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37: PX37 - Video Games Set In The Wild West

Andy, Mark and Producer Rob join forces once again to tackle some of the interesting topics about video games, and with the release of the highly-anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 the gang decide to take a look at the games set in the Old West. But before all of that it’s time to catch up with what we’ve been playing and as usual, everybody’s got something different with Mark pouring more hours into Dragon Quast XI: and the Kemono Friedns puzzle game, Andy investigating ancient ruins and the...


36: PX36 - How Did Incomplete Games Become the Norm?

Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry, so why has it become normal for developers and publishers to release unfinished games? Join Andy and Rob as they investigate this peculiar problem, and also why a bunch as salty as gamers continue to allow the industry to get away with it. With some relevant unfinished games (Final Fantasy X (US version), Knights of the Old Republic II, STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, Metal Gear Solid V), Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, horse armour,...


PX35 - What Counts As Video Game Merchandise?

Merchandising has long been part of the lifeblood of entertainment and media (who wouldn’t want a plushie of the Demogorgon from Stranger Things), but sometimes the products associated with a particular title can head in some strange, disturbing and bizarre directions. After a quick chat about the games that they’re currently playing (Shenmue Remastered, Spider-Man (PS4), and Dragon Quest XI), it’s time for Andy, Mark and Producer Rob to venture into the dark alleys of video games...


PX34 - Which Games Deserve a Reboot, Remake or Remaster?

With all of the remakes, reboots and remasters that are going around in video games these days, it seems like developers and publishers are determined to plumb the depths of gaming history to unearth some long-forgotten treasures. Join Rob, Andy and Producer Rob as, after a brief discussion about the games that they've been playing recently (Death’s Gambit, Far Cry Primal and F1 2018 respectively), they dive into the mausoleum of lost games to find some titles that are worthy of...


PX33 - Are Collector’s Editions Worth The Money?

The video games market is expensive and over-saturated, but collector’s editions, special editions and the ubiquitous “game of the year” editions have generally held a special place in the hearts and wallets of gamers. The question is, are they really worth all of that extra money? Gaming is, after all, an expensive hobby, and not everyone has a bottomless wallet. Join Andy, Mark and Producer Rob as they venture down one what turns out to be one of gaming’s stranger rabbit holes in an effort...


PX32 - What Games Are You Proud Of Completing?

On the last episode we challenged each other to play a game that we owned that we didn't buy and wasn't released this year, and the results are definitely … weird. Andy found himself playing an obscure online game called Dino D-Day and the Omen-esque horror Lucius 2\. On the other hand, Mark sample the "My First JRPG" mechanics of Guardian's Crusade on the PS1 before he got distracted and wound up playing Stranded Kids on the Gameboy Color. As for Producer Rob, he decided to take Dragoneer's...


PX31 - How Many Games Haven't You Finished?

Like movies and music, video games are one of those strange things that you wind up collecting without thinking about it. They just seem to accumulate over time until your risk life and limb trying to sort through them. But how many of them have you actually played properly, and more importantly how many of them have you finished? Join the Press X gang who, after a brief chat about Conan: Exiles, Theme Park, Farcry Arcade and Touhou Kabuto Burst Battle, wax nostalgic about games magazines,...


PX30 - Are Google Making a Games Console?

Everybody wants to get into video games, but rumour has it that perpetual late starters Google (think about it), are making their own console. So what does that mean for the manufacturers like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo? After our usual look at what we’ve been playing (Panzermadels, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Gravel and Onrush), Mark, Andy and Prob stare at Google and take an irreverent journey through video games before somehow winding up in a very strange classroom … If...


PX29 - E3 Roundup 2018

There's more Press X than you can shake a stick it and a whole lot more games to talk about as Andy, Rob and Producer Rob tackle the biggest show in the video game calendar - E3! With a massive number of titles being announced at this year's event, along with some notable ups and downs, we chart a course through the choppy waters of gaming to fish out some our highlights from the various conferences and the the E3 floor, including Spider-Man, Cyberpunk 2077, Metro Exodus, Assassins Creed...


PX28 - Dreams and Expectations: E3 2018

E3 has just begun so Mark and Producer Rob take a flight of fancy and postulate, peruse and ponder on the possibilities that will be showcased at this annual cavalcade of video games. Join us as we adopt our best "Thinker" poses, flex our thumbs and minds, and speculate on things to come ... If you've enjoyed this podcast, then please follow us on Twitter @TGS_TheGeekShow or on other social media by searching for The Geek Show. If you want to show your support then head over to...


