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Episode 14: Playstation Classic

Mitch is back! This week the guys take some time discussing the situations around some developers shutting their doors, give a few updates from the ongoing Tokyo Game Show, and answer the question of if they think the Playstation Classic will be a good value for its price! Give Us A Follow! Links: Ousted TellTale CEO Gives His Take On The Company Shutting Down...


Episode 13: September Nintendo Direct

Mitch has no power due to Hurricane/Tropical Storm Florence so it's Chris by himself! This week we go over the Nintendo Direct which FINALLY came out and answer the question of what is actually the best and worst superhero games! Mitch will give his full review on Spider-Man for the PS4 next week due to the weather situation. We apologize for anyone who is bummed out! Give Us A Follow! Links: Nintendo Direct Overview...


Episode 12: Spider-Man First Impressions

Did you know Spider-Man officially came out on the PS4!? This week Mitch gives us his first impressions on the highly touted Spider-Man, Chris forgets how to English, and they both speculate on the delayed Nintendo Direct and Nintendo Switch Online! Give Us A Follow! Links: New Super Cheap AMD Processor ( Nintendo Switch Online Info...


Episode 11: Is The Switch A Hardcore Console Now?

This week the guys discuss the tragedy of the Madden 19 tournament, whether the delay of Battlefield V is a good or bad thing, and answer the question from last week: Is the Switch a hardcore gaming console now? Give Us A Follow! Links: More Information Regarding The Jacksonville Shooter ( Battlefield V Delayed Until November...


Episode 10: Xbox All Access

This week the guys talk about Nvidia's new line of graphics cards (Buyer Beware!), follow up on some older news, and discuss if Xbox All Access is really a good deal or not! All of this a ton more in this week's episode of the SSG Podcast! Give Us A Follow! Links: More Plagiarism Evidence From Former IGN Writer...


Episode 9: IGN Plagiarism and Super Smash Bros. Hype!

This week the guys dive into the recent controversy surrounding IGN and plagiarism, discuss (and reminisce) Super Smash Bros, and Discord looking to dive into selling games? All of this and more on this week's SSG Podcast! Give Us A Follow! Links: IGN fires writer due to plagiarism ( Former IGN writer releases video apology...


Episode 8: EA's Origin Access Premier Discussion

This week the guys are back following their break from last weekend! A follow-up discussion regarding No Man's Sky, the launch titles on the Wii (of all things!), and a dive into EA's new Origins Access Premier, and a ton more, are all on the docket this week for discussion! Feels great to be back! Give Us A Follow! Links: EA's Origin Access Plan Page ( Intro:...


Episode 7: No Man's Sky Retrospective

This week the guys talk about all about No Man's Sky! With the next iteration of the game releasing on July 24th the guys touch base on what all has occurred with the game since the massive hype and disappointment that followed its launch! Is the game worth diving back into now? Give a listen and find out! Give Us A Follow! Links: Foundation Update: Path Finder Update:...


Episode 6: So Topical That It Kinda Hurts

This week the guys actually release their newest segment and talk about the latest games that came out last week! They also dive into the recent ArenaNet situation. Be prepared for some strong opinions as this one is sure to spark some debate! Give Us A Follow! Timestamps and Links: ArenaNet Controvery - 40:00 (;...


A List of Lists

A slow week in gaming news isn't going to stop Chris and Mitch from having a discussion! This week they decide to give lists a try! From the most sold games of 2018 so far to underrated games that deserve a second chance, the banter never ends! Thanks for the support and to everyone who listens! Give Us A Follow! Timestamps and Links: Kotaku Article On Game Addiction:...


Episode 4: Google Gonna Game?

This week Chris and Mitch go into the details of a lawsuit that Bethesda started up with Warner Bros and Behaviour Interactive, discuss the potential highs and lows of a Halo TV series, and Google wants to get into video gaming? Plus some bonus rambling on films, tv shows, and vanilla Coke! Give Us A Follow! Timestamps and Links: Bethesda Sues Warner Bros/Behaviour Interactive Over Westworld Game Being Oddly Similar To...


The Great Video Game Ramble!

Sony not playing nice with Fortnite players, the W.H.O. have deemed Gaming Addiction as a real thing, and the future of console gaming is probably streaming? Chris and Mitch bring three topics of discussion to the table for this week's episode of the SSG Podcast! Give Us A Follow! Hey guys! I've added the links to the articles that we read through for each topic so that you can go give them a read for yourself! Let us...


The E3 2018 Recap!

E3 2018 has come and gone! Join Chris and Mitch this week as they give a recap on what they loved, liked, and were ultimately disappointed on with this year's expo! Timestamps: What surprised you the most about E3 2018? - 1:56 What did you like most about E3 2018? - 13:13 What disappointed/concerned you the most about E3 2018? - 39:50 Intro: DuckTales "Harden the Duck Up!" by norg (


It's That Time Of The Year! E3 Is Here!

It's time for E3! That epic time of year for gamers as we wait for companies to inform everyone of what they have been working on and what will come in the future! In our very first episode we break down our thoughts on what each big conference should contain while also getting sidetracked a ton! *Note: Hey guys! Chris here! I know that Mitch's mic volume was super low for this recording. Unfortunately there were some major tech issues when it came to editing so you may have to turn your...