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Video Games presents Press Pass, a sometimes-weekly podcast where we discuss the latest happenings in the games industry! The team is made up of Marc Lynch, Kyle Holt, Melissa Kay, and Hunter Bond. For the live episodes, tune in to presents Press Pass, a sometimes-weekly podcast where we discuss the latest happenings in the games industry! The team is made up of Marc Lynch, Kyle Holt, Melissa Kay, and Hunter Bond. For the live episodes, tune in to



Description: presents Press Pass, a sometimes-weekly podcast where we discuss the latest happenings in the games industry! The team is made up of Marc Lynch, Kyle Holt, Melissa Kay, and Hunter Bond. For the live episodes, tune in to








Now with more Canadian!

Joined by Vagabond Dog creative director, Justin Amirkhani, we get to hear about Vagabond Dog's busy year. From game jams and Twitch streams to game releases and April Fools Day, this indie dev has kept momentum going strong through the last year. We also talk a bit about virtual conventions and hear about Justin's gaming habits (hint: he likes a challenge).


What's in a name?

Between layoffs and stock bonuses at Activision Blizzard, it's enough to have us questioning things. We also delve into a brief recap of Square Enix Presents, the video presentation of upcoming SE projects. From the realisation that Tomb Raider is older than we thought to trying to wrap our heads around Project Athia's revealed title, it's a fun diversion. Stay tuned for answers to last episode's question of the week as well as for the new one this week.


Mood of the Rawring 20's

With the full crew on board for this episode, they discuss the expansion of the Final Fantasy VII library and Marc realizes he has been pronouncing "Yuffie" wrong for over 20 years. There is bad news for Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 and Hunter can't believe what he's hearing about the Borderlands live action movie's cast and crew. Stay tuned for discussion about Valheim (despite none of us having played it yet) and the question of the week!



Marc and Kyle end the accidental month off with a duocast recapping the February Nintendo Direct and Blizzconline highlights!


The shame game

Hunter, Kyle, and Marc get deep into talking about their shame games in this episode before even getting to the news agenda. There are rumours about a new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, but reportedly it won't be developed by BioWare. And of course, our last recording of January wouldn't be complete without talking about the crazy ride of GameStop in the stock exchange.


A podcast far, far away

Kyle, Melissa, and Marc talk Lucasfilm and organ trading in space in this week's episode of Press Pass. We also take a brief look at Pokemon Snap and lament forced motion controls before moving on to Kinder World and 30XX!


Aenne for PogChamp 2021!

Almost two weeks into January and it has already felt like a marathon. There's not much new in games news, but Marc was surprised to learn that Luigi's Mansion was developed in his city and he also finds out why his Xbox controller wasn't automatically rechargeable. Finally, there's something new going on at Twitch with the PogChamp emote!


56 years until 2077

Kyle, Melissa, and Marc all try to leave 2020 behind, but there's still one last thing to talk about before we can move on: Cyberpunk 2077! Don't fret, there's also a Nintendo theme park in the agenda!


Best Press Pass 2020

It's time to recap the 2020 Game Awards! We dig into the new announcements and many awards given out for the year where virtually everyone had more time to play video games.


An Xbox in every home

With a full crew the team talks The Big 10's cancellation, games as a service and the cost of Marvel's Avengers, and the possibility of more ways to get Xbox Games Pass in 2021. Good things happened on Inner Sloth's Twitch stream with AOC and Jagmeet Singh and Hunter boosts a friend's interactive fiction projects!


It's fun to stay at the DMCA!

With a full crew and Kyle still at the helm, the crew talks DMCA takedowns (and how poorly it's going), Sega's step back from arcade management, and answer the burning question: Just how horny are Baldur's Gate 3 players? Stay tuned towards the end to find out what happens when a pet fish plays Pokemon Ruby.


AOC, DMCA, and LOLRPG: or Why is Kyle Hosting?

In this episode, Kyle's in the driver seat and we somehow don't go careening off a cliff! We talk about AOC on Twitch, DMCA on Twitch, and the upcoming League of Legends RPG! Happy belated Halloween, Election Day (US), and Xbox Launch Day!



It's a sad day when Apex Legends' Wraith can't do her Naruto run anymore. But it's also a good day for long-suffering Ray's the Dead fans and backers! Listen to the latest episode of Press Pass and send us some memes!


When September ends

There was a lot of news to pack into this episode 233! Sony's PS5 showcase, Nintendo's partner Direct, Microsoft's new acquisition... We didn't even have time to go over a PAX recap! Join in the discussion and don't forget to answer the question of the week!


But do they play DOOM?

Mel takes the reins in our pre-PAX Online episode leading the team through talks about next-gen consoles, DOOM on everything, and some expectations for PAX! Stay tuned for the question of the week!


35 years a plumber

Unity's going public and Frogwares is having issues with its licensee. Nintendo is celebrating Mario's 35th anniversary and the Fall Guys Battle of the Brands is complete! Mel, Marc, and Kyle all weigh in for this week's episode of Press Pass!



There were a lot of things to make gamers angry on the internets this week, so the crew tackles a few of them. Namely Burger King, Epic and Apple, and a tone-deaf article from Parade. Thankfully Fall Guys was there to cheer us up with some feel-good community management!


Solid 70 percent

Apparently in games, SOCOM skips a generation but Legend of Zelda is an official source for researching your next novel! Halo Infinite got delayed, Epic Games is fighting Apple and Google, and Mewnbase is definitely a game! Check out our latest episode!



Marc can't seem to get the words out properly in this episode of Press Pass, but the team powers through. Mel and Kyle join in to talk about Battletoads getting a revival and Stardew Valley getting a physical collector's edition! Halo Infinite multiplayer is in the news and Beyond Good and Evil is getting a film adaptation for Netflix! Stay tuned for the highlight game, Minit, the Animal Crossing-inspired lighter side, and the question of the week!


Spiritual success

Despite a small agenda, the team covers a wealth of topics from adjustable dong sliders to the interesting topics of psychology in some games. We also talk about the Xbox Game Showcase for the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series X, playing Doom on Windows 95 within Minecraft, and a spiritual successor to the Suikoden series. Stay tuned for the team's discussion about Oxenfree, our highlight game of the week, as well as the question of the week!