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Episode 13: #FreeGio

Fin, Anthony, and Rob are back to discuss all the PML action this week. The Bengals catch the first suspension of the league, we discuss not one, but two game winning touchdowns, and we break down all the big matchups around the league!


Episode 12: 2020 Draft Prospect Overview | Offense

Our Buccaneers owner has joined the podcast this week with a special episode with Fin discussing the PML Colllege Prospects for the 2020 PML Draft. From the Hawaiian super star in Tuscaloosa, to the man movers of Wisconsin, this is the first of many in-depth looks at the prospects you will be drafting to lead your team to victory.


Episode 11: Playin' with Myself

Fin is back and lonely. Recapping all of the week 1 action on the late night radio talk show formerly known as, the Premier Madden Podcast. Big matchups, game reviews, and Kareem Hunt controversy all here, on the Premier Madden Podcast.


Episode 10: A New Hope

Fin has joined the league, so now he gets to put his money where his mouth is as the PML kicks off season 2! We discuss the preseason's top performers, the big week 1 matchups, and our predictions for MVP and Super Bowl champion!


Premier Madden Podcast Ep. 9: The User Linebacker Academy

We are back! This week Anthony (NFLRT), Fin, and Rob are here to make YOU a better user linebacker. Listen to our tips on how to force your opponent into throwing easy interceptions on this weeks episode of the Premier Madden Podcast.


Premier Madden Podcast Ep. 8: PS4 League Week 3 Update

The boys are back and for the first episode ever, they will be talking about the PS4 Madden CFM for the Premier Madden League. Breaking down all the big games, predicting the playoff favorites, and talking a bit about the early challenges of being in an online franchise.


Premier Madden Podcast Ep. 7: Equipment Guru

This week Fin, Anthony, and Rob are joined by none other than Equipment Guru himself. Equipment Guru aka Dustin, is an Assistant Producer for EA Sport's Madden Series. He has direct control of player ratings, likeness, and authenticity. Guru answers questions about how he approaches ratings and dev traits for players, as well as some of the key changes he has made since joining the EA staff as well as answering questions asked by Reddit and Twitter users.


Premier Madden Podcast Ep. 6: Just Three Guys Who Love Madden

RIP Trueboy and Spot Me Plzz


Premier Madden Podcast Ep. 5: Dan Hatman, The Scouting Academy

Hey everyone! Episode 5 is here and we are joined by Dan Hatman. Dan is the founder and head of Operations of the Scouting Academy. A virtual school for aspiring NFL scouts or anyone who wants to learn the game of football at a high level. He also has NFL experience as a scout for the Giants, Jets, and Eagles and coached defense at hte University of Massachusets.


Premier Madden Podcast Ep. 4: Pest

First and foremost, I want to apologize for the sound quality. Something was up with either my mic or my internet and that caused some issues with my quality. The rest of the crew (Rob and NFLRT) sounded as pleasant as always. Any who. This week we are joined by my good friend, Pest. He is a commish of an Xbox One Madden CFM called Top Madden. He drops some knowledge on the trials and tribulations of being a commish, and what it takes to create a fun environment within a Sim CFM. As...


Premier Madden Podcast Ep. 3: Trey Green

WE ARE BACK AGAIN! And this time, available on all podcast platforms (minus Spotify) but iTunes, Google Play, you name it we are there! This week Fin, Anthony, and Rob are joined by former Northwestern running back Trey Green. Trey provides some insight into the life of a Big 10 athlete and drops some football knowledge on us while also comparing it to the running game and Real Player Motion mechanics of Madden 19. As always, if you want to join the Premier Madden league go to...


Premier Madden Podcast Ep.2: Release Weekend and First Impressions

Ladies and Gentlemen, MADDEN 19 IS HERE! And back as always, is the Premier Madden Podcast. This week Fin, Anthony (NFLRT), and Rob talk their opening weekend impressions of the game, the early META to give you the edge against your friends and league mates, as well as an indepth conversation about Madden 19's new and improved player archetype and progression system. If you are interested in joining the Premier Madden League we still have openings in all three platforms! Go to...


Premier Madden Podcast Ep. 1: Sports Gamers Online

Welcome to the Premier Madden Podcast, this week myself, NFLRT, and Rob were joined by the head of Sports Gamers Online youtube channel, The Natural. We talk a little bit about his experiences with Madden throughout the years as well as discussing our first impressions of the Madden 19 EA Access Trial. Stay tuned for more Madden content and coverage of the Premier Madden League. If you wish to apply to the Premier Madden League please visit to fill out an...