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The ONLY podcast 100% dedicated to SEGA's 32-Bit powerhouse, the SEGA Saturn!

The ONLY podcast 100% dedicated to SEGA's 32-Bit powerhouse, the SEGA Saturn!
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The ONLY podcast 100% dedicated to SEGA's 32-Bit powerhouse, the SEGA Saturn!




SEASON 3: EP 7 - "E3 Saturn, Shiro!"

Welcome to another incredible episode of Sega Saturn, Shiro! This time, we'll be talking about the latest news from E3, latest events in the community, the recent discovery of Star Wars: Rebel Strike, and go off on a wild tangent about Star Wars not once, but twice! Make sure to check out the new items in our Threadless Store: Follow us here!: Website: Facebook: Twitter:...


SEASON 3: EP 6 - "Fan-lations, New Releases, Oh My!"

On this episode of Sega Saturn Shiro, we feature some updates in the fan community, and the popularity of fan-lation projects On top of that, we'll be dropping information on the new Retro-Bit controllers, Retro Fighters BrawlerGen controller, and much more! Retro-Bit Controllers: Retro Fighter's BrawlerGen:


SEASON 3: EP 5 - "Shiro x Titan Cast 2 - New Age of Casts!"

"Welcome, to the Cast of the millennium!" Join us, as two collosal force collide together. Shiro: Patrick, Ke, Dave, Peter, and Chaz vs. Titans: Sam, Simon, Brian, and Nuno! We discussed all the happenings in 2018, and the upcoming events of 2019. Follow us on our social media sites: Facebook: Twitter: Follow the Saturn Junkyard page and group here:


SEASON 3: EP 4 - "Peter's Saturn Music Picks"

Hello everyone, and welcome to the New Years special of Sega Saturn, Shiro! Today, we are giving Peter's picks for the best music pieces on the Saturn! From NiGHTS to Panzer Dragoon Saga, Peter will be letting you know his favourites, and which ones you should check out! Peter will also be reading some, "Viewer Mail" from the fans! Follow us on our social media sites: Facebook: Twitter:


SEASON 3: EP 3 - "US Saturn Game Collecting with The Immortal John Hancock, and Steve Wright Jr."

Hello again guys! Today, we will be talking US Saturn collecting and preservation. Want to get into Saturn Collecting? Needed to figure out the integriety of your game discs? What is a data hole?! We will be discussing these topics and more during this episode! Check out Steve's photography and more here: Check out out The Immortal John Hancock with his immortal collection and tips here: Video on checking your game...


SEASON 3: EP 2 - "Halloween Returns"

Happy Halloween everyone! This episode, join Patrick, Ke, Peter, Chaz, and our special guest, the Southern Sega Gentleman as we discuss Saturn news, freightening Saturn games, and our obscure game of the cast, Cotton 2! Follow us on our social media sites: Facebook: Twitter: Links: Policenauts Vinyl Record:


SEASON 3: EP 1 - "Happy Mega-Versary!"

Welcome to our first year anniversary show! We go over a retrospective of Mega Man/Rockman games on the Saturn and our various experieinces with them. Pat, Claire, Peter, K, Gamemaster Chaz, and Hickman (aka Dave 2) all join in the discussion. We'd like to dedicate this episode to the following: Our commrade in Saturn, Dave, who is on paternity leave but will be back soon! Dave's family, including his newest addition! Congratulations you guys! All of you who've supported us during this...


SEASON 2: EP 8 - "Dave's Saturn Music Picks #1"

Hey Saturn guys & girls! Dave here, and since I'll be going on a brief hiatis from the regular podcast releases, I just wanted to share with you some of my absolute all-time favorite SEGA Saturn music tracks. As you all may know I'm a pretty big Saturn nut, and I love the Saturn's sound chipset so much. So I'm really excited to show off some of the best tracks it has to offer. Mind you, some of the tracks I chose are fairly obvious, but I also feel like I got a few lesser knowns in there as...


SEASON 2: EP 7 - "Vertical Shoot 'Em Ups!"

We are back! After a bit of a hiatus, we are here to give you the 411 on vertical shooters on the Saturn! Join us as Ke, Patrick, Dave, Claire, and Chaz discuss their favourite shooters, and potentially yours as well! Follow us on our social media sites: Facebook: Twitter:


SEASON 2: Mini EP 3 - "Quiz Round 3" - New Shiro! Questionnaire

With new Team Shiro! members, Samuel Myles & Ben Wallace coming on board, it's time to sit them down and discuss their personal Saturn stories, memories, setups and favorites. Join us in welcoming them to the Shiro! Team as we give them the full Saturn interrogation...