PX27 - Level Designs by Domino

In a rather odd turn of events, Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix have teamed up with 343 Industries to create a new four-player arcade machine called HALO: Fireteam Raven. In other news, Valve have set out to remove sexual content from Steam by censoring or removing visual novels (but leaving games like The Witcher and Leisure Suit Larry), and the ongoing 1980s nostalgia trend will soon get a new addition with a Garbage Pail Kids mobile game. If you've enjoyed this podcast, then please follow...


PX26 - A Generation of Napoleons

Surprising things are happening this week as Belgium bans in-game loot boxes under the country’s gambling laws - which may have unforeseen repercussions … In other news, drugs are being hidden in old NES cartridges and PC Building Simulator may become part of the IT curriculum in schools. If you've enjoyed this podcast, then please follow us on Twitter @4panelpodcast or on other social media by searching for The Geek Show. If you want to show your support then head over to...


PX25 - How Much Of A Thing Is A Thing?

After a long hiatus where we all left to travel and “find” ourselves, Press X returns in an altered format. On this return episode, join Mark, Andy and Producer Rob as they discuss the Megadrive Mini, controversy about Farcry 5, eye-tracking software and Minecraft, the Western release of Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura, and PUBG’s “ransomware”. Until next time, don’t play anything we wouldn’t! If you've enjoyed this podcast, then please follow us on Twitter @TGS_TheGeekShow or on other social...


PX24 - Solving The Widdler's Widdles

It's the last episode before Press X goes on hiatus for a while, but fear not as we will be back in a new form in the future. Until then we leave you with Batman: The Enemy Within episode 1 and Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. Please support The Geek Show Podcast Network on Patreon - #Batman #TheEnemyWithin #TelltaleGames #FinalFantasyXIV #Stormblood #SquareEnix #Adventure #MMORPG #PressX #TheGeekShow #VideoGames #Games #Gaming #Podcasts #ReviewsPX24 - A...


PX23 - Stress Relief for Japanese Salary Men

Press X returns to talk about more games that we've been playing recently, video games publishers and developers that are trading in nostalgia, and the rise and fall and rise of the point-and-click genre. This week we've been playing a veritable smorgasbord of games, from the mobile-to-PC port First Strike: Final Hour and beat-'em-up but not-quite-sequel Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, to the nostalgia-fest that is Yooka-Laylee and the Haruki Murakami-themed point-and-click adventure Memoranda. As if...


PX22 - Anime and Arms, Anime and Cut Scenes

We're a video games podcast aren't we? Maybe? It depends on the day I guess? This week we have a plateful of anime-themed gaming for your tastebuds. First up we have the release of the rarest thing in gaming - a new Nintendo franchise - with a slightly surreal punch-'em-up called Arms. After that we launch into a trio of titles with a strong connection to anime, starting with Accel World Vs. Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight before moving on to the much-anticipated Valkyria Revolution,...


PX21 - This is Micro!

We return to the expansive wilds of the video game world for that part of the annual release schedule that is often referred to as a barren wasteland. A quick rummage around the box of games leads to a very mixed bag of things to play, including Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku!, DiRT 4, Micro Machines: World Series and Dark Rose Valkyrie, and as if that wasn't enough, we also talk about early gaming memories. Until next time, don't play anything we wouldn't play. #TheGeekShow #PressX...


PX20 - E3 2017 Special

Now that the dust has settled it's time to survey the wreckage left by the biggest gaming convention on the planet, which can only mean one thing. It's time for our E3 special! We take a look at all the interesting happenings (including the Xbox One X and more), but since there's no point in bringing up the same titles we discussed on last year's special we're sticking to only the newest game announcements. Until next time, don't play anything we wouldn't play. #PressX #TheGeekShow #E3...


PX19 - Friday The 13th: Tokyo Dreamfall

While all the other gaming podcasts are off flirting with trailers, we're talking about games we've been playing. Don't panic though, as we'll be joining the throng next week when all the E3 dust has settled. It's not a classic selection of games this week, but the titles we have up our sleeves include Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy, The Town of Light, Dreamfall Chapters, Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and, saving the best till last, Friday the 13th - The Game. Until next time, don't...


PX18 - Steel Birthday: Disney's Injustice

Sarcasm isn't the lowest form of wit. It's actually puns and bad segues, and we emphatically prove that in this week as we work through a mega-list of diverse games (you can imagine how ridiculous things get). So, on this episode we take a look at *deep breath* Birthdays: The Beginning, Outlast 2, Endless Space 2, The Disney Afternoon Collection (DuckTales 1 & 2, TaleSpin, Darkwing Duck, and Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers 1 & 2), Akiba's Beat, Steel Division: Normandy '44 and Injustice 2 ......