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I apologize if it sounds like your sitting in my mouth, I was getting a cold and had the mic closer than I should have. In this episode I discuss the nature, usage, and viability of attribute scores in Fudge. I think fudge gets some flack for being an "incomplete" game or "just a toolkit" because of the nebulous description of how attributes work in the game. Attributes are recommended, but totally optional. Fate Core, arguably the most popular Fudge derivative out there, ditches...


A Magical Medley, Review, Part 2

The second half of my review of A Magical Medley. In this half we finish up the Celtic system, look at the Chinese, Gramary, and Occult systems. I'm debating weather I like doing shows as two parts. Please pop into the Discord and let me know what you think. If you think the call in number is a good idea, please go ahead and call in. I'm still on the fence as to weather or not to hang on to it going forward. Thanks for listening. Links Fable Video Game SeriesCall of CthulhuIntelligent Swords


A Magical Medley, Review, Part 1

So actually, I am going to review a Magical Medley. I've been busy lately, which is why this is coming out a week late. The next episode should come out on time because this is actually one episode split into two parts for time. I kind of rambled a bit, and got off topic here and there, but I decided to keep it all in since I feel like its of some interest to my listeners. This is a pretty extensive review of A Magical Medley from Grey Ghost Games. The review was prompted by some...


A Huge Mess

A quick update to the last episode. The version of Scale I clarified at the top of that episode was a pure fever dream. As such I start this episode off with a clear and consice explanation taken directly from 4.22 and 4.58 of the Fudge 1995 edition of the rules. I also review Another Fine Mess from Grey Ghost Games. Another Fine Mess is an introductory adventure, both for starting players and to explain how fudge games can work to starting Game Masters. Aside from some not-on-the-tin...