SEASON 2: EP 6 - "Burning Up The Tires" - 2 Wheel & Alternative Racing

Last time we made the qualifiying rounds, and now we're back to beat our best times! The Saturn has a load of good, bad, great, bizzare and interesting racing games, and in this cast we're going to get deep into some of the more unconventional titles on the system. Join us as we talk racing on bikes, boats, mopeds, hovercraft, and even on foot!


SEASON 2: EP 5 - "What If..? Cast with SEGA LORD X"

This cast we're joined by our good friend Mel (SEGA Lord X) for an exclusive SHIRO! interview regarding his YouTube channel and personal SEGA story as well as a spectulative discussion regarding what the Saturn and SEGA's future might have been had they not made so many terrible choices. Join us for a fun cast packed with great Saturn discussion! SLX YouTube: SLX Facebook: SHIRO! Merch:...


SEASON 2: EP 4 - "Everything Sounds Better... on PAPER"

Join Patrick, Dave, Claire & Peter as they dig up and tear into perhaps the most self-congratulatory and unintentionally self-depricating document in all of video game history. The Hype-Train was steamed up and leaving the station, but SEGA's own confident optimism blinded them to several problems that lay ahead, problems that would derail Saturn and ultimately SEGA.


SEASON 2: Mini EP 2 - "Quiz Round 2" - New Member Questionnaire

We finally get on the mic with NEW team SHIRO! members, Peter Malek and Natalie Marie, about their favorite Saturn games, memories, and most embarrassing moments. Here's your chance to get aquainted with the folks that will be creating awesome new SHIRO! content for the community to enjoy!


SEASON 2: EP 3 - "Artistry or Forgery"

Patrick, Dave, Claire & Ke discuss the history, ethics and craft behind game reproductions. We cover some hard-hitting facts and weigh in with our personal thoughts and opinions on this extremely controversial topic. This one's not to be missed!


SEASON 2: Mini EP 1 - "Pop Quiz" - New Member Questionnaire

Join us as we interrogate our NEW SHIRO! team members about their favorite Saturn games, memories, and most embarrassing moments. It's your chance to get to know the folks that'll be creating new content for the community to enjoy.


SEASON 2: EP 2 - "Rolling Start" - Saturn Racing Games

Join us as we hit the track and talk about several notable racing games on the SEGA Saturn. In this cast we also have some of our new team members introduce themselves and talk about how they got into Saturn. INTRO: Recent Host Activities NEWS: Sega Touring Car NetLink & NetLink Email back online! NEWS: New SHIRO! Member Introductions (Claire Sawyer, Chaz Picardy & Dave Hickman) NEWS: Retro-Bit Controllers Follow-up (3D Control Pad?) OBSCURE GAME: Choro Q Park MAIN FEATURE: Saturn Racing...


SEASON 2: EP 1 - "Back In The (dragon) Saddle" - PDS Anniversary

After an entire **MONTH** away, we are back on the mic, and we're discussing everything from what we've been doing, to Retro-Bit controllers and accessories, to the 20th Anniversary of Panzer Dragoon Saga and the release of the new Ressurection Arange album!


Episode 8: "Special New Year's MegaCast" - Holiday Cast

Saturn Junkyard TitanCast & SEGA Saturn, Shiro! Podcast team up for a New Year's Spectacular!!! Join us (Simon, Patrick, Samuel, Dave, Nuno, Ke & Brian) as we discuss the Saturn's past, present and future in this Epic 2-Hour New Year's MegaCast! We talk treasured memories, SEGA's troubled history, hardware setups, repro scene, emulation and hopes for the future. Happy New Year from the TitanCast and SEGA Saturn, Shiro!


Episode 7: "The NiGHTS Before Christmas" - Holiday Cast

Merry Christmas Everyone! In this episode, we cover one of the most beloved Christmas games of all time: Sonic Team's Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams... We also discuss a few other lesser known Christmas games on the Saturn and we read some awesome listener mail. Hang your stockings, light the fire and cozy up to this end-of-the-year Christmas cast! ;) DOWNLOAD: Custom Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams US Long Box Artwork...