plagiarism - PvA Radio: Episode 3

This week, the guys take a look at the exciting side of video games and the ugly side, from Red Dead Redemption 2 to the plagiarism scandal that struck IGN last week. It's a jam-packed show this week on PvA Radio. Cody's Topic: The Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer dropped last week, giving us the very first glimpse of actual gameplay. The guys talk horses, gunplay, open-world, and more, and ask the question "What is Rockstar bringing to the table that will change open-world games moving...


Every Game Left in 2018 - PvA Radio: Episode 2

Week two was not as kind to the boys of PvA Radio, as the gaming gods failed to unleash a flood of news stories upon them. But where resources lack, creativity thrives. This week, the crew talks about superheroes, replayability in games, and all of the remaining major releases set for the remained of this year. Topic 1: The Recipe for Replayability What makes a game replayable? What games do you go back and replay multiple times? The guys discuss exactly how studios keep you coming back...


Does Xbox Need Halo Anymore? - PvA Radio Episode 1

It's the inaugural episode of Player vs. All Radio, and Luke, Larry, and Cody bring a topic-rich environment to the virtual table this week. First, Luke discusses the rumors swirling around Xbox's new line of hardware codenamed Xbox Scarlett. They talk about the future of streaming, if the vision is clear enough, and whether or not people will adopt the tech. Then long-time Halo fan, Larry asks a few questions about the future of the beloved franchise including "Is there a place for...


Getting to Know Cody Mello-Klein - Player vs All Radio Episode 0.67

For fans of the Player 3 Podcast, Luke and Larry are familiar voices, but Cody is a newcomer that's bringing a unique perspective to PvA Radio. A former intern at Game Informer with bylines at Kotaku, Heroes Never Die, and Twinfinite, Cody brings his love for the communities surrounding video games. In this week's episode, Luke sits down with Cody to chat about Game Informer's continued prominence in the gaming industry despite their remote location, how the Overwatch League overcame a...


Get to Know Larry and Luke - PvA Radio Episode 0.33 (Repeating of Course)

In this week's episode, let's get to know two of the three hosts of Player vs. All Radio - Larry and Luke! Larry is one of the former hosts of The Player 3 Podcast, a student minister, a husband, father of two children, and an assassination specialist in any Halo game across all generations. Luke is another former host of the Player 3 Podcast, freelance games writer, marketing manager, and creative director and owner at an escape room. He just got done logging his first (read 70th) hour on...


Introducing Player Vs All Radio

Player Vs All Radio: Three friends, three topics, one show. Each week, our three hosts (Freelance Gaming Journalist Cody Mello-Klein, Former Host of the Player 3 Podcast Larry Hunt, and Editor-in-Chief of Player Vs. All Luke Croft) tackle the three biggest stories in gaming news and then answer your burning questions. Have a question you'd like answered? Email Luke at If your question is selected, you get placed in a drawing to win a $20 PSN, Xbox, or Nintendo eShop...