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Two guys sit back and talk gaming. Be it retro, modern or indie, we discuss news, what we're currently playing and our regular gaming "book club".

Two guys sit back and talk gaming. Be it retro, modern or indie, we discuss news, what we're currently playing and our regular gaming "book club".


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Two guys sit back and talk gaming. Be it retro, modern or indie, we discuss news, what we're currently playing and our regular gaming "book club".






Episode 28 - Aladdin vs Aladdin

In this vaguely Christmassy episode, we attempt to settle one of the age old 16 bit rivalries, argued over since 1993 - which Aladdin is better? Mega Drive or SNES? Will we even come to a consensus? Plus, there's even more favourites to be picked later in the show, as it's the last episode of 2020, and that means it's time for the third annual Pod 'em Up awards! podemup@gmail.com | @PodEmUp | podemup.live | twitch.tv/podemup


Episode 27 - Incredible Crisis

Thrills! Chills! Drama! Suspense! Romance! Family values! Back rubs! This game has it all - it's Incredible Crisis for PS1! Plus, Dark PIctures Anthology: Little Hope, SuperMash, Console Wars: the documentary, and a discussion about the recent Mario Bros Game & Watch takes us on a little trip down memory lane as we recall our favourite Tiger handheld electronic games. Incoming Indie this month was @BerserkBoyGame on Twitter. podemup@gmail.com | @PodEmUp | podemup.live | twitch.tv/podemup


Episode 26 - Costume Quest

It's our Halloween special! Join us as we discuss the perfect game for the occasion, Double Fine's Costume Quest! A mini RPG in which costume-clad children go door to door, fighting monsters and rescuing lost siblings. Plus, we discover why the clocks change for daylight savings, and rave reviews for the £1 pumpkin carving kit from the Co-op! Incoming Indie: Crumble (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1061180/Crumble/) @PodEmUp | podemup@gmail.com | podemup.live


Episode 25 - Chibi-Robo!

It's time for hidden gem on the GameCube, Chibi-Robo! The loveable little robot that wants everyone to be happy! It's not all roses and sunshine for NIntendo this month though, as we pick a bone with them about their recent "limited" announcements. Also discussed: New Super Lucky's Tale and Hotshot Racing, plus Mario 3D All-stars and Super Mario Bros. 35. podemup@gmail.com | podemup.live | @PodEmUp


Episode 24 - Knuckles' Chaotix and Ninty Fresh #1

It's a double feature this month! On the SEGA side, we've got 32X action with Knuckles' Chaotix in the book club, but if you're more of a Nintendo fan you might enjoy our look at issue #1 of brand new unofficial Nintendo magazine, Ninty Fresh! Also join us for some general magazine chat, see if you can beat Tibbs' score in the Mario quiz, and we'll discuss the ill-fated Mega Drive 32X console too. Buy Ninty Fresh at https://nintyfresh.net/ podemup.net | podemup@gmail.com | @PodEmUp |...


Episode 23 - Wild 9

This month we look at 2.5D platforming innovation with Wild 9 on PS1 (Earthworm Jim's far-less-talked about younger brother)! Plus, Tibbs inadvertently drops a bomb of the F variety, while Ollie is far too tired to be in any state to record a podcast and sends his apologies for the resulting show. Grab your wangler janglers and take a wild ride with the muddled up world of Pod 'em Up! ("Lifties" welcome). Twitter: @PodEmUp Email: podemup@gmail.com Web: http://podemup.net


Episode 22 - Katamari Damacy

The hilarious and completely nuts "roll 'em up" Katamari Damacy is discussed for your listening pleasure in the book club this month, from the PS2 but now on Switch and PC. There's also much to discuss about the PS5 reveal, teeny weeny Game Gear Micros, and fog gaming. No, we don't really know what it is either. Twitter: @PodEmUp Email: podemup@gmail.com Web: http://podemup.net


Episode 21 - Dino Crisis

This month we look back at PS1 "panic horror" Dino Crisis, and we don't come away with the same opinion! Also on the table for discussion is the much anticipated Streets of Rage 4 and Tibbs has a change of heart on Final Fantasy VII Remake! Incoming Indie: http://thefalconeer.com Twitter: @PodEmUp Email: podemup@gmail.com Web: http://podemup.net


Episode 20 - Jet Set Radio

We're kicking off our third year in cel-shaded style as we cover the unique skating graffiti-em-up, Jet Set Radio, for the Sega Dreamcast! We also tackle the big subjects of the day, such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Pokemon! We also might mention that virus thing that's going round too. Twitter: @PodEmUp Email: podemup@gmail.com Web: http://podemup.net


Episode 19 - Bad Games!.. Rise of the Robots and Overblood

We're finally back in business, with a bumper episode! We showcase a couple of stinkers this month in the book club, in the form of Rise of the Robots and Overblood. Can we find anything good to say? Plus, we belatedly crown a winner of the 2019 Pod 'em Up awards, and for good measure, throw in some discussion about Death Stranding, Dreams, Shenmue III and PS5/Series X. Thanks so much for your patience with us! Visit us at www.podemup.net, on Twitter @podemup or send us emails to...


Episode 18 - Driver: San Francisco

After a month off, we're back to talk about Driver: San Francisco! Check out XF Drive here: https://t.co/rxwRUi46P6 Visit us at www.podemup.net, on Twitter @podemup or send us emails to podemup@gmail.com.


Episode 17 - Music of the Mega Drive

A one-off solo episode this month that is completely different from our planned show. Instead, Ollie takes you through a selection of 50 of his favourite Mega Drive tunes, including tunes from all the main Sonics, most of the Streets of Rages, some of the Thunder Forces and a whole load more! It's Pod 'Em Up Radio, and it's on the air right now! All music from: https://project2612.org Full playlist available at: http://podemup.net/episodes/episode-17-music-of-the-mega-drive/


Episode 16 - Metal Gear Solid

We finally get around to playing not-so-hidden gem Metal Gear Solid for the PS1! Tibbs is already a big fan, but what did Ollie think of his first experience with this legendary stealth series? We also discuss Astrobot, Control, Shenmue II, Nintendo Direct, Aladdin/Lion King "remasters", two new Incoming Indies, and how to keep a guinea pig in your drawer without your boss knowing!


Episode 15 - Drill Dozer

Cult GBA classic, Drill Dozer, is the focus of this month's episode. Plus, we discuss Super Mario Maker 2, the Nintendo Switch Lite and talk about some incoming indie titles! Sonic Studio: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Jo-LsA04_rms601MTE1lQ 198X: https://198xthegame.com (In case any one is interested..) Ollie’s Mario Maker 2 Levels: HC9-6JM-6RF G2R-T10-VSF


Episode 14 - Sin & Punishment: Successor of the Skies

This month in the book club, it's the frenetic rail shooter sequel for the Wii, Sin & Punishment: Successor of the Skies (aka Star Successor)! Also on the table for discussion, Mario Maker 2, Team Racing (of both Crash and Sonic varieties), Dangerous Driving and E3, including Project Scarlett, Nintendo and FF7 remake. Exception - https://exceptiongame.com/ - @TraxmasterSoft SkateBIRD - https://skatebirb.com/ - @skatebirb http://podemup.net Email us: podemup@gmail.com Tweet us: @PodEmU


Episode 13 - Undertale

This month we're filled with determination to bring you one of the finest games we've looked at so far in the book club, Undertale! An excellent, seemingly bite-sized (at first) RPG that is deceptively complex and wonderfully witty. Also in the show, we discuss Team Sonic Racing, the Sonic movie delay and the PS5. Don't forget to drop by our brand new website, http://podemup.net Email us: podemup@gmail.com Tweet us: @PodEmUp


Episode 12 - Super Mario Land 2

We revisit a Game Boy classic this episode with our book club pick, Super Mario Land 2. We also discuss the upcoming Mega-Drive Mini and give our thoughts on the rise of game streaming services like Google Stadia. Music: Athletic Theme - Super Mario Land 2 Muda Kingdom - Super Mario Land Email us at podemup@gmail.com or find us on Twitter @podemup.


Episode 11 - Herzog Zwei (with Vic from Retro Electro!)

For the first time ever, we're thrilled to be joined by a special guest! Vic from console model maker, Retro Electro joins us for a fascinating chat about his new business, with the launch of his first scale model, the European Sega Mega Drive. As if that wasn't enough, he also picked the gaming book club pick this month from the very same console - the initially baffling, yet quickly enthralling early RTS, Herzog Zwei! https://retroelectromodels.com | @RetroElectro_UK podemup@gmail.com |...


Episode 10 - ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove

We've got a special episode this month, as we've been granted early access to one of 2019's great retro revivals, ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove! We've played the new game ahead of release to give you our thoughts! Plus, we precede this with a look at the rest of the series in our ToeJam & Earl retrospective! Gameplay videos of Back in the Groove at our new Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk2EpXt0nX8fT_tT_hyRRDQ Email us: podemup@gmail.com Twitter: @podemup


Episode 9 - Tembo the Badass Elephant

This episode, we are talking about Tembo the Badass Elephant, Shenmue,thoughts on the RetroElectro_UK Mega-Drive, The Adventure Pals and we reveal our next book club pick. Email us: podemup@gmail.com Twitter: @podemup Find Retro Electro online at http://www.retroelectromodels.